Invincible War God Chapter 3684


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didn’t expect.

Really didn’t expect.

The other half of Eye of Despair, unexpectedly on Bing Ruo Ning.

Eye of Despair, Qin Feiyang is naturally no stranger.

When he fought with Demon Ancestor, he fell into the Eye of Despair.

The kind of despair that comes from in the depth of one’s soul, continuously, cannot be erased. It can be said that no one can bear it.

At that time.

If the obsession in his heart is not too strong, even he can’t come out of despair.

But it’s different now.

Stepping into the ruler state, Essence, Qi and Spirit are sublimated, the mind is tenacious, and they are immune to such negative emotions.

All in all.

These Battle Souls are all the same as the Eye of God, once they step into the ruler state, they are not very meaningful.

But if!

The fusion of the two Eye of Despairs is a different story.

But now, Bing Ruoning’s Eye of Despair is only half of it. Even if it can bring some negative emotions to Li Feng, the impact will be small.


Bing Ruoning knew this in his heart.

The current Eye of Despair, basically impossible, really made Li Feng fall.

What she needed to do this was the moment when Li Feng was distracted!

Because of this level of combat, a little being distracted can allow the opponent to seize the opportunity to kill with one blow!

She needs this timing!

So, at the moment when she turned on Eye of Despair, she went without the slightest hesitation take action, each Grand Law Profound Truth, super forbidden technique, and all her brains went to Li Feng.

But she obviously looked down on Li Feng.


In terms of killing, Li Feng is far more than Qin Feiyang.

There are countless living creatures that died in his hands!

Because of these killings, his character has become ruthless and cold, and his heart is as hard as a rock.


In these killings, both his combat experience and his battle awareness are far superior to others.

This kind of despair really affects Li Feng.


Almost at the same time Bing Ruoning took action, Li Feng also took action strongly.

“How could this be?”

Bing Ruoning’s expression stayed again, unexpectedly not affected at all?

“The desperate aura…”

“If you guessed correctly, it should be one of the legendary ten strongest Battle Souls, Eye of Despair!”

“However, you are too looking down on me!”

“Can this negative emotion affect my mind?”

Li Feng sneered.

The ten strongest Battle Soul, who doesn’t know? So Li Feng soon thought of Eye of Despair.


As Li Feng’s voice landed, Taboo Technique and Profound Truth suddenly met!

This time.

Li Feng still has the upper hand.

Also, Li Feng realized that the battle had been dragging on for too long, and now turned on the true body of the puppet.

As soon as the three puppet true bodies appeared, the Profound Truth and Taboo Technique were directly activated, and the terrifying imposing manner made Bing Ruoning feel desperate.

What’s the matter?

This person unexpectedly also holds 3,000 Incarnations!

“Not 3,000 Incarnations, but enough to kill you!”

Li Feng smiled grimly.

Three puppet true bodies, plus his true body, are equal to four Li Fengs.

Don’t say Profound Truth, even the four super forbidden techniques are not comparable to Bing Ruoning.

Although the domain of the gods and phoenix also has the strongest defense, facing the four super forbidden techniques, it is still Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood.

Sure enough!

With a loud noise from ka-cha, the realm of the gods and phoenix was shattered.

The four super forbidden techniques and the law of Profound Truth, immediately like a torrent, are condensed towards the ice.

“Ice Phoenix sword, you go quickly!”

Bing Ruoning’s desperate angry roar, within the body, rushed out a devastating imposing manner, loathing and said: “Qin Feiyang, one day, sooner or later, you will fall into my hands. Then I must let You taste better die than living, and you, Li Feng!”


As the voice fell, Bing Ruo Ning’s fleshy body immediately exploded void, a devastating wave sweeping across all directions.


Qin Feiyang raises his eyebrows.


At this time.

The Ice Phoenix sword took the opportunity to break the sky like lightning and leave.

“Where do you want to go?”

The sword of Death God suddenly crossed in front of the sword of Ice Phoenix.

When Bing Ruoning let the Ice Phoenix sword escape, it was already dispatched.

Ice Phoenix Sword Heart sank, then turned and fled to the other side.


Ancient Castle also appeared at this time, blocking the path of the Ice Phoenix sword.

At the same time.

Golden sun Divine Sword and Yinyue Divine Sword also appeared one after another, erasing the fluctuation of Bingruoning Self-destruction.

Although their bodies have been severely damaged and have not been repaired, with their strength, it is not a problem to erase the fluctuations of Self-destruction.

“You guys go help too.”

Qin Feiyang points to the Ice Phoenix sword and looks at the two great masters.

“You are not mistaken!”

“Both of our brother were beaten like this by you, how can we help?”

Golden sun Divine Sword immediately howled ghostly.

“Will it help Ancient Castle and the sword of Death God?”

Qin Feiyang rubbed his forehead.


“We have been seriously injured, and let us take action. It simply doesn’t have humanity.”

The two Divine Swords were coldly snorted and flew over reluctantly, blocking the other two directions.

“What’s the situation?”

“Let us help intercept, unexpectedly for that human youth?”

Not a distant place.

Ancient Pagoda and Chijin Big Clock watched this scene, and they couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

They originally thought that the two Divine Swords asked them to help intercept, it should be because Bing Ruoning and Ice Phoenix Sword offended the two Divine Swords, so the two Divine Swords wanted to retaliate against them.

