Invincible War God Chapter 3941


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“There is no word in your mouth.”

Huo Wu also looked at the madman helplessly.

“Tell the truth!”

“Anyway, I, your father has an instinct.”

“Old Qin wants to realize the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, he must experience a catastrophe that ordinary people cannot bear.”

A madman taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune said with a smile.

Qin Feiyang rolled his eyes.

Selling such a brother is really bad luck.

Huo Wu said: “Otherwise, you just ignore the Ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, and comprehend the ultimate Profound Truth of other laws.”

“little girl, don’t you understand this!”

“If I, your father did not integrate Myriad Evil Origin, he would have begun to comprehend the ultimate Profound Truth of other laws.”

“Because there is no integration with Myriad Evil Origin, our strength is similar.”

“But now, I, your father one fist can crush the ultimate Profound Truth. Seeing that I, your father is so powerful, he didn’t say anything, but his heart must be secretly competing with I, your father.”

“So, he has no thoughts at all now to understand the ultimate Profound Truth of other laws.”

The madman said with a smile proudly.

“Do you know the most?”

Qin Feiyang’s face is dark.

“Dare you say that you don’t think so?”

The madman laughed heartily.

Qin Feiyang gave a dry cough and drank tea with his head down to hide the embarrassment between expressions.

“You two, people who don’t know, think you are destined enemies!”

Huo Wu shook her head, her face full of helplessness.

I can’t figure it out, it’s all my own, what’s the point?

But this is the truth.

Whether it is Qin Feiyang, a lunatic, or White-Eyed Wolf, they can lose to others, but they must not lose to each other. It is precisely because of this that their strength has not been thrown away by each other.

But now!

The madman merged with Myriad Evil Origin and suddenly his strength skyrocketed.

Whether it is Qin Feiyang or White-Eyed Wolf, facing this sudden change, I feel a little anxious.


Qin Feiyang is so eager to realize the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws.

On the one hand, it is to compete with the madman, and on the other hand, because of the situation of the year, only by realizing the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws can it truly compete with Divine Kingdom.

Qin Feiyang was unable to calm down because of his anxiety.

“No way!”

Qin Feiyang shook his head and looked towards the madman three people and said: “I have been a little impetuous recently, I have to go outside for a walk.”

The most important thing in cultivation is mood.

I have been working behind closed doors for a short period of time, but over time, the mood will inevitably be affected, and you may end up in a dead end.

“Do you need us to accompany you?”

The madman smirked.

“You are not beauty.”

Qin Feiyang glared at him, coldly snorted and said: “Don’t be proud, my Life and Death Laws ultimate Profound Truth, maybe even better than Myriad Evil Origin, so you’d better hurry up and kill The ultimate Profound Truth of Law is realized.”

“Don’t tell me you really.”

“This time I teach the scriptures, I, your father’s gain is not small.”

“Especially when the blood ancestor was explaining the Ultimate Profound Truth of Death Law, listen carefully, I, your father really has some insights.”

The madman laughed.

“Okay, let’s take a look, whether you first realize the ultimate Profound Truth of Death Law or I first realize the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws.”


“Don’t forget one important point.”

“As long as I realize the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, it is equivalent to mastering the ultimate Profound Truth of Death Law and Life Law at the same time.”

Qin Feiyang haha ​​smiled, got up and left Profound Martial World alone.


The madman was astonished, his face looked a bit ugly immediately.

He was so proud of him that he ignored it.

That’s right!

Once Qin Feiyang realizes the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, then Death Law and Life Law will be simultaneously upgraded to the ultimate Profound Truth.

In this way, coupled with the current law of cause and effect and the Light Law ultimate Profound Truth, Qin Feiyang is equivalent to mastering the five ultimate Profound Truth, directly surpassing him.

“No way.”

“I, your father must go to retreat.”

The madman drank the remaining wine in the wine jar in one breath, watched Huo Wu and Li Feng said something, then turned around and entered Ancient Castle without looking back.

What’s the joke?

It’s OK to lose to anyone, but you can’t lose to Qin Feiyang and White-Eyed Wolf.

“I really can’t do anything with them.”

Huo Wu shook his head and smiled.

“In fact, this is also good, because they can maintain a fighting spirit anytime, anywhere.”

“But we have to work hard.”

“Otherwise they will be hindered sooner or later.”

“To be honest, I really miss the time at God’s Storehouse in Tianzhong.”

Li Feng sighed.

If you can stay in Tianzhong God’s Storehouse and swallowing the soul of the undead, you don’t need to comprehend the ultimate Profound Truth by yourself.

