Invincible War God Chapter 3674


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Away from the battlefield of Ancient Castle and other five ruler Divine Weapon, the sword of Death God decisively took action, bringing Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, and instantly lay in front of the two people.

The scary sword qi, immediately like a tide, heads for two people hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“Divine Dragon Domain!”

The two people are all dead, and have started the super forbidden technique.

The power of one after another Divine Dragon emerged. Condense is an Array of several ten zhang, shining with divine brilliance, and there is a dragon shadow roaring on it.

“This is the super forbidden technique of Dragon Race?”

Qin Feiyang looks at Array.

From aura’s point of view, it is indeed stronger than those Golden Dragon domains and Fire Dragon domains I have seen before.

But the insignificant super forbidden technique, even he has the ability to crack, let alone ruler Divine Weapon, everything is just a futile struggle.


The sword qi enveloped away.

The so-called super forbidden technique, like dead wood, is impossible to withstand a single blow, directly crushed.


At a critical moment, two people resume their bodies.

A ten thousand zhang White Dragon and a ten thousand zhang Black Dragon were born, covered with scales of the size of a millstone, as hard as steel.

But in the sword qi of Death God’s sword, there is still no resistance.

Several pieces of dragon scales continue to shatter, and dragon’s blood dyes the sky red.


Two pieces of Supreme level heaven defying armor appeared on their bodies, but they still didn’t have any ability to resist, they were instantly shattered and scrapped.

This is the strength of ruler Divine Weapon.

Crush everything!



With a scream, the body of the ten thousand zhang of two people was chopped off by sword qi, broken into dozens of pieces, blood reflected in all directions, Qi Sea was also shattered, dying one breath lying in a pool of blood, eyes Full of despair.


Li Feng’s heart trembled.

Even the super supreme powerhouse does not have the slightest strength to confront. Ruler Divine Weapon is indeed invincible.

“Leave the rest to you.”

After the sword of Death God hit White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch hard, he left a word and prepared to go to support Ancient Castle.

But right now.

distant place A golden silhouette, breaking the sky like lightning.

“Big Brother?”

“Help us!”

Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch looked up, immediately expressing boundless happiness.

“Golden Dragon patriarch!”

At the same time.

Qin Feiyang eyebrow raised, looked towards the sword of Death God, said solemnly: “He has the Golden Dragon Spear, it seems you can’t support Ancient Castle.”

Don’t expect anyhow, Golden Dragon patriarch came out halfway.

Really enemies on a narrow road.

I met the Three Great Clans of Dragon Race in one face.

“That’s not at the worst.”

“Gold Dragon Spear will be handed over to true body, Golden Dragon patriarch will be solved by you, there is certainty!”

The sword dao of Death God.

“Of course.”

Qin Feiyang nodded.


“do it quickly.”

Said the sword of Death God, immediately kill the Golden Dragon patriarch.


At the same moment.

Hearing the call for help from Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch, Golden Dragon patriarch expression stared blankly slightly.


He sensed the battle aura between the White Dragon sword and the Black Dragon mirror, and he looked for it here to find out.

Can didn’t expect.

Unexpectedly will see this scene!

As the two major patriarchs of Dragon Race, are they unexpectedly wasteful?

Looking at the swords of Qin Feiyang and Death God again, his face sank immediately.

It turned out to be this little bastard!

“Golden Dragon Spear!”

With the Golden Dragon patriarch’s suddenly shouted, and with a loud noise, the Golden Dragon Spear was born, carrying ten thousand zhang divine light, and slew the sword of Death God.

“You don’t want our battle, let them spread to them!”

The sword of Death God sneered, and drew towards the distant place.

Gold Dragon Spear hesitated for a while, then chased the Death God sword.


If they are fighting here, it is not only Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, but the Golden Dragon patriarch three people will also be affected by the fighting.

At that time.

Before they can decide the victory or defeat, their masters have all died.

“Qin Feiyang, you really are soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.”

Golden Dragon patriarch flew over Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch like lightning, staring at Qin Feiyang glowy.

“I should say this!”

Qin Feiyang speaks.

Black Dragon patriarch exclaimed: “Big Brother, leave me alone and help us.”

Golden Dragon patriarch ranks the boss.

So the other nine patriarchs all call him his brother.

Of course.

This is also because there is now a request for Golden Dragon patriarch. Otherwise, who will care about the selfishness of the Dragon Race races?


Li Feng looked at the two people disdainfully and said: “How do you want him to save you? Even if he gives you ten dragon shaped pill qi medicinal pills, it will take time to repair. Waiting for you to repair Qi Sea and the injury. The battle is over!”


“A smell of mother’s milk not yet dried wild brat, dare to laugh at us grandiosely?”

Two people laughed.

The corner of Golden Dragon patriarch’s mouth is also taunted.


next moment.

A majestic life force emerged, flooding the Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch like a tide.

“This is…Life Law!”

Li Feng was dumbfounded.

Didn’t expect this Golden Dragon patriarch, who also masters Life Law.

And based on his status and strength in Dragon Race, you don’t need to judge to know that Life Law must have reached the highest Profound Truth level.

He has personally experienced the healing ability of Life Law.

I don’t know how many times stronger than medicinal pill.

It can be said.

In this world, no medicinal pill can be compared with Life Law.

“White Dragon patriarch cannot be allowed to repair the injury, otherwise no one of us will be able to keep it for an instant.”

“Open your Slaughter Law Supreme Profound Truth!”

Qin Feiyang’s gaze also sank slightly, without any reservation, 3,000 Incarnations opened directly.

The most important thing is.

