Invincible War God Chapter 4183

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on the other side.

White-Eyed Wolf is full of suffering.

The fire is always holding his ears and hurts him.

take a moment.

The fire dance finally released his hand, snorted from Nose.

White-Eyed Wolf 揉 揉 揉, complain: “I said Fengmei, what do you can’t say? Do you want Make a Move, That Many people look, I don’t have face.”

“If you have this thick face, do you need a face?”


“I will give you a face, have you given me face?”

Fire dance is angry.

“How did I give you face?”

white-eyeed wolf is quite feputing wronged.

can’t fight back, don’t return it, want him to be?

Fire Dance Angry: “You are in my face, play with dragon, this is a face?”

“打 俏 俏?”

“Where is this?”

This time, White-Eyed Wolf directly calls.

There is no thing at all!

“How do you let me say you?”

“You ask everyone, who didn’t see your extraordinary relationship? Only you have these two people involved, no sense.”

How does the fire dance, how do you look like this?

“extraordinary relationship?”

white-eyeed wolf.

Is there?


To dragon, he is self-contrary.

It is often seen to see each other, how can you become extraordinary?

“Sure enough, the mystery of the authorities, the bystander clear.”

fire dance shakes his head SIGHED.

“You don’t say this, don’t misunderstand, I am nothing with her?”

White-Eyed Wolf is busy.

“I have no misunderstanding.”

“Moreover, even what you are, it is doesn’t matter.”

“Because we haven’t been friends, love Freedom.”



“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me, you have already moved away?”

White-Eyed Wolf Face Slightly White.


The fire glances at him, saying that she seems to be a woman who is abused.

“is not good.”

white-eyed Wolf Relaxed, a waist of fire dance, 呲 呲 道: “Fengmei, you can rest assured, this life, brother is not you, who dares to block, brother is destroyed his family. “

“did not form.”

Fire Dance Rolled The Eyes, but I am very touched, snuggle in WHITE-Eyed Wolf, Said with a smile: “In fact, you have to look at dragon, I don’t object, but in advance, you can’t Hi newly tired. “

White-Eyed Wolf God Stared Blankly, the cheeks of the low LOOKED TOWARDS, Cautiously asked: “Are you trying to test me?”

The fire dance is turned over again.

Love for so long, unExpectedly does not understand her, is she a woman?

“ha …”

white-eyed Wolf knows that the wrong words are busy.

“In fact, dragon, it is also good.”

“But the key is her identity.”

“She is Ice Dragon and Long Zun’s Pearl in the Palm, Ice Dragon and Long Zun will not allow you to come together.”

“Take a step, even if they agree, you and the dragon, then Qin Feiyang and Ice Dragon Having A Falling Out,”

The fire dance is a good look, quite irritated.

but white-eyed Wolf heard, but exposed a very speechless APPEARANCE, Ausu said: “You can rest assured, this is something that is always impossible.”

“Don’t say too early.”

The fire is shaking his head.

white-eyed Wolf helplessly licking forehead, don’t believe it?


Fire Dance Shook The Head, get up: “No matter what this, you have to apologize!”

“What apologies?”

White-Eyed Wolf Somewhat Guilty asked.

“is still installed?”

“You are leaving, don’t you want to apologize with Dragon?”

The fire is crowded.

“ha …”

White-eyed Wolf laughs.

The woman is too smart, it seems not a good deed.

“a big man, don’t Pester and chirp.”

“is also.”

“You are a man, you have to be open-minded, don’t think about women.”

Fire dances.

“is good.”

listening to you. “

white-eyeed wolf nodded, it is unresolved on the cheeks of the fire, and then runs the disappear without a trace.

Fireless face is red.

but then she is obsessed with Sighd.

Although she said very big, which woman in the world does not want to have a complete love?


Demon Ghost Land.



“It’s just not reason!”

A woman sitting on a stone, grabbing the small stones next to, constantly smiling in front of Medicinal Ingredient, red puff face is full of angry.

is Dragon.

“cough cough!”


There is a cough on the back.

Dragon is shocked, Turning One’s head fiercely is angry, anger: “Do you want to scare people?”

“If you have an angry, you will rush me, don’t you blame the Medicinal Ingredient line here?”

White-Eyed Wolf is not happy.

“I will be happy.”

