Invincible War God Chapter 3588


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“Qin Feiyang!”

As soon as these three words came out, the great ringleaders in the temple trembled immediately.

The guard and old man in the distant place are also shocked.

Who is the most famous in the Sky Cloud Realm today is undoubtedly Qin Feiyang!

This is the one that destroys the Blood Palace, crushes the Dragon Race Eldest Prince, slashes the Fire Dragon, and despise the existence of the world’s heroes.

There are countless youngsters in the world, youth talents, in front of others are unattainable, dazzling jewels, but in front of Qin Feiyang, you must lower your arrogant head.

You don’t need to know the great big shots is who in the Temple of Heaven, you don’t need to know the existence of Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan, but you don’t need to know the name Qin Feiyang.

“Just rely on the three words Qin Feiyang…”

These three words absolutely have the power to persuade everything.

However, the person in front of him looks completely different from Qin Feiyang.

At the same time!

Many people walked out of the great halls floating on the top of the clouds.

There is the disciple of the Tiandian and the management of the Tiandian. At this moment, they all look down at the group of Qin Feiyang.

After all, even the ruler Divine Weapon appears, can you not disturb them?

Their faces are also full of surprise.

“Is this person really Qin Feiyang?”

“It looks so majestic.”

“Have you never seen Qin Feiyang? Even if you haven’t seen it, you should see his portrait. Now, his portrait is circulating everywhere.”

“Look, I have his portrait here.”

A young woman waved her hand, and a scroll appeared, hovering in the void, and then slowly opened.

All around the eyes of the crowd, at this moment, are all gathered in the picture scroll, calm and full of expectation.


The scroll unfolds, and the heroic appearance of two people and a wolf appears.

The person on the left is a white clothed youth, with a seven-foot body tall and straight like pine, black hair like a waterfall, eyes like a bright moon, and a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, exuding a breath of air like a god.

The person on the right is a black clothed youth, whose facial features are cold, and there is a sharp edge invisibly, which makes people feel a sense of fear at first glance.

In front of the two people, there is a wolf.

This wolf, whose hair is as dazzling as gold, has two golden wings on its back, and there is a magical flame imprint on the center of its eyebrows. It looks like a horse.

“See you.”

“This white clothed youth is Qin Feiyang.”

“This black clothed youth is Madman Mo.”

“The wolf lying in front of them is the Golden Wing Wolf King.”

“Look at the people below, which one looks like them?”

The young woman who opened the picture scroll looked at the silhouette in the picture while she spoke, with small stars in her eyes.

Everyone is hearing this, looking down, really no one looks the same as Qin Feiyang, Madman Mo, and Golden Wing Wolf King.

“They are too courageous!”

“Unexpectedly even Qin Feiyang dared to pretending.”

“It seems that they don’t know Qin Feiyang’s methods!”

Some people couldn’t help but sneer.


mountain summit!

A piece of deathly stillness.


The black clothed middle-aged man opened his mouth, breaking the silence, saying: “You think we haven’t seen Qin Feiyang…”

But before finishing talking, Qin Feiyang directly took out a Restoring Appearance Pill and threw it into his mouth, and quickly restored its true appearance under everyone’s suspicion.

“It’s really him!”

The black clothed middle-aged eyes trembled.

“It’s really Qin Feiyang!”

“It turns out that he adjusted one’s head and turning one’s face before!”

“Come and see, Qin Feiyang, who is named towards the sky, came to our temple.”


“Qin Feiyang is coming to our temple?”


“How could he come to our temple with such a great character?”

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“It’s really him!”

There were still many disciplines that hadn’t been released before, and they all ran out with suspicion after hearing the news. As a result, it turned out that this famous existence really exists.

“Since Qin Feiyang is here, are Madman Mo and Golden Wing Wolf King also here?”

“wait a minute!”

“The Big Fat Cat on Qin Feiyang’s shoulders turned on Time Law’s Profound Truth!”

“The youth next to him also opened the law of destruction!”

“It is said that the Golden Wing Wolf King controls the Time Law, and Madman Mo also controls the law of destruction, can it be said that they are the two?”

The eyes of the discipline above fell on the lunatic and White-Eyed Wolf.

The madman and White-Eyed Wolf looked simultaneously.

The lunatic wears a Restoring Appearance Pill, and White-Eyed Wolf also blooms with one strand of dazzling golden light.


They also restored the true appearance.

“Sure enough!”

The disciples up and down in the temple of heaven can’t help but cheer up.

This is their idol!

Qin Feiyang, the supreme Profound Truth who masters the two strongest laws, has the eye of God that replicates some attacks, and a Supreme kill that is comparable to ruler Divine Weapon, Killing Domain!

Lunatic, proud and aloof, unruly and rebellious, he also masters the highest Profound Truth of the two strongest laws, and also masters the battle soul of heaven defying level, possessing the skills of Heavenspan.

Gold Wing Wolf King, this guy is even more ridiculously strong, unexpectedly mastering the Supreme Profound Truth of the five strongest laws!

These two people and a wolf are like the existence of the cloud world today, like the sun at high noon!

Even the giants of the older generations of continent have to bow their heads in front of them.

It can be said.

They are already standing on the Peak of the four continents, no one can shake them.

“didn’t expect them to be so popular in the human world.”

Dafu sound transmission.

“What’s so great?”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess with a narrow mouth.

