Invincible War God Chapter 3787


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“A Space-Time Laws, a Death Law…”

The Divine King of Chaos glanced at the lunatic and Yun Ziyang, then looked towards Qin Feiyang and the others and said: “What about you?”

Da Fook glanced at the Divine King of Chaos, bowed his head and asked Qin Feiyang sound transmission: “Can I have it too?”

“Of course.”

“This is a great fortune.”

Qin Feiyang nodded.

Dafu was immediately excited in his heart, absolutely didn’t expect to follow Qin Feiyang and the others, and still encounter such good deeds.

He looked up cautiously at the Divine King of Chaos, and said humbly: “Divine King Sir, I want the inheritance of the law of causality, okay?”

“Do you also have the law of cause and effect?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly.


Dafu nodded.

With a wave of the old big hand, a causal force emerged.

The madman’s surprised Dafu, sound transmission said: “I didn’t see it, you unexpectedly master the two strongest laws, much better than your Phoenix Clan ancestors.”

“you flatter me.”

“My law of cause and effect, but only to the fifth Profound Truth, not worth mentioning.”

Da Fook waved his hand quickly.

“Don’t be humble.”

“Why don’t you mess with us later!”

“Stay in Phoenix Clan will only bury your talents.”

The madman in the dark encourages.

“What talent can I have?”

Dafu smiled bitterly.

“A wooden head, a tendon.”

The madman hate iron for not becoming steel stared at Dafu.

Mastering the two strongest laws, this is already considered a great figure in the Sky Cloud Realm, but Dafu himself unexpectedly didn’t know it?

“Okay, give you the inheritance of the law of cause and effect.”

Divine King nodded of chaos.

“Thank you Divine King Sir!”

Dafu repeatedly thanked him.

“What about you guys!”

The Divine King of Chaos looked towards Azure Dragon and Qin Feiyang again.

“Old man, go ahead!”

Qin Feiyang turning one’s head looked towards 青老 said with a smile.

“old man ……”

Azure Dragon is not polite, he pondered a little, looked at the chaotic Divine King and said: “I want the swallowing rule!”

After all, also enable the swallowing rule.

Azure Dragon itself holds the two strongest laws, the swallowing law and the life law.


Divine King nodded of chaos.

When it was Qin Feiyang’s turn, Qin Feiyang pondered and asked nervously: “Senior, do you have the inheritance of Life and Death Laws?”

“The inheritance of Life and Death Laws?”

As soon as these words came out, not only the Divine King of Chaos, but the lunatics and the others also looked at Qin Feiyang in astonishment.

This guy’s appetite is really not small!

Unexpectedly thinking about the inheritance of Life and Death Laws?

Know it.

If the Divine King of Chaos really has the inheritance of Life and Death Laws in his hands, after Qin Feiyang understands it, it is equivalent to directly mastering the ultimate Profound Truth of the three strongest laws.

They are Life and Death Laws, Death Law, and Life Law!

This is killing three birds with one stone.

The Divine King of Chaos return back to his senses, looked towards Qin Feiyang and asked: “Have you realized Life and Death Laws?”


Qin Feiyang nodded.

“Let me see.”

Chaos Divine King hearing this, said hurriedly, the expression seemed a little excited.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, Life and Death Laws emerged, Death Power and Life Power blended together without any rejection.

“It’s really Life and Death Laws…”

The Divine King of Chaos stares at that Life and Death Power and mutters to himself.

A good moment passed.

Seeing that the chaotic god Royal Capital didn’t mean to speak, Qin Feiyang couldn’t help but asked: “God Senior Wang, is there any?”

The Divine King of Chaos returns back to his senses, took a deep breath, shook his head and said: “In this world, even people who realize Life and Death Laws are extremely rare, how can they have inheritance?”

Qin Feiyang hearing this, with a hint of disappointment on his face, with a wave of his hand, Life and Death Power converged into the body and said, “Is there any inheritance of the law of cause and effect?”

