Invincible War God Chapter 3594


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Qin Feiyang, lunatic, White-Eyed Wolf heard the words simultaneously looked, and it is not strange to inquire about the four restricted areas. After all, facing such restricted areas, no matter who is who is full of curiosity.


If you ask repeatedly, it seems a bit unusual.

Because one or two times is curious, but too many inquiries may be purposeful.

The most important thing is, where is the blood ancestor?

All these years have passed, the blood ancestor should have reshaped the Fleshy body and Divine Soul!


In the Hell of Hades, I thought that Li Shengsheng had returned to the Ancient World, but as a result, the blood ancestor took him straight to the sky and cloud realm.

First of all.

The blood ancestor has long known the existence of the Sky Cloud Realm.

To be clear, even the Guardian of Fire Python didn’t know Gods Vestige and 4th-Layer at first.


Here should be something the blood ancestor is plotting, otherwise, what did he come to do with Li Feng?

It can be said that the blood ancestor was a character from the previous period in Ancient World. What does it have to do with the Sky Cloud Realm?

Is it all misinformation?

Or, until now, what secrets are the blood ancestors hiding?

After pondering a little, Qin Feiyang looked towards Madman and White-Eyed Wolf, and asked: “Are you interested in going to the death glacier?”


The madman and White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly.

Four Great Giants and He Zhongtian simultaneously looked very speechless. Are you interested in going to the death glacier? What an arrogant tone.

Know it.

This is one of the four restricted areas in the Sky Cloud Realm.

Let’s not talk about the mysterious race hidden in the core area, just to talk about the danger of death glacier is enough to make people become terror-stricken at the news.

These guys are really bold.

Run wherever there is danger.

Qin Feiyang pondered for a moment, turning one’s head looking at the madman, in one’s eyes radiance flashing, and said: “I always think these four restricted areas have a lot to do with the two of us.”

“The two of us?”

The madman stared blankly quickly waved his hand and said: “Don’t count I, your father, if it is related, it is only related to you.”

“Do you really think so?”

“If it doesn’t matter with you, you will have that kind of inexplicable intimacy in the land of the evil demon?”

“If it doesn’t matter, can you absorb the power of the evil demon? And also let the Divine Force evolve into the power of the blood demon?”

Qin Feiyang raised two questions in a row, leaving the lunatic speechless.

When White-Eyed Wolf heard the words, turning one’s head looked at the madman, also looking thoughtful.

Qin Feiyang continued: “So the remaining two restricted areas, the death glacier and the burial place, we all need to take a look to see if there is anything we might find?”

“Go ahead!”

The madman is nodded.

“In fact, the most important thing is that I have an instinct.”

Qin Feiyang looked up towards the sky, his eyes flickering.

“What intuition?”

The madman looked at Qin Feiyang suspiciously.

Speaking of other people’s intuition, he didn’t believe it, but Qin Feiyang’s intuition has always been very good.

“What might the blood ancestor know?”

Qin Feiyang murmured.

“Brother Wolf, look, look, look…”

The madman heard the words and immediately stared at White-Eyed Wolf, annoyed: “It’s all good deed that you did, what do you do to let Li Feng go away?”

White-Eyed Wolf embarrased smiled.

Is it also emotional?

There must be more or less compassion.

The married woman in palace outfit looked at Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf, hesitated for a moment, and asked: “Can I ask you a question?”

“What’s the problem?”

Two people and a wolf doubts.

“Qin Feng…No, what is the holiday between Li Feng and you?”

As the words of the married woman in palace costumes fell, the black clothed middle-aged three people also looked at Qin Feiyang two people and White-Eyed Wolf in confusion.


Two people and a wolf are astonished.

Looking at their reaction, the four people became more confused as they watched.

“We haven’t had a holiday with him…”

Qin Feiyang pondered a little, shook his head and sighed: “Not only did we have no holidays, our relationship was very good before, and I had given him the medicinal pill that turned on the Gate of Potential many years ago.”


four people looked at each other in blank dismay.

Unexpectedly, open the medicinal pill of Gate of Potential for Li Feng?

Then the relationship between them is really extraordinary.

“The reason for killing him is because hate iron for not becoming steel.”

“Originally, I had great expectations for him. I wanted him to stay by my side. I can teach him cultivation and take care of him, but…”

Qin Feiyang sighed deeply and explained the general situation.

Hearing, the four people suddenly realized.

The married woman in the palace costume asked: “In other words, you don’t hate Li Feng, but you don’t want to watch him kill the innocent and go astray?”

“That’s right.”

“He was a very simple and kind-hearted youngster back then.”

“Since encountering the blood ancestor, the whole thing has become a Demon King.”

“Actually, what I really want to kill is not him, but the blood ancestor!”

Qin Feiyang Road.

Old Wang looked at Qin Feiyang, hoarse said with a smile: “Your pains and expectations for Li Feng, old man believes that Li Feng also knows in his heart, otherwise he will not always respect you so much.”

“Respect me?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly.

“That’s right.”

“In these years, in addition to inquiring about the four restricted areas, the most he has been inquiring about you.”

“Even in the Great Competition, he asked us one thing.”

Old Wang said.

“What’s the matter?”

Qin Feiyang is suspicious.

“He begged us to help you if necessary.”

“In the beginning, we didn’t understand why he did this? Although he is still very young, he has a mature and stable personality. He doesn’t show any traces and makes people unable to see through.”

