Invincible War God Chapter 4256


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A moment passed.

A primordial desert island enters the sight of Qin Feiyang and the others.

Mu Qing said: “There is a Divine Soul here, but he has found us hidden in an abandoned cave on the island.”

“Still hiding?”

White-Eyed Wolf jié jié smiled.


A group of people entered the desert island.

Under the leadership of Mu Qing, they headed towards the cave.

“Mu Qing, you damn thing, I will definitely not let you go!”

Inside the cave!

Dong Hanzong’s Divine Soul is full of anger.

Had it not been for Mu Qing to spoil the game, even if Qin Feiyang had a hundred pairs of eyes, it would be impossible to find his Divine Soul.

It is even more impossible to know that as soon as he entered the sea of ​​taboos, he split into a dozen Divine Souls.


“I didn’t ask you to let me go.”

Mu Qing laughed.

Following closely.

A group of people entered the cave.

Dong Hanzong loathingly stared at Mu Qing and said with a smile: “You will not be rewarded because you leaked too many secrets.”

Hearing this, Mu Qing’s expression was slightly stiff.

Qin Feiyang clearly caught this anomaly, secretly thought: “How?”


Mu Qing waved his hand and looked at Dong Hanzong indifferently said: “I will have a good report in the future, I don’t know now, but I know, you must not have a good report!”

“You bastard…”

Dong Hanzong roared.

“Dare to spray manure with my mouth full!”

Dong Tianchen stepped out and grabbed Dong Hanzong’s Divine Soul.

“Dong Tianchen, don’t offend me. After I get rid of me, Qin Feiyang will not let you go, let alone let you younger brother Dong Ping and Dong Xin.”

“Soon, we will be reunited in hell!”

Dong Hanzong grinned.

“This will not bother you.”

Dong Tianchen coldly said with a smile, his five fingers snapped suddenly, Dong Hanzong screamed, and Divine Soul was annihilated on the spot.

“The next place.”

Without staying in the slightest, Qin Feiyang and the others pursued and killed 2nd Divine Soul under the guidance of Mu Qing.

Qin Feiyang was pondering all the way, and finally couldn’t help but asked: “Mu Qing, what did Dong Hanzong say just now?”

Because of Mu Qing’s previous reaction, there is indeed a problem.

“What are you talking about?”

Mu Qing looked at him suspiciously.

“Be less confused.”

Qin Feiyang blanked his eyes.

White-Eyed Wolf and Dong Tianchen, the three people, can’t help but look at Mu Qing in doubt.

Mu Qing pondered for a moment, lightly said with a smile: “Isn’t there a saying that says that? Must not be reveled, otherwise it will be Heavenly Retribution, which means that too many secrets will be revealed, and the future will be doomed. “


White-Eyed Wolf stared blankly, shook his head and said: “I didn’t understand.”

“In short.”

“My Opening Heaven Eye, from childhood, said it was peeping at all things in the world, but in a big way, it was peeping at the secrets of heaven.”

Mu Qing said.

White-Eyed Wolf frowned and asked: “In other words, you are now helping us find Dong Hanzong’s Divine Soul, are they all leaking secrets?”


“When I did this, I was actually interfering with the fate of others.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that the secret is leaked.”

Mu Qing nodded.

“After that, will you really be Heavenly Retribution?”

White-Eyed Wolf asked.

“Heavenly Retribution ……”

Mu Qing murmured and shook his head: “I don’t know, but my Opening Heaven Eye is similar to Dong Zhengyan’s Eye of Destiny. They are all peeping at the secret of heaven. Don’t Dong Tianchen often talk about it? Can’t reveal the secret of heaven, I think It also makes sense.”

“putting it that way, do you have to turn on Opening Heaven Eye less in the future?”

Qin Feiyang Road.

“Not so exaggerated.”

“In contrast, the risk of my Opening Heaven Eye is still less than that of the Eye of Destiny.”

“After all, the eye of destiny directly peers into the destiny of others. This is the real secret of the secret.”

“Say it again.”

“What if there is Heavenly Retribution?”

“Insignificant Heavenly Retribution, what is the resistance to me?”

Mu Qing smiled domineeringly.


Qin Feiyang and White-Eyed Wolf could not help laughing.

That’s right!

What about Heavenly Retribution? After at worst, let’s carry it together!


They successfully killed 2nd Divine Soul again.

Now Dong Hanzong panicked completely.

The remaining dozen Divine Soul, don’t know where to go?

Because no matter how he hides, Mu Qing can easily find him.


One day passed.


Only the last Divine Soul remains.

This Divine Soul kept fleeing in Dongzhou, panicking to the extreme.

In this situation, it is certainly impossible for anyone to calm down.

Because the last Divine Soul, if it is eliminated, it means a complete divine shadow entirely extinguished!

Dong Hanzong really didn’t want to die.

It’s not easy to have today’s achievements and status, he is reluctant to bear these things!


Unconsciously, he fled to the sky over an island.


On my Fangdao Island, he sensed many powerful auras.

“Here is it?”

He couldn’t help stopping, scanning the island with a trace of surprise in his heart.


Along with a loudly shouted, several Sea Clan skyrocketed, murderously looking at Dong Hanzong’s Divine Soul.

“Sea Clan?”

Dong Hanzong stared blankly slightly, as if he saw a straw for life, he quickly said: “I am Dong Hanzong of the Central Dynasty, now I order you, at once to escort me back to the Central Dynasty!”

“Dong Hanzong?”

Several Sea Clan were taken aback.


At this time.

A golden silhouette rose into the air and landed on the opposite side of Dong Hanzong.