“, then Qin Feiyang did not say anything, what do you do?”

“Look at you, I am upset, scram.”

Dragon Coldly Snorted.

White-eyed Wolf smiles, walks to the Dragon, Brace Oneseelf Road: “I apologize for you.”


Dragon Dragon.


Dragon Skirts.

“We will fight!”

White-Eyed Wolf.


Dragon Turning One’s Head Looked Towards White-Eyed Wolf.

“I am afraid everyone misunderstanding.”

“Now everyone is already discussing, we have a suspicion of playing,”

“So I think, we are all calm and a little, don’t move, don’t move.”

“You don’t care, anyway, you are single, but I am not the same, I am a famous flower, what will I do if by any chance Fengmei misopened?”

white-eyed Wolf said.

“famous flower?”

Dragon Dragon is straightforward, it’s really shameless, I don’t know where to find confidence, dare to praise yourself?

“How do you think?”

White-eye-eyed Wolf smiled, did not think so if you have any problems.


“Even if you misunderstand, the biggest loss is also me!”

“After all, I am a woman.”

“, do you have a single sign? Single will live this Bad Luck?”

Dragon angered.

“Isn’t it true now, men and women are equal!”

White-Eyed Wolf 呲 呲.

“get lost!”

Dragon’s face is black, the more it is more and more.

“Good, I will roll me.”

White-Eyed Wolf Nodded, connect Slipping Away, afraid to continue, will argue.

Looking at the back of the departure of White-Eyed Wolf, the heart of Dragon is raised in the heart.

This inexplicable emotion, even her own confusion.


“What is it?”

not long.

qin feiyang and madman look for, see a heart is not awkward, white-eye-eyed Wolf, down, silent, even did not pay attention to the Medicineal Ingredient stepped to Medicine Field, not from the suspicion of the suspicion.


White-Eyed Wolf a shivered, look up LOOKED TOWARDS Qin feiyang two people, do not understand: “How are you here?”

“has not noticed us?”

two people simultaneouslyly looked.

This Wolf Pup seems to be a bit wrong?


“I haven’t seen it overlay brother?”

White-Eyed Wolf glanced on Two people.

“What are you talking to Dragon?”


“is nothing …”

White-Eyed Wolf shakes his head, but immediately glared at the madman, said: “Why do you have a woman, so gossip? What is it related to you?”

madman, Turning One’s Head Looked Towards Qin Feiyang, Soxiro: “Does this have been stimulated?”

“who the hell knows.”

qin feiyang shrugged.

“Is there anything?”

White-Eyed Wolf is impatient in Two people.

In fact, when he turned and left the dragon, he also rose an inexplicable emotion, as if there is something less?


This inexplicable emotion is getting stronger.

So he mood, some irritability.

“There is no Major Event.”

“is looking for you to stroll.”

qin feiyang said with a smile.

“no mood.”

White-Eyed Wolf shook his head and passed with Two people.

qin feiyang and mad Looked at each other in blank discay.

but a few steps, White-Eyed Wolf suddenly stopped, sinking for a moment, Mumbled: “Go out of dissipation of Also Good.”


He turned around to LOOKED TOWARDS Qin feiyang two people, urging: “What is it? Go!”


two people is wrong.

isn’t it a mood?


Celebration TIAN City.

This city is not strange.

is not.

Entering this city, Qin Feiyang Three People is still ahead.

Three People Adjusting One’s Head and Turning One’s Face, brushing to the city.

City Guard is on a front question, but when they took out the law enforcement token in Paragon Mountain, I didn’t dare to ask in a word. Immediately released.

At the beginning.

Human Race Paragon gives them Identity token, Qin Feiyang has been reserved, because it is sure it later.

Although this Time, they did not wear the unified costumes of Law Enforcer, but as long as there is Token, it is also enough to unimpeded.

Inside a Restaurant.

three people sit in the hall.

Because there is no costume wearing Law Enforcer, token has also received it, so no one pays attention to them, and the sounds of various discussions are endless.

“Qin feiyang and the country and the Others in the virtual ground Battle, what is the result?”

“Is there a person know?”

“I know some.”


“Of course, I was in the virtual place, just the Star River entrance was sealed, and I couldn’t enter Star River to watch the battle.”

This time, the immediately has a curiosity of Someone in the hall.