“Until now, the old man finally understands that he has always cared about you.”

Old Wang said.

Qin Feiyang Weiwei stared blankly, frowns saying: “So this is the reason why you were communicating about the Great Competition at the beginning, did you embarrass us?”


“To be honest, the Blood Palace had already contacted us privately at that time.”

“They made very generous terms, and hope that our temple can join hands with them to deal with you.”

“If not for Li Feng’s pleading, maybe we were involved in this dispute at that time.”

Old Wang sighed.

Qin Feiyang heard the words and went silent.

“In fact, Li Feng did this to protect your temple.”

The madman suddenly smiled.

“Protect our temple?”

Four people stared blankly slightly.


“Because Li Feng knows us too well.”

“He was not optimistic about the Blood Palace at first.”

“If at that time, you really agreed to join forces with the Blood Palace, the Heaven Palace would definitely follow in the Blood Palace.”

The madman said.

Four people immediately couldn’t help the whole body getting chills after hearing this, and it was true when I thought about it carefully.

The madman glanced at the four people, and noticed that He Zhongtian beside him was also palpitating.

The madman said suspiciously: “Old He, what do you want to say?”


He Zhongtian returned back to his senses, expression looked at the lunatic in a panic.

The madman pondered a little, and said jokingly: “Don’t tell me, the Blood Palace also found you Divine Palace?”

“cough cough!”

He Zhongtian gave a dry cough, concealing the embarrassment between expressions.

“Sure enough.”

The madman is mumbled.

The married woman in the palace dress shook her head and said with a smile: “The situation at the time, the old man believed that apart from the Demon Palace, several other powers, such as the Loose Cultivator Alliance, Divine Palace, as well as my temple, and the blood palace were in contact Over.”

Hear it.

He Zhongtian gave a wry smile, nodded and said: “Yes, the Blood Palace did contact us at Divine Palace, and at that time, I also agreed to help the Blood Palace, but at the time, Divine Palace was not my sole decision. , Yun Zhongtian clearly opposed.”

“Why does Lao Yun oppose?”

The madman was shocked.

He Zhong Heavenly Dao: “Because Yun Zhongtian said, the Blood Palace is not a good person, so you can’t be a rape with them in a difficult situation, otherwise we will help them count the money if they are sold.”

The madman suddenly nodded, jokingly said: “In this way, the cloud still has a vision.”

He Zhongtian said with a smile: “Later, I saw you and the Blood Palace repeatedly confronted each other. Basically, the Blood Palace suffered a great loss. I am really fortunate that I did not believe in the slander of the Blood Palace.”

“The world is unpredictable. The appearance of Dragon Race has made you find confidence, so you will start to deal with us.”

The madman looked at him playfully.

He Zhongtian smiled awkwardly, nodded and said: “Yes.”

Look at Qin Feiyang again.

He scanned He Zhongtian and Tiandian Four Great Giants, and couldn’t help cold sweat flowing directly behind him.

Didn’t expect that Pei Tianhong was so ruthless at the time, not only colluding with the Loose Cultivator Alliance, but also instigating Divine Palace and Tiandian.

In this way, thanks to Li Feng and Yun Zhongtian.

Otherwise, facing the Blood Palace, Loose Cultivator Alliance, Temple of Heaven, Divine Palace, these four great superpowers, it is really to survive in the cracks, even with the help of Demon Palace, with their strength at the time, they could not easily deal with it.

Qin Feiyang glanced at Pei Dasen siblings, shook his head and said: “You father, really terrifying.”

The siblings also embarrased a smile.

“Go ahead!”

“You guys take a good look at Profound Martial World.”

Qin Feiyang let out a long sigh of relief, no matter what, the difficult time has passed, and now I have full power to deal with the greater crisis in the future.


Siblings are respectful and nodded.

Now that Gate of Potential is turned on, I respect Qin Feiyang’s attitude more than before.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand and took everyone away from Profound Martial World.

Although Profound Martial World has passed more than half a day, it was only a moment outside.

Watching Qin Feiyang and the others appear, Fire Phoenix Great Princess’s eyes are full of contempt.

Need to guess? Obviously, the Four People and He Zhongtian in the Temple of Heaven have all returned to Qin Feiyang.

This Dragon Race is also really pitiful.

Thinking to master the overall situation and planning strategies, as everyone knows, the people who flatter and fawn in front of them all day are already subordinates of Qin Feiyang.

“Go, everything is the same.”

Qin Feiyang looked at He Zhongtian five people, lightly said with a smile.


five people nodded.

After the five people left, Qin Feiyang turning one’s head looked towards Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others, apologetic said with a smile: “Sorry, I made you wait so long.”

“Do you still know?”

“What do you mean?”

“At any rate, we are also members of the Fire Phoenix family. Can you give us the most basic respect?”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess coldly snorted.


Qin Feiyang laughed.

White-Eyed Wolf’s gaze flashed slightly, looking at Qin Feiyang two people, said badly with a smile: “Little Qinzi, little madman, should we just kill the dragon’s nest now?”


Two people are astonished.

“Don’t you have eight ruler Divine Weapon now?”

“Plus the Death God sword, the whisk, and the Ancient Castle, it is not a problem at all to enter the dragon’s nest.”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at the lunatic, evilly smiled.

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