Invincible Powers Chapter 976

   King Wei Ling turned into a tall magical shadow, standing deep in the clouds, a pair of deep and gloomy eyes, overlooking the ground, the tiny Yu Yuan.

   There is another King Wei Ling, surrounded by several Banshee, waving indifferently.

   Every time you wave your hand, there is one after another black flame, which penetrates the “soul trap” that Banshee teamed up with, and invalidates Banshee’s usual psychic mystics.

   is only a special Avatar by King Wei Ling who started with Yu Yuan.

   The magic spear that burns black flames, with the slight changes in the rays of light in his eyes, regenerating mutation.

  The three-headed body is sturdy, and it is also a demon wolf burning with dark flames, which seems to be condensed from a magic spear divided into three, approaching in the same second.


   Yu Yuan’s head, the space in front of and behind him is like a shattered mirror.

   The three demon wolfs drilled out together, their size, posture, and biting offensive, staring at Yu Yuan’s chest, back, and head in unison.

   holding the piece, Yu Yuan, who mainly bury the dragon of time and space, Zhanlongtai, opened his closed eyes suddenly.

   With a calm expression on his face, he lifted the ash-gray dragon cutting platform.

   squeaky squeaky squeaky squeaky

   On top of his head, on his chest and back, if there are three invisible “Secret Sects of Time and Space” open, revealing a lonely, dark, and cold smell.

   See you right away, the silhouette of the three-headed ferocious demon wolf, disappearing out of thin air little by little.

   seems to be slowly swallowed.

   in the sky, King Wei Ling, groaned, quickly formed an ancient Old Demon seal with both hands, and from within the body of another King Wei Ling, he took three drops of blood essence and stuffed them with the positioning and return. The ancient Old Demon seal, in order to carry out the magic words of the past, present and future, whispered “come back.”

   Clusters of black flames, like dark eyes, have finally found their way home after countless years, flashing one by one around Yu Yuan.

  The dark flames reunited, like a piece of fresh meat wriggling, and re-turned into a magic spear like flesh and blood.

  The spirit in the magic gun, the message sent to King Wei Ling, is full of the smell of a long-lost reunion.

   The two King Wei Ling’s expressions were slightly stagnant, and the gazes looking towards Yu Yuan from different directions were full of heaviness and horror.

   For at most five seconds, the spirit of the magic gun told him that he had been wandering in an unknown, uninvolved, and energyless remote place for a hundred years.

   “In a flash, it has been a hundred years.”

   glanced again, Yu Yuan held the dragon-slashing platform a little higher, and Demon Palace, a great cultivator in the Free Spirit realm, gradually became silent.

   originated from the magical power of that dragon-slashing platform, which made time and space chaotic and frighteningly weird, casting a shadow on his heart.

   He immediately decided that it would be better to deal with Yu Yuan’s important task.

  The screams of death came suddenly.

   King Wei Ling took a distracted look and saw a lot of Heavenly Evil Sect, the doorman of Voodoo Poison Cult, trying to kill Shi Yuxuan and Qin

  云, Qi Yunhong and Wen Lushi have died one after another.

  A shabby and awkward azure armor, which seems to be wrapped in many azure evil eyes, surrounds the black soul energy, and covers a Soul Wonder Realm powerhouse.

When the   azure armor left, the powerhouse from Heavenly Evil Sect died out.

   A yellow lamp, fueled by the ink soul energy, the twilight flame released by the wick fell on the head of a cult member of Voodoo Poison Cult.

   only stayed for a while, when the yellow light left, the soul of the believer was also burned out.

   An old woman wrapped in black clothed, her clothes were so dark that she made one look at her. Her soul seemed to have escaped and sank. She couldn’t see her face and kept crying.

  Foul Spirit Sect’s three cultivators, covering their ears, Seven Orifices bleeds, and slowly died out of breath.

   A chain of silver chains shuttled between the doormen of Ghost Talisman Sect. The powerhouse of Ghost Talisman Sect suddenly clasped their necks when the chains left.

   Slowly, strangling himself to death.

  King Wei Ling takes another look into the distance.

   Hundreds of Fiend Demon, arranged in a weird vortex, swallowed a great cultivator in the Yang God realm of the Demon Palace, and the Yang God and Yin God tried to break free.