Da Fuku laughed dumbly, sound transmission said: “Then we want to restore the original appearance?”

“Do you want to grab the limelight with them?”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess asked secretly.


Dafu Weiwei stared blankly, hurriedly said: “Old man never thought of this.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess cast a blank look at him, looked up towards the discipline of the upper temple, these humans are all fools, unexpectedly regard these three wicked goods as idols?

After a while.

The married woman in the palace dress finally returned back to his senses, and said with a smile: “It turned out to be Brother Qin, Brother Mo, and Brother Wolf King, disrespectful and disrespectful.”

“Don’t say these polite words.”

“If it wasn’t for you to persistently force each other, would we show the true body?”

“It’s really hard to keep a low profile.”

“How about, do you believe it now?”

White-Eyed Wolf raised his eyebrows.

“Since there are three, it is certainly true.”

The married woman in palace clothes laughed and put away the red golden pearl.

cracking a joke.

Only a madman has eight ruler Divine Weapons. The ruler Divine Weapon in her temple is not a display one’s slight skill before an expert?

Fortunately, these people are more reasonable, otherwise the Temple of Heaven is really a disaster this time.

For example, people like Dragon Race Prince and Princess, if they dare to offend them so much, they will definitely raze the temple to the ground.

“It was them who helped me.”

The old man caught by the guard muttered to himself.

I have heard that these two people and a wolf are kind-hearted and sincere to others. Now when I see them, the name is not in vain.

Good people!

At the same time.

Guard was also terrified to the extreme.

He unexpectedly provokes these three murderers again and again.

Isn’t this courting death?

The madman glared at the guard, shouted: “Hurry up and let go of that old fellow!”

Guard, a shivered, quickly released the old man and knelt in the void and said: “Three Sirs, spare your lives, I really don’t know it is you, otherwise even if I have a hundred courage, I would not dare to do this.”

“Go away.”

The madman waved his hand, and the guard ran to the side rolling and rolling.

“old fellow, are you okay!”

The madman stepped forward and raised the old man.

“It’s okay.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Thank you Sir Qin, thank you Wolf King Sir.”

“It was you who made my grandson feel wronged, thank you so much!”

The old man knelt on the void and knocked his head repeatedly.

“This is what we should do.”

White-Eyed Wolf stepped forward, with a light wave of his paw, a large number of Soul Stones and Divine Crystal appeared, like two mountains, worth tens of millions, and then opened a space-time transmission passage. Said: “These Soul Stones and Divine Crystals are enough for you to take care of your old age. Go back first!”

“Very expert.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess mumbled.

“This is not allowed.”

The old man didn’t accept it and waved his hand quickly.

White-Eyed Wolf raised his eyebrows and said: “Let you put it away and put it away, where is there so much nonsense, are you looking for a beating?”

Hearing this, Fire Phoenix Great Princess several people were quite speechless.

Is it so tyrannical even to give gifts?


The old man glanced at Qin Feiyang and the lunatic, and saw a kind smile on his face, nodded and said: “Thank you Wolf King Sir, today is a great kindness, the little old man will always remember it.”

After speaking, I put away Soul Stone and Divine Crystal, turned around and entered the space-time teleportation passage.

“Go away too!”

White-Eyed Wolf looked towards that guard.

“yes yes yes.”

The guard is nodded again and again, turning around and fleeing like desperately.

Old Wang saw everything in his eyes, hoarse said with a smile: “Three respect the old, great justice, old man admire.”

White-Eyed Wolf jokingly said: “Now, do you still say that we are associates of Mask Asura?”

The palace outfit married woman four people simultaneously looked, the expression is quite embarrassing.

Before, they really thought that these people were accomplices of the masked Asura.

The palace married woman said with a smile: “Several people, since they have come to the temple, please come to the temple, also good, let us do the friendship of the landlord.”

The madman said: “This is okay, but now, we don’t know what is who?”

The married woman in the palace costume slapped her head and apologized: “Sorry, I will introduce you to you.”

The married woman in the palace dress pointed to the middle-aged in white, said with a smile: “This is the Vice Palace Lord of our temple.”

The middle-aged in white smiled gently at Qin Feiyang and the others.

The married woman in palace outfit pointed to the black clothed middle-aged person again, and said: “And this is the Palace Lord of our Law Enforcement Palace.”

black clothed youth looked towards Qin Feiyang and the others, arrogantly saying: “I have offended a lot before, I hope you can forgive me.”

Qin Feiyang waved his hand.

The married woman in the palace dress looked at Old Wang again, said with a smile: “This old man is the Great Elder of our temple.”

Old Wang also cup one fist in the other hand said with a smile: “Where you offend, you still look at Haihan.”

Qin Feiyang nodded laughed and looked at the married woman in the palace costume and said: “Then Senior, you are the Palace Lord of the Temple?”


The imperial married woman nodded, immediately said: “However, the word “Senior” is really dare not to be used. Several of them are already above us in terms of strength. Ordinarily, they should be us. I call them “Sir”.” /p>

“It’s quite discreet.”

White-Eyed Wolf laughed.

The married woman in the palace costume was not angry either, she stepped aside, with a little respect, and said: “A few please.”

Qin Feiyang and the others were about to take a step forward, but at this moment, a hostile voice sounded: “It turns out to be the great and famous Qin Feiyang, Madman Mo, and Golden Wing Wolf King.”

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