“What did Zhu Chen go to the capital city?” Huang Xiaolong asked the sword unparalleled.

“This is not very clear.” Sword Musou said: “Or, subordinate and then look up in detail?”

Huang Xiaolong snorted.

Zhu Chen can’t go to the capital city for no reason.

“Adult, wait for us to board Sky Mountain Peak, then go to the capital city?” Tao Haner suddenly said.

“Go to the capital city? What are you going to in the capital city?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Tao Haner smiled and said: “Yudu City is the first city of Green Ghost Land. It is also one of the unknown Space Five Great Tiancheng. I heard that people living in it are ghost souls, and I want to see them.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed and said: “The people who live in the capital city all the year round are indeed ghost souls, so the Yin Soul inside is extremely heavy. If the strength is not high, you can’t stay in it. Like you, Dao Venerable Layer 2, in Stay inside for a second or two.”

The sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter, the endless master, Xin Xin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale, Yu Xiaohong and others are laughing.

Tao Haner whispered: “Adult, you know to make fun of people.” Then he said: “I will work hard to practice, into the realm of the universe, see if you dare to laugh, I don’t.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and said: “Hey, you still have a good goal.”

Everyone is laughing again.

Tao Han children’s mind eyes: “You can have goals, not allowed me to have goals.”

The sword is reprimanded: “Han, don’t talk to adults.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his hand and smiled and said: “I don’t get in the way.” He smiled at Tao Haner: “That’s good, then see who breaks through the universe first.”

Tao Haner said: “Adults know that bullies, you are now more than two billion Strength of The World, and I haven’t even practiced a big Strength of The World. It must be that you and me break through the universe faster. The situation, I can get you fast.”

Huang Xiaolong and everyone laughed.

All the way, Tao Haner and everyone talking and laughing, it is not boring.

About a month later, Huang Xiaolong and others came to Zhu Xi Tiancheng.

Huang Xiaolong put away the boat of the universe and stood up in the air. He saw the vast expanse of Zhu Xitian’s central city. There was a huge, no-large peak that rose up into the sky and went straight into the sky. Even Huang Xiaolong opened the eye. I can’t see where this huge peak stretches into the sky.

Even Huang Xiaolong launched Three Great Dao Soul, and he couldn’t see it.

This is Sky Mountain Peak.

Unknown Space first peak.

In normal times, Sky Mountain Peak is covered with clouds and is banned, but every few years, the clouds of Sky Mountain Peak will disperse, and everyone can climb to the peak. If the clouds are covered, no one can force them into Sky Mountain Peak. Even Zhu Chen can’t break into the sky. Within Sky Mountain Peak, there is a strength from the depths of the universe. This strength will only dissipate when the clouds are gone.

“Look, adults, the clouds of Sky Mountain Peak have dissipated.” Tao Haner pointed to Sky Mountain Peak and shouted at Huang Xiaolong, quite happy and excited.

Sure enough, the clouds that shrouded the Sky Mountain Peak seemed to be blown away by the invisible wind, slowly dissipating, gradually faded, and the shape of the Sky Mountain Peak became clearer.

“Adult, Sky Mountain Peak is about to open.” Yu Xiaohong said.

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “We are now.”

However, when Huang Xiaolong was going to come to Zhu Xi Tiancheng, a group of Experts came flying behind.

“Several people are also coming to Sky Mountain Peak?” One of the young man called Huang Xiaolong several people.

Huang Xiaolong’s booth eyes swept, and the other dozens of people were all 12 Perfection, thirteen Great Perfection, and the young man who called Huang Xiaolong was thirteen Great Perfection peak.

“Not bad.” Huang Xiaolong said.

“In the next Feihongtian Dynasty Chen Family Great Young Master Chen Bi.” The young man smiled at Huang Xiaolong and said: “I don’t know which family the brothers are?”

“Fei Hong Tian Chao?” Huang Xiaolong looked unparalleled to the sword.

Sword Musou laughed at Huang Xiaolong: “Fei Hongtian ancestor is a small accomplishment. God of Creation.”

Huang Xiaolong understood the meaning of the sword.

This means that Chen Family is just a family that Zhu Xi’s land is not influx.

Lianfei Hongtian ancestors are only the God of Creation of the small accomplishment, and the Chen Family ancestors are strong, and it is impossible to fly to the ancestors.

Chen Family Great Young Master Chen Bi heard and said: “Yes, our ancestors and Feihongtian ancestors are a small accomplishment of God of Creation.” The words are smug and proud, the look is showing off, even Secretly took a look at Yu Xiaohong and Tao Haner.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Chen Bi’s eyes and smiled: “It turns out that Chen Bi’s ancestor is a small accomplishment, God’s God of Creation.

Tao Haner, Yu Xiaohong, a few people almost laughed out loud.

A descendant of a small accomplishment, God of Creation, is also disrespectful?

That Chen Bi did not hear the meaning of Huang Xiaolong, smiled and said: “I don’t know who the ancestors are?”

In general, the ones who come to Sky Mountain Peak are the God of Creation or God of Creation.

Huang Xiaolong said: “My father is called Yellow Dragon, my name is Huang Xiaolong.”

“Yellow Dragon?” Chen Bi looked confused and searched his mind. He couldn’t think of the unknown Space. Which Huang Family ancestor is God of Creation.

At this time, a young man next to Chen Bi told Chen Bi: “Great Young Master, what is Yellow Dragon, I don’t even see God of Creation, Huang Huang, where Huang Xiaolong is located, is estimated to be a third-rate family. ”

Although it is the God of Creation or God of Creation juniors, the exception is to go to Sky Mountain Peak.

After Chen Bi listened to the Chen Family disciple, he laughed at Huang Xiaolong: “The original Huang Xiong is Huang Family disciple, and Sky Mountain Peak is just around the corner. How about going to the summit?”

The endless Lord No Xin, Sea Clan’s King Nightingale, Yu Xiaohong, Swordsman has a few people want to open, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand to stop a few people, and said to Chen Bixiao: “Okay.”

Therefore, Chen Bi and a dozen people will go with Huang Xiaolong.

“I don’t know what these two girls call?” Chen Bi suddenly asked Tao Haner and Yu Xiaohong.

Yu Xiaohong frowned.

Tao Haner said: “My name is Tao Haner.”

Chen Bi smiled and said: “It turned out to be a girl, but I didn’t think that the girl was Dao Venerable Layer 2 Boundary. I also came to Sky Mountain Peak. I will follow the girl, and I will take care of you!”

“No, my granddaughter, you don’t need to protect you.” The sword is indifferent.

Chen Biyi, the sword unparalleled guest angrily said: “The original lord is the sorrow girl grandfather, disrespectful and disrespectful.”

The sword is unparalleled and no one is leaning against each other.

Chen Bilightly, he turned and asked Huang Xiaolong: “Brother Huang is the first time to board Sky Mountain Peak?”

“I am the first time.” Huang Xiaolong said: “I haven’t boarded it yet.”

Chen Bi was amazed and laughed: “The original Huang Xiong is the first time. I am already the third time this time. I am going to Sky Mountain Peak. I am paying attention to Dao Heart and the study and understanding of Grand Dao. I am Dang. For the first time in the year, I barely boarded the third Rank 10, once, I boarded the eighth Rank 10!”

Chen Family, a discipline port, said: “My Great Young Master will definitely be able to reach the 100th level and then successfully break through the Creation of World and become the God of Creation powerhouse!”

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