Invincible War God Chapter 3947


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White-Eyed Wolf thoughts move, the golden beast shadow disappeared, looking at Long Qin and said: “Send them back to Divine Kingdom!”

Long Qin waved his hand, and Array collapsed and turned into a violent hurricane. Accompanied by painful screams, tens of thousands of people splashed into the sky.

This is the fastest way to send them back to Divine Kingdom.

Once the true body dies, stay in the Divine Soul of the Divine Kingdom and you can begin to reshape the fleshy body.


Now these people, I’m afraid they don’t even have the idea of ​​reshaping the fleshy body.

Because they are already heart like dead ashes.

“Brother Wolf, won’t you go after Jiang Yunshuang?”

Long Chen took another Life Divine Pill again, looked at White-Eyed Wolf and asked with a smile.

“What are you doing after her?”

White-Eyed Wolf is suspicious.

“Did you not find out just now?”

“Her Battle Soul is the eye of life.”

Long Chen said.


White-Eyed Wolf was surprised.

When he came before, he did notice Jiang Yunshuang’s eyes, but because the battle was too urgent, he didn’t at all think about it.

“If Mermaid Princess can integrate Jiang Yunshuang’s eye of life, then when we fight, we will have a real Undying Body.”

Long Chen smiled slightly, eyes full of expectation.

“You didn’t say it earlier!”

White-Eyed Wolf stared at Long Chen angrily, and immediately opened a space-time passage.

“Didn’t I let the Heavenly God Sword inform Ancient Castle?”

Long Chen frowned.

“Brother hasn’t been in Profound Martial World in recent years. Did you inform it is useful?”

White-Eyed Wolf one penetrates the passage of time and space.

Long Chen and Long Qin simultaneously looked and hurriedly followed up.


core area!

In front of the gate of Divine Kingdom.

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang stand together, looking at the interior area.

But the distance is too far.

Nothing can be seen.

“Are you sure, he can Deprivation Law?”

Dragon’s son frowned.


“My Law of Thunder has been Deprivation by him!”

Jiang Yunshuang’s eyes are full of loathing.

Dragon’s son was shocked, said solemnly: “Then why is your cultivation base unchanged?”

“Where do I know?”

Jiang Yunshuang stared at him angrily, did not give this Dragon’s son a good face, he meditated a little immediately, and speculated: “It may be because the law of Deprivation does not affect the cultivation base.”

Dragon’s son flashed a cold light in his eyes and said: “Then you still earned it.”

“What do you mean?”

Jiang Yunshuang frowned.

“Last time because of his Deprivation, he lost your cultivation base, allowing you to get the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth of Death Law, which is equivalent to one more rule, that is, seven rules.”

“This time, he Deprivation dropped your Law of Thunder, but the cultivation base has not changed.”

“Equal to.”

“Like before, you still master the Six Laws. The difference is that the Law of Thunder is replaced by Death Law.”

“An Ordinary Law is replaced by a strongest law, what are you making?”

Dragon’s son indifferently said.

“Can you understand this thing that way?”

“Is it not good to master one more rule?”

“Moreover, it is the ultimate Profound Truth rule!”

“Are you laughing at me, twice in the hands of Golden Wing Wolf King.”

Jiang Yunshuang said angrily.

“Goddess of the dignified Divine Race, even my father, I have to give you a bit of fame, how dare I laugh at you?”

Dragon’s son shrugged.

But meaning, it’s already obvious.

“Less eccentric.”

“No matter how bad I am, I am better than you.”

“At least Long Chen and Long Qin are defeated in my hands.”

Jiang Yunshuang’s ruthless ridicule.

Dragon’s son clenched his hands immediately, and his murderous intention flickered in his eyes.

This is the murderous intention of Long Chen, and it is also the murderous intention of Jiang Yunshuang.


“Gold Wing Wolf King will kneel at my feet sooner or later, begging for mercy!”

Jiang Yunshuang was coldly snorted, turned around and entered the gate of Divine Kingdom without looking back.

