Invincible War God Chapter 3786


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At the same moment.

Another gorge within the valley.

White-Eyed Wolf is entangled with dozens of Purple Gold skeletons.

Fire Phoenix Great Princess looked on helplessly.

With the strength of White-Eyed Wolf, it is not too easy to kill Purple Gold skeletons.

But no way.

White-Eyed Wolf is too playful.

Simply is playing with these Purple Gold skeletons.

“Princess, the sword of Death God contact me, let me tell you and the Golden Wing Wolf King, immediately go to the meeting point of the land of the burial of the gods and the sea of ​​sky clouds.”


The sound of the Fire Phoenix sword rang in the mind of Fire Phoenix Great Princess.


“Didn’t they go to the meeting point with Azure Dragon and Yun Ziyang?”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess is suspicious.

Fire Phoenix sword dao: “The Death God sword said that they are in the Chaos Royal Capital at the moment.”


“Royal Capital of Chaos!”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess’s face changed drastically, looking towards White-Eyed Wolf shouted: “There is a major event, hurry up and end the battle!”

White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly stared blankly, looked towards all around the Purple Gold skeleton, said with a smile: “I wanted to play with you for a while, but I can’t help it. My wife Sir gave the order to be a peerless Good man, I must listen to his wife Sir.”

As the voice landed, the strongest laws of the highest Profound Truth were opened, but all Purple Gold skeletons were wiped out instantly.

“Who is your wife Sir?”

Watching White-Eyed Wolf walk proudly, Fire Phoenix Great Princess rolled his eyes.

White-Eyed Wolf stepped forward and hugged the waist of the Fire Phoenix Great Princess, chuckled, “Who else but you?”


Fire Phoenix Great Princess spoiled.

“I am a rogue.”

White-Eyed Wolf started to reach for a kiss and leaned forward to ask for a kiss.

“Don’t mess around.”

Fire Phoenix Great Princess pushed White-Eyed Wolf away, said solemnly: “Just now the Death God sword contacted the Fire Phoenix sword and said that Qin Feiyang they are now in the Divine King of Chaos.”


White-Eyed Wolf expression was dazed, shouted: “Fire Phoenix sword, get out quickly and tell us clearly.”

The Fire Phoenix sword flew out from the Fire Phoenix Great Princess within the body, and said angrily: “You can’t be polite? Anyway, true body is also a ruler.”

“ruler is amazing?”

White-Eyed Wolf rolled the eyes and asked: “What the hell is going on?”

The sword of Death God has nothing to hide from the sword of Fire Phoenix, and everything is told to the sword of Fire Phoenix.

Waiting for Fire Phoenix to report these things without omission and in detail to White-Eyed Wolf and Fire Phoenix Great Princess, two people looked at each other in blank dismay, didn’t expect Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill, unexpectedly Really useful to the undead here.

White-Eyed Wolf return back to his senses and asked: “So now, Little Qinzi is going to beating somebody at their own game, fiercely to pit three Great Demon King once?”


“However, the three Great Demon Kings will go to the Sea Lion King and the others. It is only Qin Feiyang’s guess.”

Fire Phoenix sword dao.

“Even if it’s just a guess, it’s worth the trip.”

White-Eyed Wolf laughed.


Follow closely.

Qi Shaoyun and the white beard old man, Fire Qilin and Tan Wu, and Netherworld Divine Dog have all received news from the sword of Death God.


Planning in my heart.


Royal Capital of Chaos!

Heavenly Tribulation has only the last one left.

The Divine King of Chaos is as easy as ever.

Even 98 Heavenly Dao Tribulation before, couldn’t get close to her, so she was crushed by the divine might of Chaos Royal Capital.


The last Heavenly Dao Tribulation falls, and the terrifying divine might destroy this world.

At the same time!

The Chaos Royal Capital also burst out an overflowing heaven might, which is stronger than before.

However, in an instant, the two suddenly met at high altitude. It was just a stalemate for a moment. The divine might of Chaos Royal Capital crushed the last Heavenly Dao Tribulation by Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood.

“This is the strength of Chaos Royal Capital?”

Qin Feiyang and the others have stormy seas in their hearts. This Royal Capital is just like a ruler.

As the Heavenly Tribulation dissipates, golden clouds roll in.


A golden rays of light descended.

A scene like Qiao Xue appeared at that time.

The fleshy body of the Divine King of Chaos quickly began to dissipate.

Only a while.

The dissipated fleshy body began to reshape again.

But at all times, her face was covered by a haze, and her true appearance could not be seen.

A moment passed.

Golden’s Ruiguang is restrained.

The chaotic Divine King appeared, still wearing a black mask on his face, but unlike before, his skin was softer and his eyes more attractive.

I can no longer feel the slightest spirit of undead in my body.

“Congratulations to Divine King, congratulations to Divine King!”

The nine Great Demon King knelt on the ground and shouted.

The Divine King of Chaos took a close look at himself for a moment, and confirmed that he had faded away from the undead, with a sincere smile in his eyes, looked towards the nine Great Demon King and said: “Get up!”

The Nine Great Demon King grows up, and his expression is hot.

If Qiao Xue’s changes can be faked, then the current changes of the chaotic Divine King are absolutely impossible.

In other words.

Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill is really effective!

