Invincible War God Chapter 3673


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White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch are still thinking about their dreams coming true, but they don’t know that a cooperation for them has been achieved.

After all, getting rid of Qin Feiyang will be a fame and fortune for them.

First of all.

Qin Feiyang’s destiny is so good. Not only does it have a good background, but it also has backers such as Yuhuang and little bunny, which poses too much threat to them.


The Profound Martial World mastered by Qin Feiyang is an independent world.

For an independent world, who does not desire?

Before entering Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, the Dragon King repeatedly confessed to them that if there is an opportunity to get rid of Qin Feiyang, the ruler Divine Weapon like Ancient Castle can be eliminated, but the Profound Martial World must be grabbed.

Because Profound Martial World has a fatal temptation for any race, and it is a heaven-sent sanctuary.

As long as Profound Martial World is there, they can be protected from generation to generation and never decline.


hong long!

The battle of the four ruler Divine Weapon has become more intense.

The last three days and three nights of the previous protracted battle seemed to them just a warm-up before the war.

The terrifying divine might destroy everything around all!

Half a day passed.

The auras of the four ruler Divine Weapon are slowly getting weaker.

This is deliberately creating an illusion for White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch that both of them have been seriously injured and are gradually weakening.

Because the battle of the four ruler Divine Weapon spreads too wide, they can’t watch the battle up close.

Currently where they are, it is impossible to see the real situation of Qin Feiyang, Li Feng, and the four ruler Divine Weapon.

Of course.

If they turn on the White Dragon sword and the Black Dragon mirror, it will naturally be a different story.

With the protection of the White Dragon sword and the Black Dragon mirror, let alone watching the battle up close, it doesn’t matter even if they stand in the center of the battlefield.


They are worried about revealing their whereabouts, so they dare not let the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror appear.

This resulted in that no matter how Qin Feiyang, Li Feng, and the four ruler Divine Weapon acted, they could not see it with their own eyes, and could only judge by the strength of the battle fluctuations.


Neither would they think that now is a fake scene against them.

After all, it has been a great battle for several days.

And judging from the intensity of the battle, it is the rhythm of putting the opponent to death.

“The last collision, listen to my plan…”

Qin Feiyang glanced at the direction of the White Dragon patriarch two people, pupils radiance flashed, and told everyone in the dark.


The four ruler Divine Weapon broke out an imposing manner of destroying heaven and extinguishing earth.

“It seems that they have already done the final battle.”


“Our plan will succeed!”

White Dragon patriarch tightly clenched both hands, scanning the battlefield that has already turned into chaos, his eyes full of excitement and anticipation.

The same goes for Black Dragon patriarch.

After waiting so many days, I finally waited until this moment.

hong long!

It didn’t take long.

Two shocking collisions sounded in the center of the battlefield.

Follow closely.

Whether it was Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, or the aura of the four ruler Divine Weapon, including Ancient Castle, they all quickly depressed and became extremely weak.


“Did you see, both sides suffer.”

“As the saying goes, mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, we two oriole are the biggest winners!”

White Dragon patriarch laughed heartily, White Dragon sword dang out from him within the body even though he no longer concealed it.

The Black Dragon mirror also appears from the Black Dragon patriarch within the body.

The two ruler Divine Weapon released divine might to protect the two people and rushed to the center of the battlefield in a flash.

When they entered the center of the battlefield, they saw Qin Feiyang and Li Feng lying on a piece of broken ground, covered in black and white, blood flow as noted, and Qi Sea was also destroyed.


Ancient Castle, the sword of Death God, golden Battle Sword, silver Battle Sword, but nowhere to be seen.

“What’s the matter?”

Two people frowned.

But soon.

They locked the four ruler Divine Weapon’s aura.

The aura of Ancient Castle and Death God’s sword came out from the underground in a remote place to the east, and they were obviously submerged in mud.

The aura of the golden Battle Sword and the silver Battle Sword came from a broken mountain in a remote place to the west, and was also buried in the ground by mud and broken stone.

And the aura of the four ruler Divine Weapon, are already extremely weak.

You don’t need to look at it to know that they must have been fatally hit.

“You haven’t left?”

Look at Qin Feiyang and Li Feng again.

Looking at the appearance of two people, his face changed drastically.

“Don’t understand yet?”

“This is a trap we deliberately arranged for you.”

White Dragon patriarch laughed.


Qin Feiyang frowned.

“That’s right.”

“I have to admit, our luck is really good.”

“Tianzhong God’s Storehouse is obviously a random transmission mechanism, but in the end we were unexpectedly transmitted together. Do you think this is God’s favor?”

“And the 2nd day it appeared, we met two ruler Divine Weapon right here.”

White Dragon patriarch becomes more proud.

“Although we are lucky, we have no choice but to face two ruler Divine Weapon.”

“After all, we only have two ruler Divine Weapon.”

