Invincible War God Chapter 3944


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“Don’t think I am humiliating you.”

“It is not easy for you to get to this step.”

Long Chen faintly smiled.

“Aren’t you humiliating us?”

A group of people are tightly clenched with both hands, shooting fire in their eyes.

“Everyone is strong, but why is the soul so fragile?”

Long Chen is speechless.

The flowers in the greenhouse really couldn’t stand the blow.

“Since Qin Feiyang and the others are not here, it’s up to you, the realm of the gods, I have heard about it a long time ago, I really want to see it.”

Jiang Yunshuang looked at Long Chen overbearing.

“Not interested.”

Long Chen shook his head.

Jiang Yunshuang eyebrow raised.

Qin Feiyang and Golden Wing Wolf King are not interested in them, this person is also not interested in them, dare to be in the eyes of these people, is fighting them really in a playing house?

“Since you are not interested, what are you doing here?”

Dragon’s son gloomy has a face.

“I came here to ask for something.”

Long Chen smiled slightly.

“Is there something to ask us?”

A group of people are surprised.

What’s the situation?

“What’s the matter?”

Dragon’s son frowned.

Long Chen said with a smile: “Please return to Divine Kingdom first and wait for half a year.”

“What kind of stuff?”

A group of people raised their eyebrows.

I thought that something really required them, but didn’t expect, unexpectedly, to get them out of the Sky Cloud Realm.

“Alternatively, you can cultivate for half a year in the land of the burial of the gods, and wait for half a year before entering the Sky Cloud Realm. As long as you do not kill the innocent indiscriminately, we will never stop it.”

Long Chen smiled politely.

Moreover, it is also a consultative attitude.


“Why should we listen to you?”

someone sneered.

“This is not a discussion!”

“Everyone is a youngster, sit together and discuss things slowly. There is no need to make a fuss like a life or death enemy as soon as you meet.”

Long Chen smiled.

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang simultaneously looked.

What is going on here?

Why insist on letting them enter the Sky Cloud Realm in half a year?

wait a minute!

Is there something the Sky Cloud Realm is planning and don’t want to be known by them?

Thinking of this, Dragon’s son flashed radiance in his eyes, looking towards the people behind him, and said: “Since there is no intention to fight, then don’t nonsense with him, let’s go.”


A group of people, led by two people, swept towards the exit.


“Isn’t this embarrassing me?”

Long Chen sighed, stepping out, it was Time Law Supreme Profound Truth, in an instant, but in an instant, he was in front of a group of people.

“What do you want to do?”

“Tell you, don’t challenge our limits!”

Someone yells.

“Don’t get me wrong.”

“I really don’t mean to fight with you.”

Long Chen shook his head.

“Then get out, don’t get in the way!”

The attitude of a group of people is very rude.

“Go away…”

Long Chen murmured, a cold light gradually appeared in his eyes, lightly said with a smile: “In this case, then I might as well point out that as long as I am here, you will not be able to leave the land of the burial of the gods.” /p>

“Do you think you are who?”

“Can you stop so many of us?”

Many people have a trace of disdain on their faces.


“Why speak to you well, you have to assume this grand and heroic domineering posture? You have to be clear, this is the Sky Cloud Realm, not your Divine Kingdom.”

Long Chen was helpless.

It really confirms the sentence, all bully the good person, all lay load on the willing horse.

The more polite you are, the more unbridled the other party.

Is it so difficult to respect each other?

“What about Tianyun Realm?”

“In front of our Divine Kingdom, the Sky Cloud Realm is just a pellet place.”

Someone laughed.

“Since it is a pellet place, since it is so dismissive, why do you keep coming to the Sky Cloud Realm again and again?”

“Is there your Old Ancestor here?”

“You are going to come to recognize ancestors and return to the fold?”

Long Chen frowned.

Another sentence with very low killing power and extremely insulting.

The faces of a group of people gloomy down again.

“Dragon’s son, Goddess, he is obviously picking things up!”

“This kind of person is simply crime deserving ten thousand deaths!”


Every one is murderous looking, as if Long Chen dug their ancestral grave.


A terrifying aura roared from Jiang Yunshuang within the body.

“Great Perfection ruler?”

Long Chen Weiwei stared blankly.

Re-understood a rule so quickly? And also promoted to the fifth Profound Truth?

If you count it carefully, it will be ten years or so.

Even if there is a Time Array, even if the innate talent is extraordinary, it is impossible to be so fast!

“Don’t feel unexpected.”

“You all have the law of inheritance in the sky cloud world, let alone my Divine Kingdom.”

A trace of contempt appeared in Jiang Yunshuang’s eyes. The three ultimate Profound Truths of Time Law, the Law of Thunder, and the Law of Destruction were born in an instant.

The terrifying divine might, shocking all directions!

“That’s true.”

Long Chen is nodded, eyebrows slightly frowned, and said: “But, do you really want to overbearing like this? I really don’t want to waste time on this kind of meaningless battle.”

How can a place like Divine Kingdom have no rule of inheritance?

Maybe the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth.

“I know if it makes sense after playing it!”

In Jiang Yunshuang’s eyes, the cold light surges, and the three ultimate Profound Truth, immediately carrying the power of world extinguishing, kills Long Chen.

“Everyone’s patience is limited.”

Long Chen whispered.

As the voice landed, the realm of God appeared.

When the three ultimate Profound Truth entered the realm of gods, they began to disintegrate and dissipate.