  , when he left the flesh and blood, he burst out in the vortex, and then was eaten away by Fiend Demon, zhi zhi.

   is similar, condensed by Fiend Demon

The array made by   , in different positions, is also painful to the cultivators of Primal Yang Sect, Lingxu Zong, Demon Palace.

  boom~ boom~ boom

   The giant dragon of the entire Dragon Race is crashing into the nine palaces.

   “Nine Heavenly God Que” is no longer working. Cao Jiaze, who was sitting in a palace, stood up a long time ago, with a heavy expression, looking at the giant dragons running around in the palace.

   Looking at Cao Jiaze’s expression, I also have a headache. I seem to be thinking about how to solve it.

  Profound Heaven Sect was originally the main force of the attack. A large array of nine Heavenly Palace Seals was originally unfavorable. The leader of the alien race at Level 9 bloodline, Queiro, was killed instantly.

   But now, not only the “Nine Heavenly God Faults” cannot show their power, but the three great cultivators of Free Spirit, including Cao Jiaze, Cao Yi, and Jia Guanghong, as well as many people from Profound Heaven Sect, are also giant dragon is involved.

   On the other side, due to the arrival of Zhongli Dapan and the battle with the Ancient Golden Elephant God, all three Demon Gods were able to escape.

   King Wei Ling looked towards another battlefield again

   He saw that almost all the five supreme forces that flooded into the forbidden area, as well as the powerhouses of the same camp, dare not say that they have the upper hand.

   There are constant deaths of alien warriors, and continuously, there are similar Human Race and Monster Race deaths.

   In this battle, neither of the two sides has taken advantage of it. After fighting to the end, there is a high probability that both sides will suffer.

   “All because of Yu Yuan”

   a single thought, I am unconscious.

   Once again, he fixed his gaze on that road, sitting in the silhouette of the silver white earth, only

   I feel that Yu Yuan at this moment is so unfamiliar, as if I have never really known each other.

   “Your feeling, I also have it.”

   Scarlet Demon Sect dressed in white clothed, stopped at the shadow of King Wei Ling in the sky, Zhou Cangmin smiled bitterly, shook his head lightly, and said, “I heard that you have seen Hong Qi. “

   glanced at the Scarlet Demon Sect demon species who was outside the Star River and has made great achievements many times. King Wei Ling said, “In my early years, I did have contact with him, but I was not familiar.”

   “I haven’t been in contact with Hong Qi, but I am very familiar with Yu Yuan.” Zhou Cangmin touched his chin, looked at the evening sky, and said, “gradually, everyone is about to kill red eyes. Stay sane and stay awake There are fewer and fewer.”

   “What do you want to say” King Wei Ling frowned.

   “The one who told the Demon Palace that if this battle continues, both sides will suffer heavy casualties.” When Zhou Cangmin said this, he pointed to the dark pit with the boundary passage. Out, this very turbulent and unstable channel that connects to the outside world is quickly recovering and improving”

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   King Wei Ling trembles slightly, repeating “What do you want to say”

  ”Death, a large number of deaths, will repair the channel connecting the Demon Abyss.” Zhou Cangmin looked serious, “This is my guess.”

   “Do you think that when the boundary channel is opened, those guests who come from the sky can leave smoothly” King Wei Ling was surprised.

   “No, it’s not.” Zhou Cangmin shook his head, “I’m not afraid of them running away, I’m not afraid of them taking the opportunity to leave.”

  The words came to this point, he paused, “They came from outside, and many have died here. If our purpose is to prevent the vast world from having new trade fairs, I think The goal has been achieved.”

  ”They are now escaping back, returning to the Demon Abyss, returning to the starry sky, and they will not dare to set foot in easily in the future.”

   Zhou Cangmin said confidently.

   “Then what are you worried about?” King Wei Ling frowned.

   “I’m worried, there will be new things, take the opportunity to come in.” Zhou Cangmin sighed.

  As soon as this statement came out, King Wei Ling finally changed color.


  Crazy strikes The Cang Wolf King in a palace, the huge wolf head, the skull exploded, and the evil Divine Idol with two sides flew out from it.

   The Cang Wolf King of Level 9, fell into his silver pool of blood, sparkling in the pool of blood, like a moonlight essence refinement.

   The evil Divine Idol who left Cang Wolf King, the two blurred sides, one side regained clarity.

   turned out to be, Cihe