Dragon’s son glanced at Jiang Yunshuang’s back, then looked down at the core area, a hint of hostility flashed across his eyebrows, and then followed into the gate of Divine Kingdom.

At this moment!

White-Eyed Wolf descended over the core area, looking at the back of Dragon’s son, frowning involuntarily.

“I am a step late.”

Long Chen shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter, they will come again anyway.”

“But Dragon’s son, it seems that this is the third time it has been planted in our hands, and Jiang Yunshuang is also the second time.”

“I don’t know what’s interesting next time we meet?”

White-Eyed Wolf’s face is full of playfulness.

Long Qin retracted his gaze, looked at White-Eyed Wolf, and asked: “wolf pup, what’s the matter with your ultimate Profound Truth?”

Long Chen heard this and immediately looked towards White-Eyed Wolf.

Jiang Yunshuang thought that White-Eyed Wolf had hidden strength before, but he knew the situation of White-Eyed Wolf more clearly.

The inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth of Time Law was given to White-Eyed Wolf by the blood ancestor.

Available now.

After disappearing for a while, he unexpectedly mastered Death Law and the ultimate Profound Truth of the law of cause and effect. If there was nothing weird in it, he chopped off his head on the spot and used it as a bench.

“Familiar with you?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at the two people, half a day, and suffocated a sentence of anger.

Long Chen is fine.

Because the temperament is always good.

But Long Qin wanted to slap him away.

White-Eyed Wolf eyeball turned, chuckled said: “Actually, it’s nothing to tell you.”

two people immediately looked at him curiously.

White-Eyed Wolf glanced all around thiefly, and said in a low voice: “A few years ago, I dreamed of Creation God. He said I was handsome and handsome, talented out of the ordinary, and he was very close to him. So give me a few pieces of the inheritance of the ultimate Profound Truth.”

The two siblings heard this, although it was Long Chen’s good temper, they couldn’t help but stare.

“Don’t believe it?”

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“Brother never lies.”

White-Eyed Wolf looked at the two people seriously.

“get lost! ”

The two siblings shouted suddenly in unison.

True they are three-year-olds?

Also Creation God?

Why don’t you say that Creation God wants to accept you as a godson?

I have never seen such an unreliable guy.

“If you don’t believe me, you will fall down.”

White-Eyed Wolf turned his head and scanned the core area. Why didn’t Little Qinzi show up?


He released Divine Sense.

He thought that Qin Feiyang was still in the core area.

As a result, Divine Sense searched the entire core area, but Profound Martial World was not found.

“Where are people?”

White-Eyed Wolf looked towards Longchen siblings.

“You are their brother, you don’t even know, we will know?”

Long Qin’s face was black.

“Girl, don’t be so tempered, be careful not to marry later.”

White-Eyed Wolf shook his head.


Long Qin was furious immediately.

This time!

Long Chen followed nodded and said: “I have been persuading her too.”


Long Qin is immediately mad, is she kissing her brother?

“Sure enough.”

“Heroes see the same.”

White-Eyed Wolf hooked Long Chen’s shoulder, facing Long Qin continuously contorts one’s face in agony.

“You two are biological brothers, I am an outsider, let’s go!”

Long Qin glared at the two people angrily, turned around and walked away.

Long Chen shook his head and laughed, looking at White-Eyed Wolf and said: “You really don’t know where Qin Feiyang is?”

“I am so unreliable with you?”

“I just left the customs, how do you know?”

White-Eyed Wolf rubbed his forehead.

“Where is this brat?”

Long Chen frowned.

“wait a minute.”

“I summoning to ask.”

White-Eyed Wolf took out the sound transmission Divine Stone and gave it to Qin Feiyang for summoning.


Waiting for half a day, there is still no response.


White-Eyed Wolf mumbled and summoning to the madman.


The illusory shadow of the madman appeared and looked at White-Eyed Wolf and asked: “When did you leave the customs?”

