Invincible War God Chapter 3585


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Outside the city!

deep in the mountains.

Qin Feiyang entire group fast as lightning. When it reached the sky above a valley, it immediately slammed to a stop, immediately looking at the valley below, his face was full of horror.

I saw the valley below, with dozens of dead bodies lying there.

Every corpse is a shattered head and blood stains the ground.

Although they don’t have a head, judging by their dress and body shape, they are the Guard Commander group.

“What’s the matter?”

The madman watched this scene suspiciously.

Is this killed by the mask Asura? But this speed is too fast!

Wait to return back to his senses, the lunatic immediately releases Divine Sense and rolls away in all directions.

But within the reach of Divine Sense, apart from a lot of Vicious Beast in the distant place, there is no trace of the mask Asura at all.

“This is impossible!”

The madman murmured, his face full of disbelief.

“What is impossible?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at him suspiciously.

The madman said: “With our current speed, even if he is the powerhouse of the Great Perfection ruler, it is impossible to slip away from our in front of one’s eyes so quickly!”

“There is a problem.”

“The Guard Commander group were all killed in seconds.”

“Guard Commander is a Perfection ruler, and it must have many methods, but it was unexpectedly killed in seconds. It seems that the strength of this person has exceeded our imagination.”

“Could it be that this is why youth asked us to come to the north continent?”

Qin Feiyang frowns.

White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly and asked: “You mean, youth let us investigate the true identity of this mask Asura?”


“With youth’s strength and means, if you really know the existence of the mask Asura, you must have seen his true colors.”


“Wait a minute first.”

“I wonder if you have found a problem?”


Huo Zihui spoke aside.

“What’s the problem?”

Everyone can’t help but look up towards Huo Zihui.

“Since this mask, Asura, has the ability to kill Guard Commander groups in seconds, why not make a move directly in Fengyuan City? Want to lure Guard Commander groups here?”

Huo Zihui asked.


“He doesn’t need to do this at all!”

“Because he can kill these people in seconds, there is no need to worry about hurting the innocent people in Fengyuan City.”

White-Eyed Wolf slapped his head and exclaimed, “Is it because…what does he want to hide?”


Qin Feiyang and the others simultaneously looked.


“Surely you want to hide something?”

“What are you hiding?”

White-Eyed Wolf frowns.

Qin Feiyang pondered a little, and looked at White-Eyed Wolf and Huo Zihui and said: “If it’s as you say, then he should be covering up his killing methods, such as a powerful law, Profound Truth.”

“That means.”

“He’s afraid of being seen by his methods of murder.”

“If someone sees him, someone might guess his identity?”

The madman asked.


“This must be the case.”

White-Eyed Wolf determined nodded and analyzed: “Brother guessed that this mask Asura must be very famous in the north continent. He was worried that he would be seen through his identity, so he didn’t dare to take action without fear in front of others.”

“It’s just a guess, and it’s the same as the truth.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess with a narrow mouth.

White-Eyed Wolf eyebrow raised.

Seeing that the two people are about to quarrel again, an angry voice suddenly sounded behind them: “You unexpectedly killed Guard Commander, you really belonged to the mask Asura!”

Qin Feiyang and the others hurriedly looked back and saw a guard standing in a distant place void, looking at them in horror.

“This misunderstanding is a bit big…”

Huo Zihui whispered, a murderous intention flashed across his eyes.

This guard is obviously only coming now.

Watching Guard Commander and a group of people died within the valley, they naturally thought it was a masterpiece by Qin Feiyang and the others.


But before Huo Zihui made a move, the guard turned around and fled towards Fengyuan City without looking back.

“Dafu, kill him!”

The murderous intention in Huo Zihui’s eyes is no longer concealed.

“No need.”

Qin Feiyang waved his hand.


“Aren’t you a troublesome person?”

“I’m just helping you solve your troubles.”

Huo Zihui looked at Qin Feiyang puzzledly.

Imagine, once the guard reports this misunderstanding to the City Lord Mansion, and then the City Lord Mansion reports to the Tiandian, what will happen then?

It must be a continent chasing them down.

“Youth’s purpose for me to come to the North continent is really unpredictable, so it’s better to make the noise a little bit more and see if anyone takes the initiative to come to us.”

“Besides, I would also like to meet some great big shots from the Temple of Heaven.”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes flickered.

“It’s up to you, then.”

