Invincible Powers Chapter 977

   The Divine Idol flying out of the wolf King’s demon body, zhang high for ten years, bathed in layers of silver light.

   Compared with the magnificent nine palaces, Divine Idol is not tall, and the imposing manner is not serious enough.

   But its side became clear, revealing a kind and friendly face. When it appeared in the middle of the nine palaces, the Profound Heaven Sect powerhouse, which was still fighting, and giant dragons, unexpectedly quieted down wonderfully.

   The violent, cruel, and ruthless in the eyes of    Dragon Race, the hideous, madness, and mania on Profound Heaven Sect cultivator’s face are quietly erased as if by the hand of an invisible god.


   What’s even more surprising is that the nine palaces suddenly shrunk, once again condensed into pieces of the Heavenly Palace Seal.

   Nine Heavenly Palace Seals, shining with rays of light, are arranged behind Cao Jiaze.

  Cao Jiaze was calm, looking at Naci and Divine Idol with a puzzled look.

  From the Heavenly Palace Seal corresponding to the soul, he heard his Sect Master’s babble…

  This babble, across layers of space, came from somewhere in the starry sky outside the vast world, telling him, let him don’t be impatient, let him unhurried and start the war again.

  ”Sect Master’s simile…”

  Cao Jiaze didn’t dare to neglect, and his thoughts moved, one after another thought was passed on by different Heavenly Palace Seals, so that Cao Yi, and the three great cultivators of Free Spirit, including Guanghong, knew what happened.

   So, Guanghong waited for the great cultivator of Free Spirit and hurriedly restrained the others.

  Profound Heaven Sect took the lead to stop.

   A dragon headed by Long Jie, hovering in midair, ice crystals and golden scales, releasing a hard and powerful dragon breath.

  Long Jie’s dragon soul is also wonderful and peaceful, and the boiling dragon’s blood calms down.

   With his golden eyes, “Gu Lu” turned a little, looking for Yu Yuan’s silhouette.

   Then, he saw Yu Yuan sitting on the Dragon Vein, holding a dragon-cutting platform in each hand, and gently nodded at him, said: “Stop for now.”

  Long Jie sighed in relief abruptly and let out a slight dragon roar.

  All giant dragons, because of his dragon roar, stop in the air, not knowing what to do.

  Divine Idol, who is bathed in layers of radiance, turned towards Ancient Golden Elephant God, Zhongli Dapan, looked towards a cultivator of an alien in battle, a great demon, and Human Race.

   It is facing the place, a battle that would have been divided into birth and death, magically stopped.

   It emerged from the corpse of Cang Wolf King. It should be the mortal enemy of Monster Palace, but whether it is Ancient Golden Elephant God or Peacock King, there is no idea of ​​revenge at this time.

  Divine Idol, who is kind and kind, has a small green black flower on the chest.

   The little flower looked strangely abrupt, as if it had condensed in an instant.

   “Something is coming.”

   “Something is coming.”

   “Something is coming.”

   Every Human Race cultivator who reaches Soul Wonder Realm, Yang God realm and Free Spirit realm, Monster Race of the same level, and foreign powerhouse in Outland, looked towards Naduoqing

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   Hei Xiaohua suddenly heard such a slight voice in her soul.

  If there are invisible people, whisper in their ears and tell them a great secret.

   Suddenly, Ancient Golden Elephant God, Zhongli Dapan, Mo Baichuan, Feng Pu and Fan Heqing, Tian Cang, Beiru, Xi Quan…

  All the powerful creatures in the forbidden area were shocked, their eyes flickering, looking around.

   The words between white clothed Imperial Teacher Zhou Cangmin and King Wei Ling just ended. King Wei Ling showed a looking thoughtful expression. He was about to do something, and found a fierce battle because of Divine Idol Wolf King within the body flew out and stopped miraculously.

   The corpses in one place have Human Race great cultivator, shredded monsters, and bloody aliens struck by artifacts.

   I can see, the dead are everywhere.

  The silvery earth, like a sponge, silently drew down the various races, and the blood after death and the soul of the dead were also missing.

   There are too many people, in a short period of time, they died in this world.


  one after another azure One after another azure Lightning burst into the air, and Wei Zhuo of Thunder Sect emerged with a sullen head.

   There is also a King Wei Ling, which also suddenly appeared with a crack in the space.

   When this King Wei Ling appeared, there were three King Wei Ling coexisting in the forbidden area.

