Invincible War God Chapter 3671


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golden Battle Sword said with a sneer: “Last night, your two accomplices, overestimate one’s capabilities, ran and said to subdue us and let us serve them, but we were beaten away, but we didn’t expect unexpectedly not giving up yet.”

“Insignificant two humans, two Divine Dragons, unexpectedly also delusional to our ruler Divine Weapon acknowledge allegiance, really overestimate one’s capabilities!”

silver Battle Sword is also a disdainful smile.

Qin Feiyang and Li Feng simultaneously looked, it really was a trap.

They looked towards the direction in which Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch flee, the two people have long disappeared.


They dare to determine.

The two people must have not left, and they must be hiding somewhere in the vicinity now, waiting for them to fight against the two ruler Divine Weapon, and finally both sides suffer and come out to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits .

Qin Feiyang retracted his gaze, looked at the two ruler Divine Weapon, and said: “Two people, please believe me, we are really not a group with them.”


But what responded to Qin Feiyang was two sharp sword lights.

Qin Feiyang swung the sword of Death God and shattered two sword lights, annoyed: “Don’t be used by them!”



“Are you really stupid as a true body?”

“Say more.”

“Even if you are not accomplices, as long as you are Outsiders, you should kill!”

Golden Battle Sword gave a sneer, and immediately recovered in full, killing Qin Feiyang.


“Beware of the sneak attacks of Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch!”

Qin Feiyang in the dark warned Li Feng, and he resolutely killed the golden Battle Sword.

Because it is already inevitable.


ruler Divine Weapon If you are determined to kill you, then it is really difficult for you to get out.


Two ruler Divine Weapon, he didn’t really care.

He is most worried about Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch.

These two people lurking in the dark are equivalent to two time bombs, which makes people really uneasy.

Li Feng suddenly retreated like lightning.

At this moment.

Of course he can’t stay.

After all, this is the battle of ruler Divine Weapon, and his stay will only become a burden for Qin Feiyang.

However, at the same time, ten human skeletons jié jié smiled and killed Li Feng one after another.


The Death God Sword and the Golden Battle Sword collide together, an imposing manner that destroys Exterminating Heaven and Earth, sweeping all directions like a tide.

silver Battle Sword will follow suit.

Faced with the combined bombardment of the two ruler Divine Weapon, Qin Feiyang and Death God were immediately bombed out.


“You have a ruler Divine Weapon at such a young age. I believe you have an extraordinary status in the outside world!”


“This is Tianzhong God’s Storehouse. Anyone who comes here can’t escape death!”

The two rulers Divine Weapon laughed endlessly, divine might drown all directions.


“If you are so good, the last time God’s Storehouse was opened, why did so many people leave God’s Storehouse alive?”

Qin Feiyang sneered.

Emperor Yu and little bunny are the ones who went back alive.

With a loud bang, Ancient Castle appeared, and together with the sword of Death God, killed the two ruler Divine Weapon.


“Unexpectedly there is a ruler Divine Weapon?”

The two Battle Swords were quite surprised.

Qin Feiyang also decisively left the battle and swept towards Li Feng.

Because if the ten human skeletons all possess a kind of supreme Profound Truth, then with Li Feng’s method, it is impossible to beat them.

distant place!

Li Feng and the ten human skeletons have already been fighting.

At first.

Ten human-shaped skeletons, not at all, showed extraordinary strength, which made Li Feng think that their strength was average.


When he thought victory was in his hands, the ten human skeletons all had a kind of supreme Profound Truth in an instant.

Although none of the strongest laws is the highest Profound Truth, the top ten common and highest Profound Truths are enough to break him.

After all.

He only controls the Profound Truth of Slaughter Law.

Seeing the ten supreme Profound Truth kill, his life is at stake. At this time, Qin Feiyang is like Divine Weapon, falling in front of Li Feng, the law of destruction, the Profound Truth, is activated, and Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood are crushed. go with.

hong long!

The top ten Profound Truths have collapsed.

“The strongest law is really different!”

Li Feng looked at this scene and couldn’t help but feel excited.

Ten human-shaped skeletons, there is a fearful mood swing.

Qin Feiyang is preparing to kill.

But next moment.

A fatal crisis emerged.

He thought it was Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch in the dark take action, but when he saw it turning one’s head, he realized that it was a human-shaped skeleton again.

I saw a human-shaped skeleton, like a ghost, killed from behind.

And the weird thing is.

The skeleton on this human-shaped skeleton is unexpectedly golden, and the soul of the undead in the eye sockets is like a golden flame.

“Big Brother Qin, be careful!”

Li Feng exclaimed.

He was originally behind Qin Feiyang and saw the golden humanoid skeleton killing him. Without the slightest hesitation, he turned and turned on Slaughter Law to kill the golden humanoid skeleton.


The golden human-shaped skeleton is sneaked, and a rush of death aura rolls out.

Follow closely.

A dark red waning moon rises, exploded towards Slaughter Law.

With a loud bang, Li Feng’s Slaughter Law, the highest Profound Truth, was shattered at high altitude, without any resistance.

“Death Law Supreme Profound Truth!”

Li Feng’s eyes trembled.

Unexpectedly, the supreme Profound Truth that holds the strongest law, are these really just skeletons?

waning moon smashed the sky and killed Li Feng.

In Li Feng’s heart, an inextricable death crisis immediately emerged.


