Invincible War God Chapter 3595


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The madman heard it but bewilderement, and quickly looked at White-Eyed Wolf and said: “Don’t talk about this…”

But before the words were finished, the Eight Divine Lights swept out of the lunatic within the body, and then broke the sky without looking back, disappearing under everyone’s sight.

It is the eight ruler Divine Weapon that the madman found.

“What’s the situation?”

White-Eyed Wolf and Qin Feiyang are staring blankly.

The madman darkened his face and stared at White-Eyed Wolf angrily, and said: “It’s okay, what bad ideas have you made all day?”

“Related to brother?”

White-Eyed Wolf is suspicious.


“If you didn’t say to kill the dragon’s nest, they have to go?”

The madman roared angrily.

“Brother didn’t know they were leaving when they heard this?”

White-Eyed Wolf is also feeling wronged.

Qin Feiyang looked at the lunatic suspiciously and asked, “Senior Brother, what’s going on?”

The madman glanced at Fire Phoenix Great Princess several people and sound transmission said: “When I borrowed these ruler Divine Weapon from the Eight Beast Sovereign, they had already told them to use it only for self-protection. If you want them Do something else, then let these ruler Divine Weapon immediately leave us.”

“Didn’t you say it earlier?”

White-Eyed Wolf exclaimed.

“I, your father, don’t you know, would you suddenly say these things?”

The madman is extremely angry.

White-Eyed Wolf coldly snorted and said: “This is your fault.”

“You say it again, whose fault?”

The madman shouted.

Looking at the two people who were quarreling endlessly, Qin Feiyang was quite speechless, then looked up towards the direction where the eight ruler Divine Weapon had left, and his eyes flashed.

It seems that the Eight Beast Sovereigns are not willing to engage in evil with Dragon Race.

How terrifying is the background of this Dragon Race? Even the Big Eight Beast Sovereign is so afraid.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess and the others looked at this scene with suspicious faces. What are these people doing?

“Stop, stop, what’s so noisy?”

“The eight Beast Sovereigns help us, and it is our duty not to help us. We can’t be too reluctant in everything.”

Qin Feiyang stopped the lunatic and White-Eyed Wolf and said: “Don’t delay business, hurry up and die the glacier.”

But having said that, the Big Eight Beast Sovereign unexpectedly was willing to lend them ruler Divine Weapon for self-protection, which is more than an ordinary friendship.

Although he often sends wine to the eight major Beast Sovereign, how could the other party care about Xiaohui?

Is it little bunny helping them in the dark?

Thinking about it is the only possibility, because only little bunny has such a big face.

It seems that this big brother is not in vain.

White-Eyed Wolf opens a space-time passage.

Just when Qin Feiyang was about to enter the passage of time and space, he suddenly stopped, pondered a little, and waved his hand: “Wait a minute first, the eight Beast Sovereign helped us so, so naturally I have to thank you.”

Qin Feiyang disappeared without a trace.


Qin Feiyang appeared again, holding two heaven and earth rings impressively in his hand, and handed them to White-Eyed Wolf said with a smile: “Help the Sea Lion King and Brother send them.”

When White-Eyed Wolf saw the contents of the two heaven and earth rings, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly and said silently: “So many divine wine, you are really an expert.”

“divine wine!”

Hearing this, Huo Zihui’s eyes lit up immediately.

“Go ahead!”

“Other things, they are not rare, only this can express our heart.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

White-Eyed Wolf nodded, turn on the transmission pass and leave.

Huo Zihui approached Qin Feiyang and said with a smile: “Big Brother Qin, do you really have divine wine?”


Qin Feiyang looked at Huo Zihui in astonishment. How could this expression be so similar to Yun Zhongyue?

Fire Phoenix Great Princess’s face turned black, and said angrily: “Huo Zihui, what do you want to do?”

“No no no.”

Huo Zihui waved his hand quickly, with a guilty conscience.


White-Eyed Wolf is back.

Huo Zihui walked up to White-Eyed Wolf calmly, and secretly said with a smile: “Wolf…Brother Wolf, are there any more, give me the whole point!”

“Is there anything else?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at him suspiciously.

“You are not to ask a question, when already knows the answer!”

Huo Zihui rolled his eyes, immediately revealing a pitiful look.

“Sorry, brother really doesn’t understand.”

White-Eyed Wolf waved his paw, opened a space-time passage, and ran in without looking back.

