Invincible War God Chapter 3591


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“What are you doing looking at me like this?”

“Am I wrong?”

Li Feng glared at White-Eyed Wolf.

White-Eyed Wolf took a deep breath and sighed: “You are not wrong, no matter what is who in this world, everything you do is to become stronger, but there are other ways to become stronger, not The only way to kill innocent people is.”

“But this is a shortcut.”

“You know my innate talent, even if Big Brother Qin helps me turn on the Gate of Potential, I am also impossible to surpass Dragon Lord, and even more impossible to surpass Long Chen!”

“I must do this.”

Li Fengdao.

“Do you know Long Chen too?”

White-Eyed Wolf is quite unexpected.

“Of course I do.”

“Although you don’t know where I am over the years, I have been following your situation all the time.”

“Because in the Sky Cloud Realm, you are my only family…”

“no! ”

“You are my only family in this world!”

“So, Big Brother Qin and Dragon Race Eldest Prince, and Fire Dragon in Baihe Island battle, I know clearly.”

Li Fengdao.

“The only relative…”

White-Eyed Wolf murmured.

No matter how Li Feng changes, but this attitude towards them has not changed, as always, respect them, love them, and treat them as family members.

“Brother Wolf.”

“I know that my guilt is so serious that it will never be washed away in my life.”

“Don’t worry, when I kill the Dragon Race family and avenge the family in Yunshan Village, I will apologize with death!”

Li Feng tightly clenched both hands.

“Why is this?”

“Hatred has completely clouded your heart.”

“Furthermore, the people who slaughtered Yunshan Village back then were already executed, and the Ancient World Dragon Race has been wiped out. You should be relieved!”

“Now you put everything down and come back with me.”

“As long as you really repent, I believe that no matter it is Little Qinzi or a little madman, you will forgive you, protect you, and take care of you.”

“After all, in Little Qinzi’s heart, I always treat you as a younger brother.”

White-Eyed Wolf sighed.

Li Feng went silent, shook his head and said, “I have failed Big Brother Qin’s trust and expectations. I don’t deserve to be his younger brother, and I don’t have the face to see him. Otherwise, I would have gone when you appeared in the heavenly cloud world. Find Big Brother Qin.”

“Say more.”

“The real culprit in the massacre of Yunshan Village is Long Zun!”

“Because she created an unfair system in Ancient World.”

“It was also her who had no way of discipline, so that the people of Dragon Race were so bossy and domineering, and they looked upon human life like a waste.”

“She must pay for it!”

“Brother Wolf.”

“Please, let me go!”

“I assure you, from now on, I will never kill an innocent living creature.”

Li Feng knelt on the void with a puff, looking at White-Eyed Wolf, his face full of pleading.

White-Eyed Wolf looked down at Li Feng, silent.

After a long time.

White-Eyed Wolf waved his claws, the ice crystal giant sword shattered.

“Thank you Brother Wolf!”

Li Feng is very grateful.

“Remember what you said today, you can no longer kill an innocent living creature. If you let me know that you don’t do it in the future, I will get rid of you by myself.”

“In other words, this is your last chance.”

White-Eyed Wolf said.

“I know.”

“I will do it.”

“Thank you Brother Wolf.”

“Also say sorry to Big Brother Qin for me.”

Li Feng said, resolutely got up, turned and left.

“wait a minute!”

White-Eyed Wolf spoke suddenly.

Li Feng stopped, turning one’s head looked at White-Eyed Wolf suspiciously.

“When Little Qinzi opened the medicinal pill of Gate of Potential for you, the cultivation base was not enough to open the other pages of Pill Scripture, so now, you should not open all the Gate of Potential.”

White-Eyed Wolf waved his paws, and several medical pill appeared. It was the medicinal pill that turned on Divine Monarch, Supreme God, Nine Heavens Realm, Inextinguishable Realm, and Gate of Potential in the ruler environment.


Li Feng looked at White-Eyed Wolf in astonishment.

Not only did he not kill him, but also give him the remaining medicinal pill?

“The last time I helped Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others to turn on the Gate of Potential, I took some medicinal pills. I was going to give them to the brewing masters. Since I met you today, I will just help to the end. , Take it!”

White-Eyed Wolf waved his paw, and the medicinal pill flew in front of Li Feng.

Li Feng looked at these medicinal pills and suddenly knelt on the void again, knocked three heads, seriously said: “Thank you Brother Wolf, I promise you again, I will never do anything evil in the future.”


White-Eyed Wolf slightly smiled.

At this moment, it is like a kind elder.

Li Feng got up and put away the medicinal pill, turned around and disappeared without looking back.


White-Eyed Wolf sighed.

It was originally to kill Li Feng, but instead he gave Li Feng the medicinal pill to open the Gate of Potential. How can I explain this to Little Qinzi?

When did it become so kind and kind?


After a while.

In the depths, there is an icy peak.

Li Feng fell on the mountain summit, looked back towards the entrance direction, was silent for a long time, took out a Restoring Appearance Pill, put it in his mouth, and quickly recovered his true appearance.


At this time.

A blood-clothed old man appeared, his face was quite old, he didn’t know the clothes on his body, even his hair and eyes were blood red, and his whole body was filled with an amazing blood-reeking qi.

“It turns out that this is why you didn’t let me take action.”

“It seems that you are taking White-Eyed Wolf, believing that it will not kill you, and will send you the medicinal pill to turn on the Gate of Potential.”

