Invincible War God Chapter 3681


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“Fortunately I am shivered.”

Li Feng grinned and explained: “Previously, I met a human-shaped skeleton here and I was about to take him down, but Bing Ruoning suddenly came out.”

“I know that Bing Ruoning is the daughter of Ice Phoenix patriarch, she must have a ruler magic weapon on her body, so when I saw her appear, I acted decisively and immediately looked for an opportunity to turn on the puppet true body.”

“That means.”

“What she killed before was just one of my puppet true body.”

Li Feng explained.

“Puppet true body?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly.


Li Feng nodded.

With a wave of his hand, a piece of blood poured out.

Following that blood, under Qin Feiyang’s surprised eyes, he quickly condensed into a bloody clothed youth.

This bloody clothed youth is exactly the same as Li Feng.

“This is my puppet true body.”

“The true body of the puppet is condensed from my own blood, not only has my consciousness, but also has all my means.”

“It is equal to the other me.”

Li Feng said with a smile.

“It turned out to be like this.”

Qin Feiyang suddenly realized that he was finally relaxed.

“Big Brother Qin, thank you.”

Li Fengdao.

Qin Feiyang was stunned, and said suspiciously: “Thank me for what?”

“Thank you, you still care about me so much.”

Li Feng laughed.

He witnessed Qin Feiyang’s abnormally angry expression before.

Suffice it to say.

His weight in Big Brother Qin’s heart has not changed.

Qin Feiyang heard this and couldn’t help but roll his eyes, then looked towards the true body of the puppet next to him, said curiously: “It seems similar to 3,000 Incarnations?”


“But the number is far behind.”

“Puppet true body, I can only summon three at most, which is definitely not as good as 3,000 Incarnations.”

Li Feng held his head and said with a smile.

Qin Feiyang nodded, said with a smile: “Three puppets true body, plus your true body, same realm, you are already enough to dominate.”

“same realm dominates?”

Li Feng hearing this wry smile.

Now, he is not in the Great Accomplishment ruler state, not even in the Perfection ruler state, but in the Great Perfection ruler state.

Great Perfection ruler this realm contains too many things.

There are Ordinary Law and the strongest law.

There are also the Supreme Profound Truth of Ordinary Law and the Supreme Profound Truth of the strongest law.

More Ordinary Law’s ultimate Profound Truth, and the strongest law’s Supreme Profound Truth.

The difference between strength and weakness is not a little bit.


Dare to threaten to rule the roost in this realm, only the existence of Dragon King and Feather Emperor.


Being so praised by Qin Feiyang, he is still very happy.

Qin Feiyang asked suddenly: “Will this puppet true body be crushed, will it affect you?”

“No impact.”

“After all, it is blood condense, which means that some blood is lost.”

Li Feng shook his head.

“Not bad.”

Qin Feiyang slightly smiled, turned and looked towards the direction Bing Ruoning left.


sorry, let you down.

This woman must be quickly removed, otherwise it will cause no end of trouble!

Li Feng also looked up and looked away, with one strand of blood light in his eyes, and said: “Big Brother Qin, the strength of this ice is stronger than when he fought Fire Phoenix Great Princess on Baihe Island last time. Less, you can’t be careless.”

“Do you also know about Baihe Island?”

Qin Feiyang is surprised.


“The Palace Lord told me.”

Li Feng nodded.

“You fought Bing Ruoning before, how do you feel about her current strength?”

Qin Feiyang asked.

“First is the cultivation base, she has reached the Great Perfection ruler.”

“Secondly, she has realized the Supreme Profound Truth of the Law of Ice.”

“The most important thing is that she carries the ruler magic weapon with her.”

Li Feng seemed a little unconvinced.

Because if Bing Ruoning had no ruler, he would not be afraid.

“That’s it?”

Qin Feiyang Road.


Li Feng stared blankly, nodded with a wry smile.

That’s it?

This is too hurtful!

However, this man is indeed qualified to say this.

“Compared to these, I want to know, why is she here? When did she appear here?”

Qin Feiyang pupils radiance flashes.

“Do you mean…”

“Maybe she saw us surrender the three rulers of the White Dragon sword?”

Li Feng was surprised.


