Invincible War God Chapter 3589


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“This voice…”

Qin Feiyang and the others fixed their eyes, turning one’s head, following the sound.

Although they had only heard this indifferent voice once, they were very impressed.

It is the mask Shura!

The Four Great Giants and the people up and down in the Temple of Heaven also looked at the source of the sound, with cold light flashing in their eyes.

For Mask Shura, people in the entire North continent are no strangers.

Especially the people in the Temple of Heaven.

The mask Shura haunts them like a nightmare.

Once they walked out of the temple, they must always be careful, because who doesn’t know when the mask Shura will appear behind him.

Not a distant place.

In the mountains!

A black silhouette, step by step up to the sky, aura wears an Ominous Fiend Qi, and the skull-shaped mask on her face is particularly eye-catching.

“You really are an arrogant!”

“Dare to break into my Wanfeng mountain range!”

“Suffer to death!”

Tiandian Law Enforcement Palace Palace Lord’s murderous intention surges, and the terrifying pressure hiding the sky and covering the earth leaves.

However, under this prestige, the mask Shura was unaffected, and the dark pupils showed disgust and indifference. They walked straight to the void not far from the mountain summit and stopped to examine Qin Feiyang two people and White. -Eyed Wolf.

“This guy is a bit powerful.”

White-Eyed Wolf mumbled.


“The cultivation base of the Great Perfection ruler.”

“Furthermore, there is no fear in the face of the great big shots in the Temple of Heaven. Having such a confidence means that he may also have the highest Profound Truth.”

The crazy eyes are full of curiosity. What kind of face is hidden under this mask?

Faced with the silent attitude of the mask Shura, the Law Enforcement Palace Palace Lord was furious and shouted: “It’s so arrogant!”


A death Law roared out.

A dark red rays of light suddenly appeared in this world, and a waning moon gradually raised, and aura of death enveloped all directions.

“Death Law, the highest Profound Truth.”

Qin Feiyang pupil shrinks.

As soon as a take action opens the strongest law, the highest Profound Truth, how much hatred does this have?

Mask Shura looked towards the black clothed middle-aged, said with a sneer: “Kill me in such a hurry, are you afraid that I will expose your evil deeds?”

“Evil deeds?”

Qin Feiyang several people stared blankly, what does it mean?

Heard of the four people giants in the Temple of Heaven, he couldn’t help but look confused.

Law Enforcer Palace Lord frowns saying: “What do you mean by this? Speak clearly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you not know in your heart?”

Mask Shura sneered, looked at Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf, and asked: “Do you know why I kill the discipline of the Temple of Heaven?”

two people and a wolf shook his head.

The disciples in the upper sky temple are also puzzled.

They also want to know, why is this?

The mask Shura unexpectedly raised his arm, pointed at the Four Great Giants, and said angrily: “Because they shelter a Great Demon!”

“Great Demon?”

Qin Feiyang and the others became more confused.

But it can be seen that the married woman in the palace clothes was slightly flustered when she heard this.

“This killing of the head of Human Demon, killing countless living creatures, is simply crime deserving ten thousand deaths!”

“But this temple, as the ruler of the northern continent, not only did not deal with it impartially and eliminate harms for the people, but instead took this person as a discipline and protected it in the temple.”

Mask Shura roared out of righteous indignation, looked at Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf, and asked: “You said, shouldn’t they be condemned for doing such a thing?”

“What’s this?”

Qin Feiyang and the others heard the words and looked at the Four Great Giants in the Tiandian.

The four people are silent.

“Nothing to say?”

The mask Shura coldly smiled, looked up towards the discipline of the Temple of Heaven, and said: “You should all know about this demon!”

“I know.”

“But back then, Sir Palace Lord personally said that this person has been executed.”

The disciples above and below the temple are all puzzled.

“It seems that even you were deceived by them.”

“This person is not dead at all, saying that this person has been executed, but just a lie to deceive the world.”

“Actually, he is now somewhere in your temple, retreating and cultivation.”

“And I also know that you, the Palace Lord, still accept him as a disciple and teach him cultivation personally!”

Mask Shura yelled.


“Don’t slander our Palace Lord!”

The discipline of the Temple of Heaven is angry.


Mask Shura said with a sneer: “I have no grudges against her, is it necessary to slander her?”

The madman frowned, looking towards the mask cultivation, wondering: “What the hell is going on? Can you explain it more clearly?”

The mask Shura took a deep breath, looked at two people and a wolf, and sighed: “Back then, there was a man named Qin Feng who appeared out of thin air in our northern continent. This man was extremely ruthless in one day. Within that, millions of living creatures were slaughtered, and even a city of hundreds of thousands was slaughtered by him.”


Don’t talk about Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf, even Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others are shocked.

“You guys didn’t see the bloody picture, it’s outrageous!”

“Even a newborn baby, he never let it go.”

“The most terrifying thing is that this person not only kills innocent people everywhere, but also absorbs their flesh and Divine Soul, leaving the bones everywhere. It is said that he can accelerate his own growth in this way.”

