Invincible War God Chapter 3676


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Faced with the questions raised by the two Battle Swords, Qin Feiyang really couldn’t answer.

Because he couldn’t think of anything that could enter the magic eye of the ruler magic weapon.

In the past, surrendering to Whisk and Blood Dragon blade forced them to take blood oaths.

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The conditions are not allowed.

The first is strength.

He can’t open Killing Domain, one less method that can threaten the ruler’s magic weapon.

Blood Dragon blades, whisks, and the ruler soldiers of Demon Palace and Tiandian are also in the hands of lunatics, White-Eyed Wolf, and Yunziyang several people.

If it is a madman, White-Eyed Wolf, Yun Ziyang, and the mask Asura have already come to converge, but it is very easy to handle, directly use strong means.

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He has two rulers, the sword of Death God and Ancient Castle.

The second is the condition.

Black Dragon Mirror and Golden Dragon Spear are next to glare like a tiger watching his prey, obviously not wanting him to do so.


Can you surrender the White Dragon sword now…


It should be said that whether there is a chance to surrender the White Dragon sword now depends entirely on the wishes of the two Battle Swords.


This is not the thing that worries you the most.

What he worries most is that if these two Battle Swords turn to each other and join forces with the three rulers of the White Dragon sword to deal with them, the situation will be precarious!

After all, it will be a five-on-two situation.

Five-to-two, Ancient Castle and Death God’s sword have to self-preservation while taking care of him and Li Feng. They can’t handle it at all.

“You mean, how do you want to buy us?”

“Our appetite is not so big. If we can’t satisfy us, I’m afraid you will also follow the Dragon Race three people.”

The meaning of threat of golden Battle Sword and silver Battle Sword has not been concealed.

Qin Feiyang clenched both hands.

Don’t listen to good words, right? You have to force me to become hostile, right?


at worst I compromise now.

After meeting with everyone, I will come to you to settle the accounts slowly!

Qin Feiyang made a decisive decision and sounded transmission to the sword of Death God and Ancient Castle: “Ready to withdraw!”

Despite the unwillingness of my heart, it must be done for everyone’s safety.

He may not care about his own life, and he may not care about Li Feng, but he must not care about the sword of Ancient Castle and Death God.

Especially Ancient Castle.

I have been helping him all these years, saying nothing will make it happen.


two people ruler in the dark answered.

In fact, they also have the idea of ​​a temporary retreat. The situation is too passive now, but out of consideration for Qin Feiyang, they did not propose it.

Because they all know Qin Feiyang too well.

After spending so much effort, but in the end nothing was achieved, it must be sad.

This is the truth.

While Qin Feiyang considers them, they are also considering Qin Feiyang’s feelings.

Only the White Dragon sword was fighting with the swords of Ancient Castle and Death God, so the swords of Ancient Castle and Death God were naturally easy to move away.


The two rulers shook off the White Dragon sword, and instantly rushed to Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, and then took the two people away without looking back.


This sudden scene not only shocked the White Dragon sword, Black Dragon mirror, and Golden Dragon Spear, but even the two Battle Swords were unexpected.

Waiting to return back to his senses, the White Dragon sword immediately rushed to meet the Black Dragon mirror and the Golden Dragon Spear.

“Want to go?”

Golden Battle Sword and Silver Battle Sword are returning back to his senses, seeming to fly into a rage out of humiliation, and immediately chase Qin Feiyang and the others.

“What shall we do?”

Black Dragon asked in the mirror.

Gold Dragon Spear pondered a little, said solemnly: “This may be a good opportunity, go and have a look.”


The three ruler soldiers also chased up like lightning.

Li Feng turned one’s head and found that the five ruler soldiers, unexpectedly one after the other, chased him, his face was immediately full of surprise, and said: “They will not join forces again?”

“These two uncertain factors are really troublesome.”

Qin Feiyang is extremely angry.

If you replace it with the Blood Dragon blade and whisk, White Dragon sword, Black Dragon mirror, and Golden Dragon Spear, these three ruler soldiers will definitely not escape his palm.

This account, find them settling accounts sooner or later!


After one hour.

The five ruler soldiers at the rear are still in hot pursuit.

It’s also a ruler magic weapon, with similar speed.

The sword of Ancient Castle and Death God cannot get rid of the five ruler soldiers behind.

The five ruler magic soldiers can’t catch up with them.

But this is not a way to keep chasing.

After all, God’s Storehouse is still looking for other crises on this day.

If by any chance you encounter Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Qilin Race, then they will be impossible to escape.

“Even if you meet people, I hope to meet our allies!”

The sword of Death God sighed.

The opponent has to keep chasing like this, and they can’t help it.

Because if you stop now, you may face the danger of the five rulers joining forces.

A blink of an eye, another day passed.

On the way.

People who have not encountered Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Qilin Race, nor have they encountered the sea of ​​heavenly clouds, the Beast Sovereign and the beasts in the land of the gods, have survived this day without any risk.

As for humanoid skeletons and Vicious Beast skeletons, there are quite a few encounters.


In the face of ruler gods, they are not qualified to intervene at all, and they can’t even get close to Qin Feiyang and the others.


