Invincible War God Chapter 4182

Everyone Stared Blankly, what does this mean?

“I tried to open the Demon King True Body, but I can’t share it now.”

“The Magic also made a side response at the time.”

“Now we don’t share it.”

“is also found to be shared, I decisively opened the eyes of the eyes, and achieved overwhelming victory.”

qin feiyang explanation.

“Can you share?”

“What is going on?”

“should not!”

White-Eyed Wolf frown.

For the case of Qin Feiyang and the heart, he is clear than anyone.

Recall that the year after Demon Dragon Island, the Devil Transcending Tribulation is successful, whether it is God, or Battle Soul, the heart Demon Capital can be turned on.

But now, why can’t you?



White-Eyed Wolf will show Long Chen and Dragon.

“What do we do?”

Dragon Skirts.

white-eyed WOLF Coldly Snorted and Said: “Believeful again, your faather,”

Dragon and Dragon Dust Simultaneously Looked, immediately turned straight.

Can you talk to their Father?

“according to what you said, the heart magic can understand Demon King True Body, Lu Jiajin’s virtual eyes can evolve, and then definitely be related to my Father.”

“Then you have to thank him old fellow?”

Dragon is sinking.

“How can this be related to your father?”

White-Eyed Wolf is laughing.


“How do you know the change of the devil, you must be related to my father?”

“Want to add the sashion.”

“You this is a typical no, no, guess.”

Dragon Fiercely glances at him.

“Who know?”

White-Eyed Wolf.

“is too lazy to keep with you.”

Dragon, he turned and angry.

“This problem …”

qin feiyang Turning One’s Head Looted Towards White-Eyed Wolf, Shaking: “There is no evidence, it is indeed a mess, and it is not shared, nor is it bad.”

“Isn’t it bad?”

White-Eyed Wolf Stared Blankly.


“The Magic is not always independent?”

“Is it not as he wish?”

qin feiyang slightly smiled.

The current heart magic is equal to the fate of the demon, becoming a truly independent self.

This should be happy to be happy.

“is also.”

white-eyeed wolf nodded.

qin feiyang said with a smile: “Is that what should I apologize?”


White-Eyed Wolf Pico STARED BLANKLY, Wrath Said with a smile: “Do you think there is this possible?”

Other people have also succeeded.

On-site, there is only Qin Feiyang, Dulint, Mad, Mu Qing, Demon Ancestor, Mu Tianyang.

Crazy Looked Towards Demon Ancestor Three People, asked: “How long do you need to master Heavenly Dao Will?”

“is hard to say.”

Demon Ancestor shook his head.

If it is just a fusion, it is very fast.

But now the problem is, they should first understand first.

and so on understand the corresponding rules to fusion the ultimate oysters.

This is to see personal innate talent and perception.


“Today’s situation is getting more and more unparalleled.”

mad Sighed.

If the Central Dynasty is not inserted, you can deal with their strength.

but now.

is really a bit tricky.

, especially the heart and Lu jiajin, I don’t know what exactly is it?

Originally planning, looking for the heart and Lu jiajin to inquire the heritage of the Central Dynasty.

know the bottom of the Central Dynasty, it is good to respond.

is now, even if it faces face, it is impossible to communicate.

“You said, what is the hardships?”

The madman frowns.

The strength of the Magic and Lu Jiajin is not weak, and it doesn’t reason. Terrified and over-cautious.

may be in the monitor! “

qin feiyang simi

Because of the current performance of Two people, it is in line with the monitored conditions.


mu qing stared blankly, frowned: “If you have this character, who dares to monitor him?”

For the temper of the heart, Mu Qing, Mu Tianyang, Demon Ancestor, Nature is also clear.

Dare to monitor him?

Even if the day old wang, he also dares to resist.

Demon Ancestor is a little well, said: “I guess, the biggest probability, what should they be planned?”

“What to plan …”

Everyone muttered.

“Do not say these.”

