Invincible War God Chapter 3790


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Qin Feiyang glanced at Li Feng, looked towards Blood Ancestor, shook his head and said: “Ancestor, you really don’t need to be like this…”

“That’s it.”

“A big man fainthearted, what is it like?”

“Furthermore, Human Sovereign and I, the Emperor Yu is like a brother. It is right to take care of you.”

“Say more.”

“Do you think that your ancestor is to give you an inheritance?”

“no! ”

“My ancestor, this is to give you the hope and burden of the future of Human Race.”

“In the future, you will replace your ancestors, Human Sovereign, Yuhuang, and of course Azure Dragon, Four Great Guardian God Beasts, and guard this territory of the Sky Cloud Realm.”

Blood Ancestor Road.

Qin Feiyang took a deep breath, took over the inheritance of Time Law, nodded seriously said: “rest assured, we will not disappoint your expectations.”

“That’s it.”

The blood ancestor slightly smiled.

Li Feng turned his eyeball and looked at the blood ancestor and said: “Master, in fact, your Time Law can also be upgraded to the ultimate Profound Truth level.”

“What are you talking about in sleep?”

The blood ancestor looked at Li Feng suspiciously. He couldn’t leave the Royal Capital of Chaos. How could he improve?

Li Feng waved his hand, the trapped soul of the undead appeared, said with a smile: “Your road to success is them.”

“Do you want to give it to the ancestor?”

“What about you?”

The blood ancestor frowned.

“Who said I would give it to you?”

“I mean, we will absorb together.”

“Divine King of Chaos, isn’t it? These undead souls are enough for us to elevate one of the strongest laws from the first Profound Truth to the ultimate Profound Truth.”

“My Space-Time Laws has already been upgraded to the highest Profound Truth level, and with the help of the Ice Phoenix sword, it has swallowed a lot of souls of the undead, and Space-Time Laws has strengthened less.”

“In other words, I may only need half of these undead souls.”

“And you, I believe you have swallowed a lot of undead souls over the years, and Time Law must have been strengthened a lot, even stronger than my Space-Time Laws.”

“So if unsurprisingly, these undead souls should be enough to raise our Space-Time Laws and Time Law to the ultimate Profound Truth level.”

Li Feng explained.


“Why didn’t the ancestor think of this?”

The blood ancestor patted his head.

Qin Feiyang and the others came to their senses.

These souls of the undead are enough to elevate a strongest law from the first Profound Truth to the ultimate Profound Truth, and Li Feng and the blood ancestor’s Space-Time Laws and Time Law have already stepped into the highest Profound Truth level.

And after stepping into the supreme Profound Truth, they swallowed a lot of undead souls. Maybe the undead souls that the Divine King of Chaos now gave them can really make them both breakthrough.

Qin Feiyang looked towards Xuezu and Li Feng, said with a smile: “Then you try first. Of course it is best, but if not, we will find a way.”

“What can be done?”

The blood ancestor is suspicious.

“According to my observation, the Ten Great Demon King, also known as the Celestial Demon King three people, are the most hostile to us.”

“The other Great Demon Kings are not hostile to us, but they have no good impressions.”

“But Snow Queen, she seems to have a good attitude towards us, maybe we can ask her for help.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

“Let’s do it!”

The blood ancestor glanced at the souls of the undead, and finally couldn’t help the temptation.

Qin Feiyang looked towards Dafu again and said: “Don’t tell me, you want the inheritance of the law of causality, also for your princess?”


Dafu asked rhetorically.

Qin Feiyang smiles wryly.

These older generations are really admirable!

However, it is limited to Azure Dragon, Dafu, and Blood Progenitor.

If you want to replace it with another Old Antique, the inheritance of the strongest law and ultimate Profound Truth, you still want me to give it away? Dream it!

“All right, you all go to retreat!”

“Cultivation Room is up to you.”

“My ancestors, I have to trouble you, and help you lay out the Time Array to save time.”

“As for the young and old, please don’t be idle. Although you want to give away the inheritance, you still have a microcosm of the law.”

Qin Feiyang said with a smile.

“You don’t need to remind you, wait until you see the Divine King of Chaos, be careful.”

Azure Dragon told me.

“I know.”

Qin Feiyang nodded, glanced at the crowd, feeling relieved.

Let’s talk about lunatics. Now they have mastered the ultimate Profound Truth of the Law of Thunder, Death Law, and Slaughter Law, and they also have a microcosm.

And Space-Time Laws…


Space-Time Laws?

Qin Feiyang thought of this, expression slightly stared blankly.

The last time I ransacked the treasure house of the black robe old man five people, I got the epitome of two Space-Time Laws. At that time, the lunatic and Yun Ziyang took away one Space-Time Laws.

There is a miniature, what does the lunatic still want the inheritance of Space-Time Laws?

“Senior Brother, did you make a mistake?”

“Doesn’t your Space-Time Laws have a microcosm?”

Qin Feiyang looked at the lunatic suspiciously.

“I know.”

“But the miniatures have not yet merged!”

The madman is nodded.


Qin Feiyang slapped his head suddenly.

At the beginning, after being assigned the miniatures, Li rebirth immediately took them to find Qiao Xue, then went to Flame Mountain Range to find the sun-fired thunder-fire, and then encountered the old poison, and finally the blood-thirsty Demon King appeared. They came to Chaos Royal Capital again.

So not only lunatics, Yun Ziyang, Dafu, Azure Dragon, and even Qin Feiyang himself, the epitome obtained at the time, did not merge.

