Invincible War God Chapter 3780


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At this time, Qiao Xue’s fleshy body was slowly dissipating, but the appearance was exceptionally peaceful. It seemed that the dissipation of the fleshy body did not cause her any pain.

“What’s the matter?”

The Nine Great Demon King is surprised.

The fleshy body is disappearing unexpectedly, did Transcending Tribulation fail?

Li Rebirth is also worried.

“Don’t worry.”

“This is destroying the body of the undead and reshaping the real fleshy body.”

Qin Feiyang comforts.

“That’s it!”

Li rebirth relaxed.

Recalling the scene of his Transcending Tribulation at that time, it seems that the body of the undead was crushed by Heavenly Tribulation, so after the success of the Transcending Tribulation, he immediately began to reshape the fleshy body.

In other words, this procedure is omitted.

Sure enough!

After Qiao Xue’s fleshy body dissipated completely, and only the dress and heaven and earth ring were left, the soul of the undead was exposed under the golden rays of light, and the spirit of the undead contained in it, Also quickly purified.

Follow closely.

Her dissipated fleshy body began to reshape at the speed visible to naked eye.

Time passed quietly.

A moment passed.

A living Qiao Xue appeared in front of everyone.

The skin is crystal clear, just like a newborn baby, plus her original beauty, standing in the golden light at this moment, like a Fairy in the dust.

Lee rebirth was dumbfounded.

It’s so beautiful.

Simply Goddess.

At this time.

Qiao Xue opened her eyes, quickly put on the dress that was floating on the side, and put on the heaven and earth ring, the golden Ruiguang also began to surge towards her within the body.


She was present under everyone’s sight.

Nine Great Demon Kings released Divine Sense one after another, and walked towards Qiao Xue.

At this look, they all beamed with joy.

In Qiao Xue’s within the body, at this moment, I can’t feel the slightest spirit of death, this is a living person.


old poison stays in a daze for a moment, expressing boundless happiness.

“Looking at the reactions of the Great Demon Kings, does it really work?”

The skeletons and undead outside the city looked suspiciously at a group of people above the city wall, and they were very nervous.

Because they dare not get too close to Chaos Royal Capital, they cannot hear the conversation between Qin Feiyang and the others, and because the Great Demon Kings are present, they dare not release Divine Sense to check, so they don’t know what is going on?

“Snow sister, how do you feel?”

Li Rebirth rushed to Qiao Xue and asked.

Qiao Xue looked at herself, closed her eyes, and carefully checked the situation within the body. After a long time, she finally opened her eyes. Looking at Li Rebirth standing in front of her, she seemed to be dreaming, unable to speak for a long time.

“Don’t get too excited, I was just like you at first…”

Li rebirth said with a smile.

Li Rebirth hadn’t finished speaking, Qiao Xue suddenly jumped into Li Rebirth’s arms, tears in her eyes, could not help flowing directly.

These are tears of happiness!


This sudden happiness makes Li rebirth completely unprepared.

Snow sister… unexpectedly took the initiative to hug him?

This is a dream!

If you are really dreaming, live in a dream for the rest of your life and never wake up.


Each Great Demon King took a deep breath and looked up towards Qin Feiyang, and the expression instantly became different.

Because Qin Feiyang has demonstrated its own value.

“Take them into the city.”

The voice of the chaotic Divine King also sounded.


“Divine King of Chaos unexpectedly let them enter the Royal Capital of Chaos?”

“This is something that has never happened before.”

“It seems that Qin Feiyang can really help us get rid of the dead…”

“This is really exciting news!”

The skeletons and undead all around are as excited as they were beaten up with chicken blood. They can’t wait to rush over immediately and snatch Qin Feiyang from the Great Demon Kings.

This is a treasure!


After all, reason defeated impulse.

With their strength, they are not qualified to challenge the Great Demon Kings.


“Snow Girl.”

“At this moment, I have been waiting for a long time, a long time…”

After Li rebirth return back to his senses, under the encouragement of Qin Feiyang and the others, he slowly raised his hands, lightly embraced Qiao Xue in his arms, muttered to himself, his face was full of satisfaction Smile.

Don’t ask for anything else, as long as he hugs like this often, he is already satisfied.


Qiao Xue quickly reacted, her face flushed immediately, she pushed Li Rebirth away, annoyed: “What are you doing?”


Li Rebirth looked at Qiao Xue, what kind of creature is a woman, becoming hostile faster than turning a book?

Obviously you came to hug me on your own initiative, and now you are reprimanding me in turn, I am not wronged.


Qin Feiyang patted him on the shoulder said with a smile.

“I don’t understand, should men bear such feeling wronged?”

Li rebirth coldly snorted.

After Qiao Xue calmed down, she remembered that she really took the initiative to hug the other person. There was immediate embarrassment on her face. Then she looked at Li rebirth with a feeling wronged face and coughed: “Sorry.”


“In your eyes, I am an unreliable man. I am used to it.”

Lee rebirth waved his hand, his face full of sadness.

“Have you ever finished?”

“I have already apologized to you, what do you want?”