“I have seen Little Prince.”

Several Sea Clan bowed and saluted.

“Little Prince?”

Dong Hanzong stared blankly, looking at the youth in front of him, he was surprised: “Are you Hai Zidong?”

“It is myself.”

Hai Zidong is nodded.

That’s right!

This island is where the remnants of Sea Domain gather.


All remnants of Sea Domain are headed by Hai Zidong.

Dong Hanzong Jing God One shook, and hurriedly said: “Hai Zidong, Qin Feiyang is chasing me, you must find a way to send me back to the Central Dynasty, as long as you can send me back to the Central Dynasty, what do you want, What shall I give you.”

Hearing this, Hai Zidong looked strange.

Another person came to ask him to escort him back to the Central Dynasty?

And was also pursued and killed by Qin Feiyang.

Are these so-called masterpieces genius so impossible to withstand a single blow?

“Little Prince, we can’t intervene in this matter.”


“Now, we can’t afford to offend Qin Feiyang.”

“If you let him know that we help his enemy, he will not let us go.”

A few Sea Clan behind them quickly looked at Hai Zidong and said.

“You impudent!”

Dong Hanzong was furious and glared at several people shouted: “As a Divine Kingdom person, I can’t save you from death. Are you afraid that Emperor Sir will condemn you in the future?”

“hmph! “

“Say these dignified words less.”

“In order to deal with Qin Feiyang and them, my Sea Clan has been wiped out by them!”

“Is this sacrifice not enough?”

“We have to let Sea Clan die?”

“Besides, when my Sea Clan was annihilated, where was the Emperor of your Central Dynasty?”

“Now want us to help you?”


Several Sea Clans showed no mercy to Dong Hanzong and were frantically angry.

Dong Hanzong face sinking like water.

This is the current situation of Four Great Continents?

Even Sea Clan has not dared to fight against people like Qin Feiyang?

You need to know.

Qin Feiyang and the others are intruders.

Dealing with the intruder, the power of the Divine Kingdom, shouldn’t they be the same enemy?

But now, all have been scared out of one’s wits.


Hai Zidong looked towards several Sea Clan, and said angrily: “How did you talk to Sir of the Central Dynasty? Apologize to me quickly.”

“Your Majesty, you…”

Several Sea Clan looked at Hai Zidong in disbelief.

Are you still speaking for the people of the Central Dynasty?

“Quickly apologize!”

Hai Zidong looked cold.

Several Sea Clan looked simultaneously, enduring the anger in their hearts, looked at Dong Hanzong and said, “I’m sorry!”

Dong Hanzong glanced at Hai Zidong, looked at several people and sighed: “Don’t blame you, after all, people like Qin Feiyang are indeed too cruel.”

“Do you still know?”

Several people are coldly snorted in their hearts.

You shouldn’t come here and hurt them.

Hai Zidong looked towards several people, said with a smile: “Sir, please, go to the island to rest!”

“Can’t rest.”

Dong Hanzong hurriedly said: “Qin Feiyang is chasing me, Mu Qing has Opening Heaven Eye, I must have known that I am with you.”


Several Sea Clan turn pale with fright.

Doesn’t that wait, Qin Feiyang will bring people to kill?

“Your Majesty, let’s run away!”

“This place is no longer safe.”

Several people looked at Hai Zidong, their faces full of fear of Qin Feiyang and the others.

“Mu Qing has Opening Heaven Eye, how can I escape?”

Hai Zidong shook his head.

“What about then?”

Several people are desperate to the extreme.

“There is only one way now.”

The sea is sighed from the east.

“What way?”

several people asked.

Dong Hanzong is also looking forward to Hai Zidong.

Hai Zidong did not speak, just stared at Dong Hanzong blindly.

Several Sea Clans were somewhat puzzled at first, but looking at Hai Zidong’s expression, they gradually understood Hai Zidong’s thoughts.

This is to win Dong Hanzong and ask Qin Feiyang for credit.

“Your Majesty, this is not good!”

“If by any chance is known by the people of the Central Dynasty, will they spare us?”

Several people are extremely nervous.

“Then what better way do you guys have?”

Hai Zidong asked.

Several people remained silent.

They are now regarded as the strongest person in the remnants of Sea Clan, and they are also the person who has the most say in Sea Clan besides Kai Zidong.


Hai Zidong took this opportunity to deliberately act in such a play in order to let the several people support him.

Because now, he has been loyal to Qin Feiyang.


This matter, he has not dared to say.

Because once it is said, let the clansman below know that he has become a subordinate of Qin Feiyang, the clansman below will definitely be dissatisfied with him.

But if.

These Sea Clan in front of them will stand with him in the future, and the ending will be different again.

“What are you doing?”

Dong Hanzong stared at several people.


“We are discussing how to escape Qin Feiyang’s pursuit and successfully return you to the Central Dynasty.”

Hai Zidong appeased, and sound transmission to several Sea Clan at the same time: “Capture Dong Hanzong and give it to Qin Feiyang to claim credit. This is the only way. Think about it carefully.”

Several Sea Clan simultaneously looked.

In the end, a decision was made for the future fate of Sea Clan!


“Just do it!”

“No matter what the central dynasty is, what the Emperor is, let’s save our own little life first.”


Hearing these words, Hai Zidong’s eyes flashed with a smile.

With the support of these several people, no matter if you rule the Sea Clan and the Orcs in the future, or come into contact with Qin Feiyang, you don’t need to hide anymore.

As for this Dong Hanzong, unexpectedly still came to him for help?

Isn’t this walking right into a trap?