Huang Xiaolong looked at everything, rushed over to win, face indifferent, punched out, at this moment everyone had an illusion, the world was collapsed!


I saw Huang Xiaolong hitting the chest and winning the chest directly. The fist was revealed from behind his back. Chen Yuzhi and Lin Qiankun, Lin Feng and others even saw Dao Heart who won the chest from Huang Xiaolong. The back shot, the golden Dao Heart in the mid-air rays of light, bursting with amazing golden light, then exploded in midair.

The energy of the Dao Heart of a Half-Step cosmic god is so amazing that it exploded like a 10 Millions giant star in the Qiankun Tiancheng.

Qiankun Tiancheng was violently shaken as if it had fallen to the ground.

When Lin Kunkun saw it, he took the action and Chen called it to take action. This stabilized Qiankun Tiancheng. This is so, Qiankun Tiancheng also almost spread out.

Everyone looked at the win-win of Dao Heart, a god of the Half-Step universe. At high altitude, Dao Heart was punched and punched, and it was hanging there. What kind of picture is shocking. It is Lin Feng, the Great Emperor, who almost scared the urine. As for the marshals of the Qiankun Tian Dynasty, Great General, I couldn’t tell who was next.

Chen Huanzhi originally listened to Huang Xiaolong and said why he gave him a face, and his heart was angry. Now that he saw that Yingze was bombarded with the scene of Dao Heart, the heart’s anger suddenly disappeared and was replaced by real surprise.

As the winner of the Half-Step universe, the flesh body is so strong, but it was bombarded by Huang Xiaolong, like the expired paper paste.

Winze looked at Huang Xiaolong with fear and desperately, but found that his big world could not be motivated. The big world in his body seemed to be pinched by an invisible giant hand and could not work at all.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Winze indifferently: “In my eyes, you and your son are no different from your grandson.”

In the eyes of Huang Xiaolong, killing a 13 Great Perfection peak and killing a Perfection Boundary Creation of World God, as well as killing a God of the Half-Step universe, is really no different.

When Huang Xiaolong finished, the palm of his hand was like a knife. Everything, he saw that the head of Yingze rolled down from his neck, rolled from the sky to the ground, and rolled to the front of a family owner of Qiankun Tiancheng.

The family owner looked at the head of Winzer who rolled down in front of him, and fainted the past, really scared there.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong slammed Divine Fire and fell to the head of Win Ze. I saw that the hair of Winzer was screaming, struggling, and rolling.

“This, this is?!” Chen Yuzhi, Lin Yikun, Lin Feng and other people face a big change.

In general, there is almost no Divine Fire in the universe that can damage the flesh body of the God of the Half-Step universe. Creation of World is the same as the existence of the universe, not to mention the Half-Step of the Creation of World. The god of the universe.

However, the head of Winzawa was continuously burned by Huang Xiaolong’s Divine Fire. If the same group of paper balls are being slowly burned, I can think of the horror of this Divine Fire.

It is no wonder that Chen Huazhi, Lin Yikun, Lin Feng and others have changed their faces.

This Divine Fire can be incinerated to win, and can also be incinerated, and can be incinerated, Lin Fengkun, Lin Feng!

In Chen Yuanzhi, Lin Yikun, Lin Feng and other people’s fearful eyes, the head of Winze was not incinerated clean, and even a trace of gray did not stay.

This Divine Fire is Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, one of the Four Great Essence Divine Fires.

The Four Great Divine Fire is the treasure of the universe. It is the most powerful Divine Fire in the universe. It is the source of all fires. The beginning of the fire is the god of the Half-Step universe, which is also difficult to resist.

Dao Soul, who won the game, escaped.

Huang Xiaolong, with a ray of light, held it in front of him and threw it into Sun and Moon Pill Furnace. As for the remaining flesh, Huang Xiaolong was incinerated with Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Huang Xiaolong will win the game, win the Wan Di’s Space Divine Artifact, and win the best quality Creation Artifact scimitar.

As for what is in the Space Divine Artifact that won the game, Huang Xiaolong did not go to see it, but turned to look at Lin Qiankun.

Lin Xiaokun saw Huang Xiaolong’s eyes turning to himself, and it was difficult to hide his fear.

“Your son Lin Feng is in Talisman. I should tell you earlier that I am coming to Qiankun Tiancheng just to exchange the cosmos Essence Spirit Vein with you.” Huang Xiaolong indifferent said: “But it seems that you are not willing to exchange with me, not only unwilling, but also I also want to join forces to win and kill me.”

Lin Yikun changed his face and quickly shook his hand and explained: “No, Blue Dragon, I don’t mean it. Blue Dragon adults want to use best quality Creation Artifact and I exchange the Essence Spirit Vein. I am too late to have it. Winning Ze has to take action on the adults, that is the meaning of winning, and I and Chen Yuanzhi do not have this meaning at all.”

Chen Yuzhi is also nodded: “Zhu Kun fellow daoist is right, we both have no such meaning.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered and looked at Lin Qiankun: “Then you just joined forces with Ying Ze and besieged me. Is it my illusion?”

Lin Yukun’s face turned red, I don’t know how to answer.

Huang Xiaolong took a photo with both hands and took Lin Qiankun and Chen Xiangzhi together in front of him.

“You just saw the end of the game, not bad, that Divine Fire, Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, one of the universe’s Four Great Divine Fire, Creation of World God said flesh body Immortal, Dao Soul is not dead, but also It’s not absolute. Do you think your flesh body can withstand Vermilion Bird Divine Fire?” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently: “If your flesh body is cleaned by Vermilion Bird Divine Fire incinerated, you can’t reshape flesh body in the future. I will give you two now. Take the road.”

“The first is to let go of the Dao Soul defense, and I am banned by Imprint, and I will work for me!”

“Second is the same as winning the game, I was burned by the flesh body, Dao Soul was suppressed by me forever!”

Huang Xiaolong said coldly: “Let’s think about it.”

Chen Qizhi, Lin Yukun’s face changed.

“But we have already invested in the endless Lord, and the endless Lord has planted a ban on our Dao Soul.” Lin Yikun hesitated.

In general, Dao Soul can only ban a ban, unless Huang Xiaolong first erases the prohibition of the endless Lord.

“You don’t need to pay attention to this.” Huang Xiaolong said: “You only need to choose.”

Chen Yuzhi, Lin Yikun, both of them are hesitant. If they don’t work, then their end will definitely be as good as winning. If it works, it is the betrayal of the endless Lord. Can Huang Xiaolong resist the endless Lord?

“You can rest assured that if you give me the effect, I will plant a ban in your Dao Soul, and the endless Lord will not find it.” Huang Xiaolong said: “And my strength is not something you can imagine.”

Not what we can imagine? !

Chen Qizhi, Lin Yikun shocked, is this Blue Dragon son their eternal Lord still strong? !

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