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“Where is Huang Xiaolong now?” Chen Bi asked Chen Bi.


Chen Bi listened to the tone of the ancestors, knowing that the ancestors had to take care of this matter, and said with a happy heart, “That Huang Xiaolong and his men are also coming to Sky Mountain Peak. They are estimated to have already arrived at Sky Mountain Peak.”


“I have already arrived at Sky Mountain Peak?” Chen Bi brows a lock and looks at it. I saw Sky Mountain Peak at the foot of the mountain.


Sky Mountain Peak has a huge footprint, and I don’t know how many billions of it, and now the foot of Sky Mountain Peak is crowded with powerhouses from all sides. People are everywhere, and looking for a few people is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Moreover, Sky Mountain Peak is still in the fog, the ban has not yet dispersed. If you use Dao Soul, Deva-Eye to find it, Sky Mountain Peak bans backlash, but Dao Soul is damaged, and Dao Soul is cracked!


There used to be a lot Expert. When Sky Mountain Peak was banned, Dao Soul was used. As a result, Sky Mountain Peak’s banned strength backlash, Dang field spurted, Dao Soul cracked, and then became a madman!


So it is the god of the Half-Step universe, and dare not use Dao Soul, Deva-Eye before the Sky Mountain Peak is banned.


“Sky Mountain Peak is over in a month, so wait until Sky Mountain Peak is over.” Du Chengjiang said.


Chen Bi nodded, he also knows the seriousness of using Dao Soul at this time.


“Zu Daren, or else, I am looking for it now to see if I can find the kid!” Chen Bi was not willing.


“Alright.” Chen Bi nodded: “Find that Huang Xiaolong, you immediately reporting to me.”


Chen Bi and Chen Family public disciples should respect.


Thus, Chen Bi and Chen Family’s disciples were divided into several batches, and they followed the two sides of the Sky Mountain Peak to search for the dragons in the crowd, the swords are unparalleled, the ghosts, the endless Lord Wuxin, the night of Sea Clan Hey, Yu Xiaohong, Tao Haner and others.


However, a few people in the sea, Chen Bi and Chen Family searched for a while, and still did not find a few figures of Huang Xiaolong.


Seeing that the clouds had to be completely dispersed, Chen Bi could not help but anxious.


Chen Bi and Chen Family Disciples When searching for Huang Xiaolong, Zhu Family disciple Zhu Ding, Zhu Yuan and others are also searching for Huang Xiaolong. However, Sky Mountain Peak is too big, it is Zhu Family disciple, and it is difficult to find Huang Xiaolong.


Not long after, the Sky Mountain Peak cloud finally completely dispersed, showing up the Sky Mountain Peak.


One by one, surrounded by Sky Mountain Peak.


“Dengfeng!” There is an expert roar.


Suddenly, countless Experts stepped from the Sky Mountain Peak in all directions.


“Great Young Master, it’s starting to climb the summit!” Chen Family, a disciple to Chen Bidao: “When the Sky Mountain Peak is over, find it, and when the Sky Mountain Peak is over, the kid will not escape!”


“To count that kid’s life, let him live another month!” Chen Bi cold snarled, and then began to climb the summit with Chen Family.


At this point, somewhere at the foot of the Sky Mountain Peak, the ghost eyes look at the top of the Sky Mountain Peak.


He will use this Sky Mountain Peak to open the machine, so that the two worlds in the body can be completely changed!


At that time, his combat power is expected to break 20 billion.


The sword is unparalleled, looking at the top of the Sky Mountain Peak, and the whole body is filled with Sword Qi.


“You each climb the summit, don’t worry about me.” Huang Xiaolong saw the ghost, the sword unparalleled, and smiled.


The sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter, the endless Lord No Xin, the sea Clan King Nightingale four people look at each other, respectful to Huang Xiaolong.


“Adult, then we went.” Swordsman is respectful.


Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Go.”


