Invincible War God Chapter 3948


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“You look very open.”

The madman jié jié smiled. Facing the enmity of the genocide, he could unexpectedly be so serene. I am afraid that there is only one person in this world. He asked: “How about going to Divine Kingdom?”

“Go to Divine Kingdom?”

White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly.

“When you were retreating on Tianyun Island, I discussed with Old Qin that if you want to change the current situation in the Tianyun world, you must move the battlefield to Divine Kingdom.”

The cold light flickers in the crazy eyes.

“Why don’t you notify me of such an important matter?”

White-Eyed Wolf frowned.

“Aren’t you retreating?”

“We also asked Li Feng to find you, but little bunny didn’t let you see.”

The madman shrugged, and immediately said: “However, we have not forgotten you. Doesn’t this mean you are out of the gate?”

“What time to go?”

White-Eyed Wolf shows radiance.

“When to go, it depends on the opinion of the person next to you.”

The madman glanced at Long Chen.

White-Eyed Wolf immediately turned one’s head and looked at Long Chen, and urged: “A big man, don’t be fainthearted. In one word, do you want to do it?”

“I am different from you.”

“You have Feather Emperor and Blood Progenitor behind you. Even if you leave the Sky Cloud Realm, they will have their keeping watch.”

“But Dragon Race, if you leave me now, you will be without a leader.”

Long Chen smiled bitterly.

“Aren’t your mother still in Dragon Race?”

“Even your younger sister, Longqin, is in the hands of your father. You get so many ultimate Profound Truth inheritance. Even more how is your mother?”

Crazy corner of the mouth lifted.

I have to admit that Long Zun is really looking for a backer.

After running for so many years, I have never seen a stronger presence than Ice Dragon and Little Beast.

Long Chen looked at the lunatic, pondered for a moment, and looked at White-Eyed Wolf and said: “I will think about it again, and now, Qin Feiyang hasn’t moved yet?”


White-Eyed Wolf immediately looked contemptuous.

Long Chen is helpless.


Divine Kingdom!

This is a world that is several times larger than the Sky Cloud World.

The entire land, with undulating hills, verdant vegetation, and misty mountains, is like Immortal Realm.


A huge city is suspended in the sky.

Only the scale of this city can be comparable to the entire east continent.

In the city.

Not only are there buildings with gold and jade in glorious splendor, but there are also countless strange peaks and ridges. From a distance, it looks like an Immortal Palace, exuding majestic aura.

This is the most sacred place in Divine Kingdom, the city in the sky!

It is also the homeland of the Purple Gold Divine Dragon clan!

In the city and in the mountains, you can sometimes see Purple Gold Divine Dragon.

In the center of the Sky City, there is another thousand zhang giant peak, and the mountain summit is impressively located in a great hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

At this time.

inside the palace!

The sovereign sits on the upper throne.

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang stood respectfully by themselves, and they were telling their encounters in the place where the gods were buried.

After a long time.

The two people finally finished the story, and immediately went silent, waiting for the Lord’s punishment.

Because this time, Divine Kingdom lost too much.

Tens of thousands of days have been deprivation cultivation base and rules.

As the team leader, Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang are naturally to blame.

But the lord who listened to the whole process, not at all, opened his mouth, lowered his head, and was silent.



Two terrifying imposing manners descended on the sky city.

This is a man and a woman.

A woman in her thirties, wearing a snow white long skirt, with one blue silk curled up high, with a sense of extravagance, and there is also a Divine Race imprint between her brows.

The man, left and right in his forties, is wearing a golden long dress with a golden-bright and dazzling Five Clawed Golden Dragon carved on it. Although there is no Divine Race imprint at the center of his eyebrows, But behind him, you can see a shocking emperor’s air!

On the occasion of the advent of this man and woman, the country’s eyebrows were slightly frowned.

Obviously know these two people.

A man and a woman glanced at the city in the sky, then stepped forward and landed directly in front of the great hall.

“Meet Divine King.”

“Meet Paragon.”

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang immediately turned around and saluted the two people respectfully.


Two people responded lightly and entered the great hall.

The lord waved his hand, and two seats climbing the dragon and the phoenix appeared on both sides of the great hall.

Allowing the Lord to personally give the seat, it can be seen that the status of these two people in the Divine Kingdom is certainly extraordinary.

A man and a woman are not polite, sitting directly on the seat, their faces are quite gloomy.

“It seems that the two have also heard about what happened in the Sky Cloud Realm.”

The lord smiled slightly.

“Can you still laugh?”

“Do you know how serious the matter is?”

“The tens of thousands of people who went to the Sky Cloud Realm this time, most of them were my Human Race talents, but as a result, none of them came back alive.”

“This is actually nothing. Anyway, there is Divine Soul left, and sooner or later I can rebirth.”

“The most unacceptable thing for me is that the cultivation base and rules of these people have all been abandoned by the Golden Wing Wolf King Deprivation.”

“Go and see, how desperate they are now?”

“Even many people, can’t stand this blow, self-destruct Divine Soul and take the initiative to seek death!”

The middle-aged man wearing a golden dragon robe angered.

“My youngster of Divine Race, the same is true.”

“Even if we can give up the idea of ​​seeking death under our enlightenment, there will be a lifetime shadow in my heart.”

The white clothed woman shook her head and sighed.

“Didn’t expect will be so serious.”

The Lord frowned.

“Otherwise, what do you think?”

