Invincible War God Chapter 4254


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Dong Qin knelt on the ground without saying a word.


A group of old man was shocked.

What’s the situation?

“wait a minute!”

“Before Xiaowang sound transmission said that Dong Hanzong is fighting Qin Feiyang and the others.”

“But now, Dong Hanzong and Dong Qin are both coming to us, and looking at what Dong Hanzong looks like now, can it be said that the battle is over?”

Ji Old Second sound transmission.

Ji Jiuye is hearing this, looking at the two people of Dong Hanzong, his eyes gradually showed a faint look, and said with a smile: “It seems that they should be avoiding the pursuit of Qin Feiyang, so they came here to find us Seek help.”

Sure enough!

Dong Qin kowtowed his head, his face full of pleading, looked at a group of old men and said: “Please seniors help us.”

Dong Hanzong glanced at Dong Qin, and said, “I also ask you Old Senior to help, and Junior will repay you with courtesy in the future.”


“Now I know I call myself Junior?”

“When you came, wasn’t it unbridled?”

Ji Old Tenth laughed.

The taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune between words is undisguised.

Dong Hanzong clenched his hands, a touch of hostility flashed between his eyebrows.

“Don’t be impulsive.”

Dong Qin quickly appeased Dong Hanzong, looking at Ji Old Tenth and said: “Senior, we were wrong before, please Sir, don’t care about us in general.”

“The old man is not such a stingy person.”

Ji Old Tenth coldly snorted.

Dong Qin was overjoyed, and hurriedly said: “So, senior has promised to help us?”

“One yard is one yard.”

“The old man doesn’t care about you. The old man is magnanimous, but to help you is to oppose Qin Feiyang. Even you, the masterful genius of the central dynasty, can do nothing about Qin Feiyang, let alone our old bones. “

Ji Old Tenth said with a sneer.

“Senior is serious, no matter how strong Qin Feiyang is, he certainly wouldn’t dare to be impudent here!”

Dong Qin spoke quickly.

“Who said I dare not come?”

But the voice did not fall.

A cold voice sounded.

A passage of time and space appeared, and several people Qin Feiyang came out one after another.


Dong Qin’s face was immediately pale.

Found them so soon?

“Did you neglect Opening Heaven Eye?”

The lunatic looked at two people jokingly.

“Opening Heaven Eye again!”

Dong Hanzong was crazy.

Mu Qing, you wait for me, sooner or later you will be cut off!

Dong Tianchen glanced at two people, looking towards a group of old man, frowned: “They are here to seek refuge!”


Ji Boss nodded.

“You cannot shelter them.”

“This is an order!”

Dong Tianchen spoke, cold light gleaming in his eyes.


A group of old men couldn’t help showing an expression of astonishment.

Dong Tianchen murderous aura said lingeringly: “You don’t need to ask more about the reason. In short, whoever shelters them will die!”

“putting it that way, can’t we really take action?”

A group of old man looked at each other in blank dismay, and then frowned: “However, when the Emperor Sir will be held accountable, how can we explain it?”

“Don’t worry.”

“We will explain to Emperor Sir.”

Dong Tianchen said.

“In that case…”

Ji Boss looked towards Ji Old Second and the others, and asked: “Then it is better for us to do more than to do less?”


Ji Old Second and the others nodded.


“Senior, please, help us!”

Dong Qin begged.

“Sorry, Dong Tianchen has already said so, we definitely can’t help you anymore.”

Ji Boss shook his head and stepped aside after speaking.

Ji Old Second and the others simultaneously looked, and they are also the retreat of in silence.

On the surface, they are all silent, but in fact, they are all talking and laughing in the dark.

“The abilities of these brats really make the old man admire again and again.”


“Even Dong Tianchen, Dong Ping, Dong Xin, unexpectedly chose to stand with them.”

“Dong Hanzong is really stupid, plot against who is not good, but I want to plot against these brats, isn’t this a courting disaster?”

In fact, they also know the reason.

The lord has told them.

The previous performances were all pretends.


At the same moment.

Seeing a group of old men standing by, Dong Qin’s face was immediately full of despair.

Dong Hanzong’s eyes are also gloomy like water.

“You will die now!”

Dong Tianchen and Dong Ping simultaneously looked, the murderous intention was violently surging in their eyes, and they stepped out immediately, and both killed Dong Hanzong.

Dong Hanzong scanned the audience, suddenly pulled Dong Qin, turned around and fleeed without looking back.

“Want to go?”

The two people sneered again and again, and the time opened in an instant, chasing them up like lightning.

Dong Xin also follow closely from behind.

Qin Feiyang, a lunatic, White-Eyed Wolf looked simultaneously, a subtle playful color flashed in his eyes, and also followed along at a moderate pace.

“Dong Tianchen, Dong Ping, no matter what Zong Brother has done to you, you can’t join forces with Qin Feiyang to kill him!”

Dong Qin was very angry, and the words were full of anxiety.

“hmph! “

“Don’t say it so nice, if you are replaced by you, you will be crazier than us.”

Dong Ping is coldly snorted.

“no! “

“If I want to be replaced by me, I will definitely focus on the overall situation.”

Dong Qin said hurriedly.

“The big picture?”

“When he Dong Hanzong plot against us, why didn’t he think about the overall situation?”

