Invincible War God Chapter 3776


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Li rebirth glanced at Qin Feiyang, looked at the old poison and said: “older brother, don’t blame me, I also follow orders, in fact I don’t want to beat you at all.”

old poison looked at Li rebirth in amazement.

Since you don’t want to beat him, why do you beat him so hard?

You can’t be so shameless.

Qiao Xue pointed at Li Rebirth, looked at Old Poison and asked: “You really don’t know him?”


old poison looked at Li rebirth suspiciously, frowns saying: “It seems a bit impressed, but I can’t remember where I saw it.”

Li Rebirth said: “We haven’t seen it, but I have heard of your old poison name.”

“What do you mean?”

old poison staring blankly endlessly, listening to the meaning of these words, why this person seems to be the undead of God’s Storehouse?

Why can’t you feel any undead spirit in him?

Qiao Xue shook her head helplessly: “He is the man I talked about last time I chatted with you.”


old poison looked at Li rebirth in astonishment.

“What did you guys talk about?”

Li rebirth is curious.

Is Xuemei complimenting him in front of outsiders?

He thought of his own conscience.

old poison looked at Li rebirth for a long time, turning one’s head looked towards Qiao Xue, and asked: “Are you sure he is the brat-like man you said?”

Li rebirth heard this and looked at Qiao Xue immediately dissatisfied.

I thought he was complimenting him outside, but it turned out to be hurting him outside.

He just puzzled.

How does a mature and attractive man like him look like a brat?


Qiao Xue nodded.

“You are really undead.”

old poison’s face immediately climbed up full of disbelief, immediately released Divine Sense, and headed towards Li rebirth.

I found that within the body of Li rebirth, there was really no trace of undead spirit.

How is this possible?

As an undead, unexpectedly is not an undead body.

wait a minute!


He thought of the previous conversation between Qiao Xue and Qin Feiyang. As long as he got rid of the undead, it might be possible to leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse.

Could it be that…

Does Qin Feiyang really have a way to help them get rid of the undead?

Think of this!

old poison became excited.

If you really can, then following this person is a big deal!

Li rebirth looked towards Qin Feiyang, flattering smile said: “Since I have found Zhiyang Thunder-fire, can I help Xuemei…”

The implication is self-evident.

When Qiao Xue heard this, she looked at Qin Feiyang expectantly.

Qin Feiyang looked at the two people, pretending to ponder, and became nervous when seeing the two people, nodded said with a smile: “Of course.”

“Snow Girl, at once you can be like me, reborn as a human being!”

Li rebirth looked at Qiao Xue excitedly.


Qiao Xue was nodded again and again, and she was also very happy.

“What’s the situation?”

“is it possible that is it possible?”

“And it is related to Zhiyang thunder-fire?”

old poison heard the three people talk a lot, his face was full of surprise.

Qin Feiyang glanced at the old poison, indifferently said: “Don’t think about it, I don’t have your share now.”


old poison Looking at Qin Feiyang, how can he know what he is thinking?

Qin Feiyang said: “One of Slave Seal’s abilities is to be able to peek into your inner thoughts without you noticing it.”


The old poison expression is frozen.

In this way, if there are complaints in his heart, wouldn’t he even dare not even think about it?

Qiao Xue and Li rebirth were surprised to hear that Slave Seal still has this ability.

At the same time.

Fortunately again.

Fortunately, they are not controlled by the Slave Seal, otherwise they would be undisguised standing in front of Qin Feiyang without any secrets.

Qin Feiyang takes out the jade box containing the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill.

As soon as she saw the jade box, Qiao Xue’s breathing became rapid, and her heartbeat was also accelerating.

“Is this something that can help Qiao Xue get rid of the dead body?”

Old poison stared at the jade box, suddenly looked towards Qin Feiyang, and asked: “Why don’t you have my share? You can’t favor one another!”

“Do you have a big opinion?”

Qin Feiyang raises his eyebrows.

“Don’t dare.”

old poison lowered his head quickly.

“Behave well, wait for your performance, whenever I am satisfied, I will give you Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill.”

Qin Feiyang said lightly, then handed the jade box to Qiao Xue.

“Thank you.”

Qiao Xue thanked him, and quickly stretched out her hands and held the jade box for fear that the old poison would be the same as her.

“Snow sister, don’t worry.”

“Whoever dares to fight with you, I will never finish with whom.”

Li rebirth coldly snorted, his eyes glanced at old poison, with a meaning of threat.

“Even the little life is in the hands of the opponent, how can I dare fight over?”

old poison is bitter inside.

Qiao Xue glanced at Li Rebirth, and suddenly felt that the man before him seemed to have a sense of security that he didn’t have before.


She took a deep breath, slowly opened the jade box, and a medicinal pill immediately entered her sight. This is what Li rebirth said Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill?

Can help her purify the dead body and get rid of the dead body?

“wait a minute!”

But when Qiao Xue was about to take the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill, the sound of the dusting suddenly sounded.


Everyone looked towards Whisk.

“Phantom Magic Orb contacted me and said they met a…Demon King!”

The whisk said solemnly.

“Demon King!”

Qin Feiyang and the others were immediately surprised.