There was no Golden Dragon Spear before, and the ruler Divine Weapon battle of Ancient Castle was a two-on-four situation.

In such a situation, as long as Golden Battle Sword and Silver Battle Sword can work hard, coupled with Ancient Castle and Death God swords, there is a great certainty that can leave White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror.

But now, Jin Dragon Spear is killed, and that is a three-to-four situation.

There is only one difference of ruler Divine Weapon, then there is no way to achieve absolute crushing, naturally it is difficult to leave the White Dragon sword and Black Dragon mirror.


In any case, stay with these three people.

As long as these three people remain, it is equivalent to leaving the three ruler Divine Weapons of the Black Dragon mirror. As long as these three ruler Divine Weapons are left, they will win a four-on-three situation.

Of course, the swords of Ancient Castle and Death God will be full power.

So now, just look at Golden Battle Sword and Silver Battle Sword, will you work hard?

If at this time, Golden Battle Sword and Silver Battle Sword suddenly withdraw from the battlefield, then the stable win situation will be reversed in an instant, but they will fall into a passive position.

At present, there are also many uncertain factors.

For example.

There are other Dragon Races nearby?

Or Phoenix Clan?

Or from Qilin Race?

No matter what race it is, any appearance here is very bad news for him.

Of course.

It may also be his person.

For example, the White-Eyed Wolf, the lunatic, or the big Beast Sovereign in the Sea of ​​Clouds, and the black clothed middle-aged and the others in the God Burial Land.

Once these people appear, it is naturally good deed for him.

But now.

These are just uncertain factors, so he has to rely on himself.



It’s too late, it’s fast then.

3,000 Incarnations appeared, and the Supreme Profound Truth of the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Destruction was opened right now.

3,000 Incarnations is the Profound Truth of 6,000 Incarnations. How great and amazing it is!

Even though Golden Dragon patriarch controls Life Law, he can’t help but feel guilty.

Because this is no longer a one-on-one battle, but a one-on-three battle.

Three thousand incarnations are equivalent to three thousand Qin Feiyang.

Although he controls the six Profound Truths, there is only one person. It is a situation of crushing!


3,000 Incarnations shook the sky.

The Profound Truth of Six Thousand High, carrying the divine might of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, shattered the sky over a hundred million miles, and killed it towards the Golden Dragon patriarch.

“Damn it!”

Golden Dragon patriarch scolded, without the slightest hesitation, opening the super forbidden technique, the domain of Divine Dragon.

hong long!

Six thousand Profound Truth was killed, the Divine Dragon domain persisted for less than half a breath, and it was shattered on the spot.

Super forbidden technique is not invincible, it also has the limit of endurance.

Faced with the super forbidden technique of Three Great Races, others could do nothing, but in front of Qin Feiyang’s 3,000 Incarnations, it was impossible to withstand a single blow.

After all, now, Qin Feiyang has also stepped into the Great Perfection ruler.

The gap on the cultivation base no longer exists.

When changing to the previous Perfection ruler, even if there are 3,000 Incarnations, it is impossible to break the super forbidden technique.

As the realm of Divine Dragon shattered, it was not only Golden Dragon patriarch, but the White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch of Qi Sea that had almost been repaired, and they were instantly overwhelmed by 6,000 Profound Truth.

Wow! !

The screams sounded on the spot.

Qin Feiyang once again saw the power of Life Law, even though it was six thousand Profound Truth, he couldn’t kill three people immediately.

Li Feng is even more stupefied.

Although he already knows a lot about Grand Laws, Life Law is indeed the first time he has seen it with his own eyes.

This healing ability is definitely the strongest in the world, there is no one!


“Hold on.”

“There are two Old Ancestors in the vicinity.”

“I’ll be here later.”

Golden Dragon patriarch’s eyes flashed with radiance, and suddenly looked at White Dragon patriarch and Black Dragon patriarch, shouted.


“Old Ancestor?”

Qin Feiyang heard this, his eyes slightly trembled, and ten strange faces of Dragon Race emerged involuntarily in his mind.

At that time, Fire Qilin and Tan Wu said that the strange faces in the three restricted areas are Old Antique, which has been in seclusion.

Perhaps each one holds the ultimate Profound Truth.

Although it will not be the ultimate Profound Truth of the strongest law.

This is a good judgment.

Because little bunny has long said that supreme existence, which holds the strongest law, the ultimate Profound Truth, restricts access to God’s Storehouse.


The people who come in this time, no matter which strength they are, will not have someone who has mastered the strongest law and ultimate Profound Truth.

But even if it is the ultimate Profound Truth of Ordinary Law, it is easy to kill him and Li Feng in seconds.

even more how or two Old Ancestors!

If they really master the ultimate Profound Truth, wouldn’t they wait ill rather than well?


At the same time.

Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch are also surprised.


“As early as yesterday, I met them.”

Golden Dragon patriarch nodded.

This is great news for the Black Dragon patriarch and White Dragon patriarch two people.

Li Feng sound transmission asked: “Big Brother Qin, is he scaring us?”


Qin Feiyang Weiwei stared blankly, with a flash of radiance in her eyes, looking at Golden Dragon patriarch said with a sneer: “Since you met yesterday, why didn’t they come together?”


“Why don’t they come together?”

Black Dragon patriarch two people also looked suspiciously at Golden Dragon patriarch.

“Think I was scaring you?”


“Really ridiculous!”

Golden Dragon patriarch looked towards Qin Feiyang and Li Feng snered, and said, “They didn’t come together, because we were outside before, and we also sensed the fluctuations in the battle, so we split up to check.”

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