The blood-clothed old man looked at Li Feng, jié jié said with a smile.

“Do you think so?”

Li Feng whispered without looking at the blood-clothed old man.


The blood coat old man jié jié smiled.

Li Feng suddenly raised his head and stared at the blood-clothed old man, with blood-red eyes like one Demon King. He grabbed the blood-clothed old man’s clothes and shouted: “I won’t let you take action because I really don’t want you Hurt it because I didn’t tell a lie, they are my only relatives in this world!”


The blood-clothed old man is indifferent.

“Tell you, although you made me, but also brought me a sin.”

“I can forgive you everyone else, but if you dare to hurt Big Brother Qin them, don’t blame me becoming hostile ruthless!”

There are cruel rays of light in Li Feng’s eyes, like a wild beast with one’s fangs exposed.

The blood-clothed old man pupil shrank slightly. It seems that he really guessed wrong. This brat has an unforgettable feeling for Qin Feiyang and the others.

Li Feng slowly loosened the blood-clothed old man and looked up towards the depths of the glacier forest, indifferently said: “You said that when I break through to the Great Perfection ruler, you will tell me your true identity and you The purpose of it, right!”


old man nodded in blood.

“Then you better not break your promise.”

A cold light flashed in Li Feng’s eyes, rising into the air, disappearing into the depths of the glacier forest like lightning.


The Temple of Heaven.

Along with the appearance of a space-time teleportation passage, White-Eyed Wolf returns and falls beside Qin Feiyang and the lunatic.

“How is it?”

The madman asked hurriedly.

“It’s Li Feng.”

White-Eyed Wolf nodded.

“It’s really him…”

The expression of the madman stayed for a while.

Qin Feiyang frowned, asked: “What about the other person? Can’t you stop him with your strength?”

“cough cough…”

White-Eyed Wolf coughed dryly, and said with a smile: “This…it was Brother’s carelessness and let him slip away in front of one’s eyes.”

Hearing this, both the lunatic and Qin Feiyang looked at White-Eyed Wolf with suspicion.

“Anyway, his current strength should not be underestimated.”

“Not only realized Space-Time Laws, but also realized the Profound Truth of Slaughter Law.”

White-Eyed Wolf posed his paws, turning one’s head looked towards elsewhere, concealing the guilty conscience on his face.

“Slaughter Law is the highest Profound Truth?”

Qin Feiyang and the lunatic looked at each other in blank dismay.

This is a bit unexpected.


Even if you realize the Profound Truth of Slaughter Law, it is impossible to slip away from White-Eyed Wolf!

After all, White-Eyed Wolf is the supreme Profound Truth who masters the five strongest laws.

At the same time!

The married woman and the others in the palace costume could not help but breathe out in her heart upon hearing this.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess asked: “Where did he escape?”

“This is our business. What does it have to do with you? Talk about it.”

White-Eyed Wolf immediately became angry.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess squeezed both hands suddenly upon hearing the words, staring at White-Eyed Wolf with gnashing teeth.

White-Eyed Wolf ignored it, looked towards Qin Feiyang and said to the lunatic: “Quickly deal with business.”

There is obvious suspicion of changing the subject.

Qin Feiyang took a deep look at White-Eyed Wolf, turning one’s head and swept all around, and found that there were many temple disciplines surrounding a different place, and then looked towards the palace married woman four people, sound transmission said: “Now that there are so many eyes and ears, it is not convenient to talk. You will come to Sea Lion Island to find us later.”

After speaking, Qin Feiyang gave the four people a coordinate and asked White-Eyed Wolf to turn on the space-time passage, and left without looking back.

“Is this gone?”

“It seems that they are not here to trouble us, but to find Qin Feng.”

“By the way, this Qin Feng unexpectedly alarmed Qin Feiyang and the others, and it is estimated that there will be no good endings in the future.”

“But these people are really jealous.”

“For the sake of Qin Feng, I will come to our north continent without hesitation ten thousand li.”

The Temple of Heaven disciples started talking in a low voice right now.

“Three Palace Lords, Old Wang, should you explain to us?”

After the passage of time and space dissipated, a group of senior managers rushed to Four Great Giants, frowns saying.

They didn’t even know about Li Feng hiding in the Temple of Heaven.

The black clothed middle-aged said angrily: “We do this, we have our own reasons, we still need to explain to you?”

“It doesn’t matter if it is an average person, but Qin Feng is the demon of killing people like scything flax.”

“If you don’t explain clearly, how will the following discipline talk about you?”

“This is not the point yet. The point is that when this matter spreads, how will the people of the North continent talk about you behind their backs?”

A group of senior executives are distraught.

Several giants are also smart people, how can they commit such a fatal mistake now?

The married woman in the palace costume was silent for a while, looking at a group of high-level managers, and sighed: “You can help with this. It really doesn’t work. You can use our name to apologize to the living creature of the northern continent and admit a mistake. “

“Palace Lord.”

“Is it necessary to apologize and admit mistakes?”

Black clothed middle-aged frowning.

“After all, we had the fault first, and protected a human demon head. Of course, we must adopt an attitude of admitting the mistake.”

“I’m a little tired, I will go back and rest first.”

The married woman in the palace clothes said, she turned around and left without looking back.

Old Wang, middle-aged black clothed, middle-aged white clothed looked simultaneously and left.

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