Huo Zihui hearing this, shrugged, and then leaned in front of White-Eyed Wolf, chuckled: “Wolf cub…no no no, Brother Wolf, just tell me what you gave to Yunzhongtian Wine?”


“Are you familiar with you?”

“Don’t mess about relationships.”

White-Eyed Wolf kicked Zihui with disgust.

A group of people returned to Fengyuan City.

The madman was silent all the way, wondering what he was thinking about?

When Fengyuan City came into sight, the lunatic sound transmission said: “Old Qin, is there such a probability? Youth’s purpose is to let us regain the Temple of Heaven for our use?”


Qin Feiyang expression stared blankly slightly.

“Today’s four continents, Loose Cultivator Alliance and Demon Palace have made friends with us, Divine Palace submit to me, now the only one left is the Temple.”

“If we regain the Temple of Heaven, apart from the four restricted areas and the Sea of ​​Heavenly Clouds, the entire Heavenly Cloud Realm will basically be under our control.”

The lunatic secretly thought.

Qin Feiyang pondered a little, and sound transmission said: “It makes sense to hear you say this.”

“Actually, no matter what youth means or not, I and your father think that we should go and recover the temple.”

“In the future, Source Land will give birth to several ruler Divine Weapons, and then wait for Pei Tianhong and others to become super powerhouses. At that time, we who control the four continents will be fully capable of fighting against the four major forbidden areas.”

The lunatic smiled secretly.

“The chamber resists ceremony…”

Qin Feiyang murmured.


On the surface, the Celestial Cloud Realm is controlled by Loose Cultivator Alliance, Demon Palace, Divine Palace, Heavenly Palace, and Four Great Powers, but in fact, the real control of the Celestial Cloud Realm is the four forbidden areas and the Sea of ​​Heavenly Clouds.

These powers, drag out one at random, are enough to flatten the sky and cloud realm.

Compared to these colossus, the Human Race of four continents is too weak.

Human Race ……

wait a minute!


Qin Feiyang’s body trembling, stopped at void, his face was faintly pale.


The madman and the others looked at Qin Feiyang suspiciously.

Qin Feiyang stayed silent and looked at White-Eyed Wolf and the lunatic in a hurry.

After a long time, Qin Feiyang looked up towards Fire Phoenix Great Princess and said: “You should enter the city first. I have something personal. I want to talk to White-Eyed Wolf and Senior Brother.”

Although the words are plain, they carry an inviolable prestige, which gives people a kind of oppression from the soul and makes people involuntarily obey.

After the Fire Phoenix Great Princess group of people left, the madman frowned and said: “What are you doing, don’t scare us.”

“I suddenly thought of a question.”

Qin Feiyang raised his head and looked towards the distance, his eyes looked extremely deep, with a trace of sadness.

one man one wolf simultaneously looked and asked: “What’s the problem?”

“Have you not found a situation?”

“The Sea of ​​Sky Clouds is the base camp of Sea Beast.”

“The land of the heavy domain and the land of the underworld are the base camps of Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan.”

“The other two restricted areas, not unexpected, must also be the base camp of a certain Divine Beast.”

“The strength of these five restricted areas far exceeds the four continents.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“Is this a problem?”

The madman is suspicious.

“No problem, right!”

White-Eyed Wolf followed.

Qin Feiyang shook his head, took a deep breath, said solemnly: “The problem is that our Human Race lives in the east continent, the west continent, the north continent, and the south continent!”


The madman is nodded, puzzled: “But what is the problem?”

“Five restricted areas, any restricted area can crush four continents.”

“Is this no problem?”

“Do you know what this means? This means that our Human Race has no right to speak in the Sky Cloud Realm. The five restricted areas that really control the Sky Cloud Realm!”

“Faced with these five restricted areas, our Human Race is as small as ants, and can only be described as humble.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

The madman and White-Eyed Wolf hearing this, couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Although they have been in the Sky Cloud Realm for so many years, they really didn’t realize this. Now, listening to Qin Feiyang say this, it is true.

Aside from all gratitude and grudges in the world, all humans belong to one race, that is, Human Race!

Human Race, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Sea Beast clan, and two other mysterious races in the restricted area, that is to say, there are six Great Races in the sky cloud realm.

Human Race is the weakest among them.

Suppose that one day in the future, another Five Great Races will start their Human Race. That day, the Human Race in the cloud world will inevitably face annihilation!

Such a picture, just thinking about it, Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf can’t help their scalp tingling.

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