Thinking of Huang Xiaolong may be the endless lord of their infinite lord, Chen Qizhi, Lin Xiaokun breathing quickly.

Heaven defying giant 擘!

The real peak of unknown Space exists!

Although the god of the Half-Step universe claims to be the pinnacle of the Creation of World, everyone understands that the god of the ordinary Half-Step universe is also a bigger ant in front of those heaven defying giants.

Bigger ants, but after all, they are still ants.

Chen Yuanzhi, Lin Yukun and two people recalled that Huang Xiaolong just said about winning the game. Huang Xiaolong just said that Winzawa is in his eyes, no different from his son and grandson.

For the heaven defying giant, the god of the Half-Step universe like Essex is really no different from the Perfection Boundary Creation of World, the 13 Great Perfection peak Expert.

Chen Qizhi, who was still hesitant, Lin Xiaokun’s concerns were much less.

After a while, Chen Yuzhi and Lin Yikun finally chose to invest in Huang Xiaolong. The two released Dao Soul and let Huang Xiaolong plant a ban.

Huang Xiaolong planted a ban on the two Dao Soul, and did not erase the prohibition of the endless Lord. Instead, he planted a ban to cover the ban before the endless Lord!

In this way, Huang Xiaolong can not only control Chen Xiangzhi, Lin Yikun, but also not be shocked by the endless Lord.

Huang Xiaolong is now too weak, and he does not want to fight against the infinity. After all, he is now only one billion yuan, Strength of The World.

Then, Huang Xiaolong made the same procedure, and planted a ban on Lin Feng and the other four Creation of World gods Dao Soul in Qiankun Tiancheng. Huang Xiaolong also adopted the method of coverage.

As for the family ancestor below the Creation of World, the owner, Huang Xiaolong, did not pay attention to it. He did not worry about these family ancestors in Qiankun Tiancheng. The family will explode today’s things, Chen Yuanzhi, Lin Yikun, Lin Feng, seven. Creation of World God will handle all of this.

After Lin Yikun applied Huang Xiaolong, he took out the twenty-six universe Essence Spirit Vein of Qiankun Treasury and gave it to Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not treat Lin Qiankun, and took out his best quality Creation Artifact, let Lin Yikun choose one.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong’s Creation Artifact had about ten pieces, Lin Qiankun was shocked. Not only Lin Qiankun, Chen Yuzhi, and Lin Feng’s creation of World God were equally scared.

Lin Yikun finally chose the best quality Creation Artifact of Dang’s original Creation of World Divine Palace.

As for Chen Yuzhi, he also took all the cosmos Essence Spirit Vein out of his own body and gave it to Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Yuzhi is a powerhouse that breaks through a hundred billion fights. As an infinity martial art marshal, it is naturally impossible for Lin Kunkun to be a net worth. Huang Xiaolong sees that all of the more than 30 universe Essence Spirit Veins come out from Chen Xiaozhi. It is shocking.

As for the other Creation of World gods, they also came out with their own Essence Spirit Vein to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong counted a total of sixty-three.

This result is a big accident from Huang Xiaolong. It is a surprise.

Originally, Huang Xiaolong came to Qiankun Tiancheng this time, just wanted to exchange Lin Yikun’s twenty-sixth Essence Spirit Vein. I didn’t expect twenty-six more.

Huang Xiaolong is not guilty of Chen Xingzhi, and gave him the leaves of the star dragon of the Divine Tree. The star of the dragon, but the scale of the dragon is much more, and it is also the creation of World. Great effect.

Chen Qizhi got the leaves of ten pieces of Xinglong, and he was so excited that he thanked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong asked Chen Huanzhi, Lin Yukun about the night sea beast tide attacking the Human Race city.

Lin Yukun looked at Chen Yuzhi. In fact, Chen Fuzhi knew that he had much more to attack the Human Race in the night sea beast tide. After all, Chen Qizhi is the Marshal of the Endless Heaven.

Chen Yuzhi replied respectfully to Huang Xiaolong: “It is our endless son who stole the yin and yang Treasure Storehouse chart of Dragon Fish Clan. I heard that as long as the study and understand through this yin and yang Treasure Storehouse map, you can find the universe to the treasure yin and yang hot wheels!”

“Oh, yin and yang hot wheels!” Huang Xiaolong stunned.

Lin Yikun, Lin Feng and others listened and was taken aback.

Although rumours said that Dragon Fish Clan’s Treasure Storehouse figure was stolen, but no one knows what Treasure Storehouse map is. I don’t know which Treasure Storehouse map of the universe, including Lin Yikun, I don’t know, so Lin Xiaokun listens. It is said that it is the Treasure Storehouse map of the universe to the yin and yang hot wheels. The was shocked is not small.

“Yes, the yin and yang hot wheels.” Chen Huanzhi respectfully said: “These days, our endless son and the endless Lord adults have been in the study and understand this yin and yang Treasure Storehouse map, but there is no study and understand what results. ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

There are more than a hundred sons in the endless Lord.

The endless son is the youngest son of the Endless Lord and the best son of the endless master of natural talent.

“This is the endless son, how is the strength?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“The power of the infinite son of His Highness has already broken the tens of billions of battles, and practice has come out of the second big world. I am far from being an infinite opponent of the innocent son.” Chen Yuanzhi’s face is dignified: “There is a lot of people who suspect that the infinite son has already broken through one hundred. Two billionth Strength of The World.”

Huang Xiaolong was not surprised. After all, even Zhu Qiming broke through 14 billion fights. It is normal for this endless son to break through 12 billion.

Later, Huang Xiaolong asked the strength of the endless Great Emperor.

The Endless Great Emperor and the Endless Son are not the same person, the Endless Son is the youngest son of the Endless Lord, and the Endless Great Emperor is the largest son of the Endless Lord.

“Our Your Majesty powerless son is also a stronger. After all, our Your Majesty practice is much longer than the time of the Lord’s Highness.” Chen Yuzhi replied: “And our Natural talent of Your Majesty is not much worse than the imperial son. ”

In the endless Lord’s more than a hundred sons, the endless Great Emperor’s natural talent is second only to the endless son.

Half a day later.

After Chen Yuzhi, Lin Yikun, Lin Feng and others retired, Huang Xiaolong began to retreat. This time, there are more than 60 universe Essence Spirit Veins of Chen Yuzhi and Lin Qiankun, which are transformed into the cosmic atmosphere of the boat of the universe. Sufficient Huang Xiaolong practice 100,000 years or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Huang Xiaolong sat in the formation core of the universe, and called Chen Qizhi, Lin Yikun’s 63 universe Essence Spirit Vein all taken out, and then all transformed into the universe.

Suddenly, the gas of the universe flooded out from the formation core of the universe, like a huge wave, and then filled the entire universe with a large array of Space, even overflowing with a large array of Space.

Huang Xiaolong started to run Rising Dragon Art, Yellow Dragon Dafa, Pangu Heaven Splitting Art, and the cosmic gas constantly poured into the body of Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong retreats these gas of the universe, the night sea beast tide attacks the Human Race city more frequently, and the great and endless days of war, while the other land’s Expert also enters the endless earth, these Expert, Dang is For the yin and yang Treasure Storehouse figure.

As the other world’s Experts continue to enter the endless land, a time, the endless earth is surging, and the endless earth is full of people.

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