“The strength of ruler Divine Weapon does not need to be said by this Eminence, you also know that with the same amount of ruler Divine Weapon, there is no way to beat the opponent.”

“So, after a little bit of competition with them, we will discreet away and prepare to wait for other companions to be found before we come to surrender them.”

“I didn’t expect, I will meet you unexpectedly.”

“So we have a plan to bring you here, let you fight with them first, and after you both sides suffer, we will come out to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.”

Black Dragon patriarch said with a laugh.

The plan is perfect and successful.

Now is the moment when they close the net.

“Actually, your appearance is a very unexpected, of course it is also a very big surprise.”

“Originally, our purpose was to surrender the two ruler Divine Weapon here, but now, we can also get rid of your evil incidentally.”

“It can be said to be kill two birds with one stone.”

“Not right.”

“It should be said that there are three birds with one stone.”

“Because we can still get your Profound Martial World and Pill Scripture Volume 1.”

White Dragon patriarch’s unbridled laugh became more and more triumphant.

“Do you know that Pill Scripture is in my hands?”

Qin Feiyang raises his eyebrows.

“Of course.”

“Long Zun, Long Chen, and Long Xiaoqing have been in our Dragon Race for many years. It’s hard to know if we don’t know!”

Black Dragon patriarch sneered.

“This is true.”

Qin Feiyang nodded, a smile suddenly appeared on his face, looked at the two people and said: “So what are you going to do with us now?”

“Do you still need to ask this question?”

“You will not be stupid to think that we will still give you a chance now to let you have a way out?”

Two people sneered.


Qin Feiyang shook his head and sighed, who is stupid, who is already trapped in a circle, still being content? Immediately said: “You two, have you heard it, it’s time for you to perform.”


I heard Qin Feiyang’s words, White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch stared blankly.


What do you mean?


Keng clang!!

next moment.

With the four loud noises, the four horrible imposing manners broke out.

Follow closely.

Ancient Castle, the sword of Death God, golden Battle Sword, silver Battle Sword, burst out from the ground like lightning, surrounding the White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch.


Two people looked at the four ruler Divine Weapon, their faces filled with disbelief.

Because of the four major ruler Divine Weapon’s bodies, although there are many scars, for ruler Divine Weapon, it will not be affected at all.

The previous weak state is gone!



Li Feng got up and laughed.

“What’s the matter?”

The two people glared at Qin Feiyang.

“Actually, I have seen through your plan early in the morning, and I know that you must be hiding in the dark, and will come out and close the net after we both sides suffer.”

“So I beat somebody at their own game, in the dark, persuaded them to cooperate with us in this scene.”

“However, in order to increase the authenticity, apart from Qi Sea smash, Li Feng and I are both real.”

Qin Feiyang faintly smiled, take out two Life Divine Pills and take them separately with Li Feng.

In other words.

Their Qi Sea is not at all broken, but the injury on the body is real.

White Dragon patriarch two people hearing this, his eyes sank immediately.

“Do you know where your biggest mistake is?”

“It’s not because of your stupidity, but because you are too proud, too confident, so confident that you don’t want to find them first, check the injuries of Ancient Castle.”

Qin Feiyang shook his head.

Really didn’t expect, these two people would be so cheating.

If you cover up with mud and broken stone, and change the aura at random, you really think that the four ruler Divine Weapon have been hit hard.


Two people roared.

Inwardly, incomparably ashamed.

I thought everything was under control, but as everyone knew it, he had already fallen into the other party’s trap.

“Unexpectedly dare to use us, you really act recklessly!”

Golden Battle Sword angry roar, now carrying the edge of “Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth”, to kill the White Dragon patriarch two people.

“You go!”

The White Dragon sword and the Black Dragon mirror saw that the situation was far from good, and jointly blasted the golden Battle Sword away from the encirclement.



“Now it’s our turn to close the internet.”

“Ancient Castle, you help them hold the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror, Death God sword, let me kill them!”

Qin Feiyang coldly snorted.

Ancient Castle immediately join the battlefield and kill the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror.

silver Battle Sword, as well as the golden Battle Sword that was blasted open, are also a double play to the two ruler Divine Weapon.

Actually, for the White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch, there is no need for the help of the Death God sword.


White Dragon patriarch masters the Supreme Profound Truth of Time Law. Neither he nor Li Feng can catch up with the speed, so he needs the sword of Death God to help intercept.

Sure enough!

Being sent out of the encirclement by the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror, White Dragon patriarch immediately opened for an instant, and fleeing wildly with Black Dragon patriarch.

If they stay now, it will drag the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror.

The opposite.

As long as they can escape first, the White Dragon Sword and Black Dragon Mirror will have no worries, and maybe they will find a chance to escape.



In front of ruler Divine Weapon for an instant, it is not invincible.

ruler Divine Weapon is not only strong, but also faster than all living creatures. Unless you have the ultimate Profound Truth, you are not qualified to fight with them.

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