The corner of Huo Wu’s mouth twitched, speechless saying: “You are like Brother Wolf, thinking about reap without sowing all day long.”


“sister-in-law, don’t joke.”

Li Feng laughed dryly.



The place where the gods are buried.

Qin Feiyang walks on foot.

There is no destination and no destination can be found.

Anyway, it’s where you go.

A period of time passed, he walked out of the land of the burial of the gods, adjusting one’s head and turning one’s face, incognito, like a mortal, entered the north continent.

Through the teachings of lunatics and the others, a cultivation frenzy has been set off across the sky and clouds world.


Anyone who is a little motivated will not miss such a good opportunity.

So now, there are almost half fewer pedestrians on the streets of each city.

It took several years and he traveled all corners of the North continent, seeing everything in the world, and savoring the impermanence of people.

The heart finally settled down slowly.


He entered the south continent, the east continent, and the west continent one after another.

At this moment, he is like a passer-by in the sky cloud world, sometimes stopping to watch the struggles and disputes in Human World, and sometimes stopping in a certain place to meditate.

Except for the footprints left, nothing was left wherever he went.


A blink of an eye.

Ten years passed in a hurry.

Ten years.

Because in the past ten years, people from Divine Kingdom have never appeared again, and the Heavenly Cloud Realm has completely calmed down.

Even everyone seems to have forgotten about the existence of Divine Kingdom.

Ten years have passed.

The power of all parties has also been greatly improved.

Places such as Demon Palace not only have abundant resources, but also have a time array of one day and a thousand years, plus the teachings of lunatics and the others, the strength is naturally rapid progress.

The simplest comparison.

The news that shocked the sky cloud world is that God’s Storehouse will be opened three days later, and all major races can participate. As for the divine object in God’s Storehouse, it is naturally the inheritance and epitome of the law that attract the most attention.

Phoenix Clan heard the news. The white-haired old woman and the Hefa old man immediately went to Tianyun Island in person to discuss with the three people of Emperor Yu.

Phoenix Clan is downright, but its background is no less than Dragon Race and Qilin Race.

After some discussion, Phoenix Clan also agreed to take out a part of the law inheritance, Divine Artifact, Divine Art, and contribute to God’s Storehouse.

They did this, first to ease the relationship between Phoenix Clan and the emperor and the others, and secondly, in exchange for the quota to enter Tianyun God’s Storehouse.

After all, everyone wants a microcosm of the law.


Three days later!

All major races poured into the sea of ​​sky clouds.

There are many hidden Old Antiques of various races among them.

They want a microcosm of the law more.

However, none of them dared to chaos in the sea of ​​sky clouds.

Even the brutal Vicious Beast is extremely honest.


Tianyun Island.

In the pavilion.

The feather emperor, little bunny, blood ancestor, and Four Great Divine Beasts, sitting around the table.

In front of void, there are pictures floating in the air.

It shows people of all races pouring into the sea of ​​sky clouds.

God’s Storehouse in Tianyun stands among the mountains of itself, like a giant peak, exuding magnificent aura.

This stone pagoda, but the feather emperor, blood ancestor, and little bunny have teamed up with tempering. Except for the ultimate Profound Truth and ruler Divine Weapon, no one should want to damage it.

“Have you contacted Qin Feiyang?”

Azure Dragon suddenly looked back and asked.


“But there is no reply to each one, it should be in retreat!”

The blood ancestor is nodded.

“Then don’t disturb them.”

Azure Dragon waved his hand and smiled, looking at Tianyun God’s Storehouse, full of pride.

Shua! !

At this time.

Qi Shaoyun and Long Chen appeared.

They also received summoning and came to have a look.

Looking at the Tianyun God’s Storehouse located next to myself, there is a smile on his face.

“Senior Qing Long.”

“How many microcosms have been put in this time?”

Qi Shaoyun is curious.

“The epitome of the strongest law, fifty, the epitome of Ordinary Law, two hundred.”

Azure Dragon finished speaking, took out a black token and handed it to Qi Shaoyun.

“So lavish?”

“Qin Feiyang didn’t mean to put three or five microcosms?”

Qi Shaoyun and Long Chen simultaneously looked and their expressions were extremely shocking.

“This is the first time Tianyun God’s Storehouse has been opened, so there are more.”

Azure Dragon One laughs.

“That’s it!”

Qi Shaoyun suddenly smiled.

This is the same as doing business. As long as everyone tastes the sweetness, they will continue to come next time.