Looking at the nine people standing in motionless, chaotic Divine King speechless saying: “What are you doing stupidly standing here? Don’t you hurry to find the sun-fired thunder-fire?”

“right right right.”

“Hurry up and find Zhiyang thunder-fire.”

Nine Great Demon King, a shivered, immediately turned around and fled away without looking back.


The madman looked at the backs of the nine people, with a flash of playfulness in his eyes, and sounded transmission to Qin Feiyang: “Old Qin, even if they find the sun-fired thunder-fire, don’t immediately give them the refining Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill.”


“Let them worry, bow their heads and beg us.”

Yun Ziyang is nodded, secretly thought of evil fiercely.

“The other six Demon Kings have a good attitude towards us. It is better not to deliberately make things difficult. As for the blood-thirsty Demon King and black flame Demon King, we serve Celestial Demon King. I really want them to be delicious. Suffering.”

Qin Feiyang looked at the back of Bong Celestial Demon King three people, a flash of mockery flashed in his eyes.

Although they promised to give them the Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill, they didn’t say that they would be given immediately, so even if they left the Tianzhong God’s Storehouse and then gave them again, it would not be a violation of the promise.


With the sound of light footsteps, the chaotic Divine King walked to the steps of the square and looked down at Qin Feiyang, gratefully said with a smile: “Thank you.”

“The god Senior Wang is polite, we just take what we need.”

Qin Feiyang waved his hand quickly.

“Not the same.”

“In my opinion, whether it is the ruler, the epitome of the rule, or the inheritance of the rule, it’s just something outside the body.”

“But the body of the undead is different.”

“For example, no matter how strong I am, I am only a dead soul after all. To say that it is hard to hear is a lonely ghost.”

“So even if we have an exchange condition, we should say thank you.”

The chaotic Divine King smiled.

Qin Feiyang and the others simultaneously looked, it seems that this Divine King Sir is not so difficult to get along with!

The Divine King of Chaos glanced at a group of people, said with a smile: “I always keep one’s word. Since I promised to give you treasure, I will definitely not break my word.”

Qin Feiyang and the others heard this, immediately looking forward to it.

Divine King of Chaos said with a smile: “Let’s talk about the inheritance of what do you want most.”

“Law Inheritance!”

Qin Feiyang and the others’ eyes trembled.

It’s really great generosity, and the rule of inheritance is when you speak.

“Is the strongest law okay?”

asked the madman.

“Who do you look down on?”

“Ordinary Law’s inheritance, with my rank and status, can I take action?”

The Divine King of Chaos is unhappy.


The madman was shocked.

These words are also proud!

But I, your father likes such a proud person.

“I want the inheritance of Space-Time Laws.”

The madman spoke first.

“Space-Time Laws?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly, looked suspiciously at the lunatic, and asked: “Do you have the Space-Time Laws?”

“Do you want to control?”

The madman glared at him.

Divine King indifferently said: “You have to answer, because only if you now master this law, I will give you inheritance.”

“It’s not necessary!”

What does the madman seem to hide?


The Divine King of Chaos has a tough attitude and there is no room for negotiation.


The madman is helplessly sighed, and with the thoughts move, a wave of Time and Space Strength rolls out.


Qin Feiyang looked at the lunatic in amazement, unexpectedly it was really Space-Time Laws.

“I wanted to wait for the ultimate Profound Truth to show up and give you a surprise, but there is no way. The beautiful Divine King Goddess must be seen with my own eyes, so I can only expose it in advance.”

The madman is powerless.

“When did it happen?”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

“I realized it when I was in retreat on Tianyun Island.”

The madman said.

“Do you understand it yourself?”

Qin Feiyang asked.


“What is your attitude?”

“Think I really only rely on inheritance to master the strongest law?”

The madman is dissatisfied.

“No no no.”

“Who dares to doubt your talent?”

Qin Feiyang embarrased smiled and waved quickly.

“This is pretty much the same.”

The madman is coldly snorted, looked towards Yun Ziyang, and bared his teeth and said: “Don’t be envious, this is something you can’t envy.”

When Yun Ziyang heard this, he rolled his eyes and his face was full of disdain.

“Not convinced yet?”

The lunatic stared blankly.

Yun Ziyang looked up towards Divine King of Chaos and said, “Junior wants the inheritance of Death Law.”


“The inheritance of Death Law?”

The madman’s expression stayed for a while, turning one’s head looked at Yun Ziyang and asked: “Do you have the Death Law?”

“Of course.”

Yun Ziyang smiled proudly, raised his arm, and unexpectedly released one strand Death Power from his palm, like a cluster of black-gray flames, exuding a terrifying death aura.


“Really Death Law!”

The madman looked astonished.

He has the Death Law, so he can tell the truth from the false at a glance.

“Don’t be envious, this is not envious.”

Yun Ziyang returned the original words of the madman to the madman without missing a word, his face was full of pride.

The madman grinned.

Why is this person such a monster?

Death Law, Space-Time Laws, the law of destruction, these are the three strongest laws.

The key is still the same as him.

Because he also masters these three strongest laws.

“cough cough!”

“Someone else is also Princess Divine Kingdom’s discipline, okay?”

Qin Feiyang in the dark reminder.

“The Princess Divine Kingdom is amazing?”

The madman refuses.

“You said that, I was a little angry.”