Invincible War God Chapter 3773


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The top of a tall and majestic giant peak is located in a huge building.

This is an ancient palace.

High hundred zhang, whole body blood red, filled with terrifying baleful qi.

This place is darker than other places, and the void is also filled with one strand of blood mist, like a hell of the underworld.

The most critical.

All directions in all directions, neither the undead nor the ruler dare to approach this place for half a step, as if this is a forbidden area that must not be set foot!

At the moment.

The gate of ancient palace is closed.

In the closed hall, a child in blood was sitting cross-legged.

This child looks 7-8 years old. He is wearing a blood-red long dress and his hair is blood-red. The whole person seems to have just been soaked in blood.

He closed his eyes, seeming to be meditating, and seeming to fall into a deep sleep, looking very peaceful, but there is a thick baleful qi between his brows!

“There is news from the ruler of the gods.”


A voice rang in the void of the main hall.

The blood-clothed child moved his eyelids, but no eyes opened, and asked, “What news?”

“They found the blood ancestor.”

The sound rang again.

“Blood Progenitor!”

The blood-clothed child finally eyes opened, revealing two crimson pupils, as if there were two seas of blood surging inside the pupil.


He got up again, took a step, appeared outside the ancient palace, looked at the ancient palace in front of him and said: “Lead the way.”

The blood-colored ancient palace located at the mountain summit, when even soaring into the sky, with the blood-clothed children, turned into a blood light, breaking the sky like a lightning.

Wherever they went, whether it was a skeleton or the undead of a condense fleshy body, they knelt down and bowed.


Three more days passed.

Another vast mountain and river!

Here, the all year round is shrouded in flames, the earth is red, and the lava is billowing like a hot great stove.

This is Flame Mountain Range!


The entire group skimmed over the edge of the mountain range, looking at the Flame Mountain Range.

“This is it.”

A cold and arrogant woman spoke.

It is Qiao Xue.

The madman sensed for a moment, and chuckled said: “I didn’t notice the aura of Law of Fire. Looking at this place is purely a volcano, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Where is Zhiyang thunder-fire?”

Qin Feiyang turning one’s head looked towards Qiao Xue, asked.

“The volcanic crater in the center of the mountain range.”

Qiao Xue said.


Qin Feiyang waved his hand, and the entire group entered the sky above the mountain range and went straight to the center.

In a short while.

They saw the volcanic crater.

The volcanic crater is about hundreds zhang left and right, and slices of crimson lava are rolling out continuously from inside.


Qiao Xue looked at volcanic crater, frowns.


Qin Feiyang and the others are suspicious.

Qiao Xue glanced at the volcanic crater and said: “When I came here before, I could sense the aura of the sun-thunder-fire from far away. Why can’t I sense anything now?”

Qin Feiyang and the others stared blankly, Divine Sense immediately rolled out, pouring in all directions in all directions.


A group of people can’t help being frowned.

In this mountain range, and the end of the mountain range, apart from flame and lava, there is no thunder-fire at all.

“It seems to have been taken away by other undead.”

Li rebirth turning one’s head looked towards Qin Feiyang, shaking his head regretfully.

“Come all the way, and the result is go on an errand for nothing, really bad luck.”

Yun Ziyang was quite upset.

“It’s a very common thing, it’s not annoying.”

Qin Feiyang smiled faintly.

Although Qiao Xue and Li rebirth have no interest in Zhiyang thunder-fire, they do not mean other undead, nor are they interested.

Such as black robe old man.

Isn’t there a thunder-fire sealed in the heaven and earth ring?

The madman turning one’s head looked towards Li rebirth and Qiao Xue, and asked: “You seem to have said that there is an undead in the valley nearby? Could he take it away?”

“It is possible.”

“I will take you there.”

“However, it’s best to put Aura away so as not to startle him and slip away in advance.”

Qiao Xuedao.

Everyone was hearing this, converging to aura, and then followed Qiao Xue towards the outside of the mountain range.

About half a day.

They came silently to a barren mountain.

Looking around, the entire barren mountain is filled with a layer of miasma, and the vegetation is decayed, like a Death Forbidden Area.

“He hasn’t left yet.”

Qiao Xue glanced at the miasma in the barren mountain, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Why do you see it?”

Qin Feiyang several people are puzzled.

“Because this miasma is one of his methods.”

Qiao Xue smiled.


Qin Feiyang and the others are more puzzled.

Can the miasma be used as a means of attack?

“Don’t underestimate these miasma.”

“This is actually extremely posionous.”

“Because this person is an old poison.”

“A hair and a drop of sweat are extremely posionous.”

Qiao Xue explained.

“So exaggerated?”

Qin Feiyang was surprised.

“Not exaggerated at all.”