The mask Shura said solemnly.


Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf’s eyes trembled.

Isn’t it the same as Li Feng’s method to absorb the flesh and Divine Soul of others?

Qin Feng…

Li Feng?

Is this the same person?

“According to my investigation, in just two years, no less than hundreds of millions of living creatures were slaughtered by him.”

“In this short period of two years, he madly absorbed the flesh of others, and went directly from the half-step Nine Heavens Realm to the Great Perfection Inextinguishable Realm!”

“This world was originally based on cultivation, whether it is a human or other living creature, it must be cultivation.”

“But, like this kind of cultivation method that doesn’t have humanity, simply is bastard behavior!”

Mask Shura shouted, his face full of grief and anger.

“No way!”

“In two years, from half a step from Nine Heavens Realm to Great Perfection Inextinguishable Realm?”

Hearing this, even Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others were shocked.

These are two great realms!

Even a monster that does not come out in 10,000 years will require tens of 10,000 years, several millions of years.

But this person, only used two years?

No cracking a joke!

White-Eyed Wolf sound transmission asked: “Little Qinzi, do you remember the last time you saw Li Feng, what cultivation base was he?”

“I remember the last time I saw him was outside the forest of Gods and Demons.”

“A lot of people did not die in my hands at that time? I heard the blood spirit said at the time that as long as the flesh is absorbed, Li Feng can press into the Nine Heavens Realm.”

“In other words, before entering the 4th-Layer, his cultivation base should be half a step Nine Heavens Realm left and right.”

Qin Feiyang speculates.

The madman was surprised: “So, this Qin Feng might be Li Feng?”

“It shouldn’t be!”

“Did we not let Demon Palace and Loose Cultivator Alliance investigate Li Feng’s whereabouts in the early years?”

“If it is Feng Li, there is no news from Demon Palace and Loose Cultivator Alliance impossible.”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

The madman said: “Then what if he adjusted one’s head and turning one’s face? After all, he changed his name.”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes flashed slightly, turning one’s head looked towards Mask Shura, and asked: “Do you know what Qin Feng looks like?”

“I know.”

The mask Shura is nodded, and with a wave of his hand, an illusory shadow condenses out. It is a silver-haired youth with a very ordinary appearance.

“Not Li Feng?”

White-Eyed Wolf raised his eyebrows.

“But it cannot be concluded that he is really not Li Feng.”

“After all, I said before that it is possible for him to adjust one’s head and turning one’s face. You must see this talented to be sure.”

The madman said.

“Then what if it is Li Feng?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked towards Qin Feiyang.

Qin Feiyang’s hands tightly clenched.

For Li Feng, he has a very complicated emotion in his heart.

Because the former Li Feng was very simple and kind-hearted, but because of the Dragon Race massacre of Yunshan Village, watching his relatives fall in front of him one by one, coupled with the temptation of blood ancestors, he gradually became a Demon King.


If this Qin Feng is really Li Feng, then he slaughtered hundreds of millions of living creatures in the north continent. If Qin Feiyang sits idly by, his conscience will be condemned.


The mask Shura spoke again.

Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf look up.

“At the time, I heard that Qin Feng had executed, and I thought it was true.”

“But soon after, I suddenly found out that Qin Feng was not dead at all.”

“Not only did he not die, he was also accepted as a discipline by the Palace Lord and protected secretly.”

“This kind of wicked beyond redemption, a person with a little conscience, can’t let him get away with it!”

“However, the Temple of Heaven has Four Great Giants keeping watch and ruler Divine Weapon. I can’t get into the Temple of Heaven, so I had to take the discipline of the Temple of Heaven outside.”

“But the temple discipline that died in my hands, they are all damn people. They bullied men and women outside, commiting any imaginable misdeed, and I don’t see their stinky virtues.”

“So, although my hands are covered with blood, I have never killed a good person.”

“Originally, I planned to continue this way and slowly look for opportunities to kill Qin Feng, but just before, I saw you in Fengyuan City. Although you are ordinary on the surface, you dare to blatantly cut down in Fengyuan City. Kill City Lord and the others, I think your identity should not be simple.”

“So I will always follow you in the dark.”

“As expected, you are unexpectedly Qin Feiyang, Madman Mo, and Golden Wing Wolf King.”

“It was you, and I saw hope, so I took the initiative to tell you all this, because you have the ability to seek justice for those living creatures who died tragically!”

Mask Asura Path.

Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf were deeply moved by these words.

Although this person is called Shura, everything he does is for justice.

Qin Feiyang bowed his hand: “Thank you for your distinguished self’s trust in us. We will investigate this matter clearly.”

“I believe in you.”

“Speaking of this, we if fated will meet again.”

The mask Shura smiled, then turned around and walked away without looking back.

The black clothed middle-aged has cold light flashed in his eyes and he is about to catch up, but the madman stepped forward and stopped the black clothed middle-aged. frowns saying: “What did he not at all do wrong, what qualifications do you have to chase him down? ?”

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