Invincible War God Chapter 3587


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When the white clothed old man heard the words, his face changed immediately, and he looked towards Qin Feiyang and the others and said: “Is what they said is true?”


Qin Feiyang nodded.

“Old Wang, if you see it, he has already accepted it!”

“Almost regardless of law and natural morality!”

Four youth men and women angered.

Old Wang looked at the four people, looked up at the Qin Feiyang entire group, and asked: “What was the reason for killing them?”

“You are still a reasonable old man. You didn’t directly make a move, otherwise you are now lying on the ground and become a corpse.”

The madman jié jié smiled.


“In front of Old Wang, unexpectedly dared to speak wild words!”

“Do you know the identity of Old Wang in the Temple of Heaven?”

Four youth suddenly shouted, furious.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess black eyebrows, said with a smile: “Do you know who we are?”

“You guys?”

Four people glanced at Qin Feiyang and the others, said with a sneer: “No matter what your status is, as long as you dare to provoke my temple, that’s dead end!”

“Very good.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess nodded.

When Dafu brother saw this, his eyes immediately murderous intention surged.

Qin Feiyang raised his arm and stopped the two people, looking towards Old Wang said with a smile: “The juniors and the others are not here to cause trouble, so I also ask Old Senior to report it quickly.”

One of the youths shouted: “Killing City Lord and the others in public, unexpectedly said that it was not to cause trouble, you are funny!”

“Your words, it seems a bit too much!”

“Do you think we dare not clean up you with our back against the temple?”

White-Eyed Wolf eyebrow raised.

“There is something for you to try.”

Youth looked at White-Eyed Wolf defiantly.

He doesn’t believe it, these people dare to make a move here.

Because the Temple of Heaven is on it.

The Temple of Heaven is the ruler of the northern continent. As the discipline of the Temple of Heaven, there is of course a confidence.

“There is a kind to try…”

White-Eyed Wolf mumbled, with the emergence of a law force, instantly appeared in front of the youth four people.

“This is…”

Old Wang pupil shrank, looking towards four people and shouted: “quickly retreat!”

But it’s too late!

White-Eyed Wolf cried out with a paw, and the four people immediately made a miserable howl. The fleshy body exploded directly in the void, and the flesh flew horizontally, leaving only Divine Soul.

“Old Wang…”

Divine Soul of the four people panicked, hiding behind Old Wang, his face full of horror.

“It’s really the first time I met, and I took the initiative to find someone who beat me.”

“Now I take action, then what?”

White-Eyed Wolf was standing opposite Old Wang, jokingly at the four people.

The four people were terrified.

Absolutely didn’t expect, the other party’s courage was unexpectedly so big that everyone in the temple dared to take action blatantly.

Old Wang glanced at White-Eyed Wolf and looked towards Qin Feiyang and the others. He seemed to be a little jealous in his eyes, saying: “Even a cat is in control of the Profound Truth of Time Law, you should not be ordinary people. Come on!”


“It actually holds the Profound Truth of Time Law!”

Divine Soul, the four youth men and women, couldn’t help shaking.

Qin Feiyang said with a smile: “Senior, our identity, you will know when you wait. Now, please go and report it, otherwise we can really only stubbornly rushing your temple.”

“No more.”

“We came in person.”

Qin Feiyang tone barely fell, a cold voice sounded above the temple.

Qin Feiyang and the others looked up and saw two people and a woman, dropping from the sky like three Divine Kings, and the auras were both deep and unmeasurable.

The headed woman is in her thirties. She wears a palace costume and is very well maintained. There is no wrinkle at the corner of her eyes. As the one blue silk floats and slowly falls, there is a huge prestige between her eyebrows.

Behind him are two middle-aged men, one wearing a white long coat and the other wearing a black long coat, both in their thirties.

The white clothed middle-aged figure is slender, with a gentle smile on his face, coupled with the elegant and dusty temperament, it gives a sense of harmless to humans and animals.

The black clothed middle-aged is like a sharp sword, exuding a forceful aura, especially his dark eyes, with a strand of piercing sharpness!

“I have seen three Sir Palace Lords.”

“Sir Palace Lord, you have to make the decision for the discipline!”

Four youth men and women immediately ran over and knelt in front of three people, showing a feeling wronged.

“Get down!”

The married woman in the palace costume waved.

The four people got up and stepped aside, then looked towards Qin Feiyang and the others, with loathing in their eyes.

“Why are you all here?”

Old Wang turning one’s head looked towards three people, asked.

The married woman in the palace costume said indifferently: “There is a supreme powerhouse who holds the highest Profound Truth of Space-Time Laws, and he is driving to my north continent. Can we not come out and see for ourselves?”


They have received news about Fengyuan City.

“Space-Time Laws?”

Old Wang couldn’t help stared blankly, turning one’s head looked towards White-Eyed Wolf, frowns saying: “Isn’t it Time Law?”

“Not it.”

The married woman in the palace dress looks up towards Dafu, cold light flashed in her eyes, said with a smile: “your distinguished self is really majestic in Fengyuan City, and the people in my temple are killed if you say kill.”


Dafu indifferently said: “The old man has warned them, it was they themselves courting death.”

“So, the people who killed my temple are ours? Then you come to my temple, do you want us to apologize to you?”

asked the married woman in the palace costume.

“For your temple, the old man dare not be interested. Come to the temple, it doesn’t mean old man, it’s Qin…”

Dafu was about to say Qin Feiyang’s name, but suddenly realized that Qin Feiyang is now deliberately hiding his identity, so he changed his words and said: “It is this brother who is coming to the temple.”

