Invincible War God Chapter 3590


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Black clothed middle-aged raised eyebrows.

“But what?”

“Could it be that he broke through you in public and let you fly into a rage out of humiliation?”

The madman cold and severe smiled and scanned the Four Great Giants of the Heavenly Hall.

Four Great Giants can’t help but bow their heads when they hear this, showing a guilty conscience.

“I, your father really didn’t expect, dignified Tiandian will do such a thing.”

“Let’s go!”

“Take us to meet this Qin Feng.”

“I, your father, let’s see how capable he is. Unexpectedly let you Four Great Giants, willing to risk the world’s disgrace and protect him.”

The madman is snered.

This Qin Feng may be Li Feng, so it is natural to investigate clearly.

“In fact, we also cherish talents.”

“Although he did commit heinous sins before, but now he has been converted to the right.”

The married woman in palace clothes sighed.

Since it has been dismantled, there is no need to hide it.

As soon as this statement came out, the discipline of the upper temple immediately became agitated.

What the mask Shura said unexpectedly is true.

This is how the Palace Lord and others deal with evil people? Too disappointing.

“Treasure talent, and can’t fight against the whole world.”

“Lead the way!”

Qin Feiyang sighed.

If it is really Li Feng, he can only kill him and kill the people.

Because this is no longer a bit of sin, but heinous sin.

In the hell of Hades, he had already given Li Feng a chance. He never thought that not only would he not listen, but he would get worse. This is the end of the matter and he can’t be blamed for vicious and merciless.

Led by Four Great Giants, Qin Feiyang and the others stepped into the temple.

The glorious great halls are suspended in the clouds and mist like small islands. At first glance, they reappear like the ancient Heavenly Palace, full of misty air.

The disciples above and below the temple, their eyes are concentrated on Qin Feiyang and the others, full of worship.

About a moment later.

The entire group came to the sky above a great hall.

This great hall is relatively old, and there is no one around, so it looks extremely quiet.

Moreover, based on the cultivation base of Qin Feiyang and the others, you can tell at a glance that there is a Time Array all around the great hall.

“He is in the great hall.”

The married woman in the palace costume hesitated and sighed.

Qin Feiyang looked towards White-Eyed Wolf.

White-Eyed Wolf stepped out and swept towards the great hall, but not yet approached, an Array appeared and stood in front of White-Eyed Wolf.


White-Eyed Wolf looked surprised.

This is an Array of the power of one Law, full of boundless life force.

Qin Feiyang and the lunatic also looked at Array suspiciously.


The two people’s eyes trembled.

This is Life Law!

Because Mermaid Princess also masters Life Law, it is easy to tell.

Life Law ……

In other words, in the Four Great Giants of the Temple of Heaven, one of them controls Life Law!

“Who arranged it?”

White-Eyed Wolf is a shivered, turning one’s head towards Four Great Giants.

Not long ago, it was still discussing with Qin Feiyang. In the end, the one Law was Life Law, which didn’t expect to meet so soon.

“It’s me.”

The married woman in the palace clothes opened her mouth, and with a wave of her hand, Array disappeared.

White-Eyed Wolf stared at the married woman in palace clothes, pupils glowing green.

This expression made the married woman panicked in the palace costume.

What does this wolf pup want to do?


Inside the great palace, a wave of Law Force aura emerged.


Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf return back to his senses, looking suspiciously towards the great hall.

“This is the aura of Space-Time Laws!”

“Go in!”

“He might want to run away!”

The madman suddenly shouted.

White-Eyed Wolf rushed to the gate of the great hall, and smashed the gate of the great hall with a claw. Inside the great hall, there was a space-time transmission passage, and a silver-haired youth had stepped into the space-time passage. , Will soon disappeared.


White-Eyed Wolf shouted.

But the silver-haired youth turned a deaf ear and did not look back.

“Want to run?”

White-Eyed Wolf’s eyes surged with cold light, and for an instant, it swept into the teleportation passage.

“Hurry up!”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes sank.

Didn’t expect this Qin Feng, unexpectedly still master Space-Time Laws!

However, when he and the madman rushed to the time and space passage, the passage collapsed.

“Run before he sees us, why is he guilty?”

The madman frowned, looked towards Qin Feiyang and said: “Could it be that he really is Li Feng? Is it…youth’s purpose for us to be the north continent is actually Li Feng?”

Qin Feiyang is silent.

Four Great Giants simultaneously looked at Tiandian, and Li Feng is who?


Qin Feiyang looked towards Four Great Giants and asked: “Where is he likely to go?”

Four people shook their heads.

“Then is there anyone else beside him?”

Qin Feiyang asked again.

“No, just him.”

said the married woman in the palace outfit.

“Just him?”

Qin Feiyang and the lunatic simultaneously looked, if it is Feng Li, where is the Remnant Soul of the blood ancestor?

Li Feng and the blood spirit have always been together. Since Li Feng is in the north continent, the blood spirit should also be in the north continent.

“Is White-Eyed Wolf in danger?”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess asked.

“It shouldn’t be!”

“After all, he holds the Profound Truth of the five strongest laws.”

Qin Feiyang shook his head.

Huo Zihui full of looked at the elder sister deeply, turning one’s head looked towards Four Great Giants, and asked: “What is Qin Feng’s cultivation base?”

“Great Accomplishment ruler.”

The married woman in the palace costume responded.

“It’s just the Great Accomplishment ruler, that’s definitely not the opponent of wolf pup.”

Huo Zihui looked at Fire Phoenix Great Princess and chuckled.

The elder sister who has always been arrogant, unexpectedly worried about White-Eyed Wolf? It’s really weird.


White continent!

Northwest facing edge.