“For these years, you have been in the north continent, and you have been hiding behind in the temple. Even if we find you, you have been hiding in the death glacier, so no one knows the relationship between you and me.”

“But how did she know?”

“Waiting for me here specifically?”

“As you can imagine, she knew I was in the vicinity.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“It is also possible that she sensed the fluctuations in the battle between Ancient Castle and the sword of Death God, so she judged that you are here?”

Li Fengdao.


“I guess, after persuading White Dragon to sword them, Bing Ruoning had already spotted us and kept staring at us in the dark.”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes flickered.

Li Feng asked suspiciously: “Why do you say that after we convinced White Dragon to sword them?”

“It’s easy.”

“If Bing Ruoning had already appeared before convinced White Dragon to sword them, then she would definitely not let go of this good opportunity to unite with White Dragon swords and them to kill me.”

Qin Feiyang said with a smile.


Li Feng nodded.

Based on Bing Ruoning’s resentment towards Qin Feiyang, seeing Qin Feiyang being chased by several ruler soldiers, 100% would choose to take action without the slightest hesitation.

“This woman, she must stop her mouth!”

“Otherwise, the White Dragon swords will not be able to continue lurking in Dragon Race.”

“Besides, she should have died!”

Qin Feiyang saw the murderous intention surge in his eyes, looked towards the sword of Death God, and asked: “Can I still chase it?”

The sword dao of Death God: “The aura of the Ice Phoenix sword will be left behind and can be chased.”


“Catch up!”

Qin Feiyang speaks.

Since he came to provoke him, then naturally don’t blame him for vicious and merciless.


The sword of Death God immediately took Qin Feiyang two people and two Battle Swords, piercing the sky like an electric light, and swept in the direction Bing Ruoning left.

Li Feng looked at the two Battle Swords for a moment, then suddenly came to Qin Feiyang’s ear and whispered: “Big Brother Qin, there are them, isn’t it easy to track Bing Ruoning?”


Qin Feiyang Weiwei stared blankly, turning one’s head looked towards two Battle Swords, and soon understood what Li Feng meant.

The lair of these two rulers, the valley, is only one day away from here, so they must be equally familiar with everything in this area.

Including humanoid skeletons and ruler soldiers in this area.

As long as they help, there must be a way to stop Bing Ruoning.

“What are we doing?”

Seeing Qin Feiyang’s expression, the two Battle Swords couldn’t help but panic.

Qin Feiyang asked: “You should have a way to stop Bing Ruo Ning!”

“It turned out to be asking us for something.”

“Of course.”

“We are all familiar with this large area. Stopping her will be like playing around.”

The two Divine Swords smiled proudly.


“Help me stop her.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“We are ruler soldiers, can we be compared to a dead spirit?”

“I really don’t believe that there is any Heavenly Tribulation in this world that can obliterate our ruler.”

Golden sun Divine Sword is still a little unwilling.

“Don’t challenge my patience.”

“There are more than one ruler soldiers destroyed in my hands!”

Qin Feiyang stared at the two Divine Swords, one strand of vicious glint flashed in his eyes.

Hearing this, the two Divine Swords trembled again. Unexpectedly, they also destroyed the ruler soldiers?

It is undeniable.

This human brat does have this ability, after all, he carries two rulers with him.

But why is he willing?

It’s too late for other humans to flatter themselves when they see the ruler.

It seems to be a fierce person.


“Please discreet it!”

“Don’t look at him being polite and amiable, he seems to be playing with you, but if you really irritate him, the consequences are beyond your imagination.”

The sword of Death God in the dark sound transmission.

The two Divine Sword hearing this, pondered a little, and said: “Okay, we will help you.”

The sword of Death God could not help but relaxed secretly.

It really worried that these two guys were too arrogant, and finally angered Qin Feiyang completely and destroyed them directly.


Destroying the two ruler gods at once, the sword of Death God can’t help but feel distressed.

At the same time.

The vicious glint in Qin Feiyang’s eyes finally dissipated and was replaced by a smile.

“In this area, apart from the old devil and us, there are two ruler soldiers. We can notify them and help intercept them.”

“And a ruler soldier, right in front of it.”

“If Bing Ruoning didn’t know in advance, she would definitely pass there.”

Golden sun Divine Sword said.

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