Invincible Sword Domain Chapter 2791

In the air, the plain skirt woman took the sword down.

Behind her, there are two bodies and two heads, and Yang Ye, who is still in the same place.

Yang Ye is like a lost soul, facing the two bodies and two heads in front of him.

Yang Ye clasped her hands, his eyes and corners, two lines of clear liquid slowly overflowing, almost roaring, “You, you are really stupid! You can go! You can go, why should you stay and die?” !Why!”

At this moment, Yang Ye cried like a child.

Below, the plain skirt woman came to the eternal realm with a sword.

At this moment, countless people are watching this woman.

A godlike woman!

The woman’s gaze fell on the mysterious person, and the mysterious man chuckled. “It’s so decisive that even the ‘self” is killing, it’s amazing!”

The plain skirt woman looks down on the mysterious man, said with a laugh: “The extra nonsense is nothing to say. Lurking for so many years, I want to come to you also have a trump card, come, let me see your trump card. Then, everything can be ended.”

The mysterious man is proud with a laugh: “This is nature.”

The sound fell and his right hand was gently pressed.


For a moment, a huge black hole appeared in the sky above the eternal realm.

This black hole is a starry sky!

The mysterious man looked up and looked at the woman in the air. “The palm of the sky, this is the big said of my comprehend over the years. Try?”

Said, his right hand gently lifted into the life, for a moment, the huge dark black hole suddenly skyrocketed, moved towards the plain skirt woman drowned.

Starry devour!

At this moment, the plain skirt woman seems to be swallowed up by the endless starry sky and the universe, she seems so small!

The plain skirt woman glanced at the mysterious person. “Over the years, you still haven’t made any progress, and are still studying these imaginary things.”

Said, she held the street knife and spurred forward.


The roadway sword falls, the space directly splits a small mouth, but this small mouth is like a levee lacking a mouth. In an instant, the starry sky surrounding the plain skirt woman begins to annihilate.

Less than a moment, the universe of stars disappeared directly.

A sword is destroyed!

The plain skirt woman looks down on the mysterious person below. “You are this World generated. It can be said that this three-dimensional universe is you, you can destroy the three-dimensional universe, so that it may cause me a little threat!”

The mysterious man looked up and looked at the woman in the skirt. “If you are dead, then it is because you are too confident!”

As the mysterious man’s voice fell, suddenly, a terrible aura came from the sky.

The plain skirt woman turned her head and looked at it. Not far from her right side, there was a huge monster with a blood red flame!

Not dead Cangfeng!

The woman of the skirt slightly raise, “Evil Beast!”

“Woman, it’s time to settle the bill!”

Just then, another sound suddenly sounded in the field. Then, on the left side of the plain skirt woman, the space there suddenly split, and a large turtle that was nearly severe hundred zhang slowly came out.

Mysterious turtle!

The plain skirt woman holds the sword lightly smiled, “Is there?”


Another sound with an endless vicissitudes sounded in the field.

As the voice fell, a Qilin suddenly appeared in front of the woman in the skirt!

Demon Qilin!

The woman’s gaze fell on the demon Qilin Body. “Demon Qilin…. Something, Heaven and Earth, except for the ancestors of the evil beast, you are a good strength.”

Demon Qilin faintly glanced at the plain skirt woman, “I value it.”

“what about me?”

A charming laugh suddenly sounded from behind the woman’s skirt, behind her, I don’t know when there was a giant fox with ten tails!

Ten-tailed Monster Fox!

The woman’s head did not return, “You….one garbage!”

The ten-faced demon face changed instantly, and it was about to be shot. At this time, the mysterious person below suddenly said: “If you shoot, the moment when she is out of the sword, you are going to die!”

Tenster Monster Fox looked towards the mysterious man below, she was coldly snorted, did not speak, did not shoot.

In the air, the woman skirted one after another, sweeping through the big demon in the field, a smile appeared on her mouth. “Cang Feng, Xuan Gui, Xiao Hu, Demon Dragon, Demon Qilin, Ten Monster Fox… except the ancestor of the evil beast The ancient ten evil beasts have come ten today.”

Said, she looked at towards the mysterious person below, “Get it!”

The mysterious man nodded, “Good!”

The sound fell, and his hands suddenly formed a strange handprint. Soon, over the entire eternal world, there was a huge darkness of the array. The array had seven rounded corners, and the demon Qilin and other big demons each had a rounded corner. And the skirt of the plain skirt has a rounded corner.

Seven evil beasts, just surrounded by plain women.

The plain skirt woman looked down at the array under her feet. “The power is coming together, some meaning, try it!”


The voice of the mysterious man suddenly sounded in the field.

As the mysterious man’s voice fell, the Seven evil beast of Sky Void suddenly shot, and in the mouth of Cangfeng, a red flame of fire sprang out. For a moment, the woman around the skirt was directly covered by this flame!

This flame is completely different from the flame that Yang Ye saw at the beginning, because this flame contains the power of several other evil beasts. The role of this array is to bring together the power of several peak beasts into one!

