Invincible War God Chapter 3592


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Sea Lion Island!

Qin Feiyang and the lunatic stare at White-Eyed Wolf.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others stood aside, silent.

White-Eyed Wolf looked at Qin Feiyang two people, angrily said: “Why are you looking at brother like this?”

Since I came to Sea Lion Island, two people have been staring at it like this, without saying a word.

“Brother Wolf.”

“Do you think we are like fools?”

The madman said coldly.

“It’s not like.”

White-Eyed Wolf shook his head.

“Since it is not like, then you still fool us?”

“Come on, what’s going on?”

Qin Feiyang said angrily.

“cough cough!”

White-Eyed Wolf has a dry cough.

“Look, see, see again, showing a guilty conscience again.”

“Don’t look at how youngster we already know you. Can you hide from us if you think carefully?”

The madman despised.

White-Eyed Wolf stared angrily at the lunatic, and glanced at Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others, then with a wave of his paw, a soundproof Array appeared.

“mysterious and secretive, don’t be good deed.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess coldly snorted, unexpectedly guarding them so much, I feel very dissatisfied.

In Array!

White-Eyed Wolf looked at Qin Feiyang two people, embarrased said with a smile: “Nothing can escape your eyes, yes, it was Brother who let him go.”


Qin Feiyang frowned.

“Brother was going to kill him.”

“And with the determination to kill, also good to save you a trouble.”

“But when the brother heard what he said, I really couldn’t help it.”

White-Eyed Wolf sighed.

“What will make you feel compassionate?”

The madman is curious.

“He said that we are his only relatives in this world.”

“Also, he promised me that he will never kill an innocent living creature again.”

“In fact, he has done this.”

“After breaking through to the ruler state, he never harmed the north continent again.”

White-Eyed Wolf said.

“The only relative…”

Qin Feiyang and the lunatic became silent.

“He also said that he knew he was guilty and he had no face to come to see us.”

“And also said, always follow us and care about us.”

“In fact, apart from other things, this child’s attitude towards us is quite good, besides, the reason why he became like this is also because of Dragon Race.”

White-Eyed Wolf sighed.

“So, is he still thinking about killing Dragon Lord?”

Qin Feiyang asked.


“At that time, in fact, the one sentence he touched me the most was that when the Long Zun family was killed, he would apologize with death.”

White-Eyed Wolf said.

“Where is he going now?”

The madman frowned.

“Death glacier.”

White-Eyed Wolf speaks.

“Or give him another chance!”

“Anyway, now, we are all in the Sky Cloud Realm.”

“And the south continent, the west continent, and the east continent are all in our grasp now, as long as there is news of him doing evil, we can immediately know.”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at two people, said with a smile.

“You are all let go, what else can we do?”

Qin Feiyang two people looked simultaneously and couldn’t help but rolled the eyes.

“Not only did I let him go, but I also gave him the medicinal pill to turn on the Gate of Potential.”

White-Eyed Wolf bared his teeth.

Qin Feiyang’s face went dark.

The madman was also quite speechless, and asked: “What about the blood ancestor?”

“Blood Progenitor?”

White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly slightly, patted his head suddenly, annoyed: “Look at my memory, unexpectedly forgot this old scoundrel.”

“Well, I’ll take you.”

Qin Feiyang two people are powerless and sighed, this scoundrel is really unreliable.

The madman pondered a little and looked at Qin Feiyang and said: “Speaking of blood ancestors, the brat of Dragon Tianyu, is it the reincarnation of blood ancestors?”

“In Ancient World, didn’t I have read his memory? There is no blood ancestor information at all.”

Qin Feiyang shook his head.

“Then, when he was in danger, how did he explain the uncontrolled aura burst out?”

The madman frowned.

They have verified this matter.

Once Long Tianyu encounters a fatal crisis, a terrifying imposing manner will erupt within the body.

According to the original judgment of the Beastmaster, this imposing manner is exactly the same as the blood ancestor.

Qin Feiyang thought for a while and shook his head: “I’m afraid no one knows about this except the blood ancestor himself, but the dragon Tianyu, Li Feng, and the blood ancestor must have some kind of involvement. Wait slowly, anyway. With Dragon Tianyu by our side, the truth will come to light sooner or later.”

The madman and White-Eyed Wolf nodded.



A space-time transmission passage appeared in the sky. Qin Feiyang looked up and saw four silhouettes coming out. It was the Four Great Giants.

In the Temple of Heaven before, they left separately in order not to arouse the suspicion of the following discipline.

After all, they are all giants, so naturally they are not stupid.

Qin Feiyang, since they are in the dark summoning, let them come to Sea Lion Island, they must not let others know.

“Come in!”

Qin Feiyang said with a smile.

Four people simultaneously looked at the soundproof Array.

Qin Feiyang asked: “No one knows that you are coming to Sea Lion Island?”