The sword is unparalleled, the ghost waiter, the endless Lord No Xin, the Sea Clan King Nightingale four people almost stepping at the same time, stepping on the Sky Mountain Peak Rank 1 and then keep going.


“You go too.” Huang Xiaolong saw Tao Haner, Yu Xiaohong and the two women stood still and smiled.


“I want to go with the adults.” Tao Haner laughed.


“Me too.” Yu Xiaohong smiled charmingly.


Huang Xiaolong said helplessly: “I will wait until the top of Sky Mountain Peak. You can’t keep up with me.”


The stronger the strength, the higher the study and understanding of the universe, the higher the score, Tao Haner, Yu Xiaohong certainly can not follow Huang Xiaolong.


“We have to go with the adults anyway.” Tao Haner grinned.


“That’s okay.” Huang Xiaolong laughed and then came to the front of the first stone steps of Sky Mountain Peak.


The stone steps of Sky Mountain Peak are covered with various textures. This texture is very strange, but Huang Xiaolong found that the texture of the Sky Mountain Peak is similar to the texture of the ship’s hull. .


Huang Xiaolong lifted his footsteps and stepped on the first stone step.


Suddenly, the ray of light of the first stone step of Sky Mountain Peak flashed, a kind of strange energy poured into the body of Huang Xiaolong. This strange energy, like the same warm current, flocked to all corners of Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong Three Great Dao Soul has a mysterious and mysterious mood.


Huang Xiaolong blinked the energy of the first stone step into the body, and then stepped on the second stone step.


Not long after Huang Xiaolong stepped on the second stone step, Yu Xiaohong also stepped on the second stone step, but Tao Haner still stood on the first stone step.


Although Tao Haner is Dao Venerable Layer 2, it takes at least one day to refining the energy of the first stone step.


Sky Mountain Peak, as long as the energy of each stone step feedback is refined, can continue to climb, if forced to board, there is only one result, it is the Sky Mountain Peak energy backlash.


Therefore, Tao Haner looked at Huang Xiaolong and Yu Xiaohong went further and further. He could only help and refining the first stone energy.


Huang Xiaolong continued to go with one or two breaths.


At the beginning, Yu Xiaohong could barely follow, but when he got to the back, he fell behind many Huang Xiaolong.


Not long after, Huang Xiaolong chased the endless Lord Wu Xin and Sea Clan King Nightingale.


Then, Huang Xiaolong chased the ghost waiter, and finally, overtook the sword unparalleled.


The sword is unparalleled, and the ghost waiter looks at Huang Xiaolong who is constantly moving away. He can only be envious.


“You said, can we adults reach the top?” The endless Lord No Xin asked the night of Sea Clan.


The king of Sea Clan night shook his head: “It’s hard to say that Dang’s fierce demon and green ghosts also boarded Sky Mountain Peak, but they couldn’t climb to the top. The demons said that no one can climb to the top unless it is the universe. God.”


The fierce demon, the green ghost, the dragon tyrant, the death god, Zhu Chen, the five people actually boarded the Sky Mountain Peak more than once, but even the unknown demons of the first Space can not reach the summit.


The murderer once said that only the god of the universe can reach the top of Sky Mountain Peak.


Soon, half a month passed.


Huang Xiaolong stood on the mountainside of Sky Mountain Peak. At this time, Huang Xiaolong’s speed has slowed down. Huang Xiaolong looked down and couldn’t see anyone else. This Sky Mountain Peak is every Layer 1 world, if there are too many stones. If you are a step, you can’t see it far. Even if it is Huang Xiaolong, you can only see the situation within ten stone steps.


Looking at Huang Xiaolong, you can only see ten stone steps.


“Is it really only the god of the universe can climb to the top?” Huang Xiaolong’s booth eyes rays of light flashed.


He also knows the words of the demon, but he does not believe in evil. He does not believe that only the god of the universe can reach the top of this Sky Mountain Peak.


Huang Xiaolong paused a few breaths and continued to walk.


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