Invincible War God Chapter 4185

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sea Divine Island.

At this time, the SEA CLAN core member, all gathered over, looking at the sky.

ONE AFTER ANOTHER ‘s horrible battle fluctuations, such as tides, raging from Star River.

From the sound of the battle, it can be judged that the battlefield is deep in Star River, but even so, the outside is like the end, and the tsunami is rolling.

It can be seen that there is Terrifying in the battle in Star River.

Distant Place!

With a time and space PASSAGE, Qin Feiyang Three People comes out, when you look up to Looked Towards Sky.

Black CLOTHED YOUTH, Jinyi Youth, Slag Big Person, and then come out, feel the amazing fluctuation, my face is immediely full!

“What do you follow?”

White-Eyed Wolf will open to Three People.

Jinyi Youth Stared Blankly, Turning One’s Head Looked Towards Three People, 讪 said with a smile: “Look at the lively.”

“Act Recklessly, this is your lively, can you see?”

White-Eyed Wolf is disdainful.

“What do you say?”

Jinyi Youth Eyebrow Raised, there is a trace of angry look between the look.

Don’t borrow the next time and space passage, what is it proud?

White-Eyed Wolf takes out the law enforcement.

Seeing a law enforcement, Jinyi Youth BewildEREment.

Although he is also born in the famous door, it is also the Law Enforcer in Paragon Mountain, which is also Absolutely not dare to impudent.

Black CLOTHED YOUTH and Hu Ren Big Person are also shocked, and they are busy: “See the law enforcer sir.”

Jinyi Youth Return Back to His Senses, a face, a white, also hurriedly said: “It is a Lowly Person with eye CAN’t Recognize MT TAI, please also ask three SIR forgiveness.”

White-Eyed Wolf dismissive, Turning One’s Head Looked Towards All Around.


哐 clang!

all around void, continuous time and space passage, time-space delivery Divine Artifact appears.

ONE ANOTHER figure brushed out.

Someone, Divine Race, Oro, Purple Gold Divine Dragon, basically, is all in the existence of the ultimate anisanism.

Because here is the Holy Land of Sea Divine Island, Sea Clan, even if it comes to Joining In the Fun, you have to have a certain Self-Preservation force.



Aura is emerging.

qin feiyang threene see, see Ji Heavenly Monarch, Divine Race, Human Race, from time-time Passage.

“How is them?”


White-Eyed Wolf Sound Transmission.

“Are you stupid?”

“They do three in virtual no land that ruined Fleshy Body?”

“is now repairing Fleshy Body.”

The madman is white.


White-Eyed Wolf takes a head and laughs.

is really asking an equal stupid problem.


“follows them.”

qin feiyang eyes flash, with White-Eyed Wolf and madman, fly to the Human Race Victims, “Subordinate saw Sir.”

“Are you?”

The great person is watching the sky, hearing that it is not from the suspicion of TWO people.

“Subordinate Three People is Law Enforcer.”

qin feiyang takes out the law enforcement.

Law Enforcer in Paragon Mountain, is very large.

and all Law Enforcer is affiliated with Law Enforcement Palace, with a Law Enforcement Palace Palace Lord.

The great persons in Paragon Mountains, SECOND ONLY TO HUMAN RACE PARAGON, SUPREME, basically will not be able to ask Law Enforcement Palace.

Even if there is something, Law Enforcement Palace Palace Lord personally meets the great people, so he is not familiar with the Law Enforcer below.

Seeing Qin Feiyang to take the Token, there is no doubt.

is not.

he frowned frowned, said: “What do you do here?”

qin feiyang collapsed token, respectful: “Subordinate Three People is a message from Qin Batian, so I will come to explore all.”

“so That’s how it is.”

Daddded, ask: “How is it now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Subordinate has just come.”

qin feiyang shakes his head.

“go up!”

Ji Heavenly monarch didn’t pay attention to Qin Feiyang Three People, because Three People Adjusting One’s Head and Turning One’s Face, he did not recognize it.

“This is very dangerous, you leave!”

The big victim’s qin feiyang threene, followed by Ji Heavenly Monarch and Divine Race, flying towards the sky.

“This …”

qin feiyang looks.

Caring with the great people, in fact, I want to follow the great people to enter the Star River watching.

Because the entrance of Star River is definitely blocked.

As they play the identity, the Haiwang is essentially Impossible selling them.

but Didn’t Expect.

The great persons are so concerned about Subordinate, so that they leave this is right.

“Big Uncle, take us together.”

madman Eyeball turn, Sound Transmission Road.


Ji Heavenly Monarch Stared Blankly.

big uncle?

Who is with him Sound Transmission?

“is us.”

“I, mad.”



Heavenly Monarch squatted, Looked Towards Qin Feiyang Three People.

The madman immediately crowded, very funny.

Ji Heavenly Monarch Immedierately suddenly realizes that the mouth is not a twitch, and UNEXPECTEDLY is these three small Scoundrel.

The courage is really big.

PRETENDING Paragon Mountain Law Enforcer does not say, but also steal the sea Divine Island.


Two major people looked at Ji Heavenly Monarch suddenly stopped, and they did not help but looked at him.


Heavenly Monarch hooks, strikes with Qin Feiyang Three People: “Do you have three together!”