“Unexpectedly can really invalidate the ultimate Profound Truth?”

“What the hell is this?”

The so-called hearing is fiction, seeing is believing.

At this moment, tens of thousands of people in Divine Kingdom couldn’t help being shocked by witnessing the horror in the realm of Gods.


The three ultimate Profound Truths completely dissipated in the realm of gods.

Long Chen has no damage.

This scene made Jiang Yunshuang frowned.

It’s incredible!


But next moment.

The Divine Race imprint at the center of her eyebrows burst out with a dazzling divine light.

The three ultimate Profound Truth appear again!

This time, the three ultimate Profound Truths are supported by Divine Race imprint, and the formidable power has skyrocketed by one step, which can completely crush the ultimate Profound Truth of the same level.

“I want to see how strong you are in the realm of gods!”

Jiang Yunshuang’s eyes were cold, and the three ultimate Profound Truths were killed.

With a loud bang, the realm of God trembles now.

Long Chen heart startled.

This is the power of Divine Race imprint?

Unexpectedly can shake the realm of gods.


Although the three ultimate Profound Truths can shake the realm of gods, when the three ultimate Profound Truths enter the realm of gods, they immediately begin to dissipate.

But it’s very slow!

Several times slower than before!

Long Chen’s eyes sank.

Really didn’t expect, Divine Race imprint will be so strong.

It seems that there are limits in the realm of gods!

It means that if you encounter a means beyond the ultimate Profound Truth, you cannot easily invalidate it.


“This is the realm of gods?”

“Just this too!”

“Divine Race imprint is better.”

A group of people laughed.

But Dragon’s son didn’t say a word in the whole process, he must be staring at Long Chen.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

The three ultimate Profound Truths have already smashed in front of Long Chen, but not at all, so much that they will be overwhelmed by the three ultimate Profound Truth.


Long Chen stepped away suddenly retreated.

The three ultimate Profound Truth immediately whistled past in front of him and blasted into the ground below.

hong long!

The earth collapsed and sank immediately, showing a world extinguishing picture.

At this time.

The realm of gods shattered instantly with a sound of ka-cha.


“The realm of the gods was unexpectedly broken?”

The five spies in the distant place were all dumbfounded when they watched this scene.

This is a dream!

When I looked towards Jiang Yunshuang again, the five people couldn’t help their scalp tingling.

This is the power of Divine Race imprint?

too terrifying.


Looking at the shattering of the realm of gods, Dragon’s son finally exhaled.

The reason why he called Jiang Yunshuang to come to the Sky Cloud Realm together, he just wanted to try, can the power of Divine Race imprint break through the realm of gods?

In other words.

Before, he was not at all certainty.

But now, the facts are in front of us, Divine Race imprint can indeed threaten Long Chen.

“The realm of the gods is no longer a concern. See how you unbridled?”

Follow closely.

Dragon’s son looked at Long Chen and sneered.

Long Chen’s face turned pale, and the fragmentation of the realm of the gods caused him a lot of trauma.

But for the injury, he didn’t at all taking seriously, his eyes fixed on the imprint between Jiang Yunshuang’s eyebrows. It seems that this Divine Race imprint, only the madman who masters Myriad Evil Origin can be a positive opponent.

“This realm of gods is not so good.”

Jiang Yunshuang turning one’s head looked towards Dragon’s son, proudly said.

Dragon’s son raised his eyebrows, a little unhappy with Jiang Yunshuang’s attitude.

This is not only mocking Long Chen, but also mocking him.

Because he was defeated by Long Chen at the beginning.

But now!

Jiang Yunshuang broke through the realm of gods with one person.

Doesn’t this mean saying in disguise that he is not as good as Jiang Yunshuang?


Although he can’t break through the realm of gods, he has 3,000 Incarnations, but he can crush Jiang Yunshuang.

It really confirms a sentence.

Everything can’t escape the fate of mutual growth and restraint.

Long Chen can defeat Dragon’s son, Dragon’s son can defeat Jiang Yunshuang, and Jiang Yunshuang can defeat Long Chen.

After breaking through the realm of God, Jiang Yunshuang’s confidence skyrocketed.


An unfamiliar aura burst out.

Death Law!

Eighteen Levels of Hell instantly manifested high in the sky.


Long Chen was surprised.

The last time Jiang Yunshuang played against White-Eyed Wolf at Demon Palace, he had never opened the Ultimate Profound Truth of Death Law.

Could it be said that she, who was fused by the White-Eyed Wolf Deprivation cultivation base, is the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws?

In other words.

Now Jiang Yunshuang controls the four ultimate Profound Truth!

“I also want to thank Golden Wing Wolf King, or else I won’t get the inheritance of this ultimate Profound Truth.”

Jiang Yunshuang sneered.

The other three ultimate Profound Truth appear again.

The four ultimate Profound Truth, exuding the divine might of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, kill to Long Chen.

Long Chen took a deep breath, and the realm of God reappeared, covering all directions.

“It’s all useless, what are you still opening for?”

Jiang Yunshuang laughed.

“The realm of gods is not as simple as you think.”

Long Chen faintly smiled.

As the four ultimate Profound Truth enter the realm of gods, one after another invisible power emerges, surging towards the four ultimate Profound Truth.

“How is this possible?”

“A field, unexpectedly can give birth to power of Law?”

Jiang Yunshuang’s expression immediately stayed.