Invincible War God Chapter 3777


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“What are you panicking?”

The blood ancestor stared at them, looked up towards the blood-colored ancient palace, the blood-red pupils were full of madness, staring at the blood-clothed children suddenly, said with a big smile: “Purify the spirit of the undead, get rid of the body of the undead, you Don’t you care?”

As soon as this statement came out, the blood-clothed children suddenly thunder from a clear sky.

What did he say?

To purify the spirit of the undead?

Get rid of the undead?

You heard it right!

Crazy right? Unexpectedly dare to say this!

“If you really don’t care, then kill the ancestor!”

“But as long as the ancestor dies, you will never lose the chance to be a human again!”

The blood ancestor laughed wildly.

“You heard me right!”

“This is what he said!”

“How is this possible?”

The blood-clothed child, who has been calm and calm, is immediately messed up in his mind.

Seeing that the Scarlet Hall is about to be killed, the magic orb and the wand are ready to die, but at this moment, the blood-clothed boy shouted: “Stop!”

With a loud bang, the Scarlet Hall stopped above the blood ancestor and the two ruler soldiers, and the terrifying divine might lifted them out.


The blood ancestor spouted blood and fell feebly into the ground below.

The two rulers of all split up and in pieces, the fragments are also scattered around and smashed into the ground.


The blood-clothed child stepped forward, rushed to the blood ancestor like lightning, grabbed the blood ancestor’s clothes, and shouted: “What did you just say?”

expression, very nervous.

Blood ancestor stared at the blood-clothed child while vomiting blood, said with a smile: “Didn’t you hear clearly? Okay, my ancestor will tell you again, do you want to purify the undead? Want to get rid of the undead Body?”

The blood-clothed child trembled and roared: “Do you have a way?”

“Of course.”

“But, don’t you want to kill the ancestor?”

“Come on!”

The blood ancestor roared.

The murderous intention in the eyes of the blood-clothed children surged, and the hands holding the blood-clothed ancestors’ clothes were tightly pinched together.

How dare you yell at him like this, knowing your weight?

To change to normal, it must be an immediate killer.


Before killing, you have to torture.

But now.

The blood-clothed child hesitated.

“Do you think this ancestor is lying to you?”


“What a joke!”

“Don’t even think about it. Ben Zuming knew that you had already released the Kill Order, and you ran out to hunt the skeletons and swallowing the souls of the undead alone?”

“Is the ancestor that stupid?”

The blood ancestor sneered.

“Are you deliberately leading us to find you?”

The blood-clothed child raised his eyebrows.

“Not bad.”

“We have the means to get you out of the undead. It is not we who beg you, it is you who beg us!”

“Do you really dare to try to kill the ancestor?”

“Look at the Divine King of Chaos. Will you let me go if I hear the news?”

The blood ancestor sneered.

The blood-clothed children’s expression is becoming more terrifying.

“Look at all around, how many eyes are watching, can you kill them all?”

“As long as one person escapes, this matter will be passed into the ears of the Chaos Divine King. With the help of the Chaos Divine King, I believe that soon, you will come to hell and be with me!”


“Don’t let my ancestor look down on you, kill it!”

The blood ancestor laughed wildly, completely fearless.

The blood-clothed children’s hostility is monstrous, looking up to the skeletons and undead all around.

At the moment.

Those skeletons and undead also created a perilous situation in their hearts.

What did this old man say?

Unexpectedly master the way to purify the spirit of the undead and get rid of the body of the undead?

For them, what could be more tempting than this?


When I felt the terrifying gaze of the blood-clothed children, one by one was shivered, immediately turning around and running away frantically.

If the blood-clothed children really want to kill the blood ancestors, it will definitely kill them.

Who wants to die?

Surely no one wants to die.

even more how Now, I still know that there is a way to get rid of the undead in this world, so naturally I don’t want to die.

Because as long as you are alive, there is hope to get rid of the undead and be a human again!

The Blood-Clothed Child in silence watched this scene without letting the Scarlet Hall chase and kill it because there were too many.

In addition, there are some undead who master the ultimate Profound Truth of the strongest law. Although they are not as strong as him and Scarlet Hall, if the opponent wants to escape, it is difficult to kill so many undead.


After a long time.

The blood-clothed child took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and loosened the blood ancestor’s clothes.

The blood ancestor was paralyzed on the ground weakly.

The blood-clothed child looked down on the blood ancestor condescendingly, ice-cold saying: “What you’d better say is true, otherwise even if you actively seek death, this Eminence will not allow it!”

“Then wait and see!”

The blood ancestor coldly smiled and took another Life Divine Pill.

Although he was calm on the surface, in fact I was so flustered, cold sweat came out from behind.

Because before, he was purely gambling.

Fortunately, Goddess is lucky and I miss him more.

also good Now, those undead and skeletons are smarter, knowing that the blood-clothed children may kill people, and immediately disappeared.

Otherwise, it would be a dead end.

At the same time.

The Artifact Spirit of Magic Orbs and Volcano Wands, watching the blood-clothed children stop, they are also sincerely relaxed.