But didn’t expect, it was actually for a human.

Looking at the attitude of the two major Divine Swords, do you seem to be a little afraid of this human youth?


Qin Feiyang let out a long breath as the Ice Phoenix sword was stopped.

“Big Brother Qin, how am I?”

Li Feng flew to Qin Feiyang’s side and looked at Qin Feiyang eagerly, as if a child longed for Sir’s praise.


Qin Feiyang nodded, looking at Li Feng’s face at once, he smiled, and said: “But don’t be complacent, your strength is at best you can battle with someone like Bing Ruoning.”

“I know.”

Li Feng nodded.

Anyway, just get the approval of this big brother.

“It’s a pity that this ice is freezing.”

“Didn’t expect she also left Divine Soul outside.”

“I wanted to capture her alive, then bring it back and give it to Demon Ancestor.”

Qin Feiyang shook his head regretfully.

“Demon Ancestor?”

Li Feng stared blankly slightly, suspiciously: “Why give it to Demon Ancestor?”

“Because Demon Ancestor also opened Eye of Despair.”

“No more.”

“I’m still alive anyway, when I return to the Sky Cloud Realm, I will find her again!”

Qin Feiyang shook the head.

In these few conversations, Qin Feiyang did not sound transmission, and was immediately surprised by Ice Phoenix Sword.

No way!

The other person who started Eye of Despair, unexpectedly is also the person next to Qin Feiyang?

It can already predict how dangerous the ice-free situation will be in the future.

Because whether it is Qin Feiyang or the so-called Demon Ancestor, they will definitely grab Eye of Despair with full power.


Walking to the side of Ancient Castle, Qin Feiyang looked towards Ice Phoenix sword, said with a smile: “Let’s talk?”

“Want to make true body acknowledge allegiance?”

Ice Phoenix asked with a sword.


Qin Feiyang slightly smiled.


Ice Phoenix Sword flatly refused.

“So simply?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly slightly, gave a wry smile, and said: “But you never thought, is someone like Bing Ruoning really worth your life?”

The Ice Phoenix sword went silent.

Crimson Golden Bell is coldly snorted, disdainfully said: “True body is to be fair, the human woman just now does not have the qualifications, let us ruler magic soldiers to serve her.”

“How to say?”

golden sun Divine Sword is curious.

Qin Feiyang and Li Feng also looked suspiciously at Chijin Big Clock.

“You don’t know, at that time, she had an attitude towards this ruler magic soldier, and the true body looked like she wanted to beat her.”

“This ruler soldier has been protecting her, but she unexpectedly jumped out, why are you so useless?”

“If you want to change to a true body, if you dare to speak like this, you will have killed her directly.”

The Chijin Big Clock said contempt.


“Others protect you like this, and don’t say how to repay, but at least in my heart, I should know how to be grateful!”

“Human, as expected, they are all selfish things.”

Ancient Pagoda followed.

“That’s it!”

Qin Feiyang, Li Feng, the four rulers suddenly realized.

“cough cough!”

Qin Feiyang gave a dry cough and looked towards the two rulers, said with a smile: “Two Seniors, Junior admires your true temperament, but you can’t talk nonsense. She is a human, she is clearly just one Ice Phoenix.”

The two great soldiers were stunned.


“It makes no difference.”

“It’s over, scram now.”

The two rulers snorted and left without looking back.

“Human Race and Phoenix Clan are still different.”

Qin Feiyang cried weakly.

Bing Ruoning is the fault of this woman, and even their human reputation has been corrupted.

Li Feng looked towards golden sun Divine Sword and Yinyue Divine Sword, thief asked: “You two scoundrels, don’t you want to drag them into the water? Why don’t you see action?”

“Who scoundrel?”

“You say it again!”

The two Divine Swords immediately exude a dangerous aura.


Li Feng laughed dryly.

“Youngster needs to know respecting the old and cherishing the young, understand?”

Golden sun Divine Sword reprimanded, groaning a little, Evilly smiled and said: “This matter is not in a hurry, I will harm them then.”

“It really wasn’t a good bird.”

Li Feng in the dark sighed.

Ancient Pagoda and Chijin Dazhong would be furious if they knew what this guy was thinking!

Qin Feiyang glanced at the golden sun Divine Sword, pupils flashed a touch of radiance, if it could really turn the Ancient Pagoda and the Chijin Big Bell, it would be a great good deed.

But now.

Let’s convince Ice Phoenix the sword first.

Qin Feiyang looked towards Ice Phoenix sword, and sighed: “I really didn’t expect Bing Ruoning to be like you. Unexpectedly this kind of attitude. It seems to be unbridled and domineering.”

Ice Phoenix Jianhao ruthless said: “You don’t have to intentionally stimulate the true body.”

“I didn’t stimulate you, I just felt worthless for you.”

“Looking back to the sky and clouds world, we fought several times, how many times did you save her? That’s how she repayed you?”

“You are a dignified ruler, no one in this world can Deprivation your freedom, and no one is qualified to trample on your dignity.”

“You can choose another way.”

“I guess you have seen it with your own eyes. Dragon Race’s White Dragon sword, Golden Dragon Spear, and Black Dragon mirror have all chosen to be with me.”

“I dare not promise anything else, but at least I dare to promise that I have always respected you ruler soldiers.”

Qin Feiyang said sincerely.

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