Invincible Powers Chapter 975

   There is nothing left, Yu Family Town.

   A burly old man with brown yellow shawl, long hair and a natural tiger pattern on his forehead, followed Zhao Yafu and walked to the town.

   Zhao Yafu was sobbing, but he stepped and followed, stubbornly silent.

Near the town of    Yu Family, there are two brand new towns, where the Zhao family and the clansman of the Zhan Family live respectively.

   Feeling the arrival of the burly old man, clansman from the three small towns all walked out.

   The town entrance of Yu Family Town, Old Master Yu Can, Yu Li, Yu Wei, Yu Lian, Yu Feifei and the others of the younger generation, plus Zhao Dongsheng, Zhao Zhenghao of Zhao’s family, and some Zhan Family The clansman are all gathered together.

   Xu Zixi after the python, his face was bitter.

   Anwen passed by the Lake Heart Island, and after dropping a spider carcass and leaving, it was difficult for her to communicate with Yu Zhu.

   She also knows from Monster Palace that Yu Zhu is using secret technique to absorb the subtle bloodline hidden in the spider to prepare for the next step.

   At this time, Yu Zhu, like the retreat of Human Race great cultivator, will not pay attention to the great changes in the outside world for the time being.

   Of course, it is also impossible to participate in the war.

   As for this burly old man with brown and yellow hair and tiger stripes on his forehead, of course she knows the identity of the other person.

   I know that this yellow giant tiger is the current patriarch of the tiger clan. Before the white Heavenly Tiger became the Monster God, the tiger clan’s most powerhouse was also a Level 9 monster.

   He suddenly visited Yu Family Town, and Xu Zixi knew what his purpose was.

   “Old Huang.” Xu Zixi salutes respectfully.

  The tiger tribe patriarch transformed into a human, squinted, looking at those Yu Family clansman who are trembling in fear.

   Including Yu Can, all the clansman from the Yu Family suddenly felt a fierce demon power, like a high mountain oppressing them, making them almost suffocated.

   Yu Family clansman, the weak and weak, sits on the ground, panting, his eyes distracted.

  Yu Can has red eyes, shouted and shouted: “Hope Monster Palace leave a way out, and leave a way out for Yu Family juniors!”

   How could he know that this Monster Palace Level 9 yellow tiger suddenly came to Yu Family Town, what did he want?

   “I know very well that Monster Palace wants to take the Yu Family people, let the kid Yu Yuan obediently, and untie the array of forbidden areas.” Yu Can bent over, lowered his head, and said in a deep voice: “I, willing Obey Monster Palace and be willing to be a hostage.”

   “Me too!”

   “Change me!”

   Yu Li, Yu Feifei and other clansman yelled.

   Those people from the Zhao family and Zhan Family can only sigh as they look at the scene in front of them.

   Zhao Yafu was passed on by white Heavenly Tiger and Zhan Tianxiang was favored by Ancient Golden Elephant God. These two families are inseparable from the Monster Palace. Originally, because of the relationship between Yu Yuan and Yu Zhu, the three are in the same camp, and they are all Monster Palace. The peripheral family.

   As a result, a different kind of Yu Yuan emerged.

   They have

  Xin said a few good words, but when you see Zhao Yafu’s face, you know that there is nothing to say.

   Zhao Yafu is the discipline of White Heavenly Tiger. In the past few years, he has been under the care of the tiger clan patriarch in front of him when he fought in Heavenly Tiger Outland.

   Zhao Yafu is useless, what’s the point of their persuasion?

  ”Originally, according to Monster Palace’s instructions, I would use my supernatural powers to bring the entire Yu Family Town to the sky above Falling Moon Forbidden Land. Let Yu Yuan see you, see the entire Yu Family Town, and use your life and death. , Forcing Yu Yuan to unlock the Formation of the forbidden area.” The burly old man snorted, “But I just got a news.”

  ”This news, since it has been confirmed to be true, I killed all of you Yu Family clansman, and it is difficult to affect that person’s emotions.”

  ”Since it is the reincarnation of the medicine god Hong Qi, how does he care about your life and death?”

   abandoning these words, this Level 9 Old Hu suddenly turned into a dark yellow demon light, flying from Yu Family Town to the sky.

  ”The reincarnation of the medicine god Hong Qi? Yu Yuan, is the medicine god Hong Qi?!”

   “The news has been confirmed?”

   Old Master Yu Can, all the Yu Family and Zhan Family, the clansman of the Zhao family, Zhao Yafu and Xu Zixi of the python queen, one by one seemed to be struck by lightning, stunned in place.


   in the forbidden area.

  Yu Yuan sits on the silver-white ground, with two gray-white stones placed on the knees of his cross-legged legs.