“Just now.”

White-Eyed Wolf responded and asked: “Where are you now?”

“I don’t know.”

The madman shook his head.

“Don’t know?”

White-Eyed Wolf and Long Chen simultaneously looked.

“We are all in Profound Martial World, but this guy Old Qin…he said he wants to go out and relax, so we don’t know, where is he now?”

The madman said.


Long Chen’s mouth twitched, really leisurely.

White-Eyed Wolf was also quite speechless, saying: “Is he out alone?”


The madman is nodded.

White-Eyed Wolf said: “If you are in Profound Martial World, you can send him sound transmission directly. Now you can quickly ask him where he is?”

“Are you in a hurry?”

The madman is suspicious.


White-Eyed Wolf shook his head.

“What did you find him for without you?”

The madman rolled his eyes.


“There is no emergency now, I can’t even go to him?”

“How long has it been apart before you treat brother as an outsider?”

White-Eyed Wolf immediately furious.


“Old Qin went to relax, mainly because of the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, so at this time, I don’t want to disturb him.”

The madman explained.

“It turned out to be like this.”

White-Eyed Wolf suddenly nodded, helplessly said: “Let’s go, I’ll take a stroll outside first.”

“You just need to be happy.”

The madman hehe smiled and looked at Long Chen and asked: “How about the battle in the land of the burial?”

Long Chen froze, frowns saying: “Do you know that there was a battle in the land of the burial of the gods?”

“I know.”

“Didn’t the Heavenly God sword contact Ancient Castle?”

“Ancient Castle told me everything.”

The madman is nodded.

“Since you know, don’t you guys come to help?”

Long Chen’s face was dark.

“This can’t blame me, I can’t get out.”

The madman grinned.

When Long Chen heard this, he really had an urge to scold his mother.

I found out that I really can’t get in touch with these guys, or I will get mad sooner or later.

“Calm and calm.”

The madman smiled and calmed down, and asked: “What do you think of Jiang Yunshuang’s strength?”

“Very strong.”

“Especially Divine Race imprint!”

“Even the realm of my gods can be broken open.”

Long Chen frowned.

“Sure enough.”

The madman jié jié smiled.

He had predicted that although Long Chen could easily defeat Dragon’s son, facing Jiang Yunshuang, he would definitely fall into a bitter battle.

“In the future, facing Divine Race, only you and Qin Feiyang can take action.”

“As for me, I will be responsible for solving the Purple Gold Divine Dragon clan and Divine Kingdom Human Race!”

Long Chen shook his head.

The madman pondered a little, said curiously: “Then tell me, me, you, and Old Qin. If the three of us fight, who can be the final winner?”


Long Chen lowered his head and thought: “Not good said, Jiang Yunshuang can suppress me by relying on Divine Race imprint. You control the power of Myriad Evil Origin, and you must suppress me too, but you, the power of Myriad Evil Origin. , And no match for Qin Feiyang’s 3,000 Incarnations.”

“This is for sure.”

“Old Qin not only has 3,000 Incarnations, but also the Eye of God.”

“Who can do him?”

The madman shook his head feebly.

“You have self-knowledge.”


“If Qin Feiyang faces me, my God Realm, he can restrain his 3,000 Incarnations. As long as he enters the God Realm, he can’t even open 3,000 Incarnations.”

“As for the Eye of God, there is no auxiliary of 3,000 Incarnations. Personally, it is not at all threatening.”

Long Chen smiled.

“So, you have the confidence to beat Old Qin?”

The madman stared blankly, asked.

“At present, I do have self-confidence, but when he realizes the ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, it has to be another matter.”

Long Chen shook a smile.

“From the current situation, it seems that our methods are in fact mutual restraint.”

Mad frowns.

“That’s why we need to join forces.”

“As for the personal gratitude and grudges between us, let’s talk about it later!”

Long Chen seemed very calm.

It seems that for the old gratitude and grudges, not at all, how to take seriously.