Invincible War God Chapter 4255


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“Quick, quick, quick.”

“He is right ahead!”

Double Heavenly Dao Will is really extraordinary.

After a few breaths, they saw Dong Hanzong in front of him.

Dong Tianchen couldn’t help but urged, with a biting cold light in his eyes.

White-Eyed Wolf looked at Dong Tianchen, speechless saying: “Seeing your appearance now, people who don’t know think that you are the enemy of life and death.”

“We are the enemy of life and death!”

Dong Tianchen sneered.

If he was plot against by Qin Feiyang and the others, he still figured it out, after all, he would have been at odds.

But Dong Hanzong, in any case, everyone is also a companion, unexpectedly cheating them so much behind.

Had it not been for Dong Hanzong’s plot against, he, Dong Ping, and Dong Xin would now fall into the hands of Qin Feiyang and could not help it?


All this is Dong Hanzong’s fault.

A price must be paid!



Dong Hanzong face sinking like water.

It’s getting closer, what should I do?


He opened a space-time passage and went in without looking back.

When Qin Feiyang and the others catch up, the passage of time and space has begun to dissipate.

Dong Tianchen angry’s one fist collapsed the space-time passage, but Dong Hanzong did not appear, apparently already teleported away.

“Damn it!”

He immediately flying into a rage.

The same is true for Dong Ping.

Qin Feiyang stopped, sound transmission said: “Mu Qing, how about it?”

“The Sea of ​​Taboo.”

Mu Qing responded immediately.

Because he has been in Profound Martial World, watching Dong Hanzong’s whereabouts.

“many thanks .”

“Next, you will continue to peep.”

“Lest he split Divine Soul while we are away and escape our pursuit.”

Qin Feiyang secretly thought.

“I know.”

Mu Qing’s voice sounded.

“Sure enough.”

A smile appeared on Qin Feiyang’s face, and immediately opened a space-time passage, taking the White-Eyed Wolf and Dong Tianchen three people into the passage like lightning.

The next moment!

They descended over a sea domain.

Ahead of the Sea Domain, the wind is roaring, and the waves are overwhelming.

The sky is extremely dim.

“The Sea of ​​Taboo?”

Dong Tianchen stared blankly slightly, and quickly scanned all around the Sea Domain. Now his eyes were locked on a certain place in the Forbidden Sea ahead, and he saw a silhouette fast as lightning, sweeping towards the depths of the Forbidden Sea.


That’s right!

It is Dong Hanzong.

Dong Tianchen, Dong Ping, Dong Xin, equal excited.

Because of the forbidden sea, the passage of time and space cannot be opened.

Once Dong Hanzong enters the sea of ​​taboos, it is equivalent to Stranded Beast’s Struggle, can’t escape.


“He has no other way except to return to the Central Dynasty.”

Qin Feiyang faintly smiled, rolled up the four people, and started for an instant, chasing away.

“Qin Feiyang, it’s a bit bad.”


Mu Qing’s voice rang in Qin Feiyang’s mind.


Qin Feiyang is suspicious.

“Before you descended on the Sea of ​​Taboo, Dong Hanzong split up more than a dozen Divine Souls, and is now fleeing in all directions.”

Mu Qing said.


“So many splits?”

Qin Feiyang swept to all around Sea Domain, his brows twisted together.

“A large number of splits can easily ensure his safety.”

“Because as long as one strand Divine Soul escapes, he will not die.”

Mu Qing said.

Qin Feiyang did not pause, pondered a little, and sound transmission said: “Please help pay attention to the dozens of Divine Souls first. After killing Dong Hanzong’s true body, I will slowly search for those Divine Souls.”


Mu Qing answered.

Qin Feiyang looked up at Dong Hanzong’s back, cold light flickering in his eyes.

Really a difficult character.

It can even be said that without Mu Qing’s help, he could not kill Dong Hanzong at all.


Now there is a chance, it must be eliminated!


Seeing that Qin Feiyang and the others were getting closer, Dong Hanzong flew away and shouted in panic: “Qin Feiyang, let’s discuss it!”

“What to discuss?”

White-Eyed Wolf sneered.

“We cooperate!”

Dong Hanzong spoke.

“scoundrel, are you going to betray Divine Kingdom?”

Dong Tianchen shouted angrily when he heard this.


“Are you embarrassed to say this?”

“Now you have betrayed Divine Kingdom?”

“As a direct line of you, you can all betray the Divine Kingdom. Why can’t I betray you because I am such a side line that you look down upon?”

Dong Hanzong sneered.

“We are all killed by you!”

“Otherwise, we can be controlled by Qin Feiyang now?”

Dong Tianchen roared.

These words did not hide.

Because of following Qin Feiyang, he was unwilling.


“That can only blame you for incompetence!”

“If it wasn’t for Qin Feiyang to help you, would you still be unbridled till now?”

Dong Hanzong coldly said with a smile and continued: “Qin Feiyang, a few of them, all only control one domain, and my universe can evolve all of their domains. I am stronger than them Several of them are strong together, so when we cooperate, it is the real strong alliance!”

“It makes sense.”

White-Eyed Wolf nodded.

Dong Tianchen, the three people panicked, and quickly looked towards Qin Feiyang.

Brother, you must not change your mind at this time.

If Qin Feiyang really changes his mind, then all three of them will have to die.


Dong Hanzong will not allow them to continue to live in the world.

And after cooperating with Dong Hanzong, they lost their value, and Qin Feiyang would naturally not keep them.