“It’s you, don’t persist in your own wrong doings, otherwise don’t blame us for returning to the Central Dynasty and attacking the family behind you.”

Dong Tianchen suddenly shouted.

Had it not been for this woman, Dong Hanzong would have died in Qianfeng Mountain.

Dong Qin’s eyes trembled.

This is what she worries about most.

She can follow Dong Hanzong to the world, but what about the family behind her?

Whether it is Dong Xin or Dong Tianchen’s brother, the family power behind them can easily destroy her family.

She didn’t want to be the sinner of the family.


With a cruel heart, she pushed Dong Hanzong aside, turned to face Dong Tianchen two people, and said, “Is it okay to replace my brother with my death?”

Dong Hanzong turning one’s head glanced at Dong Qin, did not stay at all, and fled away like lightning.

“It’s really not a man!”

Abandon Dong Qin once again and escape alone, even the Qin Feiyang three people, for Dong Hanzong’s behavior, is also deeply sickened!

Is this a man’s style?

Men, shouldn’t women come forward and protect themselves?

How can anyone keep hiding behind a woman?

“You wake up!”

“A man like him is not worth your effort at all!”

Dong Xin roared, anxious.

“Can you?”

“I beg you.”

Dong Qin turned a deaf ear, begging again and again.

“What a stupid woman.”

“get out of my sight!”

Dong Tianchen suddenly shouted.

One fist ruthless shot to Dong Qin.

“This is what you forced me!”

Dong Qin suddenly let out a low growl, and an Array immediately appeared all over his body.


next moment.

Along with the emergence of one after another Law Power, Dong Qin waved his hand, the ultimate Profound Truth of the seven strongest laws was born, and Heavenly Dao Will burst out.

And at the same time!

In Dong Qin’s realm, milk-white runes appeared one after another, exuding a sacred aura.


Following closely.

Heavenly Dao Will exuded by the Seven Ultimate Profound Truth, once again soared!


Qin Feiyang three people looked dazed.

What’s the situation?

Double Heavenly Dao Will?

That’s right!

At this time, Dong Qin’s Heavenly Dao Will can already be compared with Qin Feiyang’s double Heavenly Dao Will.

“This is the Haotian Realm!”

“Heavenly Dao Will can be increased by one layer.”

Dong Xin said solemnly.

“I will go!”

“These five areas are really outrageous.”

White-Eyed Wolf said in surprise.

Double Heavenly Dao Will, it’s not a joke.

With Dong Qin’s strength, it is completely enough to crush the older generation.


Dong Qin waved his hand, the seven ultimate Profound Truth, killed Dong Tianchen and Dong Ping.

The two people looked panicked, and quickly started to dodge for an instant.


Their God Killing Realm and Immortal Realm are also already not in, so they can’t shake Dong Qin hard at all.

Qin Feiyang glanced at Dong Qin and said to the lunatic: “Senior Brother, you stay and deal with her.”

“Small meaning.”

The madman jié jié smiled.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, rolled up the White-Eyed Wolf and Dong Tianchen three people, and opened the double Heavenly Dao Will, stepping on his feet for an instant, chasing Dong Hanzong with lightning.

“Don’t think about it!”

Dong Qin also wanted to stop Qin Feiyang, the seven ultimate Profound Truth, from taking a volley and killing several people.

“When you are I, doesn’t your father exist?”

The madman said angrily.

Accompanied by a loud noise, the sword of all evil was born, and the sword slashed away in anger.

hong long!

A horrible battle wave roared out, all around the mountains and rivers and the earth, instantly raze to the ground.

“Double Heavenly Dao Will, I can no longer stop I, your father!”

The madman laughed proudly, slammed his hands hard, the sword edge of all evil was overwhelming, Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood crushed Dong Qin’s seven ultimate Profound Truth.


Dong Qin’s lovable body shook, and a strand of bloodstain dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Is this the strength of a lunatic?

really strong!

No wonder that even Dong Ping was defeated by this person.


“This sword of all evil has indeed been able to compete with the sword of faith of Human Race Supreme.”

distant place.

Ji Boss, a group of old men, looked at the lunatic from a distance, and their old faces were full of relief.

The Sword of Faith is the strength of Faith that absorbs living creatures.

The sword of all evil is to absorb all the Evil Power in the world.

The two are also considered to be the same in the same way.


The sword of faith will continue to grow stronger as the faith increases.

The same goes for the Sword of All Evil.


“Dong Xin, don’t blame me…”

“I have no feelings for you at all, but you are only wishful thinking.”

“You can win a way for me to survive, and it is your value.”

Above a mountain and river.

Sensing the fluctuations in the battle between Dong Qin and the lunatic, Dong Hanzong muttered to himself, appearing extremely indifferent.

In his eyes, only himself.

The others are just chess pieces in his hand.



Just when he thought that Dong Qin had constrained someone and secured a way for him to survive, the rear one after another aura quickly approached.

“Qin Feiyang!”

“Gold Wing Wolf King!”

“Dong Tianchen, Dong Ping, Dong Xin!”

“Just to contain the lunatic alone?”

“It really is a trash!”

Instead of being grateful, he blamed Dong Qin for uselessness.

This is the nature of Dong Hanzong.

Selfishness and self-interest are not worthy of being a human being!

Because no matter is who, no matter how indifferent the character is, there is at least a little conscience, and Dong Hanzong is completely unwilling.