Invincible War God Chapter 4056


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In fact, there is no need to remind the Ten Venerables. When 3,000 Incarnations opened the ultimate Profound Truth, the killed god Clan Elder Antique already felt the deadly threat and turned around and ran away.

Don’t talk about them, even if Divine King is there, it can’t stop Qin Feiyang’s 3,000 Incarnations.

After all, this is the existence that has defeated the Lord.

hong long!


At the same time.

The sacred mountain below is constantly collapsing.

Soul Vein and crystal veins appeared quickly.

these all are top Soul Vein and Crystal Vein.

There are seven-eight hundred thousand bars.

This is not all the Soul Vein and Crystal Veins of Shenshan.

The situation is urgent, and Qin Feiyang and the others have no time to take away all the Soul Vein and crystal veins here.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, and hundreds of thousands of Soul Vein and crystal veins disappeared instantly without a trace, immediately Qin Feiyang shouted: “Go!”


Five people and 3,000 Incarnations, with the ultimate Profound Truth, rushed into the sky immediately.

The ten sages standing in the sky, watching this scene, quickly backed away!

He had to retire!

Three thousand Life and Death Laws, the ultimate Profound Truth, is like a ruler Divine Weapon that has fully recovered, making the scalp numb!


3,000 Incarnations take action, one thousand Life and Death Laws ultimate Profound Truth, turned into a torrent, exploded towards the sky.

With a loud noise, an Array appeared and shattered in an instant!

This is the Array personally arranged by Divine King.

But in front of the ultimate Profound Truth of a thousand Life and Death Laws, it is like a dead tree that is impossible to withstand a single blow.

Qin Feiyang and the others rushed out of Divine Island.


At this time.

A passage of time and space appears.

one after another terrifying aura, rolling out.

Among them are Divine King, Lord of the Kingdom, Human Race Paragon, Heavenly Monarch, Human Race and the others aura.

“It came really fast.”

“But before leaving, I still have to give them a meeting gift, otherwise it will appear that we are very rude.”

Mad man jié jié said with a smile.

“I mean it!”

Qin Feiyang corner of the mouth lifted.


3,000 Incarnations opened the ultimate Profound Truth, and there are still two thousand Life and Death Laws, the ultimate Profound Truth, three thousand laws of cause and effect, three thousand death laws, three thousand laws of destruction, a blast towards Divine Island below.

The entire Divine Island people are now in desperate abyss.

Even the Ten Venerables.

One if by any chance, the ultimate Profound Truth of the strongest law of a thousand, among which there are two thousand Life and Death Laws, the ultimate Profound Truth. Who can block this killing move?



Divine King and the others appear.

Seeing this scene is also bewilderement.


Without thinking.

Led by the three people of the country, one after another took action.

Divine Island’s several millions Divine Race, also all fled out crazy.

Array was shattered by Qin Feiyang and the others. For them, it was tantamount to creating a bit of life for them.

Because the Array is not crushed, they can only pass through the only entrance.

But now!

Array is broken, they can also escape Divine Island from all directions like Qin Feiyang and the others.


hong long!

With a loud noise that shook the sky and the earth.

Even if the Lord and the others joined forces to block the if by any chance Profound Truth, the terrifying fluctuations directly tore Divine Island apart.

Although Divine Race’s several millions clansman escaped from Divine Island in time, they were still affected by Yu Wei, and more than half of them were killed and injured!

More than half of the casualties are also a strength great injury for Divine Race.

“There is one more gift, please seniors to smile.”

Long Chen’s voice came from a distance.

Not long after the voice landed, a silhouette broke the sky like lightning.

It is Jiang Yukun!


The Lord and the others are surprised.

Jiang Yukun flew directly over Divine Island, and the fleshy body exploded in void on the spot.


Jiang Qianwu roared, his teeth cracked.

Divine King’s face also sank, and a ruler divine might emerged from her within the body, instantly erasing Jiang Yukun’s self-destruct wave.


This is the superior ruler Divine Weapon of Divine Race!

In order to deal with Qin Feiyang and the others, Divine King took to Paragon Mountain.


Even if this superior ruler Divine Weapon was in Divine Island before, it would not have any effect.

Because of the superior ruler Divine Weapon, the ultimate Profound Truth of 3,000 Incarnations cannot be blocked.


“Qin Feiyang, Long Chen, I, Jiang Qianwu, swear to you irreconcilable until death!”

Jiang Qianwu is full of grief.

The clansman of Divine Race, surrounded by the distant place void, watching Divine Island all split up and in pieces, it was very painful.

Divine King, Divine Race Ten Venerables, and a group of Old Antiques, staring at the direction where Qin Feiyang and the others are fleeing, are also tightly clenched with hands, their eyes gloomy to the extreme.

Don’t expect, Qin Feiyang and the others will be their Divine Race Holy Land!


“To the effect!”

“This time, it is truly lured the tiger away from the mountain.”

Human Race Paragon sighed.

Divine King retracted his gaze, shouted: “Ten Venerables, get me here!”

Ten Venerables trembling with fear walked in front of Divine King.

“What’s the matter?”

Divine King gloomy stared at the ten masters.


Ten Venerables’ eyes trembled.


Divine King sternly shouted.

“It’s Jiang Yukun!”

“He took Qin Feiyang and the others into Divine Island.”

Ten Venerables said quickly.

“Jiang Yukun!”

Divine King turned his gaze and fell on Jiang Qianwu.

Jiang Qianwu’s body trembled, and hurriedly said: “Divine King Sir calms down his anger. Judging from the previous situation, Yukun is also controlled by Long Chen, involuntarily.”

“Just because he is alone, my Divine Race suffered such a catastrophe. Now you are involuntarily wanting to get out of the relationship?”

Divine King was furious.