Dulong sway, ending Teacup, drinking the mouth, looking at the Qin feiyang said with a smile: “Seeing the heart of the magic and Lu jiajin, now you have a feeling of Father in your heart, have you disappeared? “

qin feiyang bowed down.


When you see the heart and big coundsin Brother, when he lives in front of it, his heart has a lot of hatred in Ice Dragon.

But to really put down, he can’t do it now.

“if it is …”

“I said if it is, Father leaves the heart of the heart and Lu Jiajin, not to hurt them, but prepare to train them, if you hate him?”

Long Chen smiled.

“Cultivate them?”

qin feiyang frown.

“The INNATE TALENT of the Magic and Lu Jiajin is definitely not bad.”

“but …”

“If you think about it, if you don’t cultivate them carefully, can they grow so fast?”

“and this to cultivate them, it is certain that my faather.”

Longant Said with a smile.

Qin Feiyang’s heart is very chaotic.

Ice Dragon and then throw it again, will also make hearts to cultivate the heart and big Cousin Brother?

Is this not Fantasy Story?


Today’s strength and big Cousin Brother’s strength, it is true before.

If NO SUPREME Powerhouse is carefully cultivated, the fundamental impossible growth is so fast.

that all this is inevitably unless.

Ice Dragon …

What is this Old Bastard I want to do?

“this thing …”

Demon Ancestor is a little, said with a smile: “Still waiting for the heart of the magic and Lu jiajin, listen to what they say, make a decision!”


qin feiyang took a Deep Breath, Tao: “Now, the eyes of the eyes, the eyes of Evil Eye, Eye of Despair, the eyes of life, the eyes of the fate, the eyes of Opening Heaven Eye have evolved, destroyed and Eye Of ForgeTfullness has also been found, it is poor Samsara’s Eye. “

refers to Samsara’s Eye, and it flashes a wipe with the same rays of light.

But disappeared quickly, such as a flower, no one missed.

madman frowned: “Samsara’s Eye, will it be in the Central Dynasty?”

“has this possible.”

Demon Ancestor Three People has nodded.

“If the other half of Samsara’s Eye is really in the Central Dynasty, the heart and big Cousin Brother must know that it seems to find a chance, to listen to them.”

qin feiyang looking thoughtful said.

“How to inquire?”

madman is suspicious.

Even Sound Transmission is so taboo, let alone direct inquiry.

“has a way.”

“just I am thinking, if Samsara’s Eye is not in the Central Dynasty, where do we go?”

qin feiyang frown.

mu qing said: “If it is not in the Central Dynasty, it may be in the Tianyun industry, but this person is hidden, no one knows.”

“Is there any possible in Ancient World?”

mu tianyang asked.


“Qin Batian in the Ancient World Mix That Many Year, if the other half of Samsara’s Eye is really in Ancient World, I have already found him later.”

Demon Ancestor swing.

“is also.”

mu tianyang nodded.

In Ancient World, as an emperor of the Long Temple, Qin Batian can be said to be the existence of One hand shrouding the heavens, what can escape his eyes?

“first in Four Great Continents!”

“We let the country, Divine King, Human Race Paragon help.”

“Have them help, even if this person is low-key, they also flee their investigation.”

“FOUR Great Continents No, we will lock the target in the Central Dynasty.”

“If finally, the Four Great Continents and the Central Dynasty have not, then go back to the Tianyun industry, we will do it again.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“is currently only this.”

Demon Ancestor Three People Nodded.

“That line.”

“You hurry Cultivation.”

“Senior Brother, let’s go to WHITE-Eyed Wolf, wait until you go out.”

qin feiyang drinks tea in the cup, get up, said with a smile.


madman is suspicious.

After this war, the old people will certainly think that we will calm Down for a while. “

“So next, how many of them will relax, this is undoubtedly a chance for us.”

qin feiyang opens, the Radiance flicker in the eyes.

The madman heard, and IMMEDIATELY suddenly realized that the corner of his mouth also set off the color of playing.