There is a glacier as far as the eye can see, the sky is floating with big heavy snow fall, the cold wind is hunting and hunting, the cold current is sweeping across Heaven and Earth, and it is cold into bone marrow!


It is one of the four restricted areas, death glacier!


With a humming sound, a space-time passage appeared above the entrance, and a silver-haired youth flew out like lightning, and entered the death glacier without looking back.

While entering the death glacier, he raised his hand and waved, a Divine Force surged out, exploded towards the time and space passage behind.

At this moment, White-Eyed Wolf appeared. Although he was hit by Divine Force, he was not at all injured. After all, its current fleshy body has reached the Supreme level heaven defying level.


The space-time passage behind him collapsed on the spot.

White-Eyed Wolf waved his paw, and the wave of void dissipated. When he scanned the front, he immediately saw the silver-haired youth entering the death glacier.

“It seems like a death glacier here?”

“You are so bold!”

White-Eyed Wolf is coldly snorted, the light turns on in an instant, directly into the death glacier, the speed is not comparable to the silver-haired youth.

In just a few blinks, White-Eyed Wolf was standing in front of the silver-haired youth, and turned to look at the silver-haired youth. An almost 20-year-old youth was ordinary in appearance, not similar to Li Feng.

The silver-haired youth also stopped in void, said solemnly: “What are you doing after me?”

“This sentence, let Brother ask you!”

“You just run away without seeing us. Brother really wants to know, what are you afraid of?”

White-Eyed Wolf smiled.

The silver-haired youth said with a flushing face and a heartbeat: “I didn’t run away, because something is going to die glacier.”

“So, is this a coincidence?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at him playfully.

“It was a coincidence.”

“Nothing else, don’t stop me.”

After the silver-haired youth said, he bypassed the White-Eyed Wolf and continued to fly toward the depths.

White-Eyed Wolf looked at the silver-haired youth’s back, his eyes flickering, and suddenly he waved his paw, Space-Time Laws rolled out, and the void with a radius of one million li collapsed immediately, turning into an ice crystal giant sword, carrying it The world extinguishing divine might, cut off towards the silver-haired youth.

“The Supreme Profound Truth!”

The silver-haired youth was startled and stood in void silent for a short while, then suddenly turned and looked towards White-Eyed Wolf, and said angrily: “Don’t push me!”

“What about forcing you?”

White-Eyed Wolf sneered.

Silver-haired youth heard that a blood-red rays of light was immediately released in his eyes, and the whole person was like another person in an instant. The hostility and baleful qi roared all directions.

“This aura…”

“This expression…”

White-Eyed Wolf’s eyes trembled and said angrily: “Sure enough, you little bastard!”

“I have been so low-key, why do you still come to find me?”

The silver-haired youth roared, rushing out of a terrifying murderous aura, immediately turning into a sea of ​​blood above the sky, one after another bloody thunder and lightning, roaring among the clouds like strips of Blood Python, exuding the imposing of destroying heaven extinguishing earth manner.

“Very powerful fluctuation!”

“Isn’t that the Golden Wing Wolf King?”

“It’s really it!”

“Why did it come to death glacier?”

“The silver-haired youth opposite it is who? Unexpectedly holds the supreme Profound Truth of Slaughter Law!”

“wait a minute, he looks familiar?”

I remember, he is Qin Feng, the Great Demon who slaughtered countless living creatures in his early years!”

“Isn’t he dead? Why is he still alive!”

White-Eyed Wolf and Li Feng’s battle fluctuated, alarming the living creatures all around, and they looked here, their eyes full of shock.

The entrance here is in the North Continent, so the people who experience and explore here are basically the North Continent, so they all recognize Li Feng.

“The Supreme Profound Truth…”

White-Eyed Wolf looked up towards the tumbling bloody thunder and lightning in the sky, and he was also extremely surprised.

This brat, unexpectedly has realized the Supreme Profound Truth of Slaughter Law?

It’s too fast too!

Although Qin Feiyang gave him some medicinal pills to turn on the Gate of Potential at the beginning, the perception and potential are not so terrifying!

And be aware.

The current Li Feng is only the cultivation base of the Great Accomplishment ruler.


hong long!

one after another bloody thunder and lightning, like a waterfall pouring out like a waterfall, Heaven and Earth trembled, and terrifying murderous intention enveloped all directions.

“Think that if you have realized the Supreme Profound Truth, your wings will be hard?”

White-Eyed Wolf coldly snorted, the ice crystal giant sword transformed by void fragment slashed away in anger, and the blood-colored thunder and lightning were annihilated on the spot!

Li Feng spouted blood, and stepped back again and again.

“Brother knows that Little Qinzi can’t bear to kill you, otherwise you would be dead as long as you were in Hades, so while Little Qinzi is not there, Brother will destroy you directly, lest you do harm to the heavenly cloud world again!”

White-Eyed Wolf’s murderous intention flashed in his eyes, and the ice crystal giant sword, carrying the sharpness of Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth, slew towards Li Feng.

A hint of fear appeared immediately in Li Feng’s eyes, and he roared: “When I first came to the Sky Cloud Realm, I did slaughter a lot of living creatures, but since I entered the ruler realm, I have never been harmed. One person, why do you just refuse to let me go?”

“Besides, do you think I really want to do this?”

“If there are other shortcuts, I will not kill those innocent living creatures.”

“I just want to become stronger, find Long Zun’s family and avenge the villagers in Yunshan Village. Am I wrong?”

Li Feng roared again and again.

Although so many years have passed, the hatred in his heart has not diminished, but has become stronger.

White-Eyed Wolf waved his claws, and the ice crystal giant sword stopped above Li Feng’s head, looking at the hideous Li Feng on the opposite side, his brows were twisted together.

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