He Wanshan hesitated, shaking his head, “敖影, Zhu Yaowen, Dang, more than 20 people, it is said that the yellow body Dragon Body side Expert solved within half an hour, even if you and I join hands, you may not be able to get the yellow dragon, or wait for Kay Dongda people said over Come again.”

Wang Zaixu said, “You and I are joining hands, that is, the God of the Half-Step universe is not afraid, let alone a Huang Xiaolong? Although we need to be cautious, but too cautious, that is timid, many opportunities are often missed. ”

“Yellow Dragon Body, but there are nearly two hundred universe Essence Spirit Vein! Star Dragon scales, maybe there are still one hundred, with so many things, our own study and understand, practice, break through the Half-Step universe In the realm, why do you need to contribute to the Creation of World Divine Palace!” Wang Zaixu is reasonable.

敖万山both eyes flashed, apparently lightly hearted.

Indeed, if they can break through the Half-Step universe, why should they contribute to the Creation of World Divine Palace!

“Wanshan Dao, an hour later, Kaidong will arrive!” Wang Zaixu said, “What are you worried about? We will go in now, take Huang Xiaolong, and quickly decide!”

“Good!” Wan Wanshan took a deep breath, nodded.

Nearly two hundred universe Essence Spirit Vein on the Dragon Dragon Body, many scales of the Star Dragon, it is worth his risk.

Dang, that is, Wan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu both led the expert to enter the Mi Shilin and began to launch Dao Soul to search for Huang Xiaolong.

“To find Huang Xiaolong, you must take Huang Xiaolong擒 before they arrive in Kaidong!” Wan Wanshan turned to the next Expert.

Just in the Wanshan Mountain, I saw Wang Zaixu’s face different. He followed Wang Zaixu’s gaze and looked at him. He saw a stone on the stone stone, standing in the middle of the volley!

“Huang Xiaolong!” Yan Wanshan’s gaze fell on the yellow little Dragon Body, and he was shocked, then glanced around.

“You don’t have to find it, we are four people.” Huang Xiaolong said lightly.

Just four people? !

Wan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu and others.

Huang Xiaolong walked to Wan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu.

“Wu Wanshan of the Baichao League, Wang Zaixu?” Huang Xiaolong said, “Is it Tao Tao know you come over?”

Yan Wanshan looked at the calm and self-contained Huang Xiaolong, his face was amazed, and Dao Soul started his efforts. He did not believe that Huang Xiaolong was four.

“Not bad, it’s the stone that let us come over.” Wang Zaixu stared at Huang Xiaolong, working in the big world, ready to take action “Huang Xiaolong, let the experts around you come out!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled.

At this moment, suddenly, the king was suddenly impressed with Huang Xiaolong, and the speed was fast to peak. Obviously, he planned to take Huang Xiaolong down in one fell swoop.

When Wang Zaixu took action, he kept paying attention to the movement around Huang Xiaolong, in case the Expert was suddenly thrown out by the Yellow Dragon Dragon Body. What surprised him was that he did not encounter any obstacles. His palm was printed in front of Huang Xiaolong.

At this moment, Wang Zaixu saw Huang Xiaolong raise his hand, and he even greeted him with his power!

Wang Zaixu’s mistakes have an absurd feeling.

Since Huang Xiaolong knows that he is him, it is impossible to not know that he is the Great Perfection peak Expert. However, Huang Xiaolong’s major completion of the inside breakout has to block his power.

There are also hundreds of dynasties in the Wanshan Mountain. Experts see Huang Xiaolong’s move, which is also a mistake.

“That Huang Xiaolong, is he looking for death?!” An expert at Baichao League couldn’t help it.

Just when Wang Zaixu, Yan Wanshan and others were absurd, Huang Xiaolong’s palm and Wang Zaixu collided.

The moment when the two men collided with each other, Huang Xiaolong’s Three Great World, more than one billion billion Strength of The World screamed out.

Wang Zaixu felt the horrible Great Strength of The World in Huang Xiaolong’s body, and his face changed dramatically.


When he had not had time to react, he was directly shot by Huang Xiaolong.

Unknown land, the strange stones of the dense stone forest suspended in the sky for countless years, hard and incomparable, the ordinary Creation of World God is also difficult to destroy, but now, the king who was invaded by the fly in the road, crashed and crashed, high-altitude gravel, like gravel fireworks.

Wang Zaixu fell to the end of Mi Shilin.

“You!” Wan Wanshan’s “both eyes” looked at Huang Xiaolong with horror. “Three, Three Great World!”

Three Great World, more than one billion billion Strength of The World!

The Experts of the Baichao League were even scared.

Although Huang Xiaolong and the God of the Half-Step universe are just a billionth of the Great Strength of The World, the combat power is far from being comparable to the God of the Half-Step universe. It is two, no, three Half-Step universes. God is afraid that he can’t suppress Huang Xiaolong.

“Reassure, as long as you surrender to me and work for me, I will never treat you badly.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the expert of the Bai Dynasty, and opened his mouth.

In the hearts of the dynasties of the dynasty, there was a wave of anger, and the shock was undecided. Suddenly, I heard Huang Xiaolong’s words and couldn’t help it.

Wan Wanshan heard the words, his face was ugly, he was horrified and looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, they are all loyal to me. Do you think that with your words, you want them to betray me and turn to you?” ridiculous!”

“Yes.” Huang Xiaolong came to Wanshan Mountain. For more than forty Expert Roads of Baichao League, “Whoever takes action, I will withdraw the blood of Essence, who will swallow up the Great Strength of The World. Just like a movie, you are a father and son!”

At this time, Huang Xiaolong opened Sun and Moon Pill Furnace’s ban, and the spectator of the dynasty saw the shadow of the World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline Essence and the Great Strength of The World, and the father and son were not afraid.

Creation of World God powerhouse is the peak of the universe. If it is the power of Essence and the Great Strength of The World, it is better to die.

Wan Wanshan screamed “Don’t listen to Huang Xiaolong, everyone join forces, take full action, Huang Xiaolong will be defeated! If everyone is centrifugal, fear, then we can’t escape, when it falls to the hands of Huang Xiaolong, who must be Huang Xiaolong With the power of Essence, whoever is swallowed by Huang Xiaolong is the Great Strength of The World!”

In the case of Wan Wanshan, the face of the Experts who raised the banner of the Bai Dynasty was changed.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, did not say anything, figure flashes, instantly came to the front of Wan Wanshan, a palm shot, Yan Wanshan was shocked, but the end and Wang Zaixu, was shot by Huang Xiaolong.

The Baichao League Expert, who was supposed to take action, saw Wanshan being seriously injured by Huang Xiaolong, and was scared to stop.


after an hour.

Kaidong and Creation of World Divine Palace Fifteen Great Perfection Creation of World God came to Mi Shilin, Kaidong eyes eyes glanced, did not see Yan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu, frowning.

“Two Palace Lords are not waiting for Wan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu to wait here. They don’t even see them. Do they dare not follow the life of the Palace Lord and don’t come to Mi Shilin?” A Great Perfection Expert was suspicious.

Kaidong took out Talisman and contacted Wan Wanshan and Wang Zaixu, but neither of them responded.

“They are afraid that something is wrong!” Kaidong said.

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