Single-on-one, no one is the opponent of the women’s skirt.

In the distance, the plain skirt woman held the sword gently toward the front.


As the sound of a blast sounded, the woman in the skirt suddenly stepped back ten feet. However, the rounded corner under her foot did not disappear. Not only that, but in the array under her feet, there seemed to be any strength in it. Creep!

The plain skirt woman glanced at the few evil beasts in the distance. She smiled lightly. “The power is good.”

“Is it just good?” The demon Qilin suddenly said.

The plain skirt woman asked, “No?”

Demon Qilin sneered, “Come and try my way!”

The sound fell, and he suddenly moved towards the woman’s angry roar. Then, it directly moved towards the woman who had hit the past, and several other evil beasts also shot at this moment.

The rest of the evil beasts madly released their power, and their power gathered through the array all over the demon Qilin Body. Obviously, they knew that only Heli could possibly fight this woman!

Single-on-one, no one can compete with this plain skirt woman!

The power of the demon Qilin is undoubtedly horrible. His own power is already destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth. Together with the power of other evil beasts, he can completely break Heaven and Earth!

Opposite, the woman’s mouth was slightly stunned, and she suddenly put a sword on her eyebrow. “A sword is set for life and death.”

The sound fell, her toes were lighter, and the whole person floated like a blue smoke.

In the eyes of countless people, the woman floated in front of the demon Qilin, and then, a sword came out!


There was a tearing sound between Heaven and Earth!

The plain skirt woman appeared behind the demon Qilin, and behind her, the demon Qilin was stiff in place, and in a flash, his huge body was split directly, and the blood poured out like a river.


Seeing this scene, the remaining evil beasts suddenly changed!

The skirt woman looked away towards the remaining few evil beasts, said with a laugh: “I thought you would give me a little surprise, but unfortunately… still weak to disable with withstand a single blow, Mo said, etc. And Earth, the evil beasts gather, can I be a sword?”

The sound fell, the plain skirt woman suddenly floated out of the sword, the field, the several evil beasts complexion greatly changed, began to move towards all around, but they were shocked to find that they actually could not escape the array!

Undead Cangfeng turned to look at the mysterious man in the distance, roaring, “What do you want to do!”

Mysterious people don’t speak!

Undead Cangfeng still wants to say something. At this time, a sword suddenly appeared behind her, and the unrelenting phoenix complexion greatly changed. At this moment, he also refused anything, and directly turned into a flame moved toward the sword. !



The flame suddenly splits into two, and it is not only the flame that is divided into two, but also the phoenix!

Cang Feng’s blood like a magma flowed into the array, and after absorbing the blood of the phoenix, the array began to tremble!

Inside the array, the woman in the skirt turns to look at the tiger in the distance, and the latter has little fearless fear. “The damn woman, hatred of exterminating entire family, came to a knot today!”

The voice fell, and it suddenly moved toward the skirt. The woman rushed over.

His body is starting to burn!

Obviously, this is known to be dead!

The woman’s mouth is still smiling with a smile, and the smile is very easy-going, and the smile is very natural and friendly.

At this time, the tiger came to her.

The women’s skirt is a sword.


The skirt woman’s sword, forcibly blocked the burning of her own tiger, and her body is like a great mountain generally motionless.

In front of the sword, the tiger roared and roared. It frantically released all its power. At this moment, the entire Heaven and Earth starry sky was violently stirred up, but the woman in the skirt was still completely motionless!

The woman in the skirt suddenly appeared with a laugh: “Look, this sword, name: a sword is empty! Under a sword, everything is back!”

The sound fell, her right hand suddenly swirled.


A glimpse of the sword light from the burning tiger within the body flashed past, the plain skirt woman appeared behind the scorpion tiger, and behind her, the scorpion tiger has turned into nothingness!

After a sword spiked the tiger, the plain skirt woman chuckled. “The next sword, named: Heaven and Earth.”

In the words, she turned to a sword, this sword, Heaven and Earth points.

In addition to several hundred zhang, the dragon head that was just about to be shot flew out without warning!

Kill again!

The plain skirt woman looked sideways towards the only evil beast in the field, that is, the ten-tailed Monster Fox. “There is nothing left.”

Bone barely fell, in front of the plain skirt woman, suddenly appeared a scene.

In a mountain gap, a little boy clings to a little girl…


A sword sound suddenly sounded in the field. As the sword sounded, the scene was directly disappeared.

And the woman in the skirt is already behind the ten Monster Fox. “My heart is strong, who can you?”

The sound fell, and the ten-tailed Monster Fox suddenly began to fall down in layers… Soon, there were at least tens of thousands of pieces of Monster Fox’s body fragments in the air…

Ling Chi!

The plain skirt of the woman’s two fingers caught the sword in her hand. She gently crossed the sword of the road, and the blood above it dropped from the tip of the sword.

After a moment, she turned to look at the mysterious person not far away, “give you a time to self detonation!”


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