Invincible War God Chapter 4184

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qin feiyang Three People also Full Of is interested, it is a big person, wearing a very general, full face scum, looks a bit.

“said, but today, this wine …”

Shuge Big Person glances at the people in the hall, although there is no finishing, but the meaning of the words, it has been obvious.

“uncle, this wine, I invite you.”

An Youth, a luxury Said with a smile.

“How is it?”

Shuge Big Person is busy, just as Jin Yi Youth thought that Big Person had to be polite with him, Huzhu Big Person tried to waive the Waiter, which did not distant place.


Everyone looked at Big Person.

Waiter runs to the table of Big Person.

“gives me the Divine Immortal here to me.”

Hu Zhu Big Person laughs Hehe’s saying, but also points to Jinyi Youth, said: “Remember the little brother account.”


Jinyi Youth’s mouth is a junction.

I really thought to be polite with him!

It seems that he is too simple.

Waiter also stunned, not from Looked Towards Jinyi Youth, asked: “Young Master, you see …”

“up – up.”

Jinyi Youth helpless pole.

has already said exports, can you still receive it?


“Divine Immortal in the 10th, AT Once!”

Waiter immediately drunk, turned to go quickly.

“Older Brother, you can now say it!”

Jinyi Youth is very distressed.

He often come to this Restaurant, knowing the price of Divine Immortal, the tenhattan Divine Immortal brewed, foot to the pockets of Half a Month.

“Don’t worry.”

Slag Big Person strokes.

Jinyi Youth face is black, but also selling a clever?

will not be!

Several Waiter ran over two wine trips, and neatly placed one on the table of Big Person.

Big Person can’t wait to open the wine.

– alcoholization Dragon!

White-eye-eyed Wolf and madness are bright, actually Divine Wine.

This Divine Kingdom is really no general.

is such a small Restaurant, unExpectedly also hits Divine Wine.

Shuge Big Person holds the wine altar, swallowed cows.

will not.

The wine is seeing.

Shuge Big Person finally put down the altar, Turning One’s Head Looked Towards Jinyi Youth, gratitude: “Many Thanks Little Brother.”

“You are welcome.”

Jinyi Youth Leung smiles do not laugh.

“The battle of Star River at the time, no one knows.”

“Because the entrance of Star River is blocked, everyone cannot enter Star River.”

Slag Big Person said.

“What do you still say?”

Jinyi Youth face is black, immediately preparing to take away the remaining winelight Divine Immortal.

“Little Brother, don’t worry,”

“Listen to me,” said. ”

Shuzhu Big Person is busy with Golden Clothes Youth, said with a smile: “Although there is no friend of Star River, it is still a lot of clues when these people come from Star River. “

Jinyi Youth Removes the arm, frowned: “What is the Ni?”

Shu Shu Big Person: “During the country, Divine King, Human Race Paragon, is in the Remnant Soul status.”


“Remnant Soul State?”

Higher face is full.

“is right.”

“According to us, they must be seriously injured by qin feiyang.”

“You think, even the main Three People is only remercially available remnant soul, and it is impossible to know how fierce the battle of Star River?”

Slag Big Person.

Everyone heard his heartbeat.

In fact, they don’t know, the country’s Three People has been seriously injured before entering Star River.

Just at the time, no one could near Central Area, so thought that the country’s Three People was seriously injured by Qin Feiyang in Star River.


“Sea King, Dragon God, and the Old Man from the Central Dynasty, although there is no injury, but the face is very ugly.”

is obvious. “

“Star River Battle is inevitable to be Qin Feiyang to occupy the wind.”

Shuge Big Person smile.

“During the Divine King, Paragon, the Haiwang, Dragon God, and the central dynasty Powerhouse …”

“Such a powerful lineup, UnExpectedly is not Qin Feiyang, what monster is this?”

It is incredible to the extreme.

“is a monster, and it is not too much.”

“but …”

“There is also news in Dongzhou before, it seems that this Battle is Qin Feiyang to defeat.”

Slag Big Person frown.


“Qin Feiyang lost?”

Everyone Stared Blankly.


