Invincible War God Chapter 3788


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“In fact, this matter is very easy to solve.”

The madman patted the shoulder of old poison, said with a smile of profound mystery.


old poison looked at the lunatic in astonishment, unable to leave the Royal Capital of Chaos, unexpectedly saying such a big thing?

The lunatic laughed, sound transmission said: “Didn’t the Great Demon Kings have gone to find the sun-fired thunder-fire? When the time comes when Old Qin refining comes out, I will give you a Deceased Spirit Barrier Breaking Pill directly.”

The old poison expression stayed in a daze, and hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t hurt me, I can’t offend them.”

“Look at you so bad.”

The madman despised.

“They are the Demon King and have to be counseled.”

old poison sighed.

The madman’s face was dark and annoyed: “You can’t help the mud, you think you don’t mess with them now, they will give you a good face in the future?”

old poison stay silent.

“Tell you!”

“If there is a chance, they will never show mercy to you.”

“Divine King of Chaos’s attitude towards you before, doesn’t it enough to explain all this?”

“So it’s already like this, what are you afraid of?”

“Besides, you have to follow us to leave Tianzhong God’s Storehouse, how can they stand you?”

The madman said.

Old poison pondered a little, nodded and said: “Yes, anyway, now, they dare not violate the blood oath to kill us.”


“Be polite to them in the future, and don’t be like a cat seeing a mouse, just unbridled a little and see what they dare to take you?”

The madman smiled.

old poison heard that a wry smile appeared on his face.

Despite the constraints of the blood oath, the Great Demon Kings dare not kill him, but the fear of the Great Demon Kings for a long time has long been entrenched.


No matter what the situation is, there is an instinctive fear in the face of Great Demon Kings.

To break this fear, it really takes a little courage.

Azure Dragon glanced all around and asked: “Feiyang, do we really want to live in this chaotic Royal Capital?”


Qin Feiyang is helpless.

They have already made a blood oath and cannot leave Chaos Royal Capital.

“But the old man always feels that living here is a bit inconvenient whether it is doing things or talking.”

“After all, the Artifact Spirit of Chaos Royal Capital has been staring at us in the dark.”

Azure Dragon sound transmission.

“My ancestor also doesn’t like the feeling of being pryed over.”

The blood ancestor is nodded.

Qin Feiyang thought a little, secretly thought: “Then we will go to Ancient Castle. Ancient Castle closes the door, it should be able to block the prying eyes of Chaos Royal Capital.”

The madman shook his head and said: “I’m afraid Ancient Castle may not be able to block its prying eyes. After all, its level is higher than Ancient Castle.”

“Of course.”

“If it wants to peek into the ancient Castle interior, none of us can stop it.”

“But the premise is that it is forced to use Divine Sense to peek.”

“If it does not use Divine Sense, it cannot break through Ancient Castle’s defenses.”

“And if it really has to peek at it forcibly, Ancient Castle will be able to immediately find out by then, and it can notify us in time.”

Qin Feiyang sound transmission.

Yun Ziyang nodded and said: “It’s really safer than living directly in Chaos Royal Capital.”

At least, staying in Ancient Castle can still have a little privacy, unlike living in Chaos Royal Capital, which is completely exposed to the vision of Chaos Royal Capital.

Qin Feiyang looked towards all around.

All around are buildings, there is no place where Ancient Castle can be placed.


Qin Feiyang simply let Ancient Castle fall on the square again.

Living here has both advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantage is that being too close to the Divine King of Chaos is equivalent to being under the nose of the Divine King of Chaos.

The advantage is also because of the chaotic Divine King.

The Divine King of Chaos lives inside the great palace next to the square. When the Great Demon King wants to plot against them, naturally they will not dare to be so blatant.

In other words.

The existence of the chaotic Divine King can restrict each Great Demon King.

When the Ancient Castle fell in the center of the square, a group of Qin Feiyang quickly entered the hall of Ancient Castle, and then the gate quickly closed.

The madman chuckled and said: “I have never felt that I feel so safe in Ancient Castle.”

“Listen to what you mean, hasn’t true body given you a sense of security before?”

Ancient Castle’s unhappy voice sounded.


The madman looked at Ancient Castle and said with a smile: “Can you hear me?”

“The true body is not deaf.”

Ancient Castle said angrily.

Not feeling safe yet?

In the past few years, if it weren’t for true body full power protection, you little bastard wouldn’t know how many times they have died. They are really White-Eyed Wolf than White-Eyed Wolf.


“I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously!”

The madman laughed.

“If true body is serious, would you still have a chance to stand here and talk? Just blast you out.”

Ancient Castle indifferently said.


The madman bared his teeth.

Just then!

A terrifying Divine Sense, rolling in from the outside, directly breaks through the defense of Ancient Castle and enters the interior of Ancient Castle.


Qin Feiyang and the others were surprised.

This must be Divine Sense of Chaos Royal Capital!

What does it want to do?

Do you want to keep watching them like this?

“Although Divine King has promised not to kill you, it is best for you to stay safe.”

A moment later.

A emotionless voice rang from Ancient Castle.

Follow closely.

Divine Sense of Chaos Royal Capital quickly retreated.