“Sir, forgive me!”

Jiang Qianwu quickly knelt in void.


“They took away Jiang Yunshuang, Jiang Xing, and Jiang Zishan.”

The Ten Venerables said in pain.


Hearing this, Divine King’s face immediately turned pale.

The Lord and Human Race Paragon and the others are also shocked.

Whether it is Jiang Yunshuang, Jiang Xing and Jiang Zishan, they are Heaven’s Chosen of Divine Race.

It can be said.

The ability to defeat Qin Feiyang and Demon Ancestor in the future depends on them.

Because they all master the strongest Battle Soul.

I didn’t expect, and was all taken away by Qin Feiyang and the others.

“Did they leave Divine Soul ahead of time?”

The Great Lord Human Race asked.


The Ten Venerables of Divine Race shook their heads.

Isn’t this just knowingly asking? They have all returned to Divine Race Holy Land and have split up Divine Soul for what?

Splitting Divine Soul has advantages and disadvantages.

Good, you can save your life.

Failure, you cannot enter the sudden enlightenment state, and it will also affect the Law Comprehension.

So generally speaking, Divine Soul will be split out only when it is in battle, and it will be used for life.

“It seems that their goal is Jiang Yunshuang three people.”

“In other words, they are here for the strongest Battle Soul.”

“The situation is getting worse now.”

The Lord frowned.

“That’s right.”

“Since they came to kidnap the three people of Jiang Yunshuang, it means that the Eye of Life, Evil Eye, and the owner of the other half of Opening Heaven Eye, are by their side.”

Human Race Paragon nodded.

Hearing this, everyone present couldn’t help but sink.

Qin Feiyang’s Eye of Despair, Demon Ancestor’s Eye of Despair, has shown the power of heaven defying. Once the Eye of Life, Evil Eye, and Opening Heaven Eye evolve, then Qin Feiyang will have the five strongest battles. Owner of Soul.

The five strongest Battle Soul……

Unimaginable, what kind of disaster they will face in Divine Kingdom then!

“This is the fault of Jiang Yukun’s silk pants!”

“Jiang Qianwu, you apologize for death!”

Divine King shouted angrily.

“Sir, be merciful!”

“Lord, Paragon Sir, please help me intercede.”

Jiang Qianwu was panicked.

The Lord and Human Race Paragon simultaneously looked, neither spoke.

If it is a trivial matter, they can also help intercede, but the current situation is no longer a trivial matter, and it is even related to the survival of Divine Kingdom.

It’s really a thousand counts, but if you haven’t counted it, you will lose to Jiang Yukun.



“Jiang Yukun was at fault, but others have self-destructed and died.”

“As for Jiang Qianwu, he is also innocent, and he is not guilty of death.”

“Furthermore, with the methods of people like Qin Feiyang, even if Jiang Yukun is not found, they will control other clansman.”

“Just blame us for being too careless, and being played around by them.”

Divine Race sighed with respect.

This is all about nose being led by Qin Feiyang and the others.

“It is because of your indulgence that you can teach this hedonistic son of rich parents!”

Divine King glared at the venerables, shouted: “At once, give me an order. From now on, direct and direct disciplines are not allowed to leave Divine Island without permission. Violators will cut first and then play!”


The nodded sages.

“In addition, let people spread it out. As long as they are willing to return Jiang Yunshuang the three people to Zhao, Divine Race is willing to give them the inheritance of the three strongest laws, the ultimate Profound Truth, as compensation!”

“In any case, save them three people!”

Divine King said solemnly.


The nodded masters immediately turned and left.

Human Race Paragon looked at the expression king, and looked at the country’s master said: “It seems that in the future, we must focus on protecting Ji Shaoyi, Liu Zhongtian, and Zhuang Mingyue. We can’t let them fall into the hands of people like Qin Feiyang.” /p>


The country lord nodded, pondered a little, eyebrows slightly frowned, and said: “But then again, Jiang Xing and Jiang Zishan have never played in the sky cloud world, and even in our Divine Kingdom, people who know their Battle Soul do not Many, but why do people like Qin Feiyang know their Battle Soul?”


“How would they know?”

“Could it be that this is a coincidence?”

“Actually, they are not here for the strongest Battle Soul?”

Human Race Paragon slightly stared blankly, also asked quickly.

“I have so many Divine Race Heaven’s Chosen, they don’t look for others, but Jiang Yunshuang, Jiang Xing, Jiang Zishan, is this not obvious enough?”

“As for how they know, I have to ask them what the talented knows.”

“All in all.”

“Don’t underestimate them anymore.”

Because of underestimating these people time and time again, their Divine Kingdom will enter the passive situation now.

Enough lessons.

If you don’t have a long memory, it’s themselves, courting disaster.


The lord sighed, looked at Divine King and asked: “Is your strongest law inheritance enough?”

“Not enough.”

Divine King shook his head.

“Then there is no way to ask for ruler Sir now, so let’s, if Qin Feiyang really agree to hand over, you will inform me at that time, I still have the inheritance of the strongest rule, the ultimate Profound Truth.”

The main road of the country.

“I have one inheritance left in my hand.”

“However, don’t hold on too much hope. Fighting with Qin Feiyang and the others for so long, you know them well. Without special circumstances, you will never do let the tiger return to the mountain easily. “

“Even if you let them come back, I’m afraid Battle Soul won’t be able to keep it.”

Human Race Paragon shook his head.

“I know.”

Divine King nodded, his eyes are full of murderous aura.

Three Heaven’s Chosen were taken into captivity, Soul Vein and Crystal Vein lost seven-eight hundred thousand pieces, Divine Island was also destroyed, the direct line and clansman were killed and injured more than half, this loss has been shaken to their Divine Race Foundation.

This kind of bloody hatred must be paid with life!