Four people shook their heads.

“In fact, when we first came to North continent, we didn’t even know what we were going to do?”

“But now, I have a goal.”

“Four people, like the situation in the cloud world today, you should also see clearly!”

“Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan have appeared one after another, and they have shown a terrifying background, which is not what our Human Race can contend with. And let’s not hide it from you, the core area of ​​the other two restricted areas also hides the same mysterious race. “

Qin Feiyang Road.


Four people are shocked. There are also two other restricted areas?

“Human Race is now in a dangerous situation, any restricted area can destroy us.”

“So our Human Race, we should no longer be in a mess like before, we must unite and face the unknown risks together.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“You mean, let us acknowledge allegiance to you?”

The black clothed middle-aged frowned who heard the words, without a trace, asked.

Because now, the east continent, the west continent, and the south continent are all under the control of people like Qin Feiyang, so they are sent to the north continent.

The point is, they don’t want to get involved. Isn’t it good to be alone?

“It’s not an acknowledge allegiance, it’s an alliance.”

“Maybe you are doubting our motives.”

“It is false to join forces to contend against the major restricted areas. It is true to take the opportunity to unify the four continents.”

“But I can tell you responsibly, my ambition is Qin Feiyang not at all, and I am unwilling to do these troublesome things. I am purely out of consideration for human safety.”

Qin Feiyang laughed, full of sincerity in the language.

The four people were silent for a while, and the white clothed middle-aged man looked up towards Qin Feiyang and said: “The mouth is on you, so you can say what you want.”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Hurry up, we are still thankful?”

The madman raised his eyebrows.

“Everyone knows that Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan appeared because of you.”

“Especially Dragon Race, simply came to you.”

“You are now letting our four continents form an alliance and join forces to contend against the four restricted areas. If it were us, wouldn’t you doubt our intentions?”

The white clothed middle-aged said slowly, the words were very calm, and there was no offense, but in fact he was resistant to the alliance.

The madman and White-Eyed Wolf couldn’t help but a trace of anger rose on their faces when they heard this.

Qin Feiyang stopped them and looked at the white clothed middle-aged said with a smile: “Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan really came out of the restricted area because of us, but how much do you know about the major restricted areas? Maybe even not We, they will also come out of the restricted area sooner or later.”

“Actually, my purpose is very simple.”

“Human Race unite first, at least we will be able to deal with emergencies in the future.”

“Of course.”

“If the four forbidden areas really have no other purpose, they are simply directed at my people, this Qin, naturally is the best, because it won’t hurt others.”

“However, no one can predict how the situation will develop in the future, so it is the best policy to plan ahead and be prepared.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

He knew that it was difficult to convince these four people, but he was patient and could take his time.

The married woman in the palace costume pondered a little and asked: “You mean, if the four restricted areas are really for you, you will never hurt us?”

“Not bad.”

“This is why I asked you to come to Sea Lion Island in secret to discuss this matter.”

“Because I don’t want Dragon Race to know, you guys are too close to me.”

Qin Feiyang nodded.

“You can think about it, if we really want to drag you into the water, just scream in the temple, you have formed an alliance with us, then whether it is true or false, Dragon Race will believe it.”

“In this way, Dragon Race will let you go?”

“We are considering everything for you, so please give us a little trust.”

The madman followed.

The four people are silent, struggling on their faces.

White-Eyed Wolf raised his eyebrows and said with a sneer: “If one day, the four restricted areas really want to take action on Human Race, do you think that as the ruler of the northern continent, can your temple be alone? ?”

The four people’s eyes trembled.

“The best example is the Divine Palace in the South continent.”

“They also want to be alone, but Dragon Race takes the initiative to find them, what can they do? They can only acknowledge allegiance!”

“This is the fault of naive.”

“I have already said that, I might as well give you some insight.”

“On the surface, Demon Palace, Loose Cultivator Alliance, He Zhongtian, are all becoming hostile with us, but in fact they are all supporting us in the dark.”

“Why do they do this?”

“That is unconditional trust in us, knowing that we are not selfish people.”

Qin Feiyang indifferently said.

The four people lowered their heads, their brows tightened.

“In fact, what happened during this period, you are all in your eyes.”

“No matter how we fight with Dragon Race, we are not involved in Demon Palace and Loose Cultivator Alliance, so you should also be able to think of what kind of person I am.”


“If you are willing to form an alliance, I will not treat you badly.”

“Do you know why Fire Phoenix Great Princess is with me now? Know why Fire Phoenix Clan will lend me two ruler Divine Weapon?”

Qin Feiyang faintly smiled.

The four people looked at Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others suspiciously, and whispered: “Are they from the Fire Phoenix clan?”


Qin Feiyang nodded.

“Then why are they with you?”

The four people are suspicious.

“Because I have Pill Scripture in the first volume!”

Qin Feiyang paused, her eyes flickering with radiance.

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