For a while, Old Wang and the married woman in palace outfits, as well as two middle-aged men, all looked at Qin Feiyang.

“Dare to ask the three Seniors?”

Qin Feiyang asked with a smile.

The black clothed middle-aged stared coldly, and shouted ruthless: “You are not qualified to know our identity!”


Qin Feiyang was surprised.

Don’t be so proud!



The void on the side of the mountain summit also appears out of thin air two figures.

Qin Feiyang turning one’s head, look, eyebrows slightly frowned, and the person here is the former guard and the old man of the jewelry store.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the madman, and he looked towards the guard and said: “What do you do with the old fellow?”

In the face of the madman’s eyes, the fear on guard’s face is even stronger.

The old man also looks terrified!

“We ordered him to bring it.”

Black clothed middle-aged opening.

“What do you mean?”

The madman looked towards black clothed middle-aged three people and asked.

“Not long ago, when the following person reported the matter to us summoning, we had already asked in detail. The cause of this matter was the death of his grandson.”

“We just want to know, on what basis you can conclude that it is the other two disciplines of our temple, the sneak attack his grandson?”

said the married woman in the palace outfit.


“We can read what they mean!”

The madman said.

“Read memory?”

“Let’s talk about whether you have this method or not, let’s just talk about this situation. There is no credibility in your own words!”

“Because of the real situation, who doesn’t know.”

“In other words, even if you really read their memories, it does not prove that what you said is true.”

The palace outfit married woman indifferently said.

Qin Feiyang helplessly said: “The key is that we did not lie.”

The black clothed middle-aged man said with disdain: “You said you didn’t lie, you didn’t lie, how old are you?”

Qin Feiyang raises his eyebrows.

“Several Sirs, please let me know that these Little Brothers really didn’t lie, they really did not lie, they were seeing riches provokes evil designs, sneak attack my grandson, and came to blackmail my old man.”

The old man watched Qin Feiyang and the others being wronged, and quickly looked towards the married woman three people in the palace, then pointed to Old Wang, and said anxiously: “During this period, I have been to the temple several times, but all Stopped by this Sir, he doesn’t believe me.”

Old Wang sighed: “You need evidence. The old man will definitely make the decision for you, but if you can’t produce the evidence, what can the old man do? I can’t let you enter the temple acting willfully!”

“This is the truth!”

“If you don’t believe me, I swear to heaven, if there is a lie, heavenly punishment earth extermination, you will not die!”

The old man is distraught.


“Swear who will not?”

“If you want me to see, it is nothing more than the death of the grandson and no one will provide him with old-age care, so I want to blackmail some money and solve the problem of old-age care in the future.”

“And these people must be the accomplices he invited to accompany him in this scene.”

The four young men and women looked at the old man and Qin Feiyang and the others with sneers on their faces.

“White-Eyed Wolf, kill them!”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes cold, the fleshy body has been destroyed by White-Eyed Wolf, and I don’t know the convergence yet. It seems that it is really Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin.

“Just waiting for your sentence.”

White-Eyed Wolf bared his teeth.

The moment of time opened, and the moment appeared behind the four people, patted with a paw.

“Dare you!”

Black clothed middle-aged furious.

But White-Eyed Wolf turned a deaf ear. As the paws fell, the four people screamed and Divine Soul was annihilated on the spot.

Follow closely.

White-Eyed Wolf glanced at the black clothed middle-aged with disdain, then opened the moment, and instantly fell on Qin Feiyang’s shoulder.

“courting death!”

The murderous intention in the eyes of the black clothed middle-aged man is violent, and a law of destruction emerges, heading towards the White-Eyed Wolf hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“You are the one who is courting death!”

The madman’s murderous heart broke out, opened the law of destruction, and strikes away.

hong long!

The two people Law Force met suddenly, a wave of horror, immediately sweeping across all directions.

The guard and the old man are both frightened.

This is the fluctuation of the law of destruction, and it is still in the two Great Perfection ruler realm. Is it that nobody like them can bear it?


At the same time.

Dafu brother take action, forcibly suppressing fluctuations.

Looking at this scene, not only the guard and the old man, but also the married woman in palace clothes, the white clothed middle-aged, and Old Wang also relaxed.

If this fluctuation spreads, I’m afraid the entire Wanfeng mountain range will be raze to the ground.

But immediately!

Middle-aged married woman in palace dress, white clothed, Old Wang, couldn’t help looking at the madman.

——The Law of Destruction!

Where are these people sacred?

One is in control of Space-Time Laws!

One is in control of Time Law!

A rule of destruction…

Qin Feiyang took a deep breath, looked at the married woman four people in the palace costume, and sighed: “We really don’t intend to make trouble, so please stop being aggressive.”

The married woman in the palace costume glanced at Qin Feiyang and the others, then at the old man who was caught by the guard, and finally looked at Qin Feiyang and said: “Then you say, why should we believe you? If you say I don’t know, then today, don’t want to leave the temple alive!”

With the voice of the married woman in the palace costumes, a scarlet gold pearl appeared, which could be as big as a baby fist, with complex and mysterious patterns painted on it, which looked like a Divine Beast Golden Crow Totem, God’s light reflects Heaven and Earth.

As soon as this divine bead appeared, a pressure of ruler Divine Weapon rolled out, instantly covering Qin Feiyang and the others.


This is the ruler Divine Weapon of the Temple of Heaven!


Qin Feiyang glanced at the scarlet gold orb, there was no fear in the expression, and then looked towards the married woman in palace clothes, a horrible pressure emerged gradually all over her body, and said every word: “Just rely on me Qin These three words Feiyang!”

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