   One piece of the dragon-cutting platform was buried with the frost giant dragon, and the other piece was buried the time-space dragon.

   Yu Yiyi, barefoot in a white skirt, stood behind him with bright eyes, looking at the giant dragon crawling all over the floor.

   Yu Yuan’s two hands pressed the Dragon Slashing Platform respectively, and the aura became ancient and dark.

  ”Crashing into the nine palaces made by the Heavenly Palace Seal, Profound Heaven Sect, it’s up to you to check and balance.”

   He stared at the Golden Giant Dragon, Frost Giant Dragon, Thunder Dragon, and Yanlong. The deep eyes, like two mysterious pools, seemed to swim in countless dragon shadows.

  ”Otherwise, the three Dragon Slashing Platforms will pierce the largest Dragon Vein underground.”

As soon as    came out, the third block of the Dragon Slashing Platform where the Golden Giant Dragon was buried was shocked.

  All the crawling Dragon Race clansman, dragon’s blood boils, and instinctively smells a swell, and the entire race will be destroyed as a result. All the old dragons and young dragons will be terrifying aura to death in an instant.


  Long Jie sent out a humiliating and sad dragon roar, a huge golden dragon body, suddenly turned into a golden magical power, and instantly entered the “nine Heavenly God faults” constructed by nine palaces.

   After him, Sword Sect and Primal Yang Sect were persuaded by the Sect Master of Profound Heaven Sect, all Dragon Races that had been pardoned for the secret conditions, suddenly rebelled on the spot and rushed to the nine palaces.

   “I know these dirty, ugly big crawlers are not trustworthy at all!”

Ren Yun of   Profound Heaven Sect

  , I saw a Thunder Dragon entwining the palace under him, and the dragon scales’ electric light splashed in the gaps, constantly infiltrating into the palace, and couldn’t help but curse.

  The lead bloom faded, and the palace suddenly turned into an azure stone surface, with natural engraved thunder marks like patches of thunderclouds.

  This palace is a piece of magic inkstone obtained by Profound Heaven Sect from a certain thunder pool in the outer domain, and a piece of Heavenly Palace Seal used for tempering.

  The Thunder Dragon is entrenched in the palace. Because of its bloodline and dragon body, it can adapt to the strikes of Thunderbolt lightning, and it can also perform adsorption refining, so I chose this one.

  Ren Yun, who guards this palace, watched the palace’s vibrations and the shift in position, cursing and making tricks.

  Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, Yin God within the body, one after another flashes of memory exploded.

   wisps of tiny soul thoughts are injected into the two pieces in his hand and the dragon-slashing platform under him like an electric current.

   His consciousness seems to be wandering in Ancient Battlefield, seeing the dragon god of Dragon Race besieged and killed by Human Race and Monster Race, being pressed to the Dragon Slashing Platform, one after another bloody and cruel image of the beheading, like hearing the dragon god The wailing before death.

   Inside the Dragon Slashing Platform, there are endless mysterious runes, raining down like rain, turning into a terrifying curse.

  This curse is many times more profound than the rune inscription spell of Ghost Talisman Sect.

  The Dragon Slashing Platform stands on the Dragon Vein. It not only checks and balances the luck of the entire Dragon Race, but if it really continues to sink, it blows up the Dragon Vein underground and cuts the dragon gods in the Dragon Vein. The remaining power of the dragon, combined with those curses, just explode within the Dragon Vein…

  Dragon Race will disappear from Haodong!

  Zhanlongtai is a real ultimate weapon against Dragon Race!

   is a collection of Divine Soul Sect, Human Race powerhouse at that time, and even the wisdom of alien races from the outside world.

   Dragon Race did not die, but was suppressed, and the tenth-level dragon god was not allowed to appear, because the Divine King did not want to kill to the last one.

   Dragon Slashing Platform, indeed possesses the power to make Dragon Race extinct!

  Long Jie, and all the giant dragons who rushed here, I never thought that Yu Yiyi used to be the servant girl who watched the Dragon Slashing Platform, and I didn’t know what strange mutation happened, Yu Yuan could use the Dragon Slashing Platform faintly.

   If you can use the Dragon Slashing Platform, you can intimidate all giant dragons and let them use it.


   A magic spear burning with black flames was thrown out by King Wei Ling in the sky and came straight to Yu Yuan’s eyebrows.

  King Wei Ling saw that Yu Yuan could control Dragon Race with the Dragon Slashing Platform, causing the entire Profound Heaven Sect’s Free Spirit powerhouse and nine towering palaces to be in chaos, so he decided to kill him immediately.


   The magic spear burning with black flames clearly pierced into the ten meters in front of Yu Yuan. Time and space suddenly became chaotic. Instead, the magic spear killed an eighth-level Monster Wolf.

   “Time and Space Ability!”