“Scaring people do not pay for their lives, is this?”

Li rebirth is indignant.

Can’t tell me in advance? Give each other some respect!

“I am afraid that in the future, scares like this will appear from time to time, so be prepared!”

Qin Feiyang shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Ancient Castle really couldn’t stop the Divine Sense of Chaos Royal Capital.

“Whatever he does, they dare not kill us anyway.”

“Come on, let’s sit down and talk, I, your father invite you to drink, authentic divine wine.”

The madman grinned and looked calm. He walked to the coffee table and sat on a chair with a ‘fart’ and took out a few bottles of Wushuang divine wine.


“Why don’t you do anything to lose worry, what are they doing?”

Yun Ziyang, nodded, also ran to the lunatic and sat down, grabbing a wine jar unceremoniously, and chuckled, “Today, we should definitely celebrate.”

Li Feng also ran over immediately, watching the wine jar almost drooling down.

Blood ancestor, Dafu, Azure Dragon looked simultaneously, and his face was speechless.

Stuck in a place like this, unexpectedly still drinking to celebrate?

These youngsters now have too much heart!

“If you come, you will be safe.”

Qin Feiyang looked at the blood ancestor three people slightly smiled, and strode over, took out the Ancient Dragon tea that Qi Shaoyun gave him, and started to make tea.

After entering Tianzhong God’s Storehouse for so many years, I have never had a good sip of tea.


The nodded, helpless blood ancestors, also relaxed and sat around the table.

“Where are we?”

Li rebirth looked towards old poison and Qiao Xue.

“Does this still need to be said?”

“Of course it is to learn to adapt to their lives.”

old poison laughed, ran to the lunatic, stared at the wine jars on the table, and asked: “This is really divine wine?”



The madman speaks.

“Let me see.”

Li Rebirth ran over and held a jar of divine wine. He tore off the sealing paper and opened the lid of the wine jar, and the one dragon shadow immediately roared out.

Dragon Transformation of wine, it really is divine wine!

Whether it’s old poison or Li rebirth, they can’t help their eyes shine.

The madman looked at the two people in surprise, said with a big smile: “It seems that we are all the same people, unlike some people. On such a good day, unexpectedly still drinking tea? I, your father really despises .”

“It’s fine if you are happy.”

Qin Feiyang smiled faintly, knowing that the madman is talking about him, but he has long been used to it. The left ear goes in and the right ear goes out.

“This tea is not simple.”

As the scent of tea slowly floated out, Qiao Xue had a trace of surprise in her eyes, walked to Qin Feiyang’s side, and watched the green smoke from the teapot, muttered.

“Do you like tea too?”

Qin Feiyang stared blankly, looked up towards Qiao Xue, and asked with a smile.

“Taste it occasionally before.”

“Not a special preference.”

Qiao Xue sat next to Qin Feiyang, said with a smile.

Qin Feiyang lightly said with a smile: “Then you will taste it later, and promise you will like it from now on, because this is an authentic god tea.”

“Shen tea?”

Qiao Xue stared blankly.

Li rebirth and old poison hearing this, both holding the wine jar, ran to Qin Feiyang’s side, staring curiously at the teapot.


“What do you mean?”

“Eating from the bowl, still want to look at the pot?”

“Losing I, your father still treats you like fellows.”

The madman does not hide it.

“We eat all.”

Li rebirth laughed.

“Also take it all?”

“Seeing that your position is not firm at all. For those who are not firm, you are not worthy to associate with I, your father.”

The lunatic is coldly snorted.

When Li rebirth and old poison heard this, they couldn’t help rolling their eyes.

Qin Feiyang looked at the lively atmosphere with a smile on his face. It has been a long time, and it has not been so relaxing and leisurely.

He poured a few cups of tea and pushed it to Qiao Xue, Li rebirth, old poison, Dafu, Blood Progenitor, Azure Dragon.

Everyone picked up the teacup and tasted it, immediately intoxicated.

Sure enough!

Qiao Xue immediately likes this Ancient Dragon tea.

“Do you three want to drink?”

Li rebirth raised his head and looked towards floating aside, looking curiously at the three ruler soldiers of Ancient Castle, and asked.

The three ruler magic soldiers hearing this stared blankly, and then looking at Li Rebirth, really spit on the star and sprayed this man to death.

They are ruler soldiers, can they drink in your mouth?

“If you really want to try it, let me make Qin Feiyang soak in a big tank and give you a bubble bath, so you can naturally taste the taste of this tea.”

“Soaking in a bath with god tea, but equal luxury.”

Li rebirth smirked.

“Fuck us?”

“Are you looking for a beating?”

The three rulers were so angry that they were just deliberately angry.

Qin Feiyang put down teacup, looked up towards the three ruler gods, and apologized: “Sorry, I thought, I will let you go when I rescue you, but didn’t expect this to happen. I can only feel wronged you stay with us first.”

When the three rulers heard this, they couldn’t help being silent.

Qin Feiyang looked at the three rulers suspiciously, seeing them lingering, said with a smile: “You really have to blame me, and I have nothing to say. After all, this incident was caused by me. .”

If it weren’t for him, the three rulers wouldn’t know how unrestrained and moist they are now, how could they suffer this sin?