The madman chuckled: “Now there is inheritance, the epitome of Space-Time Laws, of course, you don’t need it anymore, just leave it to Brother Wolf!”

The madman returned the epitome of Space-Time Laws to Qin Feiyang after he finished speaking.


Qin Feiyang nodded, put away the epitome of Space-Time Laws.

In other words, after accepting the inheritance of Space-Time Laws, the lunatic will master the two ultimate Profound Truths, the Law of Thunder and the Space-Time Laws, Death Law, Slaughter Law, and the Law of War.

It can be said.

This time the madman entered God’s Storehouse in Tianzhong. His strength is the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Yun Ziyang’s harvest is not small.

First is the ruler of Yin-Yang Mirror, then the inheritance of Death Law, and the epitome of Space-Time Laws.

There is also Fire Phoenix Great Princess, her harvest can be said to be the greatest.

Phoenix Clan’s ruler allegiance has acknowledged allegiance, as well as the chickadee sword and Phoenix clock.

Then is the inheritance of Law of Fire, the epitome of the law of swallowing, and the inheritance of the law of cause and effect prepared by Vega Fook for her.

Of course.

Qin Feiyang himself has gained the most.

Although the epitome of the law, there is only the law of destruction, and inheritance is only the law of cause and effect, but he has gained more than a dozen of the ruler soldiers!

Ice Phoenix sword, White Dragon sword, Black Dragon mirror, Golden Dragon Spear, Sky Star God sword, All Living Things Cauldron, void mirror, heavy sword, silver moon Divine Sword, golden sun Divine Sword, and now there are Green Tripod, Chijin Big Clock, Ancient Pagoda.

These are the thirteen ruler soldiers.

Not counting the Ghost God Throne, Red Dragon Shield, and Li rebirth three people that White-Eyed Wolf harvested, plus the ruler of three people.

All in all.

Even in the next few years, even if he stays in Chaos Royal Capital, he already has the capital to contend with the major restricted areas.

Of course.

Long Chen may become an unexpected.

If Long Chen is left alone, he will surely be able to subdue many ruler soldiers and find a lot of microcosms of the rules.

As for inheritance, Qin Feiyang did not consider it.

If inheritance is so easy to find, the last time Yuhuang and the others entered God’s Storehouse, it would not have been little bunny who found the inheritance of the two strongest laws.


Long Chen doesn’t seem to let it go.

It doesn’t matter if Long Chen surrenders the ruler magic weapon and seeks the epitome of the rule for himself, but if it is for Dragon Race, then he can’t just sit back and watch.

Because Dragon Race is stronger, it is not good for him.

“Then you will retreat first, I will go to Divine King.”

Qin Feiyang’s radiance flashed in his eyes, watching the madman and the others say something, then turned around and let Ancient Castle open the gate and walked out quickly.

“Nothing will happen, right?”

Azure Dragon worriedly said.

“Don’t worry!”

“Look at the attitude of Divine King of Chaos, what’s wrong with It shouldn’t be.”

said the blood ancestor, but he was not sure.

After Qin Feiyang left Ancient Castle, the gate of Ancient Castle closed quickly.

Qin Feiyang glanced at Ancient Castle and walked towards the hall next to it.

The door is not closed.

Qin Feiyang walked to the gate, looked at the chaotic Divine King sitting above, and said, “Senior.”

“Come in!”

The chaotic Divine King smiled faintly.

Qin Feiyang walked into the hall.

“Sit down!”

The Divine King of Chaos points to the stone chair next to him.


Qin Feiyang walked over, sat on a stone chair, said with a smile: “I don’t know the god Senior Wang, I called Junior privately, why?”

Divine King of Chaos said: “Turn on your Life and Death Laws again, let me take a good look.”

“It turned out to be curious about Life and Death Laws.”

Qin Feiyang mumbled, along with thoughts move, Life and Death Power emerged.

The Divine King of Chaos waved his hand, one strand Life and Death Power, immediately breaking the sky, suspended in her palm, and then the Divine King of Chaos looked at that strand of Life and Death Power without saying a word.

Qin Feiyang has a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Aren’t they all Law Power? What catches your eyes?

After a long time.

With a wave of the Chaos Divine King, the wisp of Life and Death Power returned to Qin Feiyang’s within the body and asked: “This Life and Death Laws, what stage should you understand?”

“The Fifth Profound Truth.”

Qin Feiyang said truthfully.

Divine King of Chaos nodded, said with a smile: “Then are you now in a situation where it is difficult to move?”

“How do you know?”

Qin Feiyang is surprised.

Although I realized the fifth Profound Truth, the Supreme Profound Truth has made no progress at all.

The Divine King of Chaos smiled faintly, and within the body unexpectedly rushed out of a piece of Law Power.

Qin Feiyang looked at this piece of Law Power and stood up.

How is it possible?

Unexpectedly also Life and Death Power!

“You read that right, I also realized Life and Death Laws!”

“This is why I came to you.”

“Because you are what I know, besides me, the second person to start Life and Death Laws.”

The chaotic Divine King smiled.

“What about your eyes?”

Qin Feiyang looked towards Divine King’s eyes.

The eyes of Divine King of Chaos are black and white, much like the eyes of life and death, but they don’t have Life and Death Power, so he has not been sure.

“My eyes?”

“My eyes are born like this, it has nothing to do with the eye of life and death.”

“I don’t like opening the eyes of life and death, because I don’t like to peep into other people’s secrets.”

Chaos Divine King slightly smiled, facing Qin Feiyang’s expression and tone, softer.