But at this time.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, the god of destruction horizontally above, one fist patted the waning moon.

With a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the two supreme Profound Truths collapsed at the same time.

“It’s okay!”

Qin Feiyang stepped down beside Li Feng and asked.

“It’s okay.”

Li Feng shook his head.

Fortunately, I met Big Brother Qin when I came here. Otherwise, with his strength, God’s Storehouse simply can only die.

Originally, he thought that when the breakthrough reaches the Great Perfection ruler, nothing else, self-preservation should be fine.

But in fact, if you want to self-preservation in God’s Storehouse at Tianzhong, you must at least master one of the strongest laws, the highest Profound Truth.

The skeleton that holds the supreme Profound Truth…

Just a few days after I arrived, I encountered two ruler Divine Weapon…

This place is beyond imagination.

The golden humanoid skeleton looked towards Qin Feiyang two people, looking towards those ten blood-colored humanoid skeletons, said with a malicious smile: “Absorbing their blood should allow one of you to evolve and kill them!”



Hearing this, ten scarlet skeletons seemed to have been beaten in blood, and the supreme Profound Truth opened.

The golden skeleton is also the supreme Profound Truth to open Death Law again.

Eleven Dao High Profound Truth, from all directions, head towards Qin Feiyang and Li Feng.

“Kill me, no problem, but want to kill Big Brother Qin? It’s just a dream!”

Li Feng sneered.

Even the super supreme powerhouses in the major restricted areas are only fleeing at the mere sight of in front of Big Brother Qin, let alone insignificant skeletons.

“Courage is commendable.”

Qin Feiyang faintly smiled.

The two supreme Profound Truths, the Law of Causality and the Law of Destruction, were born.

The law of destruction is the highest Profound Truth, killing the golden skeleton.

The ten golden lotuses transformed by the Profound Truth of the law of cause and effect, respectively, killed the ten scarlet skeletons.

hong long!

Along with one after another loud noise, the Profound Truth of the highest altitudes is constantly shattering, devastating aura sweeping across all directions.


“The law of cause and effect is the highest Profound Truth!”

The golden skeleton changed color, and quickly dropped ten scarlet skeletons and turned and fled.

Seeing Qin Feiyang true strength, ten scarlet skeletons also want to escape, but their strength is not allowed. Ten golden lotus shattered their supreme Profound Truth and directly exploded towards their body.


With the scream of one after another, ten scarlet skeletons shattered on the spot.

When Li Feng saw this, he rushed up immediately excitedly, and the bloody hands at the center of his brows appeared, quickly engulfing their undead souls.

Qin Feiyang ignored it, stepped on time and space steps, and chased after the golden humanoid skeleton.

“Big Brother Qin, none of these skeletons seem to have Divine Art.”

Li Feng reminded.

“Without Divine Art, do you still want to escape?”

Qin Feiyang stared at the golden skeleton with a strong murderous intention in his eyes.

If there is auxiliary Divine Art, or Time Law’s supreme Profound Truth, it will be difficult to catch up with the opponent even if he does everything.

But without these methods, there is no need to worry.

The space-time step is the Supreme level auxiliary Divine Art, and after little bunny improvement, it has exceeded all auxiliary Divine Art.

It can be said.

Time and Space Step is the most powerful auxiliary Divine Art in the world today.

In just a few blinks, Qin Feiyang caught up with the golden skeleton and lay ahead.

The golden skeleton is full of hostility, one fist exploded towards Qin Feiyang, Qin Feiyang did not retreat, and the same fist blasted away.

hong long!

The two fists met suddenly.

The power of the two people is completely equal.

“Sure enough.”

Qin Feiyang mumbled.

Death Law and the Law of Destruction were activated at the same time, and with a loud noise like the sky, the golden skeleton smashed into the void on the spot.

Li Feng also ran over, swallowing the undead soul of the golden skeleton.

“Why not make a move?”

“How good is the opportunity now?”

Not a distant place.

On a hill.

Black Dragon patriarch hid behind a huge boulder, looked at the White Dragon patriarch next to him puzzledly, sound transmission asked.

The Ancient Castle and the Death God sword are both entangled by the two ruler Divine Weapon. At this time, Qin Feiyang is undoubtedly the best time to start.


White Dragon patriarch stared blankly, sarcastically said: “I think you are getting more confused as you get older.”

“What do you mean?”

The cold light flashes in the eyes of Black Dragon patriarch.

“Experience for yourself.”

White Dragon patriarch coldly snorted, looking at Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, his eyes flickering.

Black Dragon patriarch frowns, bowed his head in silence.

“Do not understand?”


“Think about it.”

“If we take action at this time, doesn’t it mean we take the initiative to admit to the two ruler Divine Weapon that we and Qin Feiyang are not in the same group?”

“At that time they may join forces to deal with us.”

“Besides, don’t forget, apart from the Death God Sword and Ancient Castle, Qin Feiyang they also have four ruler Divine Weapon.”

White Dragon patriarch sighed.

Because at that time, people in the major restricted areas entered the Tianzhong God’s Storehouse first, so no one saw Qin Feiyang giving the whisk, the Blood Dragon blade, and the ruler Divine Weapon of Demon Palace and Tiandian to the lunatic, White -Eyed Wolf, Yun Ziyang two people, thought they were still with Qin Feiyang.

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