Invincible Chapter 3666

In Kunfeng, Kaidong, Hongjun thought that Meijie would preside over justice for them. Suddenly, Major came to Huang Xiaolong and gave a deep sigh: “Lord Huang, I have already left the God of Creation Hall, and God of There is no relationship between the Creation Hall. I am now in the Zhu Family. This is a well-known thing. Please also ask the adults!”

Enter Zhu Family!

Also ask the adults to understand!

Kunfeng, Kaidong, Hongjun three dumbfounded.

Inner Hall Expert look at each other in dismay.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head: “I promised Wang Meiqi to avenge her, so no matter how you say it, how to do it, today, I will not let you go.”

Mei Jie heard the words, his face changed, and at the same time he wondered: “Wang Meiqi?” Apparently he could not remember who Wang Meiqi of the yellow little dragon mouth.

“The first universe, the magic butterfly family.” Huang Xiaolong reminded.

“Phantom Butterfly?” When Mei Jie heard it, his expression was shocked. Some long-term memories suddenly came out. In front of him, there was a shadow.

Wang Meiqi!

It turned out to be her!

However, Major still does not give up, said to Huang Xiaolong: “I don’t know what is the relationship between Lord Huang and Wang Meiqi? Is Lord Huang willing to offend our Zhu Family for a woman? Offend our Lord Zhu Xi?”

Huang Xiaolong heard the bullet-dressing angle and smiled: “Do you think I will be afraid of offending you Zhu Family? You think I am afraid of offending Zhu Chen.”

Mei Jie stayed, he just did not think about this problem, although Huang Xiaolong just blocked the sword unparalleled kendo, but he subconsciously still feels fierce, green ghost, dragon tyrant, death, Zhu Chen, five people are unknown. Space’s strongest five!

He subconsciously felt that Huang Xiaolong was not Zhu Chen’s opponent. He subconsciously felt that Huang Xiaolong should be afraid of Zhu Chen.

But now listening to Huang Xiaolong’s words, is Huang Xiaolong’s strength already? !

The sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter, Bai Xuantian and other people have heard the meaning of Huang Xiaolong, and their faces have changed.

The sword is as if the front has been drained by the whole body. How can I stand still?

As for Zhu Jian, the heartbeat is extremely slow and the hall is fresh, but he has a feeling of suffocation.

When everyone was shocked, suddenly, Major broke the space and disappeared. When he saw Meijie, he had to break space to escape from the unparalleled Tiancheng. At this moment, suddenly, the void, a bang, like a side. In general, the giant wall stopped Mejie.

Major did not hesitate to think about it.

The bang was loud.

Starlight is dumped like the Heavenly River.

But what surprised and shocked everyone was that the Trip Expert, who had 18 billion fights, not only did not break the **, but was shocked back.

Everyone saw this scene and was shocked.

Mej is a giant axe, but the quasi-universe treasure!

Then, with the big Strength of The World of Mayor’s one hundred and eighty, you can’t break it!

Almost everyone’s eyes are on the huge roots.

Looking at the huge tree roots that focus on starlight, the sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter, Bai Xuantian and others think of something, and no face is shocked.

“Star Dragon God Tree!”

Inner Hall, a screamer exclaimed.

At this time, the star Dragon God tree must be stretched out of the void, suddenly, the skylight sprinkled from the void, just the daytime unparalleled Tiancheng became a vast starry sky.

“Fast, everyone takes action together and breaks the big dragon!” Bai Xuantian suddenly shouted: “Otherwise, let the roots of this dragon be connected, otherwise everyone can’t escape!”

After Bai Xuantian’s remarks, Dang took the action first, and her white wooden stick burst out of the ray of people’s rays of light and slammed into the corner of the void.

The sword is unparalleled, and the ghost waiter takes action at almost the same time.

Billion Sword Qi splits the void and reverses the river of time.

At the same time, the sky and the ghosts cover the sky, and the evolutionary layer of evil spirits Hell rushes to the corner of the void.

Inner Hall Other Experts see, they all look shocked, take action, Inner Hall These Experts are all from the land of the broken billions of no-powerhouse, more than one hundred from the land of the billions of Expert while taking action What is the scene, it is simply a cracking of the world, the world is overturned, really the world is discolored.

And these Experts, like the swords and the ghosts, are all blasting in the same direction.


I saw the wooden stick Dang of Bai Xuantian first slammed into the corner of the void, followed by Sword Qi, the sword unparalleled, and then the ghost of the ghost.

The world is shaking.

The Star Dragon array was also shaken by it, and there was a crack in the star dragon tree root.

At this time, the bombardment of more than 100 Experts at Inner Hall arrived.

Seeing that more than one hundred Experts will be blasted to the rift, if the attack of the more than one Expert strikes to the cracks, it may be that the root of the star dragon connected to the corner may be blown open.

However, at this moment, suddenly, a huge, multi-million-dollar ancient ship exuding the vastness of the universe appeared in the void, blocking everyone’s attacks one by one.

Everyone attacked the straight and slammed into the old ship’s hull.

I saw the ray of light of the ancient ship’s hull, which turned out to block everyone’s attack!

The ancient ship was shaking.

Everyone was shocked.

“Yu, the boat of the universe!” The sword is unbelievable, and the chin is shaking.

The first treasure of the universe! The boat of the universe! There is a world!

And in front of the Blue Dragon son Huang Xiaolong!

What made him even more unacceptable was that Huang Xiaolong not only had the boat of the universe, but also the Dragon God tree, which is second only to the boat of the universe.

The sword is unparalleled, Bai Xuantian, Ghost, Mei Jie and so on.

Everyone suddenly poured out a despair.

At this time, in the boat of the universe, flying a figure, it is Huang Xiaolong! Huang Xiaolong holds the three gods, surrounded by the body, wrapped around the spirit of Four Great Essence Divine Fire, the flames of the sky, everyone has the illusion that Dao Soul is burned clean.

“Three, three gods!”

“Four Great Essence Divine Fire !”

The people who had been desperate were completely desperate.

Huang Xiaolong figure flashes, has come to the front of Mei Jie, Mei Jie eyes panic, then, Huang Xiaolong hand three scorpions stabbed out, Mejie hand axe to block, but the three gods passed through his hand The giant axe, then pierced the chest of Major, and emerged from the back.

Major stopped here and looked at the chest unbelievably.

The Expert who originally wanted to take action to attack the boat of the universe scared to stop.

“Father!” said Zhu Jianli.

Huang Xiaolong’s booth eyes are indifferent, and the hands of the three gods are pulled out. Just now, the singer has completely pierced the majestic Dao Heart, and Dang Huang Xiaolong’s three gods pulled out the moment, Four Great Essence Divine Fire straight Falling on the ground, everyone looked at it and saw Mei Jie’s body carbon black, just like coming out of Hell.

Everyone took a breath of air.

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