Qiao Xue, Li rebirth, old poison, and the ice and snow Divine Sword, the three ruler magic soldiers, instantly filled with fear.

“Which Demon King?”

The madman asked.

“Hearing from the magic beads, it seems to be…blood-thirsty Demon King!”


“blood-thirsty Demon King!”

Qiao Xue’s three people’s face turned pale instantly.

“Have you seen?”

Qin Feiyang looked towards three people.

“I have seen it once.”

Li rebirth nodded, glanced at Qiao Xue, said solemnly: “This talented is a real brat, it looks like 7-8 years old, but the methods are extremely cruel. Any prey he looks at will finally The end of the game will be equal and miserable.”

“Can you compare to the blood ancestor?”

Qin Feiyang asked.

“I don’t know what the blood ancestor is, but the blood-thirsty Demon King, just his fierce name, is enough to deter all the dead and ruler soldiers of God’s Storehouse.”

“Because every time he kills a person, he drank his blood.”

“Even the wine he usually drinks is made with blood.”

Lee rebirth said.

Qin Feiyang and the others simultaneously looked, the eyes are sinking now.

If this is the case, blood ancestors, magic beads, and wands, I am afraid it is dangerous!

Qin Feiyang looked towards Qiao Xue, said solemnly: “Go and meet the blood ancestor first.”


Qiao Xue nodded, close the lid, and return the jade box to Qin Feiyang.

“Take it away, it’s yours anyway.”

Qin Feiyang said, and looked towards Fuchen said solemnly: “Do you know where they are now?”

“The Magic Orb has already told me.”

The whiskers responded.

“At once, take us there.”

Qin Feiyang Road.


A divine might emerged, and the dust immediately rolled up Qin Feiyang and the others, turning around and breaking the sky like lightning.

“Really going to face the blood-thirsty Demon King?”

old poison looked at Qin Feiyang in panic and asked.

“I’m waiting for them!”

Qin Feiyang sneered.


old poison looked towards Qiao Xue and Li rebirth again.

“Trust him!”

“Besides, now we have no choice but to advance and retreat with him.”

Li rebirth sighed.


old poison also let out a long sigh of helplessness.

First I met these wicked people, and finally saved my life. Now I unexpectedly ran into the blood-thirsty Demon King. What day is this and why is it so bad luck?


At the same moment!

The sky above a broken land.

Blood ancestors stand in void in a difficult situation, fresh blood dripping all over, and in some places, you can see dense bones, the whole is a blood man!

The magic beads and the two rulers of the magic wand are also fragmented.

void, filled with a tragic aura, and a pungent bloody smell.

At the same time.

A 7-8 years old child in blood, standing opposite the blood ancestor void.

both of his hands bears back, showing prestige.

Although he looks like a child, his personality is extremely calm.

Over the blood-clothed children, there is a blood-colored ancient palace floating in the sky, reaching hundreds of zhang or so high, and the whole body is blood-stained, exuding baleful qi!

distant place all around.

A large number of skeletons gathered.

There are many undead of condense fleshy body among them.

At this moment, they are looking at the battlefield, watching the blood-clothed children and the blood-colored hall standing in the void, with awe and fear in their eyes!


This blood-clothed child is the blood-thirsty Demon King, one of the ten Great Demon Kings!

The blood-clothed child looked at the blood ancestor, with contempt in his eyes, indifferently said: “When you and the Emperor Yu came to steal the secret art, did you think that there would be such a day?”

“It is our ability to snatch it from you!”

The blood ancestor is coldly snorted.

“Can you endure?”

The blood-clothed child stared blankly, with surging blood light in his eyes, jokingly said: “Since you are so capable, you might as well try to escape from under the eyelids of this Eminence now.”


“No need.”

The blood ancestor shook his head.

“What’s the situation?”

“Unexpectedly become confident full?”

“Black flame Demon King didn’t say that at the beginning.”

The blood-clothed children are surprised.

“It was then, now is now.”

“Tell you, if you kill me here, not only will you regret it for a lifetime, but the Divine King of Chaos and the other Great Demon Kings will not let you go.”

The blood ancestor sneered.


When the blood-clothed children heard this, their expression was so stunned, why did they start to talk in sleep?

“Trust me.”

“Wait for Qin Feiyang to come over, I will give you an unexpected surprise.”

The blood ancestor took a Life Divine Pill and said slowly.

“Have you notified Qin Feiyang?”

The blood-clothed children are stared blankly.

“That’s right.”

“It is estimated that it is on the way here.”

The blood ancestor is nodded.

“This Eminence wants you to notify him, but didn’t expect you to notify him.”

“If this is the case, then you have no value.”

“The worthless person, of course impossible, will continue to let you live.”

The blood-clothed child hehe smiled, looked up towards the blood-colored ancient palace, and casually said: “Kill him, those two ruler soldiers will be sent to hell together.”


The bloody ancient palace immediately burst out an overflowing heaven might, killing the blood ancestor and the two ruler gods.

“damned old man, what are you doing to irritate him? Find a way!”

Roared with the wand.

The magic orb was also terrified to the extreme.

The Scarlet Hall is the Middle Level ruler. One can beat ten of them, not one level at all.

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