Because Dafu has to follow the inheritance of the law of cause and effect.


Divine King nodded of chaos.


Qin Feiyang was surprised.

How much inheritance does this chaotic Divine King possess?

The madman and the others were also extremely surprised.

They have discussed before that the Divine King of Chaos must have many divine objects, and the result is really so, and it is far beyond their imagination.

“Then the inheritance of the law of cause and effect!”

Qin Feiyang opens up the power of cause and effect again.


The Divine King of Chaos smiled, then looked towards Blood Progenitor.

When looking at the blood ancestor, the expression of the chaotic Divine King seemed a little uncomfortable.

Want to come too.

The one who stole her secret art once, now wants to give him good luck, so whoever will not feel comfortable.

“If you have to give it away, my ancestor is also welcome.”

The blood ancestor laughed.

“I didn’t say I have to send it!”

Divine King coldly snorted of chaos.

Xuezu’s smile immediately froze.

It seems that I never said that, must give them good luck.

And also not within the scope of the blood oath.

To the effect.

It’s too early to be a little smug.

Divine King indifferently said: “For the face of Qin Feiyang, it’s okay to send you an inheritance, but I believe you want this more.”

As the voice fell to the ground, Divine King of Chaos waved his hand, and a cage condense by Law Power appeared in front of him. This cage was not big, it was half left and right.

But inside, countless souls of undead are trapped!

“No way!”

The blood ancestor was immediately shocked.

“The souls of these undead are all undead who have died in my hands.”

“The lowest ones are all Purple Gold skeletons.”

“And, I have erased their consciousness and tempered them. After my tempering, these souls of the undead have no impurity, and all they contain is Law Energy.”

“Don’t look at it, this is the soul of tens of millions of undead, and the Law Energy contained in it is amazingly huge.”

“According to what I know about the secret art of Soul Eater, the Law Energy inside is completely enough to allow you to elevate one of the strongest laws from the first Profound Truth to the ultimate Profound Truth.”

Divine King indifferently said of Chaos.

“Tens of millions!”

“And the lowest is the Purple Gold skull?”

The blood ancestor is hearing this, and his eyes shine brightly.

For him, the inheritance of comparable laws is tempting.

Li Feng did the same, with green light in his eyes.

“Do you want it?”

The Divine King of Chaos looked at the blood ancestor jokingly.


Nodded by blood ancestor instinct.

“Then you beg me.”

Divine King of Chaos.


A shivered blood ancestor finally calmed down, frowns saying: “Want to take the opportunity to humiliate me?”

“Then are you willing to be humiliated?”

The Divine King of Chaos has a playful smile.

“Just kidding, my ancestor is also proud.”

The blood ancestor is coldly snorted.


“Then I will give you your discipline, Li Feng.”

Divine King of Chaos waved his hand, and the cage of Array condense flew towards Li Feng immediately.

“Give it to me?”

Li Feng flew into the cage in shock.

The blood ancestor corner of mouth twitching, looked towards Li Feng and said: “Since it was given for free, why are you polite? Accept it.”


Li Feng looked towards Blood Ancestor, do you really want it?

The blood ancestor sighed: “There is no way, who makes the ancestor respect and love the younger generation? Just take it, as long as you don’t forget to be a teacher and treat you well in the future.”

“You can say that.”

“There are so many people who testify!”

“If you want to rob me at that time, don’t blame me deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors.”

Li Feng grinned and put away the undead directly.

“deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors?”

The blood ancestor’s face went dark.

Is really an unfamiliar White-Eyed Wolf.

But he also knows that Li Feng is just saying it, and he won’t really do it.

After all, after so many years of getting along, he still knows Li Feng’s character.

Although the temperament has changed drastically because of the loss of relatives, the nature is not bad. If nothing else, it can be seen from Li Feng’s respect for Qin Feiyang.