   One of them, King Wei Ling, stood with Zhou Cangmin in the form of a magic shadow, stepping on a magic spear burning with black flames, and the other King Wei Ling, amidst the siege of a group of Banshee, remained calm.

   Until King Wei Ling, who was taken away by Zhou You earlier, suddenly returned from a different space, the other two King Wei Ling flew into the magical shadow talking to Zhou Cangmin together, and became a complete body of Dhamma.

  ”Yin God, Yang God, go back together.”

   Zhou Cangmin’s heart is swayed slightly, and he knows what is happening, and he gently bows to King Wei Ling.

  As the demon seed of Scarlet Demon Sect, he communicated secretly before he came, leaving only one of the Scarlet Demon Sect contemporary Sect Masters of Yin God in the sect. From the other side, he learned that the leader of the Demon Palace tour, on the surface It is Yao Huangqi with higher realm, older age and more noble status.

   In fact, King Wei Ling is the real behind-the-scenes person in Demon Palace’s trip.

  Because, apart from Zhu Zhenlin, Demon Lord Tan Xiaotian also admires King Wei Ling very much.

   The limit of Yao Huangqi is the Free Spirit state, and there is no possibility of further progress.

   King Wei Ling is different. He is still very young. He has extraordinary talents, amazing wisdom, and excellent temperament. This is another powerhouse in Demon Palace that is expected to hit the highest seat in the future.

   Zhou You knows a little about his special and powerful features, so when Wei Zhuo is pulled into a different space, he also pulls on King Wei Ling by the way.

   It’s just that, even if Zhou You took the shot coldly, it just took away King Wei Ling’s Yin God.

  ”The boundary channel has stabilized.”

  After the three souls merged into one, King Wei Ling stepped out and reached the dark pit where the boundary channel is located. The magic spear with black flames burning at his feet, terrifying

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  The fireworks went out suddenly.

   Next moment.

   Hundreds of gray-brown canes fell from the magic spear under his feet to the deep pit. When they came into contact with the strange Small World with the three simple and simple black letters of wisdom, must, and wound, the canes suddenly burst.

  The exploded rattan, turned into densely packed teeny black text, drilled into the wit character.

   King Wei Ling high in the sky, with a huge magical image, within the body there are thousands of magic words, wriggling like an ant moving, it seems to have brought him some amazing information.

   At this time, the attention of everyone, all foreign races, all big monsters and evil souls is on King Wei Ling.

  Yu Yuan is no exception.


   Zhou You, who holds the whisk in his hand, like Yu Yiyi, also appears behind Yu Yuan.

   With complicated and difficult eyes, he looked at the dragon-cutting platform that Yu Yuan held in his hand, feeling the weird time and space turbulence inside, licking the corner of his mouth, and forcibly suppressing his inner greed, said: I feel that from that boundary passage, I pass through something to reach the forbidden area.”

   was also at this time. King Wei Ling, who was standing on the boundary passage, seemed to know something, and gave the same judgment as Zhou You: “There are new guests coming.”

  As soon as these words came out, everyone couldn’t help but looked towards the boundary passage, and then looked at Divine Idol who was kindly.

   was the first to warn, the strange Divine Idol, and then King Wei Ling and Zhou Cangmin confirmed them in no particular order.

Who would    be?

   For a while, everyone glanced around, wondering who the one who came from the Demon Abyss is.

   One after another thought, it also came to the hearts of everyone. Since the passage is stable, since there is already a guest coming quietly, what’s next?

  , will there be more powerhouses of different races, crossing the border passages and setting foot on the vast?

  ”Are they our clansman and allies?”

  Many warriors of different races whispered quietly, with a fire of hope in their eyes.

   Beilu shook his head: “Definitely not!”

  ”Who is yours?”

   Yao Huang Qi of Demon Palace stood on the deep-sea monitor lizard again, and inside a pitch-black flag above his head, there were many Earth Demon tamed by refining, whistling low.

   Those Earth Demon seem a little uneasy, afraid of something.

  ”Since the domain boundary channel has been stabilized, don’t care who comes, are we freed?”

   Mia of the Dark Spirit Race suddenly got excited and thought that no matter who came in, we had better leave as soon as possible and don’t stay in the vast world.

   “Yeah! We should be back!”

   “No matter what is behind them, let’s go first and talk about it!”


   Many foreign powerhouses responded, and even a nearby heavenly demon is already eager to have a try.


   A heavenly demon got the approval of Shedra, and was the first to make an attempt, rushing to the boundary passage below.


   (end of this chapter)