“He likes all kinds of extremely posionous things most, and he likes to feed on these extremely posionous things. To him, nothing in the world is more tempting than poison.”

“All in all.”

“The more poisonous things, the more interested he is.”

“It may be related to his physique, or it may be due to other reasons. He is not afraid of any poisons. Even those extremely posionous that kill us in an instant are like delicacies in his eyes.”

“And these miasma are the poison qi naturally emitted from his body.”

Qiao Xuedao.

“I will go.”

“It’s really an old poison.”

The madman is secretly speechless.

“So be careful later.”

“To be honest, I don’t want to provoke him at all.”

“The last time we saw him, we had a few conversations face-to-face, and the result was almost poison qi. If I hadn’t used Law Power to expel poison qi in time, I’m afraid it would have happened.”

Qiao Xue’s face is extremely solemn.

“Can even the powerhouse in ruler state be poisoned?”

Qin Feiyang and the others are shocked.


Qiao Xue nodded.

Qin Feiyang and the others looked at each other in blank dismay, it seems that you really need to be careful.

“I also know some of the old poison. Although it is terrifying, it is a lot worse than another old poison.”

Li rebirth said solemnly.

“You mean him?”

Qiao Xue looked at Li Rebirth suspiciously.


Li rebirth nodded.

Qiao Xue was immediately shivered with fear in her eyes.

“There is another old poison?”

Qin Feiyang and the others were surprised.

“That’s right.”

“This old poison is the Demon King, one of the ten Great Demon Kings.”

“It is said that this person was born as a special physique with extremely posionous, and the poison qi on his body, I heard that only the ruler and the ultimate Profound Truth can compete.”

Lee rebirth said.


Qin Feiyang several people have a perilous situation in their hearts.

This is too terrifying too!

If this kind of person descends into the sky cloud realm, wouldn’t it turn the sky cloud realm into a place of death in minutes?

“I hope I will not encounter the Demon King in the future!”

Li rebirth shook his head sighed, looked towards the miasma of the barren mountain, and asked: “Snow sister, these poison qi, shouldn’t they pose a threat to us?”

Qiao Xue said: “With our strength, it will not be possible in a short time, but over time, it will be extremely posionous.”

“Then do it quickly!”

The cold light flashed in Li rebirth’s eyes.

Since Qiao Xue said that he is like a child, he has been trying to change.

Compared with before, now, he has become much calmer.


A group of people rushed into the barren hills, poison qi immediately pouring in from all directions, and an unbearable itching immediately appeared on their bodies, as if countless small insects were crawling on them, gnawing their flesh.

Avoid beat the grass to scare the snake. They dare not release Law Power to expel them, so they can only endure it.

ten breaths left and right.

They finally saw a wooden building.

The wooden building falls beside a lake.

The water of the lake actually reveals a strange green. There is no doubt that the lake water must also contain extremely posionous.

“It’s great to have friends coming from afar.”


A hoarse voice sounded from the wooden building.


Qin Feiyang and the others were surprised.

Unexpectedly have found them?

How did you find it?

Know it.

They didn’t show aura at all, let alone make any movement.

Even the Nine Flame God Cudgel is like a ghost.

“Snow Girl?”

Li rebirth turning one’s head looked towards Qiao Xue.

“I met him once.”

Qiao Xue shook her head.

Apparently don’t know what’s going on?


Since it has been discovered, there is nothing to hide.

Qin Feiyang and the others turned on Law Power one after another, dispelling the poison qi from the body and within the body.

During the time of

ten breaths, a large amount of poison qi has penetrated into their flesh and bone marrow, and they can all feel that flesh and bone marrow are rotting a little bit.

If this is not expelled as soon as possible, they will eventually turn into blood.

And they also found out.

The Law Power of the fifth Profound Truth cannot expel these poison qis. Only Law Power that reaches the highest Profound Truth strength can be expelled or refining forcibly.

This is incredible!

Insignificant poison qi, unexpectedly can reach the highest Profound Truth?

For them, it is simply unheard of.

It turns out that poison can be so strong.

“must be careful.”

Azure Dragon in the dark reminds me.

They haven’t met officially yet, and this old poison has already brought them such a terrifying crisis, so naturally they dare not care about it.

Qin Feiyang landed in front of the wooden building, arched his hands: “Junior Qin Feiyang, rush to visit, even visiting Senior, forgive me.”

“Qin Feiyang?”

Killing Domain’s voice stared blankly seems a bit unexpected, and it seems that he already knows the Kill Order of the Chaos Divine King.


The door opened slowly.

An old man wearing a black-gray robe walked out of the wooden building.

He has a crutches in his hand, skinny and trembling, as if the wind blows down, but the deep-set eye sockets, the pupils like snake eyes, reveal a dangerous aura.

She is also surrounded by patches of black and gray air currents.

This is what poison qi has transformed!

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