In the evening.

The sky is getting dark.

The Tianzhong God’s Storehouse gradually plunged into a deep darkness.


When the sword of Ancient Castle and Death God took the Qin Feiyang two people and fled to the sky over a lake, a strong anxiety immediately rose in my heart.

But this kind of anxiety, they couldn’t determine where it came from.

The lake is as large as hundreds of thousands, like a vast ocean.

The lake water is strangely dark green.

The lake all around is a majestic mountain as far as the eye can see, but it is no different from other places, it looks extremely dilapidated and desolate.


“Unexpectedly escaped here, don’t you bring about one’s own destruction?”


Golden Battle Sword and silver Battle Sword laughed.


Hearing this, not only Qin Feiyang and Li Feng, Ancient Castle, Death God Sword, White Dragon Sword and other three ruler gods could not help being surprised.

“old devil, help us stop the two humans in front of you!”

Golden Battle Sword shouted.


In the middle of the lake below, there were waves immediately, and a dark green light and shadow rushed out of the lake, horizontally in front of Qin Feiyang and the others.

one after another divine might ,hiding the sky and covering the earth rush towards Qin Feiyang and the others.


Qin Feiyang pupil shrinks.

Another ruler soldier!

Are these rulers failing to rule God’s Storehouse?

That is one square tripod!

The whole body is dark green and can be palm-sized. There is a skull that resembles an evil spirit on all sides, exuding a terrifying cold air.


“It seems that God’s Storehouse is already open.”

The green tripod made a hoarse sound, and immediately saw it in the wind, but it instantly became one thousand zhang giant cauldron, exuding a fearful might of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

“Kill the past!”

The sword of Death God roars.


The swords of Ancient Castle and Death God burst out overflowing heaven might, full power exploded towards the green tripod.

With a loud bang, the green tripod was successfully blasted out, but at the same time, the swords of Ancient Castle and Death God also paused for a while!

At this moment of pause, the five rulers, Golden Battle Sword, Silver-haired Battle Sword, White Dragon Sword, Black Dragon Mirror, and Golden Dragon Spear, caught up and stabilized Qin Feiyang and the others.

“Looking at this posture, do you really want to join forces?”

Li Feng scanned the five ruler soldiers, his face pale.

Now with the green tripod, there are six rulers!

How to fight this?

Just finish playing.


“Go on!”

“See where you can go?”

golden Battle Sword jié jié said with a smile.

Qin Feiyang’s eyes sank slightly, these two ruler magic weapons are really annoying.

But suddenly.

Halo flashed in his mind.

The two Battle Swords don’t know him, but the three rulers, the White Dragon sword, know him well.

Rather than trying to persuade the two Battle Swords, it is better to persuade the White Dragon sword, the Black Dragon mirror, and the Golden Dragon Spear with reason and emotion.

As long as you can persuade these three rulers, then you can turn defeat into victory.

Qin Feiyang sound transmission said: “White Dragon sword, Black Dragon mirror, Golden Dragon Spear, can you listen to me, not equal to me, join forces, suppress them first.”


“Now that there is no way to the sky, no way to enter the earth, so start asking us for help?”

“Did you still want to surrender us yesterday?”

White Dragon sword sneered.

The shame of being fooled by Qin Feiyang in the land of the evil demon, it has never been forgotten.

“Actually, there is no need for you to hate me like this.”

“Because my enemy is Dragon Race, not you, we can be friends who rely on each other, and comrades fighting side by side.”

“What kind of person is Qin Feiyang, they don’t know, but don’t you know yet?”

“For my friends, for my comrades, I can protect them at all costs, look at the Blood Dragon blade, look at the whisk, how well we get along now?”

“I respect them, and they respect me.”

“What about Dragon Race?”

“What can they give you?”

“I can’t give anything, but I only know to ask you for it.”

“Because you are ruler soldiers with invincible battle strength, all they want is to show your value.”

“Once you lose value, you will inevitably become the cannon fodder in their hands. In other words, they are just using you and have no affection for you.”

“Just like the Blood Dragon Blade.”

“At the time in the sea of ​​sky clouds, the Dragon King asked me to hand over the Blood Dragon Blade, and I found out that the Dragon King had already had a murderous intent on the Blood Dragon Blade.”

“But I am different.”

“I sincerely respect you.”

“It is precisely because of this that I risked offending the Dragon King at that time, full power to protect the Blood Dragon Blade.”

Qin Feiyang sighed.

The three rulers went silent.

Seeing this, Qin Feiyang strikes while the iron is hot, and continues to persuade in the dark: “If you choose me now, I promise you will never regret your choice today. I will use actual actions to prove my sincerity to you And determination.”

“Besides, you also know that I have an independent world.”

“Tell the truth.”

“In the future, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Qilin Race may not be better than me.”

“We humans have always circulated an ancient saying, a talented person chooses a patron of integrity.”

“Think about it, between me and Dragon Race, who is the good wood you need most?”

Qin Feiyang earnest and well-meant advised, with full confidence in his words.

For him, surpassing Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Qilin Race, it is just a matter of time.

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