Even Mei Jie, who owns the 18 billion Strength of The World, can’t stop Huang Xiaolong’s move! Then here, there are a few people who can stop the glory of Huang Xiaolong!

At this time, I saw Huang Xiaolong take a photo and took Mei Jie to himself.

Mei Jie is show up and smiles. “If the celebration is over, our father and son will not go back. Zhu Chen adults will definitely come in person. When the green ghosts arrive, they will find that the ghosts are missing. They will definitely come to the swordsman to check it out. Huang Xiaolong will even count. You are strong, and you can’t resist Zhu Chen, the Green Ghost!”

“Yes, Huang Xiaolong, you have the boat of the universe, the star Dragon God tree, the Four Great universe, and the treasure, how dare you against the entire unknown Space?” Bai Xuantian screamed.

Huang Xiaolong waved with one hand, and the two-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand

“Is it an enemy of the entire unknown Space?” Huang Xiaolong said “is an enemy of the entire unknown Space, then what?”

Everyone is silent.

“Don’t panic!” Mayer called. “We have tens of thousands of Experts. As long as we are all together, he will certainly be defeated! Is it tens of thousands of Experts that we are afraid that he will not?!”

In the words of Major, let a lot Expert hope to ignite again.

Huang Xiaolong saw everyone’s look, smiled coldly, and rushed to the crowd.

I saw Huang Xiaolong’s boat on the foot of the universe, the dragon God tree on the top of the head, holding the three gods, surrounded by Four Great Divine Fire, is simply Invincible!

Defense Invincible!

Attack Invincible!

No one can stop Huang Xiaolong’s move.

No one can break through the defense of Huang Xiaolong.

The boat of the universe, known as the first treasure of the universe, is also the first treasure of the universe defense. Under the urging of the Great Strength of The World, the ray of light on the ship’s body is moving, the universe is righteous, the universe is full of power, in the universe. The universe of the universe, the universe to the power of the pressure, even if the sword is unparalleled, can not play 80% of the combat power.

As for ghosts, Bai Xuantian and others need not to mention.

One after another broken billions of powerhouses were bombarded by Huang Xiaolong, a group of Great Perfection, Perfection God of Creation was swept by Huang Xiaolong.

The endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale two people smiled, they were worried that Huang Xiaolong was hard to beat four hands, but now it seems that they are really superfluous.

What is the rabble?

In front of this group, the God of Creation, which was abused by Huang Xiaolong and cried and called her mother, is a rabble.

The unparalleled sword road of the sword slammed into Huang Xiaolong, and the three gods in the hands of Huang Xiaolong just waved, and the sword was unbroken. At the same time, the sword was shocked and tumbling.

This is the gap between the 1.9 billion fighting and the 23 billion Strength of The World. Even if the sword is unparalleled, it is far less powerful than Huang Xiaolong.

More than an hour later.

I saw the Imperial Palace Inner Hall, the outer hall, the God of Creation powerhouse from all the land, all lying down, lying on the ground, in addition to the endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan King Nightingale, Yu Xiaohong, Tao Haner, No one has stood any longer.

Zhu Jian shrinks in the corner of the main hall, shaking and screaming, has been curled up into a big snail.

Huang Xiaolong’s booth eyes are indifferent, see Zhu Jian’s look, and he is too lazy to pay attention.

one day later.

All Experts have been conquered by Huang Xiaolong.

Like the control of the endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale, Huang Xiaolong planted Imprint in the Dao Soul, and destroyed the previous Soul Mark.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the universe full of Essence Spirit Vein, and couldn’t help but surprise.

These cosmos Essence Spirit Vein are all swords and unparalleled, ghost servants, Bai Xuantian and all God of Creation from their own Space.

Single sword is unparalleled, ghost waiter, Bai Xuantian, Mei Jie and others, there are one or two hundred!

Plus other God of Creation, it’s just!

More than six hundred!

Before, Huang Xiaolong unified the endless land, from the endless master Wu Xin, Sea Clan King Nightingale and other people in the hands of more than 1,100 universe Essence Spirit Vein, Dang, Huang Xiaolong has a local gold sitting in the gold mine, waving The inexhaustible feeling, now, in front of these more than 600 universe Essence Spirit Vein, let Huang Xiaolong once again have a sense of local tyrants.

In front of these more than 600 universe Essence Spirit Vein, plus the previous Green Spirit Chamber Of Commerce bought, there are more than 800.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath.

More than 800 universe Essence Spirit Vein!

If you convert all of the more than 800 universe Essence Spirit Veins into the cosmic atmosphere of the universe, and then devour Refining, then what is the extent of his big Strength of The World?

Two hundred and six billion?

Still two hundred and seven billion fighting!

After a while, Huang Xiaolong put all the universe Essence Spirit Vein into Sun and Moon Pill Furnace.

This time, he took Mei Jie, and after the sword house celebration ended, if Zhu Jie did not return, Zhu Chen would be shocked, so he had to go to Zhu Xi Tiancheng to conquer Zhu Chen before Zhu Chen was shocked.

“Is the adult going to Zhu Xi Tiancheng? I will go with the grown-ups.” Ghostly respectfully said, “The Sky Mountain Peak of Zhu Xi Tiancheng is about to open, I want to board Sky Mountain Peak again.”

“Oh, is Sky Mountain Peak going to open?” Huang Xiaolong asked, moving.

Sky Mountain Peak is a strange peak of the unknown Space. This Sky Mountain Peak was born in the universe. It was born in the beginning of the universe. It is a magical peak that helps to study and understand the universe.

“Yes, adults, a month later, Sky Mountain Peak opens.” Ghost waited respectfully.

“In this case, we will go to Zhu Xi Tiancheng tomorrow.” Huang Xiaolong said.

From the time of the unparalleled Tiancheng, it will take almost a month to Zhuyu Tiancheng.

The ghost waiter should be respectful.

“I am going with the grown-ups too?” Sword Musou suddenly said, “I just took this Sky Mountain Peak and opened my kendo and increased it.”

“You have to go too?” Huang Xiaolong looked at the endless master Wuxin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale, Yu Xiaohong and others.

Endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan King Nightingale, Yu Xiaohong and others are embarrassed nodded.

This time Sky Mountain Peak is open and they don’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Alright, then let’s go together.” Huang Xiaolong said.

So the next day, Huang Xiaolong, sword unparalleled, ghost waiter, the endless master Wu Xin, Sea Clan’s king night, Yu Xiaohong and others left the unparalleled Tiancheng.

Because Tao Haner is also entangled, Huang Xiaolong will bring Tao Haner.

As for the other God of Creation participating in the sword house celebration, Huang Xiaolong asked why he should go.

“Let’s investigate, Zhu Chen is not in Zhu Xi Tiancheng now.” Huang Xiaolong told the sword unparalleled.

The sword is unrequited and respectful.

Soon, there will be results.

“Zhu Chen is not in Zhu Xi Tiancheng?” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“Yes, Zhu Chen went to the Green City of the Green Ghost.” Sword Musou replied, “It should be a few days before I come back.”

“Going to our green ghost land?” The ghost waiter was amazed.

The green ghost land is the land controlled by the green ghost. The capital city is the first city of the green ghost land.

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