Qiao Xue frowned.

“You must be sincere when you apologize!”

Li rebirth coldly snorted, turning the eyeball, pointing to the side of his face, chuckled and said: “For example, kiss.”

“get lost! ”

Qiao Xue’s face was immediately dark.

Qin Feiyang is also speechless. After saying so many times, why can’t he change his personality?


Qiao Xue still has a little apology in her heart.

Slightly smarter men will seize this opportunity to enhance the relationship one step further.

But Lee rebirth is good.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, showing a wretched side directly made Qiao Xue’s little apology disappear.

Isn’t this asking yourself trouble?

Why is it so difficult to teach me? It seems that he is destined to be a bachelor for a lifetime.

“Thank you.”

Qiao Xue ignored Li rebirth and looked at Qin Feiyang with thanks.

“It’s okay.”

“This was originally my promise to you.”

Qin Feiyang waved his hand and smiled.

Qiao Xue hearing this stared blankly, these words sounded too heart-warming, more than five or six times better than some wretched man.

Why is the gap between people so big?

“Have you finished talking?”

Bong Celestial Demon King looked at several people impatiently.

He is already converging.

Because you want to change to the usual, the order of the Chaos Divine King, just let you be who, follow me immediately, if you dare to procrastinate, you will be angry with him.

Of course.

This is also the face of the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill.

There is no Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill, I want him to accommodate you like this, dream!

Qin Feiyang glanced at the Celestial Demon King, and then at the other Great Demon Kings, said with a smile: “Sorry, if I am happy, I have a few more chats, please lead the way!”

Nine Great Demon King turned and flew towards the center of the city.

“Should we really go in?”

“There is dragon’s pool and tiger’s den. Once you enter, you will have to get permission from the Divine King of Chaos.”

old poison said hurriedly.

He didn’t want to go in this place.

“Do we have a choice now?”

Azure Dragon smiles wryly.

I have come to this step, and there is no condition to shrink back.

If they dare to say no word now, the Nine Great Demon King will definitely take action on them without the slightest hesitation.

In short.

The arrow is on the string and I have to send it.

The old poison expression froze, and suddenly thought of another idea, flattering smile said: “Why don’t I wait for you outside?”

“One can’t be less, all follow us!”

But before the voice fell, the voice of Celestial Demon King sounded again.

old poison turned pale, and could only follow Qin Feiyang and the others, following the Nine Great Demon King, and flew towards the central hall of the city.

The entire Chaos Royal Capital is divided into several districts.

It’s such a big city, but you can’t see any living creature, deathly stillness.

After a few breaths.

They finally came to the main hall. The door was open. Looking up, they could see the Divine King of Chaos sitting on the upper throne.


The madman was surprised.

The ruler of the dignified Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, the first powerhouse, unexpectedly is a petite exquisite woman, which is really unexpected.

“Come in!”

The chaotic Divine King speaks like a young woman’s voice, crisp and sweet.

Qin Feiyang and the others simultaneously looked, took a deep breath, followed the nine Great Demon King, stepped into the hall one after another.

The furnishings inside the great palace are very simple.

The ten black seats are all made of stone.

On all four corners, there are four and a half-meter-thick stone pillars, on which there are lines of Divine Dragon.

After entering the hall, the Nine Great Demon Kings sat on the ten stone chairs, but because the Queen of Flames was dead, there was still one empty stone chair.

“This is how you treat guests?”

The madman raised his eyebrows.

“It is already honored to allow you to enter Chaos Royal Capital, and you still want to be level with us? Do you have this qualification?”

black flame Demon King sneered.

“Not even qualified to sit?”

Qin Feiyang Weiwei stared blankly, looked towards a pair of aloof and remote black flame Demon King, lightly said with a smile: “Then what are we doing here? Say goodbye.”

After talking, he led everyone to turn away.


Bong Celestial Demon King suddenly got up, and a terrifying demon might rolled towards Qin Feiyang and the others.

Qin Feiyang stopped, turned slowly and looked towards the Celestial Demon King, said with a smile: “Are you sure you want to make a move? Do you know the cost of making a move?”


“Unexpectedly, dare to talk about the price with this Eminence!”

“Think that if you master that medicinal pill, you can act wilfully in front of us?”

Bong Celestial Demon King walked towards Qin Feiyang and the others step by step, imposing manner overbearing.

“You are really right about this.”

“I control the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill, so I can act wilfully.”

“Why don’t we go out and try to see the undead and skeletons outside the city, do you want this medicinal pill?”

Qin Feiyang smiled indifferently. He has already walked here. What’s the use? It will only make the other person feel that they are bullying.

So it must be strong.

In this way, the other party can bow their heads.

“You should really think about it.”

The madman also lazily said, said with a smile: “We don’t have a Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill now in our hands. The last one has been given to Qiao Xue. If you kill us, sorry, you will always Don’t even think about getting the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill.”

“Threat this Eminence?”

The murderous intention of Celestial Demon King flashes.

“Yes, it is a threat.”

The madman bared his teeth.

I, your father just takes you down, what?

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