“It is said to be the news that the beast is released.”

“They said that the central dynasty has two Heaven’s Chosen, a news called Lu Yun Tian, ​​a Lu Yunfeng, or a pair of Biological Brother, the news that the beast is released, the strength of this brother is very powerful.”

“Finally seems to be Qin Feiyang does not fight,” “

Slag Big Person said.

“no way!”

“qin feiyang 3,000 incarnations, life and death laws is the ultimate Ilighter, and there is also the eyes of God, how can he lose?”

Many people express unbelievable.

“So, I also judge the news that I can’t release the beast, is TRUE OR FALSE?”

“But no matter what, this Battle is suffering from the owner.”

Shuge Big Person shook his head SIGHED.

“You are sighing, there is no relationship with you.”

Joci Youth Rolled The EYES.

This message is not worthy of Extrael Divine Immortal.

“I am a powerful strength, but it is also a member of Divine Kingdom. The so-called Bound Together for Good Or ILL, the country’s landlord is in the hands of Qin Feiyang, that is also trampled, I feel sad!”

Hu Zhu Big Person Sighed, holding a drink of a wine Gu Lu Lu.

I heard this, all people are silent.


is a member of Divine Kingdom.

bound together for good or cap.

“Do you want, we all go to Qin Feiyang?”


someone is ignorant.

I heard this, Qin Feiyang Eyelids Twitched.

I still arouse people?

It seems that all of him is doing now, it is good for Divine Kingdom!

Say the truth, but also to him, thank you!


“Forget it!”

“Although people are very powerful, the strength of Qin Feiyang is far more than the boundaries of this sentence.”

“Does not exaggerate, his strength, now it is enough to destroy our entire Human Race, so we will go to Joining in the fun.”

Slag Big Person shook his head.


“We will only be addressed.”

Jinyi Youth Nodded.

qin feiyang threee people simultaneously looked.

These people are still a little ingredient.


“There is an explosive message …”

at this time.

accompanied by a rude sound, a Black CLOTHED YOUTH rushed.

an instant.

People in the hall, all look up.

Black CLOTHED YOUTH Pasped a few mouthfuls, looked at the people in the hall, went to Jinyi Youth, said: “Zhao Brother, there is news from Dongzhou, a person named Qin Batian, The appearance in the sea Divine Island. “


“qin baith!”

Jinyi Youth is getting up.

Other people are boiling.

This Qin Batian, Unexpectedly is the Ancestor of Qin Feiyang, and the strength is also extremely Terrifying.


qin feiyang three people is also full of boxes.

qin baith?

How will ancestor in Dongzhou?

Wait a minute!

Qin Batian in this population is not Ancestor, but mysterious youth!

Because of this youth, it has always been the name of Pretennding Qin Batian.

and since entering Divine Kingdom, Youth is almost alone, and there is no news.

can absolutely Didn’t Expect, now unExpectedly appears in the sea Divine Island!

What did he run to the sea Divine Island?

Is it said that he heard the news of the heart and Lu Jiajin, I also want to teach it?

“You really have qin batian?”

The madman got up and looked at the That Black CLOTHED YOTH and asked.

Black CLOTHED YOUTH 眼 疯 疯 眼 眼 疯 疯,.,.

“Sea Divine Island …”

mad mutter, take out hundreds of Soul Stone, throw it on the table, and get up to open a time and space passage.


everyone looked toards madman, and the eyes are very different.

did not see it, also mastered Space-Time Laws?


mad Looked Towards Qin Feiyang and White-Eyed Wolf, said.

Three People Immediately went in.

“three brothers, let us.”

Jinyi Youth shouted, throwing away the wine glass in his hand, hurriedly ran in time and space.

Black CLOTHED YOTH is also quickly keeping up.

Hu Xi Big Person Eyeball is turned, and it is also ran away from the rest of the Budan Divine Immortal, running towards the time and space.

“Young master, yet not yet checked!”

relatau’s Waiter saw it, and quickly shouted in Jinyi Youth.

“Remember me on the account, the next day.”

Jinyi Youth Head does not return to the sentence.