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“Not only Kunfeng, Creation of World Divine Palace, the second hall of Kaidong is definitely hateful to that Huang Xiaolong. To eat the yellow Dragon Blood, it will definitely take action. If Kunfeng and Kaidong are joining forces, even if they join hands, It is the Star Dragons couple who can’t save Huang Xiaolong. “Huang Zongquan is sneered.

“不仅昆峰,创世神殿二殿上凯东现在肯定是对那黄小龙恨之如骨,要噬黄小龙血肉,肯定也会出手,昆峰和凯东两人要是联手,就算是星龙夫妇亲临,也救不了黄小龙。 ”凰宗权冷笑

“So, we have to create opportunities for the people of Creation of World Divine Palace to take action on Huang Xiaolong.” Qian Shaolin both eyes flashing, I don’t know what to think.


Tao Shi thought for a moment and said, “The land of the unknown is vast. When I arrive, I will divide Chen and I and Lin Tong into several groups.” Speaking of this, sneered “Then, we and Huang Xiaolong!”


Huang Zongquan claps and laughs. “When it is time to do it! Wait for us and Huang Xiaolong to seduce Huang Xiaolong to Kunfeng and Kaidong!”


The other creations of the hall are nodded.


“Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong, then you will enjoy the gift of Kunfeng and Kaidong for you!” Huang Zongquan proudly smiled.


More than three months blinked.


For more than three months, Huang Xiaolong has almost never left the house. He has been in the study and understand the universe of the universe.


“His Highness, the unknown land is coming.” On this day, Ao Sheng Hai, Shuguang, and Wang Meiqi came together outside Huang Xiaolong Dongfu.


Huang Xiaolong nodded, took Yuqi into the body, opened Dongfu, walked out, and then went to the bow of Hengtian Spaceship, and saw that there were all kinds of clouds in front, all kinds of rays of light and vision.


Through the clouds, rays of light, vision is the unknown.


The unknown land is the first cosmic mystery place. It is also the most mysterious and difficult to find out of the thirteen universe. Some people say that before the birth of the thirteen universes, the unknown land existed. Therefore, the unknown land is more than thirteen. The universe is more ancient, no matter how the years change, no matter how the thirteen universe changes, the unknown is unchanging, and the unknown land seems to be quietly standing there forever, looking at the universe Myriad Creations of Heaven and Earth.


There is another legend, that is, the thirteen universes have been shattered, Myriad Creations of Heaven and Earth are gone, everything is back, and now everything in the thirteen universe is born of new era, such as Huang Xiaolong, his father Yellow Dragon, such as Major, Kunfeng, Kaidong, and even the Xinglong couple are all this one.


The unknown land is the object of the last era.


In Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, Tao Shi, Qian Shaolin, Huang Zongquan and others also came out from Dongfu. When Huang Zongquan saw Huang Xiaolong, he smiled coldly.


“Huang Xiaolong fellow daoist is good Yaxing.” Qian Shaolin smiled.


Huang Xiaolong carried his hands and ignored them.


Money Shaolin’s face is uncomfortable.


Although he is not as strong as Tao Shi, but how to say it is also the Great Perfection Creation of World God, the existence of the top ten of Hengtian League, why have you been ignored?


“Huang Xiaolong, you are too obsessive!” Qian Shaolin couldn’t help but scream.


“Extremely?” Huang Xiaolong faintly “Where is the random traffic of the trash?”


Qian Shaolin and others are not angry.


However, at this time, Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong both came out with other Creation of World gods.


Qian Shaolin and others saw it and had to give up.


“The land of the unknown is coming, everyone is ready!” Chen Yizhen glanced at the crowd and said, “Unknown places are dangerous, can’t care.”


Everyone should be.


Soon, Hengtian Spaceship came to the edge of the unknown.




The Hengtian Spaceship was shocked. I saw a lot of rays of light and the fog was plowed. The rays of light around the Spaceship splashed. The amazing strength struck the Spaceship hull. It was like a sea boat encountering huge waves and squalls.


“Everyone is careful to defend!” Chen Yizhen said.


Huang Xiaolong and other People’s Great Strength of The World have supported the defense.


“Three hundred and seven hundred million fights!” Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s Great Strength of The World, Huang Zongquan and others were not surprised and surprised. Even Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong were accidents.


When he first joined Hengzheng, Huang Xiaolong was a 2-3 billion fight. Later, when Black Sea took the Duanjun, Huang Xiaolong became a tri-three billion fight. Now, suddenly, there are 3.7 billion fights? !


Is Huang Xiaolong always hiding power?


Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong both blinked, and used Secret Technique to view Huang Xiaolong and found that Huang Xiaolong was really 3.7 billion fighting, but before they looked at Huang Xiaolong, it was also really 2.3 billion and three 1.2 billion.


Everyone was shocked, they were all in doubt.


Not long after, Hengtian Spaceship crossed the edge of the unknown, without the rays of light and the prohibition of the fog, the Spaceship recovered calm.


The prohibition of the edge of the unknown land is very strong, it is the ordinary small accomplishment Creation of World God, it will take a lot of effort to break the prohibition and then come in, as for Creation of World, to enter the unknown The land is almost impossible.


After entering the unknown land, Huang Xiaolong looked and saw that there was a strange mountain in the unknown land. The high trees and big rivers came from time to time, and the sound of the behemoth came and shook the heavens and the earth.


Everything in the unknown land seems to have grown several times. Huang Xiaolong’s feeling is that he has come to a wider world, and he feels that he has a small feeling.


The Principle Space here is higher than the first universe.


Huang Xiaolong’s booth eyes are flickering. It’s no wonder that everything in this unknown place is preserved in the last era, because everything here and outside is not a world at all.




At this time, the sound of a behemoth was far and near, and Space was shaking. Obviously, Ominous Beast was rushing here, and the number of a lot was only tens of thousands.


“It’s a herd! Everyone is careful!” Lin Tong replied, “10 Millions don’t kill these Ominous Beast!”


The herd of the unknown land is a great danger in the unknown land, and the Ominous Beast of the unknown land cannot kill. Once it is killed, there will be more influx, and it will continue to flow. Once there was a big Perfection Boundary Creation of World. God did not believe in evil. Later, the more he killed, the more he was trapped in the sea of ​​the beast. He could not escape.


Lin Tong’s words just fell, and I saw a head-shaped Ominous Beast rushing over. Both eyes were red gold. Huang Xiaolong found that these Ominous Beast bodies had a strange pattern. These lines made Huang Xiaolong think of the top of the ball. The texture, however, the texture of these Ominous Beast surfaces is rough compared to the texture above the ball.


At this time, everyone took action, and the Ominous Beast group that came here was sealed there, and only the seal was not killed. The Hengtian Spaceship quickly flew away.


After avoiding the Ominous Beast group, everyone continued to move forward and blinked for several months. In the past few months, I did not know how many Ominous Beast groups I encountered along the way, and broke the unknown prohibition. However, there was no news of the ball.


On this day, Tao Shi came to see Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong, saying that they could be divided into four groups to find the Sphere.


“Divided into four groups?” Chen Yizhen hesitated.


“Yes, the lord, the unknown land is too broad, and we are not looking for a way to find it. If it is divided into four groups, the probability will be much higher.” Tao Shi said.


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