Invincible War God Chapter 4181

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Why is it in the eyes of now, is different from the eyes of the past?


Big Cousin Brother’s virtual eyes have evolved?

At the same moment!

The Government Three People is also invisible.

This Lu Yunfeng is actually an opaque eyes Owner?

is really absolutely did not think!

No wonder, the old is so calm.

An Lu Yuntian is so Terrifying, now add Lu Yunfeng with a virtual eye, is it Qin Feiyang?

As for the virtual eye, there is no evolution, they have not doubt it.

Because if there is no evolution, this person will not open the virtual eye, because there is no evolution of virtual eyes, it is useless to Qin Feiyang at all.

In other words.

As long as Lu JiaJin is now open, it must have evolved!

Dragon God and the sea king, the inner heart also set off the Perilous Situation.

but tightly.

They are exciting.

This is excited!

God, finally there is a person with the strongest Battle Soul.

if …

Even the 虚 无 眼 眼, is also the side of Qin Feiyang, the country is really dangerous.


“with my name …”

“Everything in the world, all is empty!”

lu jiajin opens, the sound appears to be ethereal.

next moment.

Eye open, a piece of invisible AURA, such as the tide of the tide.


Profound Martial World.

Sitting on the stool and the others, suddenly got up.

Other people are also anger.

includes Qin Feiyang outside!

After the eye of the virtual eye, the more than 70,000 ultimate Profound Truth killed by Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin, all in an instant, all of which were embarrassed.

has not been wrong!

is all disappeared in a moment.

There is no fluctuation!

seems to face of the fest.


is also amazing than evaporation!

Truth is that there is a way, everything is in the world, it is unaffected!

“this impossible …”

“is definitely dreaming!”

Even the main Three People and the Haiwang Two People can’t help but doubt this scene.

so many ultimate Profound Truth, actually disappeared in a moment?

Does Magic?


“When the eye is ignorant, you can only make Battle Soul’s Innate Divine Ability.”

“How to now, can you disappear the ultimate Profound Truth?”

Profound Martial World.

white-eyed Wolf return back to his senses, surprised.

“may be related to evolution.”

“means that this is the true virtual eye.”

Dulinton opening.

“has evolved …”

“Real Eye …”

White-Eyed Wolf muttered.

that means that the other half of the virtual eyes, before the Central Dynasty?

and lu jiajin in the Central Dynasty, snatched this person’s virtual eye?

“This is good deed!”

“Heart Demon is so strong, Lu Jiajin’s virtual eyes have evolved, then our overall strength is raised,”

mad Laughd Heartily.

Other people hearing this, the face is also a smile.

is right!

No matter what is the hardship of Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin, you will return to them later.

When they arrived, their team is stronger.

Extinguishing Soul National Ruler is also CertainTy.



“Didn’t Expect, will encounter the virtual eyes of the top ten strongest Battle Soul!”


Heart Demon Staring at Qin Feiyang, Jié Jié Said with a smile.


qin feiyang took a deep breath, Nodded and said: “It doesn’t think.”

and he didn’t think of it, in fact, it refers to the virtual eyes of big Cousin Brother, has evolved.


He is still looking for a virtual eye, want to help the big Cousin Brother, who once thought, big Cousin Brother has already got the other half, this is not equal to the white busy living?

“now, continue?”


Heart Demon smile.

The meaning of the words, if you continue to play, he will join hands with Lu JiaJin.

qin feiyang looks at Two people.

One-on-one, whether it is Heart Demon, or big Cousin Brother, he has confidence.


Two people teamed up, this is another matter.

He looked at the old and the Others at the entrance of Star River. It seems that this Battle can not continue.

Heart Demon is actually this.

I have been playing for so long, it is almost almost.

If you continue to play, the last Qin Feiyang will definitely get off the skin, so I will look at the opportunity to go.

There is still a dragon god, has been over the same side. Glare Like a Tiger Watching His Prey.

The strength of the dragon God, they are not placed in their eyes, but that Source Strength has to care.


qin feiyang eyes flash, suddenly Looked Towards Star River entrance, what is found, Cry Out in surprise: “Shengu Ruler!”


“Ruler Sir!”

old and the others heard, IMMEDIATELY, IMMEDIATELY, climbed up, and quickly turned to see.


When they turn over, the Looked Towards Star River is outside, but it is found that there is no Silhouette at the same day.


“is it!”

several people quickly turned back, and look at Qin Feiyang.


qin feiyang has already turned on a time and space passage drill.

“stops him!”

Old is old against Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin Suddenly shouted.

Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin Stared Blankly.

In fact, they are very clear, this is Qin Feiyang in the transfer of attention.

After all.

for Qin Feiyang, they know.

, in order to cooperate with Qin Feiyang, Qin Feiyang has left time, and they also look at the entrance to Star River.


I heard the sound of the old, they first stunned, then collected the attention, Looked Towards Time and Spatial Passage.



