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Kaidong is also a doubt in his heart.


“Is Chen Yizhen, Lin Tong and Heng Tianmeng’s Expert?” one guessed.


“Besides, there is no other possibility!”


“Heng Tianmeng’s Expert? Is it Tao Shi deliberately giving us fake news!”


Kaidong’s eyes are cold and gentle, and “Tao Stone!”


Obviously, he also felt that the problem might be on the pottery stone. Heng Tianmeng ambushed the Expert here, and then deliberately let the Tao Shi pass the news to them, use Huang Xiaolong as a bait and lead them over.


However, Kaidong still has some doubts in his mind. Is Hengtian League doing this, want to fight with the Creation of World Divine Palace? What does Hengtian League do?


“Two Palace Lord, let’s quit first?” One person spoke.


Kaidong looked deep into the depths of Mi Shilin, hesitated and said, “Alright!”


There is always a kind of uneasiness in his heart. It is this kind of uneasiness that makes him retreat.


“Huang Xiaolong!” Kaidong saw Huang Xiaolong, a suspect, and the previous Wan Wanshan, Wang Zaixu, glanced around Space.


“You just guessed it right. It is indeed Tao Shi who used me as a bait. I deliberately brought you over. The Expert of Hengtianmeng is hidden in the dark.” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently.


“Sure enough, it is a stone!” One of them was angry. Then, someone secretly crushed Talisman, thinking of returning the stone to the Kunfeng.


He just deliberately said that Tao Shi tempted Kaidong and others to come over, and then let Kaidong and others contact Kunfeng. At that time, Kaidong and others were missing. Kunfeng and others will only be identified as Hengtianmeng Chen Zhenzhen, Lin Tong. Made with pottery.


Kaidong is in doubt in his eyes. In the big array, it is obvious that only Huang Xiaolong is alone, and there is no other Expert ambush.


“Your words were deliberate.” Kaidong suddenly said.


“Not bad, I was deliberate.” Huang Xiaolong looked as usual.


“Why?” Kaidong was suspicious.


He didn’t understand why Huang Xiaolong had to do this. Even if they had contacted Kunfeng with Talisman, even if Kun Feng really believed that it was Tao Shi and Chen Yizhen, Lin Tong did it, but Huang Xiaolong could still hold them. Otherwise, it would not Attacked from the break.




Two punches collided.


He crashed into the big wall.


For a moment, he only felt that the internal organs were broken, and even the veins were shattered.


Huang Xiaolong continued to come to Kaidong and others.


“Kayin, I will give you a chance. If you succumb to me, I can do anything in the past.” Huang Xiaolong said.


Kaidong heard the words, laughing at Huang Xiaolong, even if you have the Three Great world, even if you have a big Strength of The World beyond 10 billion, I am the world of Half-Step, you really think you can Can you trap me?” Speaking, sneered “Tell you, the strength of the Half-Step universe is far from what you can imagine.”


Kaidong has a double fist and Huang Xiaolong has an illusion that the universe and the world seem to be in the hands of Kaidong.