“They go with us?”

Human Race Supreme STARED Blankly.


“When IF by any chance has an emergency, they can also seek support.”

姬 henly monarch nodded.

“is also right.”

human race big. Nodded.

After all, it is not ORDINARY PERSON, which is Qin Batian.

This is a power that is not inferior to the Ji Heavenly Monarch.

even arrived, there may be Qin feiyang people will also hear.


qin feiyang threene, follows Ji Heavenly Monarch Three People, flying towards the sky.

Looking at Ji Heavenly Monarch Three People, Sea Clan gathered over, all have a gift, then retreat to the side, let the open road.

Although Three People is not as good as National Lord, Divine King, Paragon, but in Divine Kingdom, there is a great prestige.


The closer to Star River, the more strong battle fluctuations.

“I said that you have three SMELLY Brat, how do you have you?”

Ji Heavenly Monarch, while falling toward Star River, Sound Transmission, tone is quite helpless.

“Such a big thing, we must come and see.”

mad laugh.

姬 Heavenly Monarch Rolled The Eyes, Secretly Thought: “Why are you calling me Big Uncle? Are you not chaotic?”

“Is there?”

“I and Qin Batian are brothers, you are Qin Batian’s pro, although I call you Big Uncle, it is really a bit Tang, but this life is really unrest.”

madman in The Dark Hehe is talking.


“Are you brother with him?”

“What is your relationship with Qin Feiyang?”

HEAVENLY MONARCH is a little covered.

What is this?

“I am with old qin?”

The madman stunned, dark Said with a smile: “Of course, brothers.”

Ji Heavenly Monarch Corner of Mouth Twitching.

is brothers with qin batian, and qin feiyang is also brothers, this relationship is too messy!

“actually, according to the generation, qin feiyang should also call me Old Ancestor.”

“but there is no way, he is very unstoppable, there is no distortion, you have to call me brothers, if you have time, you can educate him.”

mad laugh.

Heavenly Monarch heard, it is not a desirable color.

It seems that you are very observative.

simply is a color color, but also to say others?


Six People is coming to the entrance to Star River.

Old, Haiwang, Dragon God, Lu Jiajin, the Eight Heaven’s Chosen of the Central Dynasty.

“How is you?”

“Do they?”

Dragon God’s eyebrows.

henly monarch frowned, looked toards Dragon God, cold face: “SIR Father is seriously injured by qin feiyang in virtual, this is not to know?”

Dragon God Hearing this Stared Blankly, Immediately looks out.


Ji Heavenly Monarch snorted from Nose, squatted: “Have a message 禹 ly seenior, SIR Father learned that Qin Batian appeared, so I deliberately let me support.”


Old Nodded, looked at the two princes, and swept the eyes of Qin feiyang threene, did not care, looked up with the depths of Looked Towards Star River.

qin feiyang three people standing behind Ji Heavenly Monarch Three People, looking up Looked Towards Star River depths.


Thousands of figures continue to collide.

is a heart and Youth.

Multi-thousand movements are their 3,000 incarnations and Demon King True Body.

ONE ANOTHER Ultimate Aiyi crazy collision, let STAR River, all-sided All Directions are collapsed, and the fight is extremely fierce.

“You are sure, are you qin baith?”

The heart is laughing.

“is not qin batian, where are I 3,000 incarnations?”

Despite the heartman, Youth is still a look, yawning.

“True Didn’t Expect, Qin Batian’s strength,”

“You quin Clan Lineage, it is really a fascinating, but in front of me is defeated!”

The heart is flashing in the eyes, and Life and Death Laws are the ultimate roaring, and Heavenly Dao Will has burst out.

as the heart of Qin Batian, how can he not know what Qin Batian is?

Although he entered Divine Vestige, he did not enter Ancient World. He didn’t see Qin Batian’s True Body, but you have to know QIN in Great Qin and Merman Race. Batian’s Divine Statue.


I recognize it at a glance, and this man is preteding.

is not.

Youth and qin feiyang break into Divine Kingdom, he also has a lot of hears, preteding qin batian, which has got Qin Feiyang consent, so there is no demolition.

of course.

he does not dare to break up.

After all, WITHIN THE BODY, there is still a consciousness to monitor him.


Magic Open Life and Death Laws Ultimate Aiyi, Three thousand Demon King True Body also opens Life and Death Laws.

Battle Stregth, instantly soaring a big cut!

Ji Heavenly Monarch and two major people see this scene, they are not shrunk by Pupil.

After the National Three People returns, there is a strength to tell them the strength of the heart, but even if you already know in advance, but at this moment, I can’t help but be frightened.

Qin Feiyang’s strength is already a good time.

but at this moment.

Divine Kingdom, also born a man who is not inferior to Qin Feiyang.

What is this MONSTER?

Ancient Life and Death Laws, unExpectedly is all comprehensively.

This is to be exchanged, it is not an opponent of the heart.


is a crushing.

There is no rolling of the force.

“What can he solve Life and Death Laws Ultimate Aiyi?”

qin feiyang Three People is also quite looks forward to look forward to Youth.

Youth’s strength has always been a mystery.

No matter how strong they become, in the face of Youth, an invisible pressure can always be felt.

Perhaps this Time, Youth and the Magic Battle can let them completely see the strength of this person.