Heart Demon reveals a furious gesture, open an ultimate Profound Truth, and Exploded Towards Time and Spatial Passage.

hong long!

Time and space Passage is smashing on the spot.

A Purple Gold Dragon Blood, sprinkled from the smashed Void, but did not see the trace of Qin Feiyang.


At the same time.

is over a mountain.

Qin feiyang in a Difficult Situation ran from the collapsed time and space.

Drench Drench with blood.

Look at all arrounds, remove some vicious beast, did not find WHO, turn around to Looked Towards already collapsed Passage, Said with a bitter smile: “This Scoundrel is really don’t know who Mercy.”

The ultimate Profound Truth in the Heart Demon collapsed time and space before, and gave him some wounds.

Fortunately, he has been transferred here, or you have to drop it out from time and space, where there is a Star River.


Long spit, Qin Feiyang directly enters Profound Martial World.


star river!

At this moment.

The atmosphere is extremely depressed.

Old, Haiwang, Dragon God, staring at Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin, is Face Sinking Like Water.

The country’s main thinkle, the surface is also unvermnial, but the heart is reliant.

Fortunately, you will get the dragon god Take Action, that is really a Bode Ill Rather Than Well.

“This is really no wonder that he is too cunning.”

Heart Demon has a cough, and some look at the old man.

he does not open, it is okay, this opening is old.

“You will stop!”

Heart Demon quickly reached out, black face: “Don’t cut it, then say, really blame, but also weird dragon.”

“blame me?”

Dragon God Staring Blankly looks at Heart Demon, how did this happen to him?


“You have Source Strength, when I opened the virtual eye in my big brother, you should take a Take Action.”

Heart Demon.

“I know that he will suddenly slip away?”

WRATH of the Divine Dragon.

Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin presses the death of Qin Feiyang, Qin Feiyang, is equal to the crushing of the iron plate, and even don’t use him Take Action.

and he didn’t think of it, Qin Feiyang can escape.

After all, they are here.

The other party can be completely unimaginable.

knows that they are afraid of RULER, using Ruler to transfer their attention.


“You have been fighting with him for so long, even if you are Didn’t Expect, he will suddenly slipping Away, we will have the first time, and how can he know that he is such a deceived person?”

Heart Demon is said to have a plate, so that the old Several People is unable to refute.


“This is a chance of chance!”

“Unfortunately, I missed it.”

“Wait until next time, I don’t know when to wait.”

The country is deep SIGHED, and the words are full of regret.


“You think too much!”

“Qin Feiyang already knows that when Lu Yuntian and Lu Yunfeng, before do not have full CERTAINTY, they will definitely not be referred to.”

human race paragon shook his head.

“is not all the faults of some people, the opportunity is in front of you, do not know what is hesitating at the time? Is it Possible That really collided with qin feiyang?”

Divine King gaze Gloomy, just look at the dragon.

“Who do you say?”

Dragon God Immediately glasses Divine King.

Dare to think that he is deliberate not Take Action?

“Who is, who is clear.”

Divine King Coldly Snorted.

“you …”

wrath of the divine dragon burns.

has explained, what else?


Old Suddenly Shouted, Gloomy’s Sweek Severage SEVERAL People, said: “Let’s try another way!”

said that the blockade of the Star River entry was released, and the head did not return.

The main Three People Simultaneously Looked and turn around.


Dragon God has his hands and stares at Star River that is broken, and spurts a thick anger.

“What is the use of angry?”

“Let’s go!”

The sea king took his shoulder, deep SIGHED, followed.

“I won’t let you go, you will not!”

The roaring of the dragon god Gnashing Teeth, and turned to Angry left Star River.

Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin are left here.

“Didn’t Expect this guy, like a loach, it is a bit looking down.”

Heart Demon shook his head.

“In fact, we should have already thought of it, or he can I have so long in the world of unbridled?”

lu jiajin sighed.

“Now understand, no matter what the opponent is who, you can’t see it.”


A PRESTIGE is full of sound.


A stream of light, from Lu Jiajin’s WITHIN THE BODY, illusion into a blurred Silhouette.

“See emperor.”

Heart Demon and Lu Jiajin are greeted by this person.

and this title is also amazing!

emperor …

This is probably the emperor of the Central Dynasty!

“Your strength is not weak, but unfortunately, your character is too proud.”

“, especially you Lu Yuntian, you can’t create anyone, don’t put anyone in your eyes, this is good, lose money!”

The tone of emperor is dissatisfied with a piece.

“I know, I will pay attention to it next time, Troublesome.”

Heart Demon Coldly Snorted.

“Are you still?”

looks at Heart Demon, Emperor is also angry.

“Emperor is angry.”

Lu jiajin is busy coming out to play the round field, said with a smile: “Qin Feiyang’s strength, you also see you, don’t know what do you have now?”

“is a talented.”

“If you can use it for us, it is best, but if you can’t, it must be removed.”

Emperor sinks, saying, with a half of the words with a silk, but in the back half of the sentence, with an amazing murderous aura.