Huo Zihui was about to chase in, but when he felt the fiercely expression of Fire Phoenix Great Princess, immediately swallowed and returned to the Great Princess, cursing White-Eyed Wolf in his heart.

Didn’t you just say a few words of disdain at first? It is necessary to hold such grudges.


Three days later!

At noon!

Three invisible consciousnesses swept out of the core area of ​​the land of the underworld, glacier forest, and the land of heavy domains, cutting through the sky, and descending over the center of the sea of ​​sky clouds.

And in the center of the Sea of ​​Sky Clouds, that is Sky Cloud Island!


little bunny immediately skimmed out of the mountains, twisted a wine jar in his hand, stood at the mountain summit, scanned that three Divine Sense, a flash of cold light in his eyes.

The three consciousnesses gathered in the sky above Tianyun Island and gradually transformed into three hazy silhouettes.

not able to see clearly true appearance, nor can it distinguish between men and women, let alone the slightest aura.


At this moment, not only the little bunny, but the eight Beast Sovereign masters of the Sea of ​​Heavenly Clouds stepped out of the Cave Mansion, looking at Tianyun Island, with a trace of grave expression in their eyes.


mountain summit!

little bunny twisted the wine jar, raised her head and gu lu lu finished it in one sip, then threw it away, with a slap, the wine jar fell to pieces.

The person standing on the east side of Tianyun Island, opened the mouth and said: “It seems that our arrival seems to make you very uncomfortable.”

This is the voice of a man!

“Don’t talk about nonsense!”

Little bunny raises an eyebrow.


“true body is not to mince words.”

“When Qin Feiyang came to the Sky Cloud Realm, you found us, let us not kill him before he breaks through to the Great Perfection ruler realm.”

“We did what we said, no matter how their younger generation made troubles over the years, we did not intervene.”

“But what about you?”

“This time unexpectedly let the Eight Beast Sovereigns give them eight ruler Divine Weapons. Does your approach violate our original agreement?”

The man from the east spoke, with a tone of indifference that despised the world.

Little bunny heard the words, turning one’s head looked towards the other two people, indifferently said: “If you two want to say anything, say it all at once!”

But the other two people were silent.

Little bunny waited for a while, seeing that the two people hadn’t spoken, they looked towards the man in the east, and roared out in a terrifying imposing manner, their eyes sharp as blades.

“What do you mean?”

The people from the east said solemnly.

“Lord Rabbit asks you this, what do you mean?”

“You are not sure about the power of rule Divine Weapon, but you Dragon Race, unexpectedly give the Prince and Princess below, one rule Divine Weapon for each person.”


“With your ruler Divine Weapon, bullying people?”

little bunny sneered.

Humanity in the east: “This is just for their self-protection.”

Little bunny nodded, glanced at the other two people, with a meaningful smile in his eyes, looked at the Dragon King and said: “But now you have to ask them if they agree.”

The Dragon King looked towards the other two people.


“You little bastard, it’s really a day gone by, everything is in your plot against.”

A person from the west said with a laugh.

This is a woman’s voice, very gentle, but with a hint of helplessness towards little bunny.

little bunny coldly snorted and said: “Smelly woman, don’t talk about little bastard all day long, depending on your age, you have to call the Rabbit Master Old Ancestor.”

The woman seemed a little speechless, she looked up at Dragon King, indifferently said: “Sorry, Phoenix Clan and Qin Feiyang have made an agreement, within 1000 years, they will not take action.”


“Why did you make such an agreement with Qin Feiyang?”

The Dragon King heard that he was immediately furious.

The woman lightly said with a smile: “This is my Phoenix Clan business. I don’t need to report it to the Dragon King Sir in advance!”

The Dragon King clenched his hands and looked towards the other person.

“True body has also made an agreement with people, within 1000 years, they will not take action against Feiyang.”

This is an old man’s voice, although hoarse, but sonorous and powerful, with a natural pressure.

“All agreed?”

“What are you doing?”

“It seems that Qin Feiyang, I have never been to your death glacier!”

The Dragon King looked at the old man and said anger.

The old man said: “He has never been, and true body is not an agreement with him.”

“It was not agreed with him?”

Long Wang Weiwei stared blankly, suspiciously: “Then who did you agree with? Is this scoundrel of love wine as one’s life?”


“Who are you scolding?”

“Who scoundrel?”

“You kind of say it again, Lord Rabbit immediately kills the dragon’s nest and razes your nest to the ground!”

little bunny immediately glared at the Dragon King.

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