Qin Feiyang’s eyes flickered, said with a smile: “On value, you really have to far exceed them…”

Hearing this, the hearts of Dong Tianchen three people couldn’t help but hang in his throat.

Dong Hanzong was somewhat pleased.

Qin Feiyang’s conversation turned suddenly and shook his head: “But you are too dangerous and ruthless. Dong Qin is obsessed with you, but you only know how to use her. Qin Feiyang, although I am not a good person, But the most basic conscience is still there.”


Dong Tianchen, the three people, let out a long sigh.

“Isn’t it just a woman?”

Dong Hanzong said angrily.

“Isn’t it just a woman?”

“You look down on women, don’t you?”

“Your mother is not a woman? Without your mother, could there be you?”

“I tell you, female talented is the greatest, especially a woman who is giving up and is willing to sacrifice herself for you, she should cherish it.”

“If you didn’t abandon Dong Qin, maybe I would really consider cooperating with you.”

“But now!”

“I give you three words, you are not worthy!”

Qin Feiyang smiled angrily.

As the voice landed, he finally caught up with Dong Hanzong.

The Ultimate Profound Truth of Life and Death Laws, the ultimate Profound Truth of the six strongest laws, are all opened in an instant.


“I became a ghost will not let you go!”

Dong Hanzong roar.

The seven ultimate Profound Truth opens, Heavenly Dao Will erupts, and the angry kills Qin Feiyang.

“You don’t even have a chance to become a ghost.”

Qin Feiyang sneered, the seven ultimate Profound Truth were suppressed, and with a loud bang, Dong Hanzong’s seven ultimate Profound Truth were annihilated on the spot.

Following closely.

The Seven Ultimate Profound Truths will drown Dong Hanzong!

The sound of mournful scream resounded across the sky.

Dong Hanzong, who has no universe, no Undying Body and invincible posture, is as vulnerable as an ant in front of Qin Feiyang at this time.

The body is shattered, and the sky is splashed with blood!


“I am not willing to ……”

The roar of Dong Hanzong loathing, Divine Soul struggled crazily, but to no avail, finally divine shadow entirely extinguished.

For a time.

There is a deadly stillness here.

Dong Tianchen, three people looking at Void, is full of joy.

Come and continue plot against us!

Now even my own little life is plot against, right!

What an act recklessly thing.


Following closely.

three people looked towards Qin Feiyang and White-Eyed Wolf next to them, with all the flavors in their hearts.

absolutely didn’t expect to join forces with Qin Feiyang several people, killing Dong Hanzong.

I didn’t even expect that Qin Feiyang would take action again and again to save them.



This is evil fate!

Qin Feiyang suddenly turning one’s head looked towards three people and said, “Do you think it’s over?”


three people immediately Be vigilant.

Do you want to abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal and kill them?


Seeing the reaction of the three people, Qin Feiyang looked stunned, speechless saying: “Don’t get me wrong, I mean Dong Hanzong is not dead yet.”


“Not dead yet?”

three people looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Mu Qing has been monitoring him with Opening Heaven Eye.”

“Mu Qing told me before that when we chased the Sea of ​​Taboo, Dong Hanzong had split more than a dozen Divine Souls and fled in different directions.”

“So now, we have to hunt down these Divine Souls.”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“It turned out to be like this.”

Three people are not relaxed.

It really shocked them.

Qin Feiyang waved his hand, Mu Qing appeared, said with a smile: “Lead the way!”

Mu Qing glanced at Dong Tianchen’s three people, pointed to the south side of the sea of ​​taboos, and said: “There are seven Divine Souls going there, so I should also want to escape to the Central Dynasty.”

“What’s left?”

Qin Feiyang asked.

“The remaining pieces of Divine Soul escaped to Sea Clan and Orcs.”

Mu Qing said.

“Then go and destroy the seven Divine Souls first!”

Qin Feiyang’s murderous intention flashed in his eyes, and he rolled up several people and swept southward.

Dong Tianchen three people simultaneously looked, full of fear.

This is the fear of Mu Qing!

Although Mu Qing’s strength is still inferior to them, the divine might of Opening Heaven Eye is too terrifying.

No matter how you hide it, it’s nothing but Mu Qing’s prying eyes.

This time is the best proof.

Without Mu Qing, who knew that Dong Hanzong had split up Divine Soul in advance?

And still more than a dozen Divine Soul?

Don’t know, Dong Hanzong will not die.

It is no exaggeration to say.

Mu Qing’s threat is greater than Qin Feiyang, Madman Mo, and Golden Wing Wolf King.


Thinking back to their first thought of coming to Four Great Continents, even they themselves found it a bit ridiculous.

Still thinking of killing these several people?

Too naive.

Only one Mu Qing, Qin Feiyang, lunatic, White-Eyed Wolf wiped them out, not to mention the monsters like Demon Ancestor, Dong Zhengyan, Mu Tianyang and Long Chen.

If all these people take action, who else is their opponent?

In the Central Dynasty, I heard the eight Heaven’s Chosen who fled back. Speaking of the rumors of Qin Feiyang and the others, they didn’t take seriously at all.

I even feel that the Eight Great Heaven’s Chosen is a bit exaggerated, it is to build others’ ambitions and destroy one’s own power.

But now.

When confronted and experienced in person, they knew that it was terrifying more than the eight Heaven’s Chosen said.

Can also be expected.

The future of Divine Kingdom is worrying.