“It seems that your bones are really hard.”

The Divine King of Chaos glanced at the blood ancestor, and with a wave of his hand, an inheritance of Time Law appeared and rushed to the blood ancestor.

“What do you mean?”

The blood ancestor was a little surprised.

“Don’t want it?”

The Chaos Divine King asked.

The blood ancestor quickly grabbed his hand, coldly snorted and said: “Don’t do it for nothing.”


The chaotic Divine King shook his head and waved his hand again. Two laws of cause and effect, a swallowing law, a Death Law, and a Space-Time Laws inheritance appeared again, plunging to Qin Feiyang, Dafu, Azure Dragon, Yunziyang, respectively. In front of the lunatic.

Five people are held immediately in their hands, with excitement in their eyes.

This is not the ultimate Profound Truth of Ordinary Law, but the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth of the strongest law.

As long as they understand these inheritances, they can immediately become the existence of the cream of the crop of the sky cloud world. For them, it can be said to be a great good fortune.

“Divine King Sir, where are we?”

At this time.

An anxious voice sounded.

Qin Feiyang and the others looked towards Li rebirth one after another.

Li rebirth looked at the chaotic Divine King, flattering smile and said: “Sir, you can’t favor each other!”

Qiao Xue and old poison’s faces are also full of longing.

“You guys?”

“Are you embarrassed to speak?”

“As a member of Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, unexpectedly betrayed his own world and took refuge in an Outsider. If you didn’t kill you, you should have been lucky.”

Divine King coldly snorted of chaos.

Li rebirth three people’s neck immediately shrinks.

“When the time is up, you can follow Qin Feiyang. Don’t let me see you again in Tianzhong God’s Storehouse.”

“Qin Feiyang, after you settle down, come to me, I have something private and want to talk to you.”

“As for how to settle, Chaos Royal Capital is so big, you are free.”

Chaos Divine King said, he turned around and crossed the square, and entered the hall without looking back.


Li rebirth three people relaxed, almost causing disaster.

Qin Feiyang looked towards Li rebirth, shook his head and said: “It’s not that I said you, you really shouldn’t speak, if she offers to you, you just accept it, if not, don’t try to force it.” p>

“But it’s inheritance, who doesn’t want it?”

Li rebirth feeling wronged.

Qiao Xue and old poison simultaneously looked at a loss.

“It’s okay.”

“Your strength, whether it is in Tianzhong God’s Storehouse or Tianyun Realm, is already the strongest existence.”

“Especially in the Sky Cloud Realm, no one is your opponent except Kaiyuhuang several people.”

“Say more.”

“the future is long, you can comprehend it by yourself in the future!”

Qin Feiyang comforts.

old poison glanced at Qin Feiyang, looked towards Qiao Xue and Li rebirth, and sighed: “I am the one with the worst luck. You have gotten rid of the undead anyhow, and I? There is a sun thunder. -fire, Divine King is cheap at the end, and now the sun-thunder-fire I need is not yet found!”

Without Zhiyang thunder-fire, Qin Feiyang cannot give him the refining medicinal pill. Without the medicinal pill, how can he get rid of the undead?

The most important thing is.

Now they are also restricted by freedom and cannot leave Chaos Royal Capital.

Being stuck here, how did he go out to find the sun-fired thunder-fire?

Li Rebirth and Qiao Xue, hearing this stared blankly, couldn’t help turning one’s head and looked at old poison sympathetically. Compared with old poison, they were indeed lucky and felt a lot of comfort.

Qin Feiyang glanced at the old poison, said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will find a way to get you the Sunshine Thunder-fire.”


old poison looked at Qin Feiyang suspiciously.

“Of course.”

“The premise is to perform well.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“No problem.”

old poison was overjoyed, flattering smile said: “Qin Shangxian, do you pinch your legs or rub your back?”

“get lost! ”

Qin Feiyang’s face turned black, even at an age, unexpectedly still so rude.