Because if the blood-clothed children really killed the blood ancestors, they would certainly not be let go.

Escape from the dead!

Following these people, I really haven’t had peace for a day. I have to be very scared and on edge all day, and I am tired! .


Look at the blood-clothed child again.

He took out a scarlet seat, lying on it halfway, and took out a scarlet bottle gourd, like a hip flask.

“Do you know what is inside?”

The blood-clothed child looked at the blood ancestor.

“I don’t know, and I am not interested.”

The blood ancestor also took out a seat and sat on it unperturbed. Although it looks very in a difficult situation, the imposing manner does not lose to this blood-thirsty Demon King.

“This is divine wine brewed with blood.”

“The taste is delicious.”

The blood-clothed child smiled sternly, raised his head and took a big sip, with a few drops of blood-red wine dripping from the corner of his mouth, and his little face was full of intoxication.

The blood ancestor looked at this scene, but it was somewhat horrible to see.

Divine wine brewed from blood…

Is this telling him that if he dares to deceive, he will be brewed into divine wine alive?

In this scene, I can’t help my scalp tingling even after thinking about it.

It’s really a terrifying Demon King.


The blood ancestor is safe, but God’s Storehouse has exploded.

“No way!”

“Get rid of the undead?”

“How is this possible?”

“How impossible? I heard the blood-thirsty Demon King say this to the blood-thirsty Demon King.”

“How does the blood-thirsty Demon King exist? The blood ancestor dare to lie to him?”

“I see this, 99% is true.”

“Then did he say, how to get rid of the undead?”


“It seems to be waiting for that Qin Feiyang human.”

“If this is true, then we have hope.”

“Quickly, find a way to inform the Chaos Divine King and other Demon Kings, that the blood-thirsty Demon King must not kill the blood ancestor.”

“And that Qin Feiyang……”

“This person is too important. Disseminate these news quickly, so that the undead along the way, don’t hurt him.”


For a while, Qin Feiyang and the blood ancestor became the popular person in the spiritual eyes of the dead.


About half a day later.

In a huge ancient city.

A slender silhouette sitting on a throne inside the great palace.

This should be a woman.

The figure is petite and exquisite, and the skin is like ice crystals, with hazy crystal light, but there is a black mask on his face, and only a pair of black and white pupils can be seen.

That’s right!

Her two pupils are white on one side and black on the other, showing a weird aura.

“Divine King Sir!”


A two-meter-high big black clothed man hurried into the hall.

This person is the black flame Demon King!

And who can be called Divine King Sir by him is naturally the Divine King of Chaos!

In other words.

The masked woman sitting in the high position above is the ruler of God’s Storehouse, the Divine King of Chaos!

Divine King of Chaos is unexpectedly a woman, which is probably something that no one thought of.

“Why is it so panic?”

The Divine King of Chaos raised his eyebrows, seemingly unhappy.

And the sound, like a yellow oriole coming out of the valley, is clear and beautiful.

From her voice, she seems to be a woman 18-19 years old.

“Sir, this is really not to blame for subordinate’s gaffe.”

“Because of this news, it was too shocking.”

The black flame Demon King roared, because of its huge size, the voice was also loud, and coupled with the excitement at the moment, the sound like thunder rang, making the eardrums of the chaotic Divine King vibrate.

The chaotic Divine King rubbed his ears and looked suspiciously at the black flame Demon King. It was the first time I saw this big guy so excited, so he asked suspiciously: “What news?”

“Before, a ruler sage contacted the magic castle through the contract bridge, saying that the blood-thirsty guy had found the blood ancestor.”

black flame Demon King said.

“So fast?”

Divine King stared blankly, nodded and said: “It is indeed good news.”

“no no no.”

“I am not talking about this news.”

black flame Demon King waved his hand.

“So what else can I say?”

The Divine King of Chaos is puzzled.

black flame Demon King said shortly, “I heard…this blood ancestor has a way to get rid of the undead.”


The chaotic Divine King suddenly got up. Although the expression was not visible, it was not difficult to see from the black and white eyes that she was equally shocked at this moment.

“Divine King Sir…”

At this time.

Another old woman wearing a green robe and a weak bone rushed into the hall.


Divine King looked towards old woman, frowns saying: “You also came for the news of the blood ancestor?”

“You already know?”

The old woman was shocked.

“Black flame has already said.”

The Divine King of Chaos slowly returned to the seat, looking thoughtful.

old woman looked towards black flame Demon King, coldly snorted and said: “You are really fast.”

“You old poisonous woman are not too slow!”

black flame Demon King sneered.


The old woman snorted from the nose, looked up towards the chaotic Divine King above, and asked: “Sir, what do you think about this?”

“Don’t worry, wait until everyone else arrives.”

The Divine King of Chaos shook his head.

The so-called other people naturally refer to other Great Demon Kings.

Black flame Demon King and old woman both received the news, and the other Great Demon Kings are certainly no exception.

Maybe, it’s on the way now.

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