“But Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang cannot be blamed for this matter.”

“The responsibility is yours.”

The middle-aged man overbearing looks at the country’s lord.


The lord stared blankly.

“That’s right.”

“With the strength of my Divine Kingdom, I can easily win the Sky Cloud Realm.”

“But what about you?”

“Making the decision without authorization, what millennium agreement was reached with Tianyunjie.”

“Now it is even more exaggerated. Not only has the agreement been extended to 10,000 years, but also the blood oath has been taken.”

“I want to ask, Lord, what on earth do you want to do?”

“If it wasn’t for you, could my Divine Kingdom have such a big loss?”

middle-aged man angered.

“Paragon, calm down.”

“Grandfather has made an agreement and is forced to do so.”

“Because at that time, if grandfather did not enter into an agreement with Qin Feiyang, the Divine Dragon sword would be destroyed in his hands.”

Dragon’s son quickly looked at the middle-aged man and explained.

“Although the Divine Dragon sword is the superior ruler Divine Weapon, it can be compared with the reputation of the entire Divine Kingdom? You go out now and see, how do the people of Divine Kingdom talk about you behind your back?”

middle-aged man looked towards Dragon’s son anger.

Dragon’s son lowered his head.

“Human Race, Divine Race, Purple Gold Divine Dragon clan, Divine Kingdom three strongest races, a dozen talents, tens of thousands of genius monsters, but every time they enter the sky and clouds are returned in low spirits after failing .”

“And every time in a difficult situation.”

“Last time, when you were suppressed in that kind of place, it has long been a joke for everyone.”

“This time, it turned tens of thousands of geniuses into useless persons.”

“Looking at the sky and clouds world.”

“From beginning to end, they have appeared several people?”

“Qin Feiyang, Golden Wing Wolf King, Li Feng, Yun Ziyang, Long Qin, Long Chen, Madman Mo.”

“You count yourself, there are only a few? Only seven.”

“Only seven people, defeating so many arrogances of our Divine Kingdom, isn’t this an extraordinary shame and humiliation?”

middle-aged man said sadly.

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang can’t help holding their hands, it is indeed an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“I agree with Human Race Paragon.”

“If you are not the owner of the country, you and Qin Feiyang privately make an agreement, our Divine Kingdom will not fall to this point.”

white clothed woman nodded.

“Good, good.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“But this is the end, it’s useless for you to blame me.”

“The top priority, we should find a way to get back a round.”

The Lord knows he is wrong, and his tone is not too strong.

Even if there is no reason, he has to be polite to the two people in front of him.

Because of these two people, a Paragon from Human Race, and a Divine King from Divine Race.

Although Human Race and Divine Race are inferior to the Purple Gold Divine Dragon clan, if they anger the Human Race and Divine Race, it will not be good for the Purple Gold Divine Dragon clan.

Human Race Paragon said: “I personally think that to resolve this matter, the agreement must be torn up and a fatal blow to the Heavenly Cloud Realm!”

“This won’t work.”

“I have taken the blood oath.”

“Besides, if the agreement is really torn up, does it mean an indirect recognition. The younger generation of my Divine Kingdom is not as good as their sky cloud world?”

“When the time comes, it will undoubtedly be even more embarrassing.”

“So this kind of thing is never allowed to happen. I cannot lose to them the younger generation of Divine Kingdom.”

The lord shook his head.

“It makes sense.”

Divine King hearing this nodded, his eyes suddenly brightened, looked towards the Lord and Human Race Paragon, and said: “Should we ask those who go out?”


The Lord and Human Race Paragon hesitated when they heard this.

“I know your concerns.”

“Those are the most powerful powerhouses of our Divine Kingdom younger generation. If they were even defeated by Qin Feiyang and the others, my Divine Kingdom would have no face.”

“But now, apart from them, I really can’t think of any other who has the ability to reverse this situation.”

Divine King sighed his head.

insignificant a Heavenly Cloud Realm, unexpectedly forced them Divine Kingdom to this level.

Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang simultaneously looked and seemed to be unwilling.

Dragon’s son bowed and said: “grandfather, Divine King, Paragon, don’t let them go out, please give us another chance.”

Dragon’s son’s father and Divine Kingdom Princess are biological siblings. Naturally, the country’s father is Dragon’s son’s biological grandfather.

“Do you want a chance?”

Three people frowns.

“We must be able to do this this time.”

Jiang Yunshuang also followed.

“Do you think it is not enough in a difficult situation now?”

Human Race Paragon rage.

“We are in a difficult situation, but it is precisely because of this. If we don’t win the game ourselves, I am afraid we will not be willing in our life, so please Paragon to fulfill it.”

Dragon’s son tightly clenched both hands and his eyes are extremely firm.

Human Race Paragon frowned.

“old partner, calm down.”

“Youngster, failure is not terrifying, but terrifying is losing confidence and fighting spirit.”

“Although they have been failing over the years, they have not given up in their current state. As long as they have not given up, there is hope.”

The Lord looked at the Human Race Paragon and said soothing, looking at Dragon’s son and Jiang Yunshuang, said with a smile: “Qin Feiyang and the others are already very clear about the strength of Qin Feiyang and the others. Since you are fighting again, you must have already thought about it in your heart. Plan, let us listen to it. If it is feasible, I will consider letting you go.”

“Thank you grandfather.”

“Thank you, the lord.”

Two people are happy in their hearts.