Invincible War God Chapter 3774


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“long time no see.”

Qiao Xue smiled coldly.

old poison frowns saying: “How can you be with human?”

“I have… acknowledge allegiance to them.”

Qiao Xue hesitated and finally told the truth.


“You unexpectedly acknowledge allegiance to them?”

“You are fighting the Divine King of Chaos, do you know what the cost will be?”

old poison surprised.

“I know.”

Qiao Xue nodded.

“Know that you still do such a stupid thing?”

“Perhaps Qin Feiyang has the means to fight the Divine King of Chaos. There is no danger for you to be with him now, but wait for him to leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse?”

“You have to know that you can’t leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse. When Qin Feiyang leaves, you will be a lonely family. If the Divine King of Chaos wants to kill you, it will be easy!”

old poison said solemnly.


“You can’t leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse?”

Qin Feiyang looked at Qiao Xue and Li rebirth in surprise.

Two people simultaneously looked, nodded and said: “I really can’t leave.”

“Why didn’t you say this earlier?”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

This matter is very important.

As old poison said, if you can’t leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, then Qiao Xue and Li Rebirth will stay here alone in the future. How will they face the anger of the chaotic Divine King and the Great Demon Kings?

Even now, he can use the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill and have a good relationship with the Chaos Divine King, but what about after he leaves?

After leaving, he didn’t know what the Divine King of Chaos was going to do.

More powerless to stop.

Qiao Xue said uncertainly: “It did not work before, because we are all undead, but if we get rid of the undead, I think we will no longer be restrained.”

“So, as long as you all get rid of the undead, you can leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse?”

Qin Feiyang asked.

“To be honest, I’m not sure.”

“Because of this kind of thing, it has never happened before.”

Qiao Xue shook her head.

“Get rid of the undead, are you dreaming?”

old poison laughs.

Qiao Xue eyebrow raised, looking at old poison indifferently said: “There is nothing impossible in the world.”


old poison laughed and pointed to Qin Feiyang and the others: “They won’t make any promises to help you get rid of the undead, right? You believe in such a ridiculous thing? Two lives are human , Why are you so naive?”

When Qiao Xue heard this, a trace of anger rose between her eyebrows.

“You can’t be angry.”

Qin Feiyang stopped Qiao Xue, looking towards old poison said with a smile: “Senior, we are here on this trip, not to argue with you for something?”

“Then what is the purpose of your coming?”

old poison said.

Qin Feiyang asked: “I heard from Qiao Xue that there is a thunder-fire in Flame Mountain Range. When we went to look for it, we found that it was taken away. Did you take it away from Senior?” /p>

“What do you do with Zhiyang thunder-fire?”

old poison suspicious.

“Junior wants to refining a kind of medicinal pill, it needs Zhiyang thunder-fire.”

“If the Sunshine Thunder-fire is really in the hands of Senior, Junior is willing to buy it at a high price.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

“medicinal pill?”

The old poison is getting more and more depressed, what kind of medicinal pill needs a thunder-fire?

He pondered a little secretly and looked at Qin Feiyang jokingly: “The Sunshine Thunder-fire is indeed in my hands, but the so-called high price purchase, do you think I need it?”

As undead, let alone money, even Divine Crystal and Soul Stone have no effect on them.

“Senior, please make a requirement, Junior will try to meet it.”

Qin Feiyang smiled faintly.

“This is what you said.”

“I have two conditions, you can choose one of them.”

“First, you and the blood ancestor stay one person, let me see Divine King of Chaos.”

“The Supreme Treasure owned by the Divine King of Chaos is more valuable than yours. Just giving me a treasure is enough to increase my strength.”

“Second, the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth.”

“As long as you can meet any of my conditions, I immediately offer Sunshine Thunder-fire with both hands.”

old poison greedy said with a smile.

Hearing these two conditions, Qin Feiyang and the lunatic frowned immediately.

Yun Ziyang, Dafu, Azure Dragon, there is also a trace of anger on their faces.

This shows that it is deliberately making things difficult.

How can the value of a Sunshine Thunder-fire be comparable to the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth? Not to mention the lives of Qin Feiyang and the blood ancestor.

“Senior, you are a little too tough!”

Qin Feiyang said with a smile, the tone is still equal and polite.

“If you find it hard to be strong, you can turn around and leave. I will not force others to make unwilling transactions.”

old poison hehe smiled.

“So, there is no room for negotiation?”

Qin Feiyang asked.

Patience has reached its limit.


“Don’t be impatient, too, now it’s you who beg me, not me.”

old poison shakes his head.


Qin Feiyang smiled.

The madman several people also laughed.


old poison raises eyebrows.

“My attitude towards you, I’m already equal and polite, take a bite of Senior.”


“Do you think, I call you Senior, I am afraid of you?”


“I respect you.”

“I think my respect for you can also be exchanged for your respect for us, but I am still too naive. Even a person like you, even with a consensus body of flesh and blood, can’t change the greedy nature at all. “

Qin Feiyang has a murderous intention in his eyes.

Shivering in old poison’s heart, said solemnly: “You better think clearly, what is this place?”


“Are you talking about this barren mountain, or God’s Storehouse?”

“If you are talking about this barren mountain where you live, I really don’t take it seriously.”

“If you said Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, sorry, I don’t at all think how scared Tianzhong God’s Storehouse is.”

“I don’t think that other undead and ruler soldiers of God’s Storehouse in Tianzhong will follow me Qin Feiyang irreconcilable until death for you.”

“Since I have discussed with you that you don’t like listening, let’s use strong means!”

Qin Feiyang’s eyes immediately cold light surged.

“You don’t need to come out, we come!”

Qiao Xue stopped Qin Feiyang, and his body was murderous aura. The Destruction Strength within the body also burst out like a tide.


“This kind of trivial matter, why do you need to make a move yourself?”

Li rebirth stepped out and landed next to Qiao Xue, and Time Law emerged.

The Nine Flames God Stick and the Bingxue Divine Sword immediately recovered.

“Then thank you for your trouble.”

Qin Feiyang slightly smiled, and then several people stepped back.

old poison roared: “Qiao Xue, don’t persist in your own wrong doings, follow them, there will be no good results.”

“This does not require you to worry about.”

“At once, hand over the sun-fired thunder-fire, as well as the epitome of all the laws in you, otherwise don’t blame us ruthless!”

Qiao Xue’s body is bitterly cold, like an ice and snow Goddess.


“Do you still want a microcosm of my law?”

old poison was furious, with the crutch in his hand, unexpectedly rushed out a terrifying ruler divine might, and roared towards Qiao Xue and Li Rebirth.

“I rely on.”

“That crutch is unexpectedly a ruler soldier?”

The madman was shocked.

I didn’t even notice it before.

“It’s just a ruler magic weapon, I can’t turn over any waves!”

Qiao Xue coldly smiled, grabbed the Divine Sword of the ice and snow, cut it in the air, a sharp edge of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, immediately exploded towards that rule divine might.

The sky and the earth immediately buzzed, the ground below shattered, and the lake roared, covering the sky and the sun.

“Be careful, don’t touch the lake!”

Qin Feiyang and the others exhorted Qiao Xue to kill the old poison.

“Snow girl, don’t rush forward, you can help me.”

Li Rebirth will naturally not let go of this good opportunity for performance. He twisted the nine flame god sticks and rushed directly in front of Qiao Xue. The power of Time Law roared all directions.

The lake water with extremely posionous evaporates!

old poison looked at the two people, then at Qin Feiyang and the others, with a wave of the hand, the lake immediately turned into a green python, bypassing Qiao Xue and Li’s rebirth and rushing towards Qin Feiyang and the others .

Follow closely.

He turned around and walked away without looking back.

“Want us to save Qin Feiyang and the others, so as to give ourselves a chance to escape?”

“Not only did you underestimate us, you underestimate the strength of Qin Feiyang!”

Li rebirth sneered, completely ignoring Qin Feiyang and the others. The nine flame god sticks divine might slam into the sky and waved away at old poison.

At the same time.

Qiao Xue also waved the Divine Sword of Ice and Snow, carrying the edge of Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth, slashing towards old poison.

old poison was shocked, and quickly turned back and picked up the crutches in his hand, and leaned forward.

The Divine Sword of Nine Flames and Divine Sword immediately blasted on the crutch.

There was a loud bang, the old poison arm was numb, and the crutch got out of his hand, and then the whole person fell into the broken ground below like a meteor.

The dust is billowing!

The old poison in a difficult situation gets up to run away.

But Qiao Xue and Li Rebirth killed them like lightning, one after the other surrounded the old poison.

At the same moment.


The river water turned into python will drown Qin Feiyang and the others.

At this time.

The whisk, the sword of Death God, the red long sword, and the magic beads appear.

ruler’s divine might, earth-shattering out, the lake disappeared instantly.


“So many ruler soldiers?”

Old poison and crutches are both bewilderement.

The crutches, without saying anything, dropped the old poison and fled alone.


The four ruler magic soldiers, who seemed to have expected it, rushed up and surrounded the crutches.

Qin Feiyang glanced at the crutches, stepped down to Li Rebirth’s side, looked at the old poison in the bloodstain, lightly said with a smile: “This is your strength? How dare you yell at me?”

The madman and the others fell beside Qiao Xue, her face full of mockery.

old poison changed his unbridled attitude and looked at Qin Feiyang and the others, flattering smile said: “If you have something to discuss, isn’t it just thunder-fire? Isn’t it the epitome of the law? I will give you all.”

After speaking, remove the heaven and earth ring and throw it to Qin Feiyang.

Qin Feiyang reaches out to grab it.

Qiao Xue hurriedly reminded: “Be careful, how long he carries the heaven and earth ring, also contains extremely posionous.”

“scoundrel, now I dare to plot against Qin Feiyang, his heart is damned!”

Li rebirth blasted away with a stick.

With a scream, the old poison fleshy body all split up and in pieces on the spot, and blood splashed into the sky.

This flesh also contains extremely posionous!

Qiao Xue waved her hand quickly, the law of destruction surged away, destroying all flesh.

“Heaven and earth ring also have extremely posionous?”

Qin Feiyang Weiwei stared blankly, lightly said with a smile: “Then I really want to try, how terrifying is this poison?”

After all, grab the heaven and earth ring directly.


He felt that a terrifying poison was pouring toward